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We’ve put together some awesome 2020’s editions of this article for 2020/2020/2019 years and we’re really proud of them… but now they have come full circle back to being written in 2019 format.
This guide will take us through everything you need to be aware of regarding installing & running video surveillance systems at your boisbriand property, whether you’re just getting started with it, or already a veteran and would like to see which system suits your needs better than another. We hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!
For those who prefer watching videos rather than reading text, check these short videos below to learn more about each product category covered in this article.
1. IP Camera
3. Cloud Based System
4. Hybrid / Wi-Fi Enabled Solution
5. 2nd Generation Networked Solutions
In order to help you get the most value for your boisbriand investment, we’ve divided this post into sections that cover key factors you’ll want to consider while deciding on a specific solution type, including:
• Why use cameras for security instead of motion sensors?
• Key considerations when choosing wireless solutions versus wired ones
• What should you look for when comparing cloud-based and networked options
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1. Our cameras come fully tested and guaranteed by us. We test each and every device thoroughly before shipping them to customers. If anything goes amiss during this period, then we will replace them without hesitation.
2. We offer FREE delivery service anywhere in Canada for the lifetime of your purchase. You don’t pay extra fees for shipping either. All orders placed through our website ship via UPS Ground. For residential deliveries, it takes 2-3 business days to arrive after dispatch. For commercial clients, the estimated lead time is 7 to 10 working days depending on location. Please contact us for further information.
3. We provide professional customer support 24/7. If you run into trouble during the ordering phase, just call us and we’ll be happy to help resolve your problem immediately! You can reach us Monday through Friday 9 AM – 5 PM Pacific Time.
4. Your privacy matters to us – we use only legitimate methods to collect personal information, including SSL encryption technology, to ensure your safety while shopping.
5. We offer great prices on quality products. The average price of our top models range from $199-$399 and some go up to nearly $500. We believe in offering excellent value for our customers. Our goal is always to deliver the lowest possible prices to you, but we understand that sometimes you might feel like paying less than the competition. However, we do not compromise on product quality to get lower prices. Every single item in our store undergoes rigorous testing and inspection processes prior to being shipped to you.
6. Our Boisbriand home surveillance systems are made available exclusively through our own network of dealers across North America. These authorized retailers sell only our high end devices and install them in homes and offices. They offer superior technical assistance along with warranty coverage and extended warranty options.
7. We believe strongly in protecting people’s rights to live in private spaces, especially those who might be vulnerable. Therefore, we have developed a unique “No Hassle Guarantee” program which gives buyers peace of mind by providing full refunds on purchases if they aren’t completely satisfied. This includes a 30 day refund policy and hassle-free return procedures.

