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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Brentwood Bay

In this post, I’m going to show some cool videos of surveillance cameras installed around my house. These include outdoor, indoor and garage. Most of these videos are taken during daylight hours because most cameras use night vision technology and they only work well outside under starry skies.
All of these cameras will help me catch intruders, burglars, thieves and vandals. They are designed with advanced video recording equipment and motion detection capabilities which allow them to be remotely monitored 24/7 via internet connection, cellular signal, phone line, WiFi router, computer or smartphone device.
I purchased four different types of HD video security systems. These systems all come equipped with multiple high definition digital sensors or IP cams, wireless connectivity, remote viewing capability, built-in DVR system, multiple network ports, battery backup and other essential accessories.
These devices are great tools for catching potential burglars or intrusions, but if a thief tries breaking into my property while my family is sleeping upstairs, the chances of him being caught would depend solely upon his level of alertness at that moment. If he was asleep then all hope might just go to hell for us, especially since many people use loud alarms like sirens. Alarms tend to scare everyone away and prevent crime scenes from getting investigated properly.
This is why having a silent alarm monitoring system is a must, especially for those who live in communities close to schools, playgrounds and hospitals.
Silent alarms do not emit sound alerts unless triggered by suspicious activity taking place inside the protected premises. When they detect any movement inside the building they automatically send text message notifications to your mobile phones and landline telephone numbers, allowing you to see everything happening through webcams and view recordings remotely if necessary. Some systems offer voice messaging service to communicate with visitors while others provide doorbell notification options. All of these functions enable you to monitor every inch of your property at your convenience without disturbing anyone else.
If you are interested in installing a video surveillance system in your Brentwood Bay area home or office, please call Secure Cam today for professional consultation and quote assistance 7 days a week 9 am – 5 pm PST. We specialize in helping clients protect themselves against burglary, theft and vandalism.

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Brentwood Bay BC

This section gives an introduction to SecureCams products and service. It will provide links to other posts, videos, articles, blogs, reviews and podcasts which further explain some common questions customers ask us. Our team of technical experts work tirelessly every day to stay ahead of technology, stay informed and answer customer’s most frequently asked questions. We strive to get each question answered quickly and easily no matter how long it takes.
We’re always striving to help you understand complex technologies and concepts quickly and clearly; sometimes these topics go beyond our typical scope. If there’s something you feel like asking but weren’t able to find an answer, please reach out to us via email or phone call. While this page contains information specific to 2020/21 security cameras installations and monitoring, we’ll be updating this post regularly to ensure it keeps up with changes to the market and technology.
For detailed instructions regarding your next camera purchase and/or system installaton see our guide video below.
Included in the link above is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to installing your own DIY networked video surveillance solution.
If you want to check up on whether you’ve met your privacy obligations under Canada’s federal Personal Information Protection law, simply visit “Privacy Check” available at For those who prefer paperless solutions we include all PIP related paperwork required for compliance with Canadian laws.

Brentwood Bay Home Security Cameras Done Right

Brentwood Bay Home Security Camera Installation Trends for 2022
1) Smartphone Integration
In order to stay connected while away from home, many homes will install a smartphone integration device like Ring Video Doorbell 2 or Nest Cam Outdoor. These devices allow homeowners to monitor who’s knocking on the door from wherever they are via phone call alerts and text messages. If someone knocks, these systems send notifications to both the homeowner and visitor. Some models even provide video streaming capabilities.
2) Cloud Based Monitoring & Control Systems
Cloud monitoring systems allow customers to remotely view live footage, check event history, adjust settings, and manage cameras via mobile apps. They also offer advanced analytics tools to help detect suspicious activity.
3) Multiroom Capabilities
Many homes today use multiroom audio/video systems to play music across several rooms simultaneously. These systems usually come equipped with built-in speakers, but some include additional wired/wireless speaker options. Many people enjoy having multiple sources of entertainment available when entertaining guests.
4) Automated Alerting Technology
Automatically alert family members, friends and emergency service providers when motion is detected in your property’s perimeter. These devices work well for outdoor properties with motion sensors and cameras. For indoor applications, many companies offer wireless motion detection technology that sends email or SMS messages when movement is detected inside your residence.
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With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Brentwood Bay Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Brentwood bay homes and business owners should be aware of the following security camera trends for 2022;
1. Video Surveillance Camera Installations will increase
2. More cameras will come equipped with AI Technology
3. Smartphone Integration
4. Cloud Storage Solutions
5. New Features like Night Vision
6. Security Monitoring Software
7. IP Cameras
8. Wireless Cameras, DVRs, PTZ & HDCAM
9. Smart Home Technology
Security cameras are becoming increasingly popular, but they can still seem intimidating to homeowners who aren’t familiar with installing them. Fortunately, most modern surveillance systems include video recording software, which makes installation easier than ever.
Here’s a quick guide to help homeowners determine whether a system would work well for their home and needs (including a recommendation for one of Secure Cam’s favorite brands).
If this sounds good to you, then check out these top-rated security camera products below that fit every price range, including those under $500.
We’ll continue to update this post with additional information as technology progresses in each category, so bookmark us for updates. If you’ve got questions or comments of your own, please leave them down below.

