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In this guide I will be giving you some information about the different types of cameras available and which ones work best for certain situations. This article also gives you suggestions for things like which places would benefit most from having a CCTV solution installed. We hope this guide helps answer many questions you might have regarding installing and monitoring the various products.
Security Camera Solutions for Your Boucherville or Local Area.
There are several factors to consider before getting started including; the intended use, cost, placement and how often you intend to monitor. Below are just a few options to get familiarized with and see what they offer. If you need help choosing, please contact us today!
We sell only top quality security cameras and CCTV systems. Our service technicians install and maintain them for clients locally in the Greater Montreal area. Our customers include homeowners associations, commercial establishments, government agencies, schools, hospitals and other organizations who wish to protect themselves against potential threats. Our professional video surveillance solutions allow you to stay informed while making your life safer and easier through convenient remote monitoring and alerts via email, text message, phone call, mobile device or computer web browser. Whether you are interested in basic networked IP cameras, DVR recorders or advanced HD PTZ/pan tilt zoom cameras, Secure Cam offers a wide selection of wireless security camera models and accessories to meet your needs and budget requirements. All Secure Cam products come equipped with industry leading wireless connectivity technologies including Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth® 4.0 and have high definition resolution capabilities so you receive crystal clear images day after day without needing frequent maintenance! Our video monitoring solutions provide comprehensive 24×7 continuous recording coverage in multiple directions. Each system supports both wired ethernet networks and wireless technology allowing you greater flexibility in deployment than traditional fixed network infrastructure.

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Security Camera Installation Trends For Boucherville Homes And Businesses
In this day and age, many people feel comfortable leaving everything behind when they go away on vacation. That includes everything from laptops and tablets to smartphones and personal items like jewelry. While most people understand that these things aren’t safe, some still leave them sitting around unattended while on vacation, making them targets for thieves. If you’re a business owner who travels frequently or just wants added peace of mind during the holidays, consider installing surveillance cameras in your place of work. Here’s why.
Why Should I Install Surveillance Cameras At My Workplace Or Place Of Travel?
If someone steals your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or valuable piece of jewelry, you’ll be able to catch them red handed. Surveillance video will provide evidence against whoever broke in and stole those valuables.
Surveillance cameras will help keep an eye on employees or contractors who could potentially steal company property. They’ll also allow employers to monitor employee behavior and ensure compliance with federal laws and regulations, including wage theft, sexual harassment policies, drug testing procedures, and other employment standards. Finally, they offer protection against fraud, identity theft, and cybercrime.
How Do I Determine Whether A Surveillance System Will Help Me Keep Track Of Things Like Employees Who Steal From Their Employer?
When considering whether to invest in surveillance equipment for a small or large office or facility, ask yourself these questions.
Will this system prevent thefts?
If you suspect that a person working inside your building is stealing company assets, then installing a surveillance camera system is probably worth doing. These systems often include audio capabilities, which makes it easier track down suspects.
Can my current surveillance system handle additional demands?
While many existing solutions may already meet today’s basic requirements, they won’t necessarily be capable of handling increased needs. As technology advances, many companies find themselves needing to upgrade their systems in order to stay ahead of competitors.
For example, while older systems typically only support analog video recording, newer models may use digital formats instead. Similarly, while some products record sound only, new systems may capture both images and sounds simultaneously.

