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Security cameras have become integral parts of modern society. They provide protection against burglary, fire and other emergencies which often lead people today to install them either inside or outside their homes. However, choosing the appropriate type and size of cameras will depend greatly on the purpose of the system being installed. For example, outdoor surveillance systems are designed to monitor the exterior areas while indoor ones are meant to watch the places within a specific area. Here below, I will discuss some of the most common types of commercial camera installations as well as tips on which products you should be considering, depending on the place they will be located.
1. Indoor Surveillance System
Indoor surveillance systems consist mainly of video recorders connected through cables or wireless transmission lines to monitors positioned in remote locations like offices and conference rooms. These devices allow real-time monitoring using both analog and digital transmission methods. Analog signals are easily received because they only transmit light pulses. On top of this, the images captured can be viewed in high quality since these transmissions usually use better materials than those used for TV sets. Digital transmission, however, uses electronic signal codes or bits of information that represent colors and shapes rather than transmitting just light pulses as mentioned earlier. Therefore, although they offer higher resolution due to having smaller pixels, they cannot capture moving subjects effectively. Another great thing about installing cameras indoors is the fact that the system remains invisible to burglars; therefore, it does not disturb people living in nearby apartments or in small residences.
2. Outdoor Surveillance Systems
Outdoor security systems come in different sizes and designs: some are very large, whereas others are designed to fit perfectly inside windows. Generally speaking, larger units include additional functions such as motion sensors, sound detectors, infrared lights and weatherproof casings, among many others. Other units, on the contrary, lack almost everything except the ability to view recorded footage. There is no doubt that installing security cameras outdoors requires extensive planning but also offers several benefits. First and foremost, it lets potential criminals find easier ways to break into properties without anyone noticing. Second, the cameras help keep residents safe by alerting them whenever suspicious activity takes place.

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Angus ON

This guide will help homeowners understand some basic facts when installing cameras for homes, office buildings and commercial properties across Australia, including which type of Camera system should be installed, who they work well for, why people often use hidden cameras, and other helpful information.
In this article I would like to provide my readers with a detailed overview on:
What Type Of Camera System Should Be Used For Homes And Commercial Property Surveillance Systems:
Camera types used in homes surveillance systems include traditional fixed lens cameras and DVR/NVR recording devices, but most of these are no longer being developed due to advances in technology. We recommend using IP Based Network Video Recorders(NVRS), CCTV Cameras and Digital video recorders. These have become increasingly popular because of many benefits associated with them. Some examples of advantages of using IP based NVRs in place of analogue video records are that they can capture images and videos 24 hours per day 7 days a week without needing maintenance while allowing high definition recordings and live streaming via websites and applications. They can operate autonomously, and as a result, can save significant cost related both to operation and power consumption. A further advantage with NVRS is that they offer advanced remote viewing capabilities such as pan, tilt and zoom controls, multi view capability, motion alerting, audio alerts, geo fencing, web cams and cloud storage. As a bonus, some networks allow customers to monitor events through web browser, smartphone apps etc. The main drawback of IP Cameras however, is that they can be expensive upfront, especially for larger sites requiring thousands of units. If buying IP cameras outright is not viable then it could be worth considering third party network solutions such as Amazon Cloud Cam, Nest Secure or Ring Doorbell that come ready for installation.
Who Is Good For Using Hidden Cameras?:
People who own residential properties tend to use concealed cameras more than anyone else mainly due to the fact that it is relatively cheap, discreet and not visible to the general public. For example; someone trying to break in to your house can easily go unnoticed by neighbours or passersby if their identity remains anonymous.

