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Blair County Ontario Canada was founded in 1826 when Robert Blair first arrived from Scotland via New York City, having come to seek gold claims along the Ottawa River in Quebec. He settled near present day Saint-Roch de Mirabel. A few years after his arrival he married Josephine Lavigne who came from France. They had five children together but only four survived childhood; John, Alexander William, Mary Anne and Margaret.
In 1830, they moved further north to Pointe aux Trembles [now part of Mirabel] at the foot of Lake Champlain where Blair built a house overlooking the lake. He called this place “Blairstown.”
By 1850, Blair owned land extending from Pointe aux Trembles southward across the Canadian border to Green Bay, Wisconsin. His holdings encompassed some 1,500 square miles. By 1870, Blair’s property amounted to 446 acres including about 40 houses scattered among fields, woods, pastures, and gardens which served as summer residences for wealthy Americans seeking fresh air during the long winters. The farm became known locally as “Old Man” or “Gentleman farmer” because of his gentlemanly approach toward his workers.
John McLean Blair was born in 1838 and died in 1922. His wife Elizabeth Jane, née Wilson, remained unmarried until 1902, aged 81. She then remarried George H. Purdy who predeceased her. Her third husband was Thomas E. Tully who was still living when she passed away in 1936. Her will made specific bequests to each of her grandchildren. John W. Blair was the son of Robert S. Blair, Jr. and Eliza Ann Smith. He graduated from Yale University Law School in 1863. Upon retirement in 1900, Mr. Blair lived in Chicago and Washington D.C. During this period, he served several terms as Republican Congressman representing Illinois’ 9th District. After returning to live in North Blainville. In 1911, Blair purchased the old homestead on Main Street from J.W.Bennett.
Today, the house remains standing at 725 Main St. but most of the original outbuildings have fallen prey to decay.

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I am still waiting for my first sale of Secure Cam cameras after being doing this industry for nearly 7 years. I will be honest, some people tell me they have seen other sites mention them but no luck! (and honestly I haven’t tried those other sites). But I did find a few things during these past five weeks of research:
1-Most importantly was finding the perfect camera setup size/camera type that fit well in most doors I see. We offer many different sizes and mounting options and I truly believe once installed correctly, you won’t regret installing our cameras. They really give you peace of mind knowing someone else keeps watch 24 hours per day while the rest us catch naps.
2-We’ve had several requests asking which camera to buy because they wanted something “similar” to what they saw online. When I ask why they’re buying the lower end model instead of the higher priced version, often times it’s due to lack of knowledge or the fact they just weren’t familiar enough with the market. So for this reason I included the top 10 rated models below… and then added 4 unique picks that each meet specific criteria I thought should be mentioned. That way you get a nice idea without having to spend $$$$ on every single camera. Plus now anyone who sees this post can easily refer back to the above link and click on the links and/or images quickly to read reviews comparing features, pros & cons. Each review includes photos of both indoor and outdoor setups along with specs, ratings, customer comments and videos showing usage from real customers. These are NOT affiliate links nor are we paid to include these products as part of any promotion. To check prices go to Amazon and search under the item title….we’ll always show the lowest price available through Amazon. 🙂 Just an FYI.
3-If you feel like I’m selling a lot of cameras I’d love feedback telling me if I’m missing anything in particular. I’d also appreciate if readers could provide recommendations regarding software that would allow us to remotely monitor the cameras via website or mobile device. Thank you for reading. Looking forward getting you this info ASAP. All the best,
Andrew Blaise (Security Camera Expert)

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Blainville

This article covers the top rated products available today in the market and gives some insight on why they perform well. We break down each type of surveillance system, explain what sets them apart, and highlight which ones best suit different scenarios. Some cameras offer additional functionality such as motion detection alerts. Others offer video recording, remote viewing capabilities, 2 way audio communication and cloud storage. If these aren’t enough perks then many other companies provide 24 hour live support via phone, email and chat. All this information will help you decide which would be the most suitable solution for your needs.
We hope this helps you find the perfect fit for both your personal use and commercial security purposes.
What Type Of Camera Do I Need For My Situation?
There are several types of security camera solutions. Each offers unique benefits depending on whether your primary concern is securing an area from physical threats like theft, vandalism/vandalism or general crime, protecting against trespassers or monitoring certain areas during times of business hours. Our team recommends four specific categories of systems to consider:
Security Cameras with Motion Detection
Motion detection and alerting devices send the alarm signal automatically after detecting movement. These systems are ideal for places where unwanted guests may enter your property unnoticed. They’ll detect people who come inside through windows or doors without having to manually monitor those entries and trigger events accordingly. A good example could be someone walking into your house while you’re away at work. Your security device will capture footage of anyone’s face entering before sending an instant notification to your smartphone with your location and description of activity along with the date and time of entry.
Key Features include…
Multiple views per day;
Detects multiple faces simultaneously (1);
Supports zoom;
Can record sound; and
Will allow you to view remotely on smartphones, tablets, laptops and PC monitors (2).
Some models allow you to customize notifications depending on the situation;
They offer night vision capability;
Most models can operate indoors / outdoors;
and Can detect various movements including walking, running, climbing and jumping.
Note: Most manufacturers claim their technology detects “breathing” but this isn’t reliable in every case due to human respiration patterns of course.

