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If you’d like to experience the ultimate camcorder that will be installed outside your house or business, then look no further than this state-of-the art system called “Bond Head®.”
Nowadays, people spend most of their leisure time indoors. Many homeowners install external monitoring cameras inside homes these days to keep an eye on their family while they are away.
However, sometimes you just wish someone would check things around your property, especially your home.
For example, who knows what damage could happen during the day because nobody was watching over your place?
What if somebody breaks into your car, steal something or vandalize it. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew immediately? Or what if you find a package left in front of the door but you don’t get notifications until late evening. Would that really work for you? Most probably, you wouldn’t be happy knowing only after 2 hours of notification.
Imagine having surveillance cams placed everywhere and being able to see everything instantly. Isn’t it amazing?
In case you are still wondering why Bond head is better than other security cameras, read below. If you have any question regarding installing your bondhead please contact us through website [link], email, phone call 888.912.8188, or live chat. We’ll answer them quickly. Also feel free to comment bellow and ask questions! 😉
About Us: Secure Cam America Inc. offers high quality and reliable wireless network video solutions throughout North America since 2012. As a manufacturer authorized dealer, we offer top brands including Vivint SmartHome Network Video Surveillance, Samsung Wireless Camera DVR’s, Netgear Nighthawk Outdoor IP Wi Fi HD Cameras, ADT Digital Connected Door/Window sensors, Ring & SmartThings devices among many others. Our products include wired systems, cellular gateways, outdoor Wi-Fi networks, motion sensors and indoor / outdoor cameras.We have offices and warehouses located in California, New Jersey, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan, Texas and Canada.

Bond Head's Best Commercial Security Cameras

We will be providing updates to this page in the future. Our 2020 edition was published in May 2019, but due to COVID 19, most people are working remotely. We expect things to pick back up soon enough though. Please feel welcome to use this info until then!
Best Commercial Camera Products & Installation Trends for 2022
There are many different types of CCTV cameras available today; however, they often fall short when it comes to overall quality or functionality. If these issues apply to your home or office security situation, we encourage you to consider upgrading to a higher level system. A better solution could provide an additional layer of protection against break ins, intrusions, or other nefarious acts. Here are some examples of common problems and why installing a professional grade security camera system could resolve them.

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The best cameras will be able to capture video footage with good quality images, while remaining small enough to fit unobtrusively in areas which would otherwise be inaccessible without drilling holes through walls. For example, many modern homes already contain built-in speakers and light switches, which makes it easier to integrate a security system than ever before. However, if you are buying a standalone system, the ideal solution should include both wired and wireless technology. Wireless systems offer better range but are harder to install due to lack of power outlets, whereas wired options provide greater control.
If you’d like to see some examples of the best security cameras available today, take a look below. We hope this guide helps you decide whether to buy or DIY a security camera, and what type of model and features suit your needs. We’ll also cover a bit of the history behind each of them so you understand why they’re popular choices among homeowners and professionals alike.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Bond Head ON

Are you tired of being worried every day about intrusions and hackers taking advantage of your unprotected network? Or perhaps, you just aren’t confident enough managing your own private WiFi networks? If so then maybe it’s high time you invested in getting some sort of remote monitoring system installed for keeping tabs on things around your property. From the exterior to the inside, you’ll be able to monitor everything remotely…and in real-time! Some popular products include IP cameras, video doorbells, temperature sensors & floodlights, CCTV systems and alarm panels. But which ones should I get? We’ve put together this handy guide to help decide on what type of Security Camera System would fit your individual needs perfectly.
So why do people install these spy devices anyway? Perhaps because they’re concerned about having someone break into their home while away on vacation. Maybe they just like knowing what’s going on behind closed doors. Whatever reason they have their heart set on installing them, chances are they’ve thought long and hard about exactly what they’d expect to see when watching footage of whatever’s happening around the house during regular business hours and/or normal weekend days.”If you’re thinking about buying one yourself, check out these tips first.” These types of surveillance systems work great for homeowners who spend most of their time either working outside the house or relaxing indoors because they provide 24/7 live streaming coverage. For other situations though, there’s a good chance that the homeowner will only be present for short periods at certain times each week or month. Because of this, many people prefer investing in something called “daytime” only security systems-also known as DVR style security systems. Like standard residential indoor security systems, daytime only ones allow consumers to record activity via digital video recording systems located inside of houses. When viewing footage afterwards however, it won’t record anything that happened prior to the activation time period selected through software settings. So no worries-this isn’t really intended for use whenever the person in question leaves town all day, it’s simply made to cover specific occasions. Another thing to keep in mind is that some companies offer both traditional standalone outdoor security kits plus advanced weatherproof, wireless technology-based versions.