Angus Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Angus Cam HikVision cameras provide great video quality at 3MP resolution and high definition 1080P. They use standard power outlets without needing special adapters, and they work well indoors and outdoors. Their motion detection function will trigger recording when movement is detected. These security cameras offer excellent image sharpness and contrast under bright lighting conditions, making them ideal for surveillance applications like monitoring doors and entrances, controlling garage door openers and alarms, detecting illegal activity around the house, and securing outdoor areas of buildings. Plus, these wireless security systems are designed according to modern standards, meaning they can be used anywhere in the world — including overseas, which makes them perfect for remote locations.
Tidex HD Series PTZ DVR IP Camera uses SD cards 1GB size max. Tidex HD PTZ offers 8 MP photos/videos of 1280×720 pixels at 30 fps. It supports 2.4G WiFI network connection via external router, plus built-in 802.11 bg wifi module. Its integrated 4 channel microphone enables you to talk on phone conversation while watching live tv screen. This product runs on Android OS system, supporting 3.2 android version, the latest firmware updates will ensure stable operation. Its waterproof design helps keep your device safe from water damage.
Tiandy T1V3 IP Network Camera includes many cool functions, just install this security camera on your PC or laptop, and connect the USB cable(USB port 2.0 only), then go to the Device Manager software, locate “Tiandy IP CAMERA”, expand the sub folder named “IPCAM” inside, find the program file named “StartUp.exe”. After that click Start button in the Explorer window, type %appdata%TiandyIPCAMApp_DataProgram FilesTiandyIPCAM as target path, after clicking Open browse, navigate to ProgramFiles/Tiandy IPCam. Then locate the above mentioned file named Startup, doubleclick the icon to run the file, wait until you get prompted to reboot again, restart your computer, you can see everything on PC through mobile APP.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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If you still aren’t convinced that video surveillance systems serve valuable business purposes then keep reading this blog because I’m going to be giving away some great tips and recommendations on how to get started today.

For homeowners:
In order to ensure that you find the best possible solution for installing a high definition indoor security system, I’ve compiled a list of top considerations when selecting a security cameras. In doing so, I hope to help guide you towards making the most informed decision.
1. Types Of Cams/Security Systems Available Today
There are basically 3 main types available today: Traditional HD PIR style cams, Networked cams and Wireless cams. Each offering quite different feature sets but also having some rather similar limitations. If you’re interested in finding out which type will fit better into your current setup or simply if you’d like to learn about each cam type check out my other blogs below.
2. Size Matters – But Not Too Big
While size does matter in terms of the sheer amount of space that they occupy, many people tend to overlook sizing in regards to portability issues. As mentioned above, traditional wired HD PIR cameras offer you a smaller physical footprint than networked options due to being standalone devices. While wireless networks typically allow you to place them anywhere you please without wires or cords getting tangled; however, these models often come with large form factors thus requiring additional effort on behalf of installers who must use ladders to reach ceilings or crawl spaces to position.

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Security cameras are becoming increasingly popular and affordable. They allow homeowners to monitor their property remotely, which gives peace of mind while allowing them to keep track of everything happening around them, including pets, children, vehicles and visitors.
There are many different types of monitoring systems available. Here are some key categories that will help narrow down your search.
IP Camera System IP cameras offer high definition video quality, but they lack motion detection capabilities. These cameras typically use either analog or digital signal transmission technology. Analog signals transmit information through light beams while digital signals pass through electrical currents. Digital video recorders (DVR), commonly known as personal TV devices, are used to store recordings made by these types of cameras. DVRs record events like movement or sound and save this information in memory until it is downloaded onto a computer via a network connection. Some newer models can be controlled remotely, making the system easier to install, operate and maintain.
Indoor / Outdoor Motion Detection Indoor/outdoor motion sensor cameras detect motion, allowing you to view live footage and recorded clips of activity occurring inside or outside your house. Most indoor cameras come equipped with infrared illumination. When someone enters the field of view captured by a camera, infrared sensors activate, sending infrared light toward the subject, activating a red laser beam that illuminates the person’s body, enabling the device to see him or her clearly.
Remotely Control Your Camera A remote control lets you adjust settings and check camera operation without having physical contact with the unit. A wireless controller for a surveillance camera is usually small enough to fit in a pocket or purse. Wireless remotes usually connect wirelessly to a base station and to each other, eliminating cabling clutter. Remote controls are especially useful for outdoor use, where cables often get caught on branches. Many manufacturers provide both wired and wireless options.
Wireless Video Doorbells An inexpensive yet effective way to alert people who enter a certain area of the presence of intruders is a wireless door bell. A push button switch activates an alarm and alerts nearby family members or neighbors, letting them know someone is approaching your front door. Wireless door bells usually include motion detectors that automatically trigger the alarm after detecting movement near the front door.