Boisbriand's Best Commercial Security Cameras

1️⃣ The Most Popular Camera Types for Your Business and Home
2️⃣ Best Budget Friendly Options for Small Business Owners
3️⃣ Top 10 Features Every Cam Should Have
4️⃣ Best Cameras for Indoor/Outdoor use
5️⃣ Installation Services & Tips For New Customers
6️⃣ Why We Love SecureCAM
7️⃣ Our Story: A Brief History of SecureCam
We started as a small business providing high quality cameras, but quickly grew to be a national leader in the industry. Today we provide commercial grade surveillance equipment, including doorbells, video intercom systems and other products to thousands of clients across North America. As technology continues to evolve, we stay ahead of the game by always staying on top of the latest advancements and best practices. From our state of the art manufacturing facilities and innovative engineering teams to our highly trained customer service team, every aspect of our operation focuses solely on delivering exceptional value to our client base.
8️⃣ Who We Serve:
From Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Nike and Walmart to independent contractors working to keep their homes safe, we serve anyone interested in making their life safer through the addition of high-quality commercial grade cameras. Whether you work inside the office or from the comfort of your own living space, our mission is to offer a wide selection of products for every situation, backed by superior customer support.
9️ №s Tips On Buying The Right Surveillance System
10️ №️s Reasons why We Recommend Securacam:
• Superior Quality. All our products are built from a combination of the highest standard parts available today. They’re designed specifically to meet your needs, and they’ll perform exactly as promised. You won’t find anything less than the best for us; everything we sell meets the toughest requirements. And because we manufacture all our products ourselves, we guarantee them for life against defects in materials and workmanship. So rest assured knowing that when you buy from us, you’re getting the most reliable commercial surveillance gear around.
• Reliability.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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We live in times of unprecedented changes and opportunities brought forth by technological advancement. The evolution of Information Technology has led us towards greater connectivity, allowing people globally instantaneously connect through many modes/mediums like social networks, ecommerce websites etc. As this technology continues to permeate various industries including home improvement industry, it becomes inevitable that consumers will opt for these latest advancements to protect and monitor their properties. In order for them to do so effectively they must be equipped with the necessary knowledge on which type of equipment would serve them better for each particular scenario. We believe it is our duty to provide our clients comprehensive guidance in choosing, configuring & installing their surveillance system requirements. By doing so we hope to enhance customer satisfaction, while simultaneously minimizing service costs associated with the said product as well as provide added value to security systems providers and manufacturers who offer similar products.
In this light, we present to you some “top 10 picks for 2022” in terms of cameras selection; however, it should be noted that every client needs individualized configuration considering his / her particular circumstances including geographical location, lighting conditions, environmental issues and accessibility required for proper monitoring purpose. Hence, to achieve the desired result a thorough understanding of both indoor & outdoor environments factors necessary to determine such equipment configurations. For example, outdoor viewing angles usually range 20° – 100° depending upon weather condition and distance to object being monitored. While indoors, camera specifications include lens quality and field of view(FOV). A wider FOV enables easier image processing and higher resolution since fewer pixels are captured. Some high definition(HD) cameras come built-in with motion sensors, whereas other vendors rely exclusively on digital video recording devices. Moreover, most security professionals agree that HD cameras give superior overall picture than SD alternatives due to enhanced visibility and contrast ratio.

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In the past few years many people have started installing CCTV cameras for commercial usage. But there are still some people who haven’t really thought about getting this solution integrated into their daily routines yet. If you ask them why they decided against having CCTVs installed then most often than not the answer would be “I just don’t see the point of it. I trust my family enough. Why should I install anything else other than a trusted alarm system?”
If you find yourself in this situation please take note that security and privacy laws around the world vary widely and you need to ensure that every aspect of your premises is being monitored 24/7 including doors and windows, staircases, parking lots, outdoor areas, elevators, fire exits, hallways, common rooms or anywhere else someone could possibly get inside your property without permission. Having access to live streams of these facilities gives owners peace of mind knowing everything is under surveillance whether they are away or present at home.
CCTV monitoring systems come in various types and sizes. Each type offers something different depending on what your needs are. Some will only provide footage to authorised individuals while others allow anyone to view the feed remotely via mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. They also offer varying levels of accessibility depending upon the model.
Most importantly, though, the quality of image capture varies greatly. So does the price tag depending on which manufacturers you pick. We recommend doing your homework before making a final decision. As always, feel free to contact us with questions. We work closely with many top security companies across Canada so chances are we already have experience working with those particular brands.
We hope this guide helps you understand how the market looks today and help decide which products fit your needs best. For example, did you know there are several wireless IP cameras capable of recording HD video, but very few actually produce quality images? Well, that was until recently. Thanks to advancements in technology, high definition video feeds are now available almost everywhere. And since quality matters, if you’d rather record high resolution videos instead of regular ones it makes sense to invest in a good quality IP camera first. After all, isn’t that what you bought it for anyway?

Boisbriand Home Security Cameras Done Right

Homeowners who love privacy but hate paying monthly bills should find these cameras just perfect. They provide 24/7 monitoring, motion detection, night vision and high definition video recording. If somebody breaks into your house or office while this feature is turned off, they will see everything on screen which includes movement and sound. So if anybody walks past your window without knocking on the door, they will get caught.
These devices are equipped with powerful infrared LEDs allowing them to capture images no matter whether daylight conditions exist or nightfall occurs. And because those lights produce heat, you won’t be able to use your window blinds during daytime hours.
Weighing less than five pounds each, the battery life lasts longer than most other models. It takes only four AA batteries to power these cameras.
They offer wireless streaming through Wi-Fi networks or Internet connection provided via Ethernet cable. Also they come with built-in storage capacity. All these allow homeowners upload recordings onto cloud servers for remote viewing and archiving purposes.
This package includes a wide range of features including live, recorded, still photos, alerts, email notifications, email reminders, mobile apps, audio input, alarm control panel, and remote viewing capabilities.
Installation & Maintenance
Some people consider getting these CCTV cameras installed after building construction finishes. For them, installers can visit their homes and take care of the device setup themselves. This way, the entire job gets completed quickly, saving customers both time and effort. On the contrary, some contractors prefer doing things manually since it saves them time. But then, it costs more than automated methods. The bottom line is that if DIY installation sounds like something that interests you, read ahead to learn everything you need to keep in mind.
First, it helps to remember that professional equipment usually comes standard with higher quality lenses. Since many cheap surveillance cameras employ tiny lenses of questionable quality, you end up seeing fuzzy footage instead of crisp shots. In addition, the lens cover needs to remain intact throughout the lifespan of the unit; otherwise, dust particles can easily accumulate inside and cause issues. Some brands include lens covers in their kit, but you must ask for additional accessories to ensure the proper fitment.