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Bond Head Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Security Camera Technology Trends: We will keep this section updated periodically with latest news reports related to technology innovation in cameras/systems used in home and business applications. Please take note that these articles could be published anywhere on the internet but only presented as part of the content on SecureCam website which was selected because it provides information relevant to readers who wish to purchase Security Cam products. Articles should include both short text descriptions describing camera technology and images showing examples of some recent developments. We intend to publish at most 20 per quarter.
Home Automation Systems: A typical household today consists of around 5-10 electronic devices (TV sets, DVD players, laptops, tablets, smartphones). Most people rely heavily upon Smart TVs to watch TV shows, view videos, play games, browse web sites, listen to music and get general notifications. Many of them operate through remote controls and interfaces like Wiimote, Xbox Kinect, Wii U gamepad, Apple tv, Android phones, Chromecast etc. While people enjoy watching movies on their television screens they often forget to lock doors and windows. And while the kids playing video games on a tablet screen inside their bedroom seems harmless enough; they should always remember to close the curtains after going to bed. For those same reason many homes already have smoke detectors installed, fire alarms and other systems to alert emergency personnel when something goes awry. But, when things go really bad people usually first notice smoke billowing though the air vents then rush outside the house before trying to locate the source of smoke or hearing the loud sirens of ambulances racing toward their door. Some of us feel safer knowing our family members and friends are nearby in case help is required. And since most households use Wi-Fi routers, wireless speakers and Bluetooth headsets nowadays few realize that they allow hackers to spy on anyone sitting near a router connected device without needing physical proximity to the equipment. As soon as cyber criminals learn someone might be listening, they alter the signal being broadcasted by the targeted WiFi network making audio recordings unattainable or causing a disruption or malfunctioning in the speaker, headset microphone or whatever device is in use. So many homeowners consider installing motion sensor lights, surveillance cameras, access control locks, alarm monitoring system and outdoor lighting.

Bond Head Home Security Cameras Done Right

Hikvisons’ latest generation IP-CAM series cameras are built for maximum reliability, versatility, ease of use, high quality image resolution. We provide these state-of-the art digital video surveillance solutions through dealers across the globe to help customers stay ahead of changing consumer demands.
Tiandys’ line of advanced wireless IP security cam systems delivers the ultimate protection against intruders, theft and fire damage. Our wireless IP network cams deliver excellent picture quality. They come with many innovative technologies like motion detection technology, alarm notification feature, remote monitoring/control capability, live streaming feature, and other useful tools. These devices are designed for outdoor installations with ruggedness and weatherproofing.
Bond Head Hikvision & Tiandy Security Camera Installation Trends and Tips:
1st Generation 2MP HD Network Cams
2nd Generation 4K UHD High Resolution 1080P Video Streamer, Motion Detection Technology, Remote Monitoring / Control Capabilities, Live Streaming Feature
3rd Gen Ultra Compact 3G HD 720P Camcorders with Built-In WiFi Connectivity, Night Vision, Panoramic Viewing Angle
4th Generation 1080P Full HD Digital Wireless Surveillance System
5th Generation 12v LiPo Battery Powered Outdoor Security Cameras
6th Generation 360 Degree Panaromic Day & Night Imaging
7th Generation 24V DC Power Supply
8th Generation WiFi Enabled Smart Security Cameras
9th Generation Cloud Storage for Real Time Video Streaming Access From anywhere around the World.
10th Generation Multi Sensor Surveillance Systems
11th Generation HD Network DVRs
12th Generation Wireless Smart Plug Ins
13th Generation WiFi Enabled Mobile Device Apps
14th Generation Cloud Based Video Analytics Software Solutions
15th Generation Cloud Based Remote Monitoring And Alarm Notification Solution For Residential Homes Or Businesses In A Wide Range Of Locations Worldwide Including International Markets.
16th Generation Cloud Based Video Management Services Solution For Property Managers To Monitor Assets Across Multiple Properties At Once.
17th Generation IoT Devices With Advanced Artificial Intelligence Features Using AI/Machine Learning Technologies.
18th Generation Automated CCTV System Integration Into Building HMI Applications.
19th Generation Intelligent Lighting Controls.