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Brentwood Bay's Best Commercial Security Cameras

In this post I will be talking briefly about some of my favorite brands of cameras for security systems. As technology evolves, companies who manufacture these products must evolve along with them and provide innovative solutions which will keep people safe, while making life easier overall.
So if you would like a little more information regarding each type of Camera system available, please feel free to continue reading below.
Hikvision is widely known across the world among consumers due to the fact that they offer excellent quality video surveillance equipment with exceptional customer service. They also maintain a strong presence in the United States market place through their extensive dealer network which includes many well established dealerships located locally. One great feature of hikvision is that their products range from small motion sensors such as those used for baby monitors, pet monitoring devices, alarm detection panels, keychain doorbells to large HD dome security cameras.
Tiadny offers high end digital IP CCTV camera solutions designed and specifically developed around customer needs. Their focus lies mainly in providing state of the art security camera solution to both residential and commercial customers worldwide. Some of the main benefits that Tiadny prides themselves upon include; fast response times, ease of use, affordability, reliability, durability and the ability to integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure.
If anyone was ever unsure whether to buy either a security camera or another type of camera, I hope today’s article helps shed light on why both should definitely consider buying at least one of each.
Brentwood Bay is currently offering FREE Installation Services (no purchase necessary). All installations come complete with 2 months warranty on hardware items and 1 years on other non-hardware parts including lenses, power supplies, mounts and brackets. Installation costs typically vary depending on location but are usually less than $150 per device with larger, multi channel setups running between $300-$500 per unit. If you wish to receive special discounts call us or fill out the form below to receive additional savings. Please note that all prices mentioned are subject to VAT and Sales Tax. We can help you find the exact model(s) you desire (if applicable) or suggest models/brands that may work better for your situation. Thank you for considering us for your next project.

Security Cameras Monitoring Company Brentwood Bay

There are many things to consider while installing cameras around your office building, including location, placement, size, lens type, resolution, frame rate, night vision, motion detection. These factors will determine whether your business needs a single security camera system or multiple ones that cover different areas of your office space.
For example, if your Brentwood Bay business covers several floors of an entire office complex, then it would be wise to get at least two high quality IP security systems installed, one above each floor level, and ideally with overlapping coverage. Each camera should have a unique ID tag and be programmed individually. If possible, use infrared sensors so they operate independently. A camera without this feature cannot distinguish the difference between people walking across the street outside.
If your Brentwood Bay business only occupies a few rooms in a small business or office, then there really isn’t anything special to install other than standard indoor security cameras. But keep in mind that most security companies offer 24/7 live monitoring service, which includes email alerts whenever movement, sound, temperature changes or any other event occurs inside the monitored area.
In addition to these basic requirements, there are some advanced options available for commercial security cameras for Brentwood Bay homes and offices as well as residential homes. For example, some models allow remote video recording via smartphone apps, allowing homeowners to view recorded events through their smartphones anywhere in the world. Other models include built-in Wi-Fi hotspots, allowing remote viewing and control through mobile devices. This makes it convenient for customers to check on their property, monitor activity remotely, and respond quickly if something happens during nonbusiness hours. And finally, many modern models also support cloud storage and online management. If there ever was a reason why every homeowner wants a home alarm system, it’s because burglars are getting smarter. They’re