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This post will help you determine which type of cameras would be most suitable for your needs and lifestyle. Our guide gives the background information required. Whether you want motion detection or indoor/outdoor use, this article covers everything. We hope you find our findings useful. Check back every week for top trending topics in security technology.
In January 2019, we started getting requests from homeowners regarding security systems during the COVID19 pandemic. We received 3 calls per hour since then, along with many questions posted via email. Many people felt that they could no longer trust the old timers such as ADT & Vivint and opted instead for DIY solutions. These methods are often used because installing professional equipment requires a lot of technical knowledge, experience and tools; most of these companies won’t offer those without large initial investments. However, people still wanted quality video products installed without spending thousands of dollars and had little or no expertise. Here’s why I believe in offering professionally installable options with quality service:
Security products today come in various shapes and sizes. Some work only indoors while some function both outdoors AND indoors. Regardless of whether it’s wired or wireless, options range from small to mega super high definition. Some go digital while other analog. Prices vary but generally speaking higher price tags mean better optics and superior image resolution. A good rule of thumb is look for a system priced around $1000 and above. If you’re wanting to spend less than $500, expect sub standard images. But once you get past the $1000 threshold, things become amazing. Most importantly, you can buy them in single package units or multiple packages depending upon your needs and available space…. For example, a 5 pack can cover the whole front door entry area and provide you a complete overview of the house & yard including windows and doors at night. There are several types and brands to consider, but here are my favorites…
1) DVR Surveillance Systems – DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder, and basically record what goes down in real time. They typically store footage in cloud storage and allow the homeowner to view live recordings through an internet connected device like Android TV box or AppleTV.

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Today’s consumers demand convenient products, service delivery methods, advanced technology, high quality experiences and competitive prices — but they expect nothing less than exceptional customer service in return.
Technology continues to advance at breakneck speed; however, customer satisfaction should remain constant. As people interact through digital channels like smartphones and tablets, expectations will increase dramatically. Customers no longer tolerate poor service, slow response times or delayed deliveries — and rightly hold companies accountable for delivering these things.
In short, customers increasingly seek convenience, control, privacy, ease of use and protection. We’re already seeing some early signs of this shift in consumer preferences. For example, according to Nielsen research conducted in June 2019, 91% of US smartphone buyers indicated that cost was either “extremely” or “very important” while choosing a phone model. Further, 82% cited price as a top consideration while deciding which car insurance provider to purchase.
Consumers will continue to drive increased adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) devices across industries as well as continued growth in IoT device sales. According to TechTarget estimates, total shipments of IoT sensors could reach 1 billion units per year worldwide by 2025. And those projections assume only moderate global GDP expansion during the same period.
This unprecedented growth presents both opportunities and concerns for business. Consumers’ insatiable appetite for greater convenience and connectivity makes them vulnerable to malware attacks. However, advances in cybersecurity technology and cloud computing help mitigate risks associated with cyberattacks without slowing down the pace of innovation.
To maximize profits and protect themselves against fraud, many corporations rely heavily on sophisticated surveillance solutions. These technologies monitor everything from physical assets to employee activity inside buildings, and provide visibility into virtually every aspect of operations. They ensure compliance requirements are met 24/7, alerting decision makers whenever something goes awry.
At Secure Cam, we offer comprehensive video monitoring solutions built around intelligent cameras. Our systems allow us to analyze images automatically, enabling real time alerts to law enforcement authorities whenever possible. Advanced AI capabilities continuously learn and adapt to changing conditions, ensuring complete detection coverage while consuming minimal bandwidth. Our highly configurable software enables organizations to customize system parameters to enhance productivity and streamline day-to-day workflows.