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SecureCam Bond Head

Best Security Cameras Bond Head

Cameras aren’t just meant for taking photos anymore — they’re an essential part of protecting against burglary. And while many people love the convenience of DIY cameras, professional installations can save lives. Our top 10 tips will help homeowners install quality, affordable, safe, high-definition, HD video doorbells.
#1 Use Glass Door Shops For Installation
Whether you’re installing a security system yourself or hiring professionals to do the job, having qualified technicians handle it makes sense. A glass shop offers peace of mind because only authorized personnel enter the house. Also, some products like motion sensors are mounted inside the walls so the experts can ensure proper mounting without damaging drywall.
If you already own a DIY camera but want to upgrade to better protect your property, Secure Cam recommends choosing models with Wi Fi connectivity, which allow for remote viewing and recording via smartphone or laptop computer through an online portal. They enable you to monitor your entire home from anywhere, 24/7, giving you the ability to see suspicious activity immediately and take action should anyone break in.
Another bonus: If someone tries to tamper with a device during an inspection, the homeowner gets a notification from the company who installed it, instead of trying to trace the problem back themselves. “We always tell customers you get what you pay for, and DIY installs generally come cheap,” says Secure Cam founder Jason McNeill. “But when it comes to safety, price really does matter. We recommend paying extra if you want real protection rather than false assurances.”
#2 Make Sure Your Camera Can Detect Motion
Motion detection devices are a must for every front porch. But most entryways today use IR technology as opposed to visible light, meaning cameras equipped for both types of technology are recommended, according to Secure Cam. These days, it’s common to pair multiple cameras together, especially in larger homes, to provide 360 degrees coverage and better monitoring capabilities.
And keep it in mind, burglars often target houses with older alarms first; newer houses typically employ systems with improved sensitivity to detect them quickly. Older detectors may miss something subtle happening outside the perimeter of your yard.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Bond Head

When installing CCTV cameras, the first step should be determining which type of technology will work best for your home or business location. Here are some key factors you must consider while deciding upon your ideal solution:
Camera angle — Depending on the area being monitored, the angle of view provided could range anywhere from 3 degrees upward to 180 degrees downward. When selecting your optimal viewing position, consider how far away you are located versus how high above floor level. Higher angles allow greater coverage.
Security sensitivity — For instance, most people are unlikely to notice the presence of surveillance equipment in locations like hallways, stairwells and other areas outside common use. However, they may become noticeably aware of devices monitoring rooms occupied primarily by children, elderly individuals and pets. Therefore, the sensitivity required would vary depending on the type of environment being observed.
Resolution — High resolution models typically feature 1280×800 pixel displays, but this varies per model. Some cameras offer higher resolutions than their lower priced counterparts without sacrificing image quality. Generally speaking, however, larger pixels mean increased detail visibility.
Power source— Most modern DVRs include batteries to provide power during times when power outlets aren’t available; these options must be considered prior to purchase. Also keep in mind whether you’d prefer fixed or wireless installations. These details will depend greatly on the layout of your premises.
Storage & connectivity — If possible, opt for external storage units connected via USB ports for maximum flexibility. Some newer systems come equipped with Wi-Fi hotspots built in. Consider how often the device needs recharging and decide whether battery life is truly a priority.
Video compression — Although many manufacturers claim video compression isn’t necessary because today’s hardware supports efficient processing at realtime speeds, this statement holds true only under certain conditions. First, ensure that your system meets bandwidth requirements, including those pertaining to internet speed. Second, check compatibility issues and confirm whether streaming formats are supported. Third, verify whether the manufacturer offers software support for the codec(s) used within its lineup. All things considered, it’s advisable to test each unit thoroughly ahead of implementation..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


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