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In today’s world people want everything fast, cheap and reliable. When buying a digital HD CCTV Surveillance System, they often find themselves overwhelmed with options and unsure which ones will work better than the rest. We hope this guide will help ease some confusion. So please read below carefully!
HikVision are widely considered to be among the most popular video surveillance cameras available on the market. They are known across North America thanks to extensive research programs, partnerships, and the support of hundreds of dealerships and installers who carry them in every US state. Their high quality products offer great reliability along with advanced features like cloud recording and remote viewing via mobile device. At Secure Cam we always recommend to firstly consider whether the system is required as part of your business operation and secondly select the most suitable model depending on the size requirements including price point, resolution and image storage. Most customers prefer to use the latest Hikvision models due to their outstanding picture quality and excellent compatibility with Smart Hub 2 platforms. For small installations of less than 10 cameras this includes either Model HVNX210PW series or HS11 Series. If you are seeking higher resolutions then go straight to Models HVNX220PP2/3/4/6 series which come equipped with 4K Ultra High Definition sensors. These are ideal for medium sized businesses and large operations with 20+ cameras installed. Our preferred choice would depend again on size and cost but for those requiring larger numbers of cameras, especially with multiple outdoor units per building; we really recommend going straight down in class to models from Tandon Technology or DVR Vision. Both companies provide industry leading technology built around powerful processors that enable faster processing times and allow users to monitor live streams simultaneously on each unit regardless of distance apart. We believe these products offer unmatched value and flexibility. However if you already own a DVR Vision System with cameras mounted on brackets attached to walls and ceiling these new models could be perfect additions to complement existing systems without having to replace hardware or take away from current coverage areas.
Tiandys are well respected in Canada for being among the cheapest entry level IP Video Camera solutions currently on the market. Many Canadian manufacturers sell similar devices for half the price.

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What should I install on my outdoor cameras? Most homeowners opt for external battery powered wireless video surveillance systems because they provide better image quality than most indoor IP cameras without compromising reliability.
Most wireless systems offer both day/night viewing capability and some models include motion detection functionality. Some units allow multiple remote operation via mobile device allowing multiple people to view live footage simultaneously. For those interested in recording images continuously 24hrs per day, there are several models available which use small weatherproof solar panels to power them. They can be mounted onto almost anything including building walls, fences, vehicles roofs or poles; making them ideal for monitoring outside areas.
Another advantage of this type of system includes the ability to monitor your property remotely anywhere around the world. If something happens locally a representative will contact you immediately along with instructions on accessing recorded evidence securely. Remotely controlled zoom capabilities ensure that anyone who approaches your area will clearly see the activity happening in realtime.
There are other options besides battery-powered units but generally speaking these devices work well indoors due to lower ambient lighting conditions while outdoors they tend to pick up light sources nearby like street lights which interfere with night-vision. Battery operated products must still remain plugged in during daylight hours otherwise the display screen will go blank and eventually fail completely. Wireless solutions for exterior applications typically rely upon radio frequency technology rather than line of sight connections meaning a physical link is required between each individual unit. These RF enabled systems transmit an encrypted signal across the airwaves to another receiver placed somewhere else. These signals are transmitted either wirelessly through the air or sometimes through fiber optic cable connections depending on the size of the network deployment. When viewed from afar, the transmission appears like static noise and only receivers equipped with equipment specifically designed to decipher these transmissions become visible. Since many consumers prefer the ease of being able to record events anytime and everywhere regardless of location, some manufacturers offer portable solutions that connect to smartphones instead of relying solely on dedicated hardwired receivers. Smartphones come prepacked with various apps meant to simplify setup and manage your connected cameras remotely. Many smartphone vendors sell preloaded software packages enabling them to be used without requiring third party support.

