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Bedford Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

There are many types of cameras out there, but these 2 stand above most other choices. They both provide excellent value for the price and also come with some great technology options like WiFi capability, motion detection, night vision, zoom capabilities, remote viewing, etc.. These products will work well for your needs and allow you to enjoy peace of mind on your property knowing that someone else keeps watch while you’re away.
For those who haven’t heard of them, here’s a quick breakdown of each. Both offer good quality images and video recording for the prices listed below, although you get more features in higher priced models and vice versa…
Hikvision WDR HD Camera IP66W $119 $69/mo. (1 yr subscription)
(2) 720P HD Cameras IP67K $139 $79/mo. (3 yrs subscription)
(5) 1080HD Cameras IP65C $199 $109/mo. (6 months subsciption)
(10) 1080HD Camara IP64F $269$129/mo. (12 Months Subscription)
Tiandys C9 Series Camera IP 66 $89 / mo ( 1 Year subscription )
In my opinion they’re both solid performers in general. I’ve installed several over the years and always had good experiences. So far no issues and both continue to function properly after being used on outdoor locations for 3+ years. One thing to note though.. be careful if mounting outside as weatherproofing isn’t built in.
If your house gets wet/rainy frequently then this could cause issues down the road if they aren’t sealed correctly against moisture and water.
I’d highly suggest calling SecureCam to discuss specifics and ask questions about the particular model/type you prefer.
We use the Hikvision cameras for our property management company, which includes indoor and outdoor areas. These include multiple buildings across multiple cities including our homes in Texas, Arizona, California and Washington state. We’ve only had 1 issue since installing the system 5+ years ago, and it was resolved quickly.

Bedford Home Security Cameras Done Right

Security Camera Installation Tips & Guidelines
Best Cam For Small Bedrooms And Basements
Home Surveillance System Buying Advice
How To Protect Your Home From Burglars
Protecting Yourself Against Thieves in 2020
In today’s world, the most common form of crime is burglary and theft. In fact, according to FBI Crime Statistics Online, burglaries increased by nearly 50% nationwide during 2017. And while this increase is alarming, the good news is that you can take some precautions to protect yourself against thieves in your own backyard.
Here are 10 tips to help keep unwanted visitors away from your property:
1. Make Your Windows Safer Than They Appear
When people come to your door they see windows covered by bars and security shutters but when someone breaks through those barriers, it can be disastrous for them and you. A broken window is often a giveaway of trouble at your house. So, install safety bars on every window you possibly can. If possible, use double pane glass. Double pane means two panes of glass separated by air space. Air spaces prevent shards of breaking glass from hitting you or flying inside your home. Also consider installing shatterproof screens that can help block small pieces of debris from shattering. Finally, make sure you close all curtains and blinds tightly to ensure no intruder gets a glimpse of what’s behind them.
2. Keep Doors Closed While Away
If someone wants to break into your home, chances are he will try to get in through doors first. But if you’re like many homeowners who live in warmer climates, keeping your front entryway closed will reduce heat loss and save energy costs too. Install deadbolt locks on exterior doors with keyless options.
3. Don’t Leave Locks Unsecured
Locking the back gate to your driveway is another great way to discourage would-be intruders. If someone does gain entrance to your residence via the garage or basement, locking the door is crucial. You should always lock the garage door after leaving the vehicle inside unattended.
4. Put Up Signs
Signage can deter criminals before they ever enter your property. Post signs around your yard and driveway that read “Private Property,” and include contact information for law enforcement.

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Bedford NS

Security Camera installations are becoming increasingly popular across North America and around the world. They offer many benefits including peace of mind, crime prevention, property monitoring, and safety monitoring. However, they come with some unique problems, like dealing with the high cost associated with them and the lack of expertise required for proper installation and maintenance. Fortunately, Secure Cam offers professional service providers who can help you select the correct model for your home or business. We will discuss each type below.
Home Surveillance System Types
There are several different types of surveillance systems available in today’s market. Some people prefer analog cameras while other use digital video recorders for better quality images. Others opt for motion detection devices which allow homeowners to monitor specific areas without having to watch every inch of a house day in and day out. Still another choice is infrared nightvision cameras which work well indoors but aren’t recommended outdoors due to interference. Here are some common options and why they’re useful:
1. Analog Cams. These cameras capture visible light and send the image via wires or radio frequency signals to a receiver, typically located inside the house, which displays the pictures live on monitors. Analog technology isn’t particularly reliable because of poor resolution and color reproduction. But these cams provide good value for the price, especially since most models include night vision capabilities. If you’d rather avoid wiring altogether, look for wireless security system options instead.
2. Digital VCR Systems. While analog camcorders store footage internally for playback purposes only, digital video recording systems record everything onto removable storage cards and then play back the recorded files at the owner’s convenience through the built-in screen or external receivers. Most modern DVR products feature motion detecting sensors that allow the homeowner to view recorded activity in real time and take snapshots whenever something unusual occurs, making it easier than ever for owners to identify suspicious activity.
3. Wireless Security Cameras. These units transmit images from remote locations via Wi-Fi networks. Many manufacturers offer both indoor and outdoor models that operate on 2.4GHz frequencies. This makes them ideal choices for homes with multiple floors and/or large spaces.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