Best Security Cameras Boucherville

Security cameras provide a great value proposition for residential consumers who want peace of mind in knowing of their own safety 24/7 without having to pay exorbitant prices for professional monitoring and service contracts or monthly fees. While there are many different types of products on the market today they come down to 2 broad categories; Networked video recording devices which connect through WiFi networks, IP, Ethernet and cellular broadband connections. These devices record a live feed onto internal storage devices within the device itself and some models allow remote viewing and control via Wi-Fi and internet connectivity. Other than those basic functions most networked video recording units offer additional capabilities including motion detection, facial recognition, audio alerts, weather proofing, night vision, zoom capability and image compression for saving space on recorded images. They usually include various software applications built specifically to view footage stored internally and remotely. Most people only consider installing these devices after experiencing a break-in event, but this should be part of every homeowner’s checklist prior to putting them in place. We will talk about that next. But first, let’s discuss why someone would install surveillance systems instead of hiring professionals. Why DIY Surveillance Systems?
There are basically 3 main advantages of doing it yourself versus paying professionals: 1. Cost – Many individuals prefer the flexibility afforded via self-installation of hardware and software. By investing effort towards understanding products available on the market, buying the correct components and building the system themselves it becomes possible to significantly reduce the cost of ownership over time. This could save thousands or tens of thousands of dollars depending upon a person’s experience level and how well things go. 2. Control – A big benefit of doing it yourself versus contracting security experts is complete control over the process from selection, purchase, assembly, testing, setup, configuration and operation. When installing these systems, especially on large properties like multi-family dwellings, homeowners must deal with zoning restrictions, city codes and other regulatory requirements while dealing with potential third party issues during integration, deployment and setup phases. While contractors can typically take care of most situations quickly, sometimes even small problems become larger headaches due to lack of training or knowledge required to handle issues effectively.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Boucherville

Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



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Security cameras play many vital roles in protecting people and property. They monitor areas of interest in real time, allowing homeowners, business owners and other individuals to view live footage via webcams. These devices help prevent break ins, theft, fires, vandalism and accidents.
In addition to providing protection, they offer convenience and peace of mind. Many systems include motion sensors which send alerts when movement is detected. Some models record video clips automatically, while others allow users to schedule recordings manually. Most modern surveillance products provide both day/night viewing options, night vision capabilities, audio recording capabilities and remote monitoring capabilities.
Best 4k Video Surveillance System Boucherville in 2020
Here’s the list of some top rated 4khd video system available in market today:

1. Axis P2HD 1080P HD Wi-Fi IP Camera
Price: $249.99 | Features
Axis P2HD is a 2MP HD wireless indoor IP camera featuring built-in infrared light emitting diode technology. Its small form factor makes it ideal for installation behind walls or ceilings or inside cabinets, closets, and under furniture. The unit offers high resolution image quality, low power draw (3W), and long battery life.
Its compact design includes a 3x optical zoom lens with a maximum aperture FOV range of 90° to 180º; wide angle coverage with a minimum focal length of 5cm. A full color LCD screen displays images captured during daytime hours, including date, temperature, humidity and brightness readings. Images are stored internally on internal flash memory with optional microSD card storage. Users can remotely control this device by connecting to the Internet with a standard Ethernet cable. An additional USB port enables file transfer between the camera and personal computers. The Axis P2HD supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
This camera can be used with a compatible smartphone app, enabling remote monitoring and controlling functions through the cloud. The app supports Android phones running version 1.5 and above and iOS 9 and higher versions.

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What should I use my Camera For?
A lot depends on whether the CCTV system will be used permanently or temporarily during renovations, building work or other events. This decision should always made after considering the above points. As mentioned earlier, they provide protection against burglary and fire damage while ensuring peace of mind for residents who live in these buildings. We strongly suggest taking some time to read the owner manual thoroughly before setting anything up because this will help avoid possible pitfalls and ensure you install something appropriate for the task(s).
Which Home/Office Location Is Ideal?
If your property is located near busy high streets like boulevardes, avenues ou rautiers then consider putting cameras close enough together to capture action as soon as it happens. If however, the location is far away from the roads, try placing them around windows instead or inside closets or under eaves. Be creative but remember, the more space available inside, the less light penetration it offers hence making it harder to view activity. Try to balance visibility in both areas by keeping an eye on the outside area too. Finally, remember that many people enjoy watching television when they come back home, especially those late nights! So place the cameras somewhere else that can catch their eyes.
Is My Property Suitable?
Consider the following factors carefully before buying a device:-
Does your house have doors which can easily be locked? Do they lock automatically and are they equipped with magnetic locks or deadbolts locks to protect your valuables? Can you put sensors or motion detectors in front of the main entrance and in each door leading to bedrooms and bathrooms to trigger recording once movement is detected? These devices are called intruder alarms but they can also record footage.
Do you have small children running through the halls at night playing hide n seek without parental supervision? Or pets roaming freely? Does your neighbourhood have dangerous animals lurking nearby? Consider installing infrared lights to deter cats and dogs from wandering onto private land. They should emit the same heat rays in order to confuse the animal’s temperature sensor.
Are there places inside or outside that could represent potential dangers? A garage for example, is a great spot to install monitoring device, especially in winter months.

