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We will be covering some very interesting topics over this year including;
Best Security Camera Companies
Home & Business Security Systems
Installation Trends
Camera Technology Trends
What’s Hot?
How to Install Your Own Smart Video Surveillance System
and More!!
If you would like us to cover anything specific please feel free reach out to for assistance with the topic. We also offer free consultations to assist you with any questions you may have related to installing a system.
For those who prefer reading rather than watching videos I’ve uploaded them below. Enjoy 🙂
Video 1 2
Video 3 https://youtu.

Airdrie Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Hikvision cameras
Titandys cameras

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Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Airdrie AB

In this guide I am going to talk about some things you should consider while choosing a security camera system for your house or office building.
I will cover topics like how many cameras, placement, motion detection zones, recording quality, monitoring software, cloud storage options, video streaming software and other topics which could be useful while installing a surveillance solution in your own place.
This guide covers all types of residential and commercial buildings including apartments, houses, offices, shopping centers and warehouses.
We provide professional installation service and support all kinds of cameras including IP cameras, PTZ cameras, HD/SD cameras. We offer both DIY install kits as well as custom built systems. Our technicians have years of experience working with CCTV camera installations and they use state of art tools to ensure proper installation. All products come with 3 Months warranty.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



Best Security Cameras Airdrie

This guide will help you find a great deal on an alarm system for your next project (home renovation).
We provide a complete solution, including selection and install, remote monitoring, support and maintenance, ensuring peace of mind while saving you thousands off store prices for both residential & commercial installations. We cover all areas of Alarms, CCTV, Access Control systems, Drones, Fire suppression technology, Security Lighting, Wireless cameras and video doorbells with one call. Call us today for instant quotes and solutions
This blog covers a lot of topics, but first lets talk about Airdrie homes & office security needs which are changing rapidly. Here are some things you should consider when shopping around for the perfect security system for your family and friends.
Home Security Camera Systems (Security Cameras)
In this era of technology many people who own properties use security cameras because they offer convenience as well as safety. For most homeowners these videos serve not only a way to document crime scenes but also to keep track of pets and loved ones when away. They also function as deterrent against theft, vandalism and other criminal activity. If you live in a busy downtown area then surveillance cameras are vital since no place is safe from opportunistic thieves; however a good security system offers protection even beyond our city limits. Today homeowners often rely on cloud storage applications as well as mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to record footage stored remotely. These tools allow them to stay connected wherever they go while keeping video evidence safely tucked away until something happens.
Smartphone Apps
Most advanced smartphone apps work without cables and wireless internet connections allowing you to view recorded content anywhere you desire. While some manufacturers make the connection automatically every 24 hours others charge fees for viewing recordings via cellular networks. Regardless of whether your phone supports connectivity it is best to get your device updated regularly. Many apps now include voice recognition options allowing consumers to control recording functions when the owner calls a personal ‘contact centre’. They can speak their commands aloud, making it easier than ever for individuals who suffer from hearing loss and speech impediments. Some companies even integrate facial recognition software allowing residents to unlock doors and activate alarm alerts whenever someone looks suspiciously similar to a known bad actor.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Airdrie

Security cameras come in many shapes and sizes. We’ve designed this guide as the ultimate buyer’s handbook, helping us explain each type, including which ones work in specific situations. So whether you’re installing outdoors, indoors, day/night…you’ll find everything you need here. And because every homeowner wants peace of mind, you get detailed guidance on choosing an affordable solution that fits both your needs and pocket book.
In addition, we provide practical insight from experts who live in the field; they share insider knowledge and tips on why certain products perform better than other well known brands, plus some things people should consider before buying a surveillance system in 2020. Our objective is to help consumers make informed choices among competing systems, providing comprehensive information while eliminating confusion. Read more about us at
To begin shopping for cameras, please visit our website at or call our tollfree customer service phone line 1(888)(345)-5100 / Toll Free : 9056392855 from 8aam to 5pm PST M-F.
If you’d like to chat with friendly support team members, click here to reach us via email instead.
For more info on Secure Cam and its history, watch our video below.

Why SecureCam Airdrie is right for YOU?

This month I decided to talk about some amazing products which will help us get closer to AVIDTECH. From indoor cameras to outdoor cameras Airdrie residents will find amazing surveillance systems solutions suitable for every type of environment.
Cameras that provide high quality videos without consuming large amount of storage space and energy. They’re designed specifically for residential use.
They include Wi-Fi capability, nightvision cameras, motion detection sensors, 2 way audio technology and other options. These cameras usually come in 3 main sizes which are 1080P HD, 720P HD & 480P SD.
We will be installing these video systems around different parts of our store locations along this post. So sit back relax grab yourself a coffee and enjoy reading each part until the end where I’ll include links to purchase each of them 🙂 Enjoy!
1st Part : Secure Camera Installation For 2020/21
2nd Part: Credenza Security System Installations for 2020
3rd Part: 360 Panoramic View Outdoor Dome Cam Installation
4th Part: Wireless Mini DVR System 1st Generation (12 channels )
5th Part: Wireless Mini DVR System Second Generations (16 channel )
6th Part: Wireless IP Camera Network Solution – 2 Channel (1080 Pixels Full HD Resolution)
7th Part: Wireless WiFi N Doorbell Chime Installation
8th Part: Cloud Based Monitoring Software- Zonoff Pro /Zappier
9th Part: Motion Sensor Alarm Integration(Not Included in price)
10th Part: Selfie Station
11th Part: Multi Room Recording System
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In this video I show you why Secure Cam should be installed on every home and building today!
I talk about what happens during the day, who needs to see this footage, and some tips on setting things up correctly.
Also, a quick note about my other videos – these are just my own opinions. So please use them as they mean absolutely nothing without your personal experience.
And finally, we get down to business with installing cameras around your home/office. Here is everything we used:
We’d love to hear your thoughts & comments below 🙂
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Security Camera Trends 2022 will see some exciting innovations like self driving vehicles which will monitor buildings automatically reducing human errors and improving safety standards while keeping security guards away from boring hours, 3D cameras which work better than 2D and 4K is no longer expensive just yet but this amazing technology is coming soon because of upcoming technologies like AI, robotics, drones, quantum computers…etc. For commercial building monitoring purposes; the use of sensors will make life easier for business people, especially those who run small business at home or office space.
In addition, IoT is going big and many companies are getting ready to enter the market to offer different solutions as well. They believe that these products could be used inside offices, hospitals and apartments. Smart devices are becoming smarter every day thanks to artificial intelligence. If you have a problem or issue with a particular device then IoT would help solve them faster. Many experts say that in 2020 there will be 20 billion connected things around us. So why not get started now..? By installing a good quality security cam system in your premises today you will find yourself benefiting for the years ahead. These systems provide live streaming video footage straight onto your phone allowing you to view everything happening anywhere at anytime.

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