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Security cameras are becoming increasingly popular due to increased awareness about personal safety and crime prevention.
There is no better example than the United States which saw a massive jump in residential burglars from 1 million in 2011 to 4 million in 2017.
In Canada, crime rates have risen steadily since 2000, but they have seen a particularly steep increase during that period. In 2019, police reported almost 50,000 break-ins across Canada, representing a 20% hike over 2018 figures. This trend shows little signs of slowing down, either.
While some people believe that installing an alarm system will deter burglars, statistics show otherwise — only 10 per cent of homes in Toronto had burglar alarms installed in 2012, according to Statistics Canada data. And, while alarm systems can provide extra protection for homeowners, many homeowners find them expensive and inconvenient, especially if they don’t work properly.
So if you’re thinking about getting a security camera, it should be something that you feel comfortable having around the house 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without being intrusive or distracting.
If you’re ready to take advantage of these trends, the following security cam options could help you protect yourself and your property.
1. IP Cam: An affordable option for small business owners or those who just like keeping tabs on their own backyard. With IP cams, you’ll see footage on your smartphone, tablet computer, or PC monitor via Wi-Fi connection. They’re perfect for watching kids play outside or checking on pets. If you use this type of camera, you won’t necessarily get alerts or motion detection unless you pay for the additional service. Some models come equipped with a night vision feature, making it easier to spot thieves lurking near your residence.
2. Network Camera: A network or web connected camera offers several advantages including remote viewing capabilities. These cameras allow you to view live video from anywhere in the world through your device’s browser. This makes it possible to watch your children playing at school even though you aren’t physically present.
3. Doorbell Camera: A door bell camera lets you check up on visitors. When someone rings your front door, your device’s microphone picks up the sound and transmits it to your phone for playback.

Bowmanville's Best Commercial Security Cameras

Are you planning on adding additional cameras to your Bowmanville business this year? We’ve got some great information on the different types of commercial security cameras, along with recommendations for which ones suit better than others for each type.
Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll find inside…
The Top 5 Security Camera Brands | Our Recommendations for 2020 & Beyond
In today’s post, I’m going to talk about five of my favorite brands that offer top quality products at reasonable prices, including everything from entry level IP cams to high end PTZ cams like Go Pro.
For many years, the primary reason people bought CCTV systems was crime prevention. While it’s true this remains a huge factor behind camera purchases, these days most consumers are interested in other factors beyond basic safety monitoring, such as convenience, cost efficiency, reliability, ease of use, aesthetic appeal, etc. So while they’re still buying video surveillance equipment because they believe it will help keep them safer, these folks are often purchasing higher priced models that include motion detection, remote management, integrated audio/video recording, live streaming capabilities, night vision capabilities, etc.
So who makes the cut among these manufacturers? Let’s dive in…
The Top Five Types of Video Surveillance Cams
While there are hundreds of companies producing surveillance videoscanners around the world, only a few stand head and shoulders above the rest as far as consumer perception goes. Here is a quick overview of the leading contenders to consider as you go about your shopping for the best system possible.
HD DVR (Hard Drive Recorder). These devices store footage locally on a solid state drive rather than record images onto magnetic tapes. These units provide excellent picture quality but lack the ability to stream live feeds remotely and cannot be managed via the internet like IP cam systems. They usually come equipped with two HD resolution screens, meaning you get twice the amount of pixels as standard definition monitors. For example, 1080P displays run 1920 X 1080 whereas 720 Pixels display runs 1280 x 720.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Best Security Cameras Bowmanville

