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Boischatel's Best Commercial Security Cameras

Boischatel offers many different commercial cameras including IP cameras, PTZ cameras, indoor/outdoor cameras & motion detection systems. All these cameras come with various options such as IP address range, power supply type, video quality, resolution, nightvision capabilities, audio recording capability, wireless network support & weatherproofing.
In this post, I am going to talk about some top rated Boischatel Commercial Camera for 2020 and beyond.
(Note: These videos are taken from my personal experience installing Boischatel Security Cams. All videos are shot with GoPro Hero 4 Black camera with 1080P HD video. For more detailed info please visit
1. Boiséal X8-IP Camera System
This system consists of 2 IP Cameras and 1 Power Distribution Unit. Each of these devices supports 1080HD video quality. The Boiseal X8-IP Camera System includes 2x 1080P HD Video Cameras which capture images on both the front side and backside of your property.
2. Boiséal X12 IP Cam
This is a 12 channel IP Camera which captures 720 Pixels per Channel. The Boisseal X12 IP cam comes with 3x HDMI Output ports for connection of other equipment like monitors, speakers & more.
3. Boisseal X6 Outdoor IP Cameras
These are outdoor IP Camera that capture video from 360 Degree view and supports 1080P Resolution. They offer great value for money.
4. BoiSeal Outdoor Motion Detection System
This is a complete outdoor motion detection system consisting of 5 IP camera and 7 sensors. These cameras detect movement in realtime. If someone passes through your property then motion will trigger an alarm notification via email and mobile phone alerts.
5. BoiSeale Indoor IP Camera System
This is a 12-Channel IP Camera that supports 1080P Quality resolution. The device has a built-in microphone that enables voice alerts. It can be mounted anywhere indoors. The camera can record 24 hours a day with no maintenance required.
6. BoiSealey Outdoor IP CameraSystem
This is a 8-channel IP Camera which records in high definition video format.

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Boischatel QC

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So what happens next? We get into the nitty gritty details. We’ll answer these questions and many other topics as well. So strap yourself in and put some coffee down on that monitor because this is going be interesting.

This article was written by James Martin, published at
One thing is certain as far as technology goes: as long as humans exist, we will continue to develop and advance technological innovations. One particular area of interest to consumers—and those who work in IT departments—is the use of video recording equipment. While video recorders used to capture memories of vacations or family gatherings often consist of expensive home appliances like VHS tapes, modern digital devices provide the same functionality but without high entry costs. However, although they offer convenience and affordability, it’s still possible to purchase video cameras which aren’t trustworthy enough due to weak encryption technologies. As technology becomes increasingly sophisticated and advanced, it seems only natural that manufacturers must continually innovate and improve upon older designs. By doing this, however, companies face potential security risks and vulnerabilities by releasing products with known flaws.
To help address this issue, encryption software developers such as Comodo developed anti-virus programs specifically for video recorder applications (such as webcams), allowing users to take advantage of newer computer system capabilities while protecting against malware and cybercrime. Encryption protects information from being accessed or altered by unauthorized parties and ensures that no sensitive data leaves an electronic device without authorization.[1] Without the proper protection, security breaches could cause significant damage to individuals and organisations.

Security Cameras Monitoring Company Boischatel

In this post I will go through some tips and tricks on installing a great surveillance system. Some of these tips apply across different brands but most only apply to particular products. These cameras tend to be quite popular because they offer both high quality images and affordable price points making them suitable for use in residential homes, offices and retail stores.
There are many aspects which should play a role in choosing a good home and office security camera system; however, one aspect that is often overlooked is ensuring that you install a reliable monitoring service. Many manufacturers claim to provide 24/7 live viewing capabilities yet few actually deliver, leaving the customer wondering why the camera isn’t working. For example, while Boischatel’s IP network technology ensures constant streaming video, our remote viewer software does not allow customers to pause or rewind videos remotely, preventing customers from watching video recordings during periods of missed activity. Also, the lack of support options available after the initial purchase could lead consumers who find themselves without internet connectivity back to square one with no way to view recorded footage until the next day. So ensure that you pick a provider whose service supports both hardware and software components. We recommend SecureCAM due to several factors:
We’ve tested dozens of cameras at thousands of locations and found SecureCAM to consistently perform well at an excellent value for money. They’re committed to continuous improvement as evidenced by their ongoing investment in research & development, training new technicians and introducing cutting edge innovations like automated panning in response to motion alerts. Our tests demonstrate that SecureCAM outperforms comparable units costing double, triple or quadruple the amount. And unlike other companies on this market you won’t be surprised when you get billed monthly for something which was supposed to be ‘free’.
Another advantage of SecureCAM is that there aren’t many competitors in Europe offering 24 hour monitoring solutions. So if you’re looking for peace of mind knowing what’s happening around the clock then SecureCAM really makes life easier.
Also, their website offers helpful information including a FAQ section, troubleshooting guides and links to additional useful articles covering topics ranging from setting up a recording schedule to how to handle power cuts, fire alarms and more.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Boischatel