Best Security Cameras Angus

Security cameras are becoming increasingly popular for protecting properties from potential hazards, but there are many things to consider before investing big dollars in them. Here’s everything you should be thinking about if you decide to invest in a home security system.
1) Location, location, location
Before selecting which type of cameras would work best for your property, determine where you want to place the monitoring devices. If they’re going to be outside then make sure you check the weather conditions before deciding on the model since some outdoor models won’t perform well during certain seasons like winter because of snow accumulation. Another thing to keep in mind is whether you will use wireless technology or wired connections depending on the environment around your house; most indoor setups feature WiFi connectivity while those outdoors must utilize traditional ethernet cables to transmit audio/visual feed from camera locations. Lastly, remember to factor in the power requirements as different options have varying levels of battery life, especially if you intend on mounting several units across various rooms. Some cameras come equipped with solar panels and batteries, allowing them to provide continuous coverage without running down.
2) Camera Types
Depending on how serious you are about keeping tabs on your property, a good starting point would include choosing from among analog and HD digital video recording systems. Analog recording is less expensive than HD recordings yet offers greater resolution, whereas HD cameras offer better quality images, particularly under poor lighting conditions. Most importantly, though both types of cameras record sound, only high definition ones allow you to hear what people say, such as footsteps or noises coming from other areas of your home.
3) Features
Another key consideration is how extensive your package includes. Depending on what level you purchase, you could get just basic equipment or go for something complete with advanced capabilities, including night vision, motion detection alerts, remote viewing through mobile applications or cloud storage for long term surveillance. For example, a typical entry alarm will alert homeowners via phone call or email whenever intruders enter the premises. Other packages come with full door control, enabling people inside to lock themselves away from unwanted visitors by remotely locking doors and windows via smartphone apps.

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In this article I will be going over different types of cameras used and why they are useful. We will discuss different price points of these products ranging from $300-$4K installed per unit and their advantages/disadvantages and I’ll offer some suggestions as well.

Security Cameras come in many shapes and sizes but most include CCD video recording capabilities along with motion detection sensors which trigger alerts via email to notify homeowners/employees of activity detected through the camera’s live feed.
Many times people say that “if you buy a good quality digital camera then everything else falls into place”. While this is true in a general sense, things like storage space, software compatibility and internet connectivity become far less significant once you get past point and shoot compact models ($500-$1000). If anything, choosing a high end model should actually drive down your requirements because you’re only buying the hardware components anyway. However, cameras range widely across the spectrum and finding something affordable isn’t always straightforward. A lot of manufacturers use cheap/budget solutions inside of their higher cost units. For example, look no further than the Canon PowerShot S1 IS for under $200…this model includes built-in WiFi, dual SD card slots, GPS mapping functionality etc. All that said, it’s really just a matter of testing each individual camera against your needs as a whole. Some folks like basic ‘point & click’ type systems while others thrive on being able to view footage remotely whenever necessary. One thing to keep in mind though; as technology advances quickly, most major brands have already released multiple generations of devices. So unless the current version offers a feature a buyer covets, chances are they won’t see it again until a next generation update arrives.
Here are a few questions you should consider when deciding whether to invest in CCTV system:
What type of coverage do you want to achieve? Do you intend to use it primarily indoors or outdoors? Will anyone besides yourself ever watch the footage? Can you afford the upfront investment? Will you rely on internal monitors or would you prefer remote viewing capability? These factors will determine your decision making process.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Angus

Angus was always known to be a friendly place but after years of business I noticed something strange about my customers.
They were coming back repeatedly asking me “How Do We Make Our Home & Business Visible For Others So They Will Notice Us And Contact Me If Something Is Wrong?”
I started researching home safety products while I kept seeing people talking about safety cameras that could help them protect themselves, their loved ones and their property better.
What I found wasn’t just another “security cam” solution; they weren’t even like our competitors who sell cheap no frills cams either. These are high quality devices with industry leading technology and functionality designed to fit seamlessly into almost every home or small business setting, including retail stores, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, schools, banks, churches and more.
If this sounds familiar, then you’re probably thinking, ‘What’s The Point?’ Well, I’m going tell you why…
There is already a lot of competition today because these types of devices/cameras keep getting smaller and cheaper than ever before which makes them harder and harder to spot. Plus, security systems aren’t exactly the most exciting thing around anymore. Most homes and offices use them without even knowing it most of us just assume someone else installed them.
But the truth is these little gadgets can literally save families’ lives every single day when used correctly. These days, every family owns at least 3 different kinds of smart mobile device, and everyone uses the internet daily whether it’s personal or professional, making them perfect targets for criminals to exploit. People are starting to become savvy consumers and expect things like fast wifi, good cell reception and reliable streaming video but unfortunately those features are usually hidden behind some sort of monthly fee.
When you install a top tier Security Camera System you’ll find yourself amazed at how many extra benefits we’ve added to your life over nothing more than installing a few additional items in your home.
Secure Cam Angus offers complete solutions for home protection and surveillance systems, offering state of the art technologies, premium brands and affordable prices. Their mission statement is “To Protect Your Family From Life Threatening Events”..

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