Security Camera Installation Trends for Homeowners & Business Owners:
We live in a world where everything is becoming digitalized including homes. Homeowners and business owners are increasingly turning towards technology to help protect themselves against theft. As the internet becomes easier to use and the world continues to become smaller and connected, people will be able to connect with each other from all around the globe through various apps and devices that allow them to communicate with ease.
This has led to an increase in burglars trying to break into these types of spaces because they know that it’s going to be harder to spot someone breaking inside than outside in daylight hours. In fact, according to FBI stats, a person who breaks into an occupied dwelling is almost twice as likely to get caught than a burglar who enters unoccupied dwellings. So, when choosing which cameras to install in your home or office space you should consider how well those cameras work together with other technologies like alarm systems and motion sensors.
Home Automation Systems:
There are many different kinds of automation solutions available in the market today ranging from simple thermostats to fully integrated control panels that include lighting controls and even garage doors. These systems allow homeowners to manage their energy usage remotely. They can be controlled via mobile phone, tablet, computer or web browser. Many systems come equipped with built-in video surveillance capabilities allowing homeowners to keep watch over the premises 24/7 without having to worry about paying extra fees for professional monitoring service providers. If you already own a system that includes some form of video recording then it can easily integrate with the cameras. Some manufacturers offer this as standard equipment but it isn’t always easy to find and if you’re installing multiple units then you could run into problems finding compatible products that work properly together.
Smart Lighting Control Products:
Lighting is one of the most overlooked aspects of security camera installations. Most people assume a good night time image quality will mean they won’t see anything during daytime hours. But if your house has bright lights shining from windows, skylights, street lamps etc. then that light source will cast shadows on your property making it easy for criminals to detect movement.

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Bowmanville Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Security cameras are becoming increasingly popular due to many factors including their ease of use and affordability. They allow you to monitor your property remotely 24 hours per day 7 days a week and they provide peace of mind knowing someone else will be watching out for you while you work or relax away from home. If this sounds like something you could benefit from then read on for some useful information regarding which types of security camera system would suit your needs most effectively.
In addition to being able to see exactly what’s going on outside of our homes, security cameras also make us feel safer knowing that someone is always around should anything happen. However, with so many different types available today, choosing which type of security camera that fits your lifestyle best can sometimes seem overwhelming. So in order to help you navigate through the market and find that perfect fit, we’ve compiled our top ten recommendations for the very best Security Camera Systems for Bowmanvile Homes & Businesses.
1: HD IP Cameras
HD IP cameras offer excellent picture quality, but they aren’t cheap. This makes them the ideal choice for those who wish to capture video footage in 1080P resolution or higher. They are great because they are small, light, and portable making it easier to keep track of them wherever you go.
If you are planning on installing multiple cameras, it’s worth noting that each camera requires power and therefore requires either an AC/DC adaptor and a battery pack or batteries themselves. These can easily become costly depending on where you purchase them. Therefore, if possible consider buying a single high definition camera instead of several smaller ones. In fact, if you are considering investing in HD cameras, be aware that they tend to produce better images than standard 720p models.
2: 2MP Security Cams
If image quality isn’t the main priority and cost is your primary concern, then opt for a lower resolution model of 2 megapixels. While these cameras aren’t quite as good as their larger counterparts, they still provide a decent level of detail and resolution that is suitable for monitoring certain areas. For example, if you only need to record activity occurring inside your house, then a 2 MP camera will suffice.

Security Cameras Monitoring Company Bowmanville

For this report I will be focusing mainly on the HikVision HDV1080P Outdoor Day/Night Vision Camera which is designed to offer exceptional quality images day or night.
In terms of connectivity, all cameras come with 2 way audio but no video feed capability is available.
Installation was made easy thanks to the use of 4 screws along with a single mounting point which makes assembly fairly quick and straightforward. However it does mean some work may need doing around your outside area to get a good view angle of the unit.
Once installed it looks like the following picture below of my front porch showing it well in natural light, the white areas being the windows and doors of the house.
On the bright side, I did find them reasonably priced at $229 CAD plus shipping charges making them competitively priced against other brands, especially when considering the fact they include professional installer service.
Here’s another image taken during daylight hours
This shows us the detail of the units resolution, which according to my research appears to be 640 x 480 (or 720×576 depending on the specific model).
If you’re wondering why we don’t see 1080i or 1920x1080p resolutions then there is a reason why. These models only output standard definition videos whereas higher price end versions produce full HD content. As mentioned previously though these cameras cost less than most leading competitors.
What really impressed me however, wasn’t necessarily the specifications per se but instead the ease of setup.
Setup actually took me 5 minutes!
As stated earlier, this particular model came with a couple of accessories including wall mount brackets and power cords. All accessories are supplied in small packaging boxes. When everything is assembled, however, the whole package takes up little space, measuring just 12cm wide by 15 cm high by 26 cm long making it ideal if storage is something you struggle with already.
I am still investigating whether the camera I purchased could be used indoors or outdoors due to lack of experience with indoor surveillance yet. If anyone has any information please feel free to comment down below..