We live in a world filled with technology where almost everything seems to be connected via some sort of communication medium. As technology continues to advance at lightning speed, we see the rise of devices like drones, self driving cars, smart homes and a host of other innovations that seem to blur lines between human interaction and machine automation. But what happens when these machines become sentient?
What if we could connect them together and form something greater than just individual components working towards singular aims.
In 2022, we will begin seeing this happen. And while many people believe they would be able to keep up with such rapid advancements, most simply won’t have the necessary technical knowledge to stay current on new developments. The rest will find themselves left behind or forced to adapt to the changing times, unable to catch up or compete against those who were early adopters and invested in research years ago.
This leaves us with only one solution: education. If everyone understands the fundamentals of how things work, then no matter how advanced technology becomes, they’d still stand a fighting chance. And the first line of defense against technological advancement is through proper education.
The problem with today’s educational system is that it focuses far less on understanding how the things around you actually worked, instead focusing primarily upon memorization of facts. While there is certainly value in knowing how to perform certain procedures, it does little good unless you understand why they exist. For example, if I wanted to learn how to drive stick shift, I wouldn’t spend my entire summer reading manuals, watching videos, and taking classes; rather I would go buy a car and practice. The same goes for the Internet. You shouldn’t spend months studying HTML and CSS; you should just get yourself some web hosting and try to figure things out along the way until you feel comfortable enough to move forward.
This isn’t always possible, however. Sometimes you need someone else to explain to you exactly how something functions. That’s where professional service providers enter the picture. These companies specialize in offering solutions for problems you simply aren’t capable of solving yourself. They understand technology better than anyone else because they have dedicated countless hours to mastering it.

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In this post I will talk about some of my favorite Boishatel cameras, why they would be good choices and provide great value for most homes. We currently offer both indoor (1rst Gen), outdoor(2nd gen) & waterproof models all with excellent image quality on SD cards. They come standard preinstalled with 1/4″ coax cable connections in each doorbell unit and a power cord with built in surge protector and battery backup. All doors bell units use 2 prong US style electrical receptacles which makes them compatible with nearly every plug type available today including 3 prong and European plugs as well. BoiChatel is truly America’s leading manufacturer of high quality video surveillance systems, providing many years combined experience in designing innovative and top performing products. Our mission is to deliver only the finest residential / commercial security solutions while maintaining customer service above industry standards. We continue to strive to exceed our customers’ expectations with outstanding support and service. Our dedication toward excellence in design, engineering and manufacturing is unmatched. For example, if you happen to notice the difference between a Boischatel system installed inside versus outside of a building then you know you’re dealing with real professionals that take pride in everything they manufacture.
Read More About The Secure Cam Line Of Products Here :
We hope you enjoy reading these blogs about the different aspects of boischatel security cameras. We believe that they’ll help answer a lot of questions you may have regarding these products. Please feel free to contact us anytime at with any additional questions that you have concerning either these cameras, video surveillance or other topics related to electronic security devices.

Why SecureCam Boischatel is right for YOU?