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There will be several shifts happening with respect to digital technology, according to Kevin Smith, chief executive officer of SIA Group Inc.(SIA).
In fact, the CEO believes 2022 could mark another watershed year in which many people begin viewing a video surveillance system “the same way they view mobile phones today.”
While most Canadians currently own a phone, Mr. Smith says that trend toward ubiquity isn’t going away anytime soon. He notes there was once no point in having landline telephones because everybody had cell phones already.
Nowadays, he suggests, just as everyone owns a smartphone, almost every person — regardless of age, gender or profession — should probably consider owning a security monitoring solution like those offered by Secure Cam. As well, these systems are becoming less expensive than ever, making them available to homeowners who haven’t previously considered this type of gadgetry.
Here are some other highlights from a recent report that Mr. Smith published earlier this week entitled ‘Security Trends 2025’, and presented during the 22nd Annual Canadian Communications Show, which ran April 7 through 10 across Toronto.
One key takeaway involves the rise of small devices and sensors, which offer additional benefits by offering better flexibility, portability and cost efficiency without compromising quality. These include wireless thermostats, door locks and lights — among others.
Mr. Smith forecasts the deployment of hundreds of millions of WiFi hotspots around the globe. While most of us use Wi-Fi networks daily, few understand how these technologies work or why anyone would pay for Internet service at a cafe or coffee shop.
But this scenario won’t result in massive losses for telecommunications companies, since WiFi hotspot operators typically lease space on existing structures rather than erecting new infrastructure themselves. Moreover, customers often find ways to get paid back for providing access for friends and family while avoiding paying for WiFi usage.
According to Mr. Smith, WiFi hotspots aren’t strictly limited to commercial spaces anymore either. Smart homes that allow individuals to operate certain appliances remotely while ensuring personal safety at the same time are being deployed both indoors and outdoors.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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In this article, I will be covering some of the most common questions on installing IP cameras and answering them. We provide professional video surveillance solutions for homes & office buildings with 24/7 recording capabilities at affordable prices.
We offer a range of products including wired indoor / outdoor, wireless indoor and outdoors, weatherproof outdoor dome camera systems and motion detection alarms (with remote monitoring). All our products come backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
What should i buy first for my business?
I strongly recommend getting started with the following items, which include everything necessary for a complete solution:
1. A Network Camera System
2. An Alarm system
3. Remote Access Software
4. Cloud Storage Services (Saved videos recorded through the cloud service can easily accessed via mobile devices like cell phones and tablets. They can be viewed remotely with no internet connection required.)
5. Backup software
6. Cloud storage space
How does the network camera work?
Cameras typically use 2 different methods to send signals back to the receiver unit; they either transmit RF energy or IR light.
An analog infrared signal uses visible red light. Analog technology transmits digital information encoded as pulses of varying lengths. IR technology sends digital commands through continuous wave transmissions. Each device then decodes the incoming digital message and interprets the meaning of each pulse.
Analog IR cameras can only see things that emit heat energy in the visual spectrum, but they cannot see color or object shape. However, because visible wavelengths in the blue part of the electromagnetic spectrum travel faster than those in other parts of that wavelength band, an analog IR sensor receives less interference from surrounding background illumination sources. For instance, white walls reflect enough IR radiation (heat) away from the camera to appear dark in front of the wall, while black surfaces absorb IR radiation almost completely. On bright days, sunlight reflecting from snow or water also causes problems when shooting images indoors.
IR LEDs are used primarily to avoid reflections caused by lighting sources outside the camera’s field of view. Since visible light travels slower than infrared rays, light bouncing off nearby reflective materials would interfere with receiving the transmitted image. Thus, using IR LEDs instead lets you capture clearer pictures in dim conditions.

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There are numerous products on the market that claim to be “the most advanced video surveillance system available today”. But which camera offers everything but the kitchen sink without breaking the bank? If quality matters then this is where professional installers come handy. When talking security cameras it’s key to take note of things like night resolution and motion detection technologies. For example many high end systems include thermal imaging technology to help detect intruders whether they be human beings or animals. Of course there will always be those who try and rip someone’s house apart trying to steal something however, the cost associated these types of installations usually outweigh the benefits. Another point worth noting regarding the price range of security cameras is that manufacturers often tend towards making products cheaper than necessary therefore leaving potential customers with inferior options. After reading through reviews it’s essential to consider factors like durability, warranty, mounting location and size among other things before finalising your selection. Most people use security monitoring software because it gives them peace of mind knowing that everything inside and outside their property is being monitored by professionals 24/7/365 while saving both energy and costs involved with hiring guards and patrol officers. Our recommendation would be that if your security conscious and budget permits go ahead and invest in top notch equipment, it could save you a lot of trouble down the road. Once again, we recommend only installing professionally installed security cameras instead of DIY kits that are made for lower prices from unknown companies. So whether you live a life on the edge or just value safety and privacy above all else, these are the latest and greatest security camera offerings currently on the market according to experts’ recommendations. All products mentioned below offer excellent customer service support and warranties to ensure complete satisfaction no matter what type of issues arise. They also provide technical assistance should anything go awry during installation or operation.
Free 20 Minute Video Surveillance Consultation:!consultations