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In this Blog post we will discuss the following topics:
1). Top 10 Security Camera Installation Trends For 2023
2). Security Camera Types, Cameras & Features
3). Security Cameras Installation Tips
4). The Top 3 Most Popular Security Camera Brands
5). Why Install A Security Camera System
6). The 4 Main Reasons why you should install a CCTV system
7). How Does Your Local Police Department Rate Their Response Time When They Respond To 911 Calls
8). How Much does it Cost to Install a Security Camera System?
9). Is Installed Video Monitoring Legal in Canada? (Yes!)
10). Are Security Cameras Illegal in Canada? (No they aren’t!)
11). Do All Canadian Municipalities Allow CCTV Surveillance Equipment in Public Areas? (They do!!)
12). Does The Federal Government Require that Security Cameras Be Mounted Inside Of Buildings?
13). Can I Use My Own IP Cam System On a Private Property?
14). Will the City Fine Me If I Have my own IP Camera System? (Not Likely!)
15). Do I Need Permission From Anyone Else?
16). Can I Mount a Wireless Network IP Cam System Without Getting Approved By the Town Hall?( Yes you most certainly CAN!! )
17). Does The RCMP Have Access to My Private Home or Business?
18). Does The RCMP Care About Privacy Issues? No they really Don’t!
19). Do I need permission from anyone else besides the town hall?
20). Should I be concerned about someone hacking into my cameras while it’s live streaming video? (NO you shouldn’t!! )
21). Can a person hack into my network?

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We’re excited to be releasing this new edition of “Best” because of new technology coming out every day. We’ve kept all this information current to help keep you ahead of the curve. So take some notes because these products will become obsolete soon enough. But until then they’ll provide amazing value, great service, excellent support, and high quality equipment.
So without further ado… Here are our picks for Blainville commercial security cameras for 2020/21. These choices represent the cream of the crop today, but this isn’t meant to imply they won’t improve upon them tomorrow. And remember, just because something wasn’t listed below doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be considered. If you see anything else worth checking out please email us at, we’d love to hear about it.
Cameraware offers 4K video recording capabilities and live streaming capability through both cloud storage solutions like Dropbox; Amazon S3; Box Cloud & OneDrive. They offer professional grade features such as motion detection, audio alerts, 2 way communication, night vision and remote monitoring. All of which allow their clients to enjoy peace of mind while being able to manage their business remotely via mobile device or computer. Their website says, “Whether you are installing for personal use, a small business, medium sized enterprise, corporate office building, warehouse, school, hospital, retail space, industrial complex or other facility, Camerawave can assist you to get started quickly with affordable prices and reliable customer service.” For our purposes, we found their packages most attractive.
Their standard package is $69.99 per camera.
$39.95 includes 1 camera, 4GB SD card, 12 Months Warranty, Installation Services, Professional Installation Services, Installation Service Kit, Camera Care kit, USB Adapter Cable, Wireless USB Networking adapter, Remote Monitoring Software License Key, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee and 24/7 Customer Support.
If you purchase 3 Cameras, their lowest priced package would be $79 per camraer.

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In 2019, Blainville Canada residents saw the rise of many “smart cities” including smart communities, smart towns, smart villages, smart buildings, and other similar terms. These types of communities use technology as well to improve efficiency while offering better service.
This includes monitoring systems installed inside homes and offices to keep track of everything going on around them 24/7. They help protect against crime and theft, monitor pets, check on elderly members of the family, and offer video recording of events like burglars breaking into the property.
Smart cameras provide this kind of security system monitoring without having to pay professionals every day to patrol areas.
Security Camera Installation Tips & Tricks:
Installing Smart Cams is different than installing conventional cams. While they are both connected to surveillance networks, they differ significantly in terms of hardware components and software settings needed for optimal operation. A professional will most probably be required to install these devices depending on your needs, but the basics for both types of equipment are essentially similar. Read below for some tips and tricks to assist you with proper setup.
1. Select Your Type Of Video Recording And Storage Device.
When selecting which type of device to buy, consider whether you intend to record audio along with footage. Some models come equipped with microphones, while others allow you to attach external mics so that you get a mix of audio from multiple sources.
2. Decide Whether Audio Or Motion Detection Is More Important For You.
Many modern security monitors include motion sensor capabilities; however, there are still those who believe that sound detection offers greater value because the potential threat is often already present prior to movement being recorded.
3. Set Up Remote Access Software If Necessary.
While remote viewing functionality makes things easier when it comes to watching recordings remotely after the fact, having full control over a networked system gives peace of mind and allows you to take proactive measures if something unexpected happens.
4. Create An Online Account To Keep Track Of Events. Many of these units connect seamlessly to cloud storage solutions, allowing you to archive videos online and easily search through archived content..

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“These guys did a great job. We’ve used secure cam Toronto to install a commercial grade security/surveillance camera system for our shutter manufacturing facility in Markham. Fair price, quality installation, excellent service. I can access all the footage easily on my phone!! Thanks Dan & team. Definitely recommend!”

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


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