Boucherville's Best Commercial Security Cameras

Security cameras are an essential part of every house and business. Whether residential or commercial they provide great benefits for everyone involved; especially if someone needs constant monitoring and alerts while away from home. But choosing which type of video surveillance system should be deployed will depend greatly upon many factors. Let us help guide you through this decision making process in our article “Boucherville Home Security Camera Systems in 2022”.
First things first. If buying security equipment isn’t something you currently consider then hopefully these tips will get you considering them in the near future.
We live in exciting times with technology changing daily as well as home prices soaring. As video surveillance systems become smarter and cheaper more people are investing in having some sort of visual presence around their house. Most homeowners opt for doorbell cameras although other types of IP cameras are becoming increasingly popular depending on budgets available. CCTV systems remain expensive but the introduction of cloud storage makes recording events like burglary easier than ever. All of these technologies can be used together effectively without compromising on safety standards.
Next come a few additional questions pertaining to size and placement of security systems. Do I need to install multiple units across my different areas of interest? Also considering what types of threats exist does my family or visitors deserve extra coverage beyond just doors/windows. And finally who else knows about the existence of my system and what precautions must be taken to avoid being spied on. These types of decisions could determine the end result of a solid investment.
If after reading our recommendations you still find yourself in need of assistance picking the perfect equipment please contact us today. Our team members can discuss specifics with you onsite and remotely to ensure that whatever solution you ultimately select delivers outstanding value for both your current situation and those yet to follow suit. We stand behind everything we do and truly believe that no job goes unnoticed nor unappreciated. So whether installing your own DIY security system/camera network at home or assisting another customer pick the perfect system our experts work tirelessly day in and day out helping customers just like you achieve peace of mind knowing that their loved ones and property is safe and under full awareness 24 hours per day 7 days a week.

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Installing new commercial CCTV cameras is not always just straight forward as many people assume. Many times they get installed incorrectly, which means they’re either ineffective and/or vulnerable to being hacked causing damage to both the equipment as well as the business owner financially. For example, most of us use internet browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari for web browsing today. Most often these websites are encrypted so that only someone who already knows the private key used to encrypt them will be able to see anything inside that browser window even if they had full control over that connection. Yet, most of those same companies sell Internet routers that provide Wi-Fi connectivity but only allow unencrypted connections to run through them meaning anyone can connect to that router providing full network visibility including all traffic flowing back to the device making this “secure” solution completely insecure due to lack of encryption. Another common problem is that many products come preinstalled with software programs called rootkits that intercept and record all information going across networks connected to that computer system without letting you actually interact with whatever applications are running. These root kits could then be stored somewhere outside of the operating systems memory either locally or remotely and accessed anytime a hacker wanted to view or edit everything recorded while you were unaware of the intrusion taking place. We would love nothing better than to help customers avoid issues like this and ensure they understand the importance of protecting themselves while using technology safely while enjoying life. So please read our blog post below to learn how to install the most popular models of security cameras Boucherville homeowners prefer. Then schedule your own personalized appointment to meet up with one of our professional technicians and discuss your needs further. Our job isn’t finished until you feel 100% satisfied with your purchase decision whether that’s buying your first security camera ever or replacing something old or outdated because of obsolescence. If you’d rather chat live via phone call instead of reading our article, simply click the link above to submit your inquiry and reach out to one of our experts directly. They’ll answer your questions and you’ll receive a response shortly after receiving your request, typically less than 24 hours.

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Security cameras are becoming increasingly popular in homes across Canada because they provide peace of mind for homeowners who live alone, families who need a reliable way to monitor children or pets during the day, business owners who wish to protect valuable assets, and homeowners who just like being able to see what goes on outside their house while away from home. However, installing and maintaining these devices can be challenging. Fortunately, Secure Cam offers professional installation service to ensure the devices work properly and stay operational long after initial purchase. Our experienced staff will install the security cameras, test them thoroughly to verify functionality, and then keep them running smoothly. We’d love to help you find which type would be the most suitable solution for your situation – whether you need video monitoring only, or you need both audio and video recording capabilities. If you have questions or comments about this post, please feel free to contact us.
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