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In case you missed part 1 of this article series we recommend checking Part I first. For those still interested in knowing why they should consider installing some type of surveillance equipment in order to be prepared for the next few years, read below.
Technology changes quickly nowadays and if you’re living under the same roof as someone who just recently bought a 4K TV, chances are good that by 2022 you will already be buying and selling things through blockchain technology. So, even if no one knows exactly what “blockchain” actually is yet, it won’t take long until people figure out something cool enough to buy will come available through the use of distributed ledgers. Of course, if you live somewhere like San Francisco, NYC, Moscow, LA, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Seoul or Tokyo, then yes, these locations will probably see very high usage rates of both crypto payments and cryptocurrency wallets, but it does appear as though most other cities worldwide will continue to lag behind due to low adoption levels of internet payment methods as well as overall distrust of digital currencies. We’ll leave some predictions for you to ponder while reading the rest of the post…
We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide outlining the top 10 most popular commercial business cameras products and we will be updating it every couple months as new technologies roll in around us.
While many companies provide video doorbell solutions today, most of them offer only basic functions and aren’t really meant for monitoring purposes. If you happen to own a traditional intercom system and wish to upgrade to a modern solution, we highly suggest checking out our recent post on the Top 5 Video Doorbell Systems for 2019 where we rank each unit according to their usefulness and appeal factor.
Security Camera Recommendations:
Video surveillance systems can help prevent theft and burglary, protect against employee fraud, allow tenants to check if the property is safe during vacation, keep children/adults separated, detect unwanted visitors and monitor activity outside.

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Security Cameras Monitoring Company Bedford

There will be no shortage of cameras available in 2020 and beyond as people become increasingly aware of the value they provide. However, many consumers still don’t fully understand all the different options out there and what each of them does. So, while most products offer similar functionality, it’s worth comparing a few key points between competing models—and making sure to get the ones that meet your needs.
Security Camera Buying 101 | Why Buy A Bedford Cam | SecureCams FAQ
What Is A Wireless HD IPTV System?
The first generation wireless HD IPTV systems came onto the market in 2017 and 2018, but since then manufacturers have begun improving upon these initial designs. These improvements include better video quality, larger displays, longer battery life, smaller footprints, and other advancements made possible through technological advancement. One of the latest developments involves multi-user capabilities that allow multiple viewers to watch live feeds simultaneously.
WirelessHDIPTV Systems For Your Bedford Home Or Business
While some customers prefer wired solutions, many find that installing wirelessly capable devices offers several advantages including convenience, flexibility, mobility, ease of setup, and lower costs. If you’re interested in setting up a home theater system, wireless technology makes things convenient because you don’t have to worry about having cables and wires run through walls and ceilings or around furniture. Additionally, this type of solution can help improve energy efficiency, especially if you use solar panels or power strips with built-in surge protection circuits.
Bedford Security Cameras For Sale Online & Local Installation Services Directly From Factory Direct Prices And Warranties.
We’ve compiled information from various sources like consumer reports, reviews from actual customers, and user comments to provide unbiased insight regarding the products featured below. We hope this helps you identify the top choices for your home or business.
1. Samsung UB850WLF Wireless 1080P WiFi Video Doorbell, 4K Ultra Wide Lens.
2. Ring Video Doorbell 2 Pro Wi Fi Smart Video Doorbell With Night Vision.
3. AmazonBasics 3MP 720P HD Outdoor Wireless Network Video Recording Dome Camera Black White With Remote Control And Built-In Speaker.

Why SecureCam Bedford is right for YOU?