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Security cameras should be installed in every single space inside/outside your house for optimal protection. However, choosing the “right” security cam solution depends solely on what type of property you own as each homeowner will opt for different options according to needs & budget. In this article I am going to cover some things that you must consider prior to installing the first security camera system in your home or office. Here are my most recommended solutions below. If you would like to learn more about these products please visit their websites listed above. Feel free to comment down below regarding which ones worked BEST for YOU!
Home /Office Security Solutions
Budget: $100-$500.00 /monthly
Video Quality: Full HD 1080P video resolution
Image Resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels
Storage Capacity: 1TB+ storage capacity
Connectivity: 4G LTE wireless internet connection (optional)
Network Type: Camera connected through Wi Fi network
Wifi Bandwidth: Up to 5Mbps download speed via 802.11n WiFi technology
Motion Detection: Yes
Night Vision: No
Alert Notifications: Email alerts only
Mobile App: Only available iOS and Android devices
Alarm System Integration Features: None
Features Required: A smartphone with a compatible app; An email address; Power source for battery backup
Wireless Internet Connection Needed: Optional but highly recommendable to ensure better connectivity speeds. If you live along busy streets then get something fast otherwise go without.
Smartphone App Compatible Apps for iPhone/Android Users
Camera Mounting Options: Fixed mount on ceiling; Wallmounting; Tabletop mounting; Swivel arm base; Selfie stick stand.
Weatherproofing: Weather resistant outdoor cameras, indoor weather proof cameras; Waterproof cameras; Humidity proof cameras.
Recording Timeframe: 30 days after purchase. Storage capacity varies per model. Can usually record upto 9 hours, depending upon power supply. Most cameras come equipped with internal batteries that keep them alive while recording. Some models use external rechargeable batteries or USB ports. For longer recording times you could upgrade to larger storage capacities.

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Brampton commercial cameras are great products which will help protect your property against theft, fire, vandalism and burglary. For many years they’ve offered excellent value for money solutions. As technology becomes more commonplace today, they’re becoming increasingly affordable to install and use. So what should you consider buying? Here’s some tips to keep in mind…
Inspectional CCTV systems offer superior image quality through high definition resolution CCD sensors. They are often used indoors because it does not interfere with existing lighting conditions, unlike IR surveillance devices. When designing indoor video monitoring applications, you must balance usability with cost. High quality color display screens usually include multiple input sources allowing viewing on several different monitors simultaneously. However, large displays take up valuable floor space making them impractical for small offices and public spaces. Smaller displays allow for easier mobility but limit the amount of information displayed. These types of security system cameras are typically placed outdoors behind building walls or in windows facing potential intruders. Many outdoor models feature infrared night vision capabilities capable of seeing well during daylight hours without glare interference. These units operate effectively down to 0°F (-18 °C). They are less expensive than those equipped with thermal imaging capabilities. Cameras mounted inside buildings monitor hallways, restrooms and office environments providing evidence of unauthorized entry before any damage occurs. Most manufacturers offer various mounting options including wall mounts, ceiling or pole mount designs. A mounting bracket secures the unit to the support surface eliminating vibration while minimizing signal loss caused by motion. Mounting brackets available on most security camera models provide adjustable positioning angles enabling placement in almost every conceivable position.
Installation of IP cameras is relatively straightforward and requires minimal tools. Usually only 3 screws are required to attach a ceiling mount. Once installed, it remains stationary and cannot be moved around after setup. Some model IP cameras accept power via standard AC outlets found in nearly everyone’s house, ensuring portability and ease of deployment. If a dedicated outlet isn’t located near the desired location for the camera, it can easily run wired power lines along ceilings as long as a splice box/clamp block is not necessary. Wireless networks offer an alternate way to distribute network cabling; however these wireless LAN protocols are generally incompatible across brands and models.

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Home cameras are getting better every day; this includes both hardware upgrades and software improvements. Here’s why installing surveillance systems should be high priority for homeowners around the Brampton area, as well as those who live elsewhere.
Security is no longer just about making yourself feel safer; instead, keeping track of people coming and going from your house becomes increasingly essential. When someone enters your property, they usually leave tracks somewhere nearby. But with today’s technology, these footprints aren’t confined to specific locations; rather, your CCTV footage will capture them wherever they go.
What happens once you’ve recorded evidence against an intruder trying to break into your house? Many companies offer free storage solutions, but if you’re serious about privacy protection, online video sharing programs like Cloudinary won’t cut it either. Instead, it’s crucial that you keep copies of all your recordings securely backed up offline — preferably to a local server inside your own network. And while cloud-based recording options exist, they come with plenty of downsides, including potential hacking vulnerabilities.
Cameras are always evolving, which explains why there isn’t necessarily anything “better” than another security system. Newer models often feature faster frame rates and higher resolution sensors, among other benefits to consumers. Yet some companies have created proprietary technologies that provide further advantages, particularly when it comes to the type of information you’ll get back after each shot captures motion. For instance, some products use IR light, whereas others employ advanced CMOS digital image sensors. So check out the specs and reviews carefully, to find the model most suitable to your needs and budget.
Some manufacturers claim to support multiple operating systems and platforms, but many don’t actually deliver across several popular devices and browsers. Still, some vendors use modern web standards to ensure compatibility without compromising quality. Others rely on outdated methods that lack cross-device and browser interoperability, forcing customers to install different versions of apps if they wish to view the same footage remotely via mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Yet again, we recommend sticking closely to the manufacturer’s suggested settings for optimal viewing experience.
If you decide to purchase security equipment, consider doing so through reputable dealerships..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


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