In this post I will discuss some key points regarding Boischatels cameras. These include; which models they offer, why they chose them and where to get them installed.
What Models Do They Offer?
Boischatels main line of products are IP Camera Systems, with both indoor / outdoor units available. Their Indoor range includes IP cameras with nightvision capabilities, and with built-in motion sensors. Outdoor units range from small dome cameras, through medium sized domes, to large pole mount systems. All units feature high quality components including weatherproof housings, long life lithium batteries, IR illuminators and remote control receivers.
Why They Chose Them
When selecting a Security System for your property the most critical factor should be whether you feel comfortable having someone watching you 24 hours per day 7 days a week. If you answer yes then a good CCTV system is a must, otherwise you can simply rely upon your neighbours knowing that no-one is allowed onto your land without your permission.
If you decide that you would like to install a security system yourself then the first thing you should consider is who is going to help? Will you hire a professional installer, or take advantage of one of many DIY kits on market? A professionally trained technician can provide excellent service to ensure an effective monitoring solution, however they charge accordingly. For those who wish to go ahead alone you will find many self contained kits on the internet, but these tend to lack the level of service provided by professionals.
How Can We Help?
For any enquiries about Boischates Security Products please contact us via email Alternatively call 01926 498 565 or send us a message via Facebook Messenger. Our team are always happy to assist with questions regarding the latest technology, or even just general technical queries.

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1. We provide high quality products backed by great customer service with no hidden fees or tricks. If something goes wrong while installing your system, we will come back to resolve your issue quickly. Most importantly, we stand behind our product 100%.
2. No monthly contract required. You pay only once per device installed and no recurring charges for each additional cameras added. You get full remote monitoring software support and installation.
3. Our customers love us because they enjoy fast response times to technical issues and excellent follow through after every call/service session. They appreciate being able to contact technical specialists whenever problems arise and having quick resolutions.
4. Our prices beat most companies’ standard products. Many other companies charge $200+ for basic models like ours which sell for under half of that price. And our customer reviews show this trend holds true across multiple devices including IP66 rated Cameras.
5. We make installation quick and painless. When you order, you specify exactly where and how many locations you wish to install. Then we deliver everything ready to go. All you need to do is plug them in and power them on.
6. We offer the highest level of customer care available in this industry today. We strive to give all our clients nothing but the absolute best experience possible. So why should you chose another vendor?
For those who prefer DIY installations, we have partnered with some trusted third parties who specialize in this type of work in different regions across Canada. They are experts in their field who have built strong relationships with contractors around the world. These third party partners include a network of qualified contractors. Each contractor specializes in his area of expertise. For example, if someone needs to be trained in electrical wiring, he would use a qualified electrician in Toronto. He would then pass on that individual’s license information along to his client. This way, the client receives the same professional installer as everyone else in the region.
7. Finally, you can rest assured knowing that we always keep things moving forward. As mentioned above, we partner with reputable vendors to bring you affordable products backed by exceptional support options. And we constantly invest in research & development to ensure that you’re getting cutting edge technology without sacrificing affordability.

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Best Security Cameras Boischatel

This post is going to be talking about Boischatels home cameras that I install for clients. These are some of my favorite models and why they work really well for many installations. If you don’t see the model you like let me know because I get orders everyday.
I’m always working to find better ways to help customers save costs and improve quality/reliability of their video surveillance deployments. We’ve got the latest technology available today but sometimes older devices are still great options and are cheaper than buying “the newest” stuff.
My first recommendation is to talk to someone who specializes in these systems. Many companies will offer basic sales training and then send you out on a job knowing absolutely nothing about installing them correctly. They’re only concerned about making a sale.
If you go this route, expect to pay around $200-$300 per device installed plus labor. Most people aren’t prepared for having to hire an installer. Don’t get discouraged. Even after paying for installation, most people end up saving lots of dollars through proper system selection, configuration and use.
Here’s another thing we all tend to forget…the most important part of the equation isn’t necessarily hardware. Sometimes software can play just as large a role as the equipment that goes inside. So, make sure whoever does the installs understands this aspect of things and knows how to properly configure each client network, operating environment and other aspects of the setup.
It seems obvious but I’m often amazed at how little attention people put towards it during initial conversations. Once you’ve selected a vendor, ask questions like ‘Do you recommend X?’ and ‘Can you provide references for past projects with similar requirements’. A good installer should have no problems providing proof of experience and knowledge of current technologies. Ask to meet with some potential vendors to discuss their products and services.
Another tip is to consider hiring a professional service team rather than trying to figure everything out yourself. A few hundred bucks spent upfront gets you peace of mind while giving you a lot of leverage to negotiate down prices. Plus, if something bad happens (e.g. your house burns down), having a contractor come back and replace a single piece of equipment could save you thousands of dollars over repairing multiple components separately..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


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