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If you read this article, chances are good you already use some form of technology in your life; whether it be through email, cell phones, computers, tablets, cars — whatever your tech uses these days is most likely controlled by software. If you’re reading this guide, I bet you already realize just how vulnerable those devices really are and understand why you should consider installing a surveillance system.
What exactly does “surveillance systems” mean? We’re talking about things like doorbell cameras installed outside homes, motion detectors with built-in video recording capabilities, networked video recorders placed inside living space, outdoor DVR units designed specifically to monitor activity around buildings and other structures, IP cameras used for monitoring purposes, indoor/outdoor digital storage devices, cloud-based solutions, etc., etc. Basically anything electronic connected to something you own that you wish to protect against threats. But what makes a particular piece of hardware better than another in terms of protecting against potential intrusions — or worse attacks — is dependent upon many factors including, but certainly not limited to: the type of device being monitored, who owns it, how often they watch the footage, the level of protection desired, cost concerns, location of the camera(s), intended purpose of the equipment, ease of setup, maintenance and support required, etc.
So what types of products exist today? Well, the industry continues to evolve quickly due to consumer demand and technological advances. For example, while traditional analog closed circuit TV was once considered the ultimate tool for keeping tabs on family members or employees, newer technologies like webcams and HD quality CCTV have allowed homeowners and business operators alike to capture high definition images, store them permanently, and view them whenever they see fit without having to worry about wires snaking across walls. As mentioned above, it goes beyond just being able to see what is going on in real time; a growing body of evidence suggests that people tend to behave differently when they feel they are under scrutiny, so knowing what is happening in your surroundings (even when you aren’t physically present) will help you avoid certain undesirable behaviors.

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We cover all details and most importantly the latest developments in the world of cameras and video surveillance including: which models you should consider buying; which ones are trending now; which types of cameras will be used and why; which brands will dominate the market; price comparisons across different regions; tips and tricks to ensure proper installation of the system is installed correctly and efficiently installed; and most importantly to save yourself thousands of dollars in unnecessary rework to improve efficiency. We have written this guide and made it easier than ever to find the perfect solution for your building needs. If you’re interested in knowing more then continue reading now. If you simply wish to gain detailed knowledge regarding some particular questions just jump down below and read the guides. You’ll notice that they each provide answers straight away. But once again, please remember that we are NOT offering professional support unless you purchase the products mentioned HERE and contact us via email using the link below. Our contact information page details exactly who can help you with issues pertaining to your specific requirements and whether you would like assistance through phone call, chat or eMail/support ticketing. All of these tools will work perfectly well although our preferred method is EMAIL because we believe that this gives our team members plenty of time to get back to other customers while still being able to reply to emails quickly. Therefore, it’s always better to send an email rather than phoning or chatting. Also, if you need immediate assistance please try contacting us first by sending an Email BEFORE posting a question here because many times people post questions without having tried asking them first, thus wasting everyone’s time. On average, most of the posts here take around 30 minutes per answer but sometimes things get complicated enough that they could be longer and therefore it depends upon individual circumstances.
There are no real surprises when it comes to installing the actual camera components themselves. They usually come ready for use and plug in to existing HDMI sockets located somewhere near the ceiling, or are connected by cable to power supply points already provided inside the wall. A few older installations I visited had separate wires running into special boxes bolted onto exposed studs above head height. These boxes often took the shape of small metal enclosures screwed into place next to an adjacent brick stud..

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