Security cameras have become ubiquitous in today’s homes and business spaces. They offer many benefits including the ability to monitor areas without physically being present, provide evidence and proof of events, help deter theft, protect against crime, assist police investigations, and much more. While they’ve become commonplace and are used for everything from monitoring pets, kids, elderly people, to preventing crimes or helping businesses monitor inventory, most homeowners aren’t aware of some of the ways these devices could benefit them personally too. Here are just 10 things you should consider installing a security system for.
1. Monitor Your Pet’s Activity & Behavior
Pet activity monitors can be incredibly beneficial in ensuring your dog or cat isn’t getting into dangerous situations like chewing furniture or jumping onto high places. If you suspect your pet is exhibiting behavior issues that might cause harm, this device will alert you via email or text message so you may intervene sooner rather than later. Some models include temperature sensors, which allow you to determine if your furry companion has gotten cold or hot during his walk around town or at night while he sleeps.
2. Protect Against Crime
While a burglar alarm sounds obvious, it’s often times forgotten. Most burglars enter through windows, doors, or garages, meaning they are able to see inside your house if you don’t have a proper alarm installed. A motion sensor or doorbell cam, however, alerts neighbors and family members immediately if someone enters your premises. These cams are especially useful during holidays because thieves typically target houses that aren’t occupied, but are still vulnerable due to decorations, lights, food left out, etc. Motion sensing alarms work well in conjunction with exterior lighting, making it easier for potential intruders to spot the presence of an active alarm.
3. Prevent Theft
When you leave your vehicle parked outdoors overnight, whether it belongs to you or another person, you run a risk of losing it forever. Many cars get stolen every day, and even though you’d like to believe your car would survive a break-in unscathed, statistics suggest otherwise.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Bedford

1. Your security cameras will work around the clock with no worries about power outage.
2. Our video quality is among the highest in the industry. We use the latest technology to ensure that your videos come through crisp and crystal clear. And since they’re always recording, this makes them perfect for capturing evidence in case something happens.
3. All of our products include advanced motion detection with alerts that notify you via email, text message and/or phone call. When this system detects movement that seems suspicious, your camera will automatically send us footage as proof of activity while simultaneously uploading it to our cloud server for storage. (Note: Some areas of the city do require additional fees for these services.)
4. If ever things get broken, you only pay our service tech $25 per visit; after which he’ll replace anything under warranty for FREE! Plus, he’ll be able to help you choose replacement parts should your device malfunction during his next appointment.
5. Because we install every camera ourselves, our team members receive exceptional training and certifications. They’re experts in installing, maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing all types of electronics including security cameras. Our certified technicians take pride in doing everything possible to ensure customer satisfaction and safety.
6. Since each location includes multiple cameras, you won’t lose track of who’s coming & going at your property. And because most locations offer 24/7 monitoring, you can rest assured knowing someone is watching whenever you aren’t. So whether you want peace of mind, convenience, affordability or both, you can feel confident in choosing SecureCam Bedford.

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Best Security Cameras Bedford

1. 4x HD 1080P Camera (IP66 rated, 1/2 inch CMOS sensor and Sony CX350 4k UHD IP Camera).
This system will be used to monitor and record activity inside the premises and outside the building.
2. 2x 720p HD PTZ cameras (PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom), these cameras work great indoors but they are less reliable outdoors because of weather conditions.
3. 2x 720p HD PTZ cameras (PanTilt ZOOM), this is great outdoor surveillance solution, but you should use two different systems to cover both sides (front side and backside) of the house. These cameras work well in most indoor applications.
4. 5MP Security Dome Cam (360 degree panoramic video recording). We recommend installing it outdoors and pointing towards the front door. If you install it facing away, the dome cam won’t pick up anything unless someone walks past the area where it’s pointed toward.
5. 3 x 720p HD PTZ cameras (pan tilt zoom), this system covers almost half of the front yard and the backyard. Point it in front of each corner of the property to get full 360 degrees coverage in the whole backyard.
6. 2 x 720p HD PTZ cameras (pan tilt zooming), this setup will provide good security monitoring on front and side doors.
7. 8MP Wide Angle Camera(720p resolution). This camera is perfect for monitoring large areas like the driveway, garage, or pool deck. You’ll see everything going on around your house in realtime without having to worry about being seen yourself.
8. 5MP Night Vision Camera (1080p Resolution), this camera records videos and images during day times only. When night falls, it automatically shuts down until morning.
9. 7 MP Digital Day / Night Camera.
10. 3 MP Camera (for recording still photos), if you’re planning to keep track of who enters and exits the property, then this small camera would be enough.
11. 10MP Security DVR Camera (1280×960 pixels). A high quality digital video recorder, which captures and stores footage 24 hours per day..

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