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For many years people have been saying cameras should be monitored 24/7. We still agree but think that this must include ALL areas inside & outsides your building.
Not just those places where you feel like someone could get close enough to see but the hidden locations no matter how small, such as under door frames, behind blind corners, around doors leading outside, near windows or anywhere else that makes you nervous.
Also consider having some sort of automated monitoring system installed which will record motion detected events and send alerts through text messages, email, phone call, etc. Notifications allow your eyes to rest during hours of video recording while allowing you to remain informed without checking every single day.
In addition to these basic guidelines there are 3 other things to remember before buying a security system for your home or office: 1) Your family 2) A professional installer for proper setup 3) Quality equipment
1st thing first….your family…they’re important. When installing most alarm systems you find they only work once per person and then need replacing each time another member adds a spouse or child. Some companies sell “single use” alarms that give everyone individual codes for specific rooms of concern while protecting them individually. This helps prevent false activations due to multiple members sharing a bedroom.
Next is finding a quality install team. If anyone says they offer installs without being trained properly you’d better hold onto your wallet because chances are good it’s probably going to result in broken wires and bad connections resulting in high repair costs. Also be wary of sales reps who show interest and promise great service, only to deliver substandard products and poor service after making the sale, especially if they are offering deals that seem too good to be true. They aren’t telling you everything is fine. It isn’t always fair to buy anything from them unless you check references thoroughly. Always ask for a written proposal detailing exactly what you’ll receive BEFORE committing to pay for anything. Be sure to read reviews from real customers who’ve used their services previously instead of reading testimonials written by employees promising fantastic customer service. Lastly, be selective in choosing providers. Ask friends, neighbors, co-workers, business associates, etc. for recommendations.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Bowmanville

The Bowmanville area is located near Toronto, Ontario. There are lots of people living around us who like to keep themselves safe with security cameras, but they often find them intimidating because of the complex setup procedures involved with these devices. However, this blog will help to simplify these steps for you in order to install your own security system quickly and easily without having to worry whether you did everything correctly. If you live in Bowmanville and would like to learn more about installing your own security systems, please contact SecureCams at 705-846-5678.


The Best Time to Invest in Your Business: 5 Key Takeaways From Our 2019 Digital Marketing Conference

The digital world continues to evolve faster than ever before—and your business needs to evolve along with it if it wants to survive long term. But the question remains: Is your current approach working? Or could things be better?
To help answer those questions, we hosted the largest annual conference dedicated entirely to helping small businesses navigate today’s digital landscape. Over 300 attendees came together to hear some of the most forward thinking speakers and experts in the industry speak on topics ranging from AI/machine learning, automation tools, content creation, email marketing, CRO, customer retention strategies, growth hacks, mobile optimization, SEO, PPC management, and many other key areas impacting your bottom line.
Here are five takeaways from Day 1 of the 2019 Marketing Conference, which was held May 9th in New York City.
1. The Importance Of A Brand Voice
Branding used to mean just slapping logos all over products or ads. Today, it involves building relationships with customers through authentic interactions across multiple touch points. And while many brands still haven’t figured out how to achieve true brand engagement, the truth is that consumers expect to see you everywhere. They’re expecting that every message is coming from someone they have connected with personally — and they won’t settle for anything less. So you’ll either be branded or ignored.
2. Automation Will Only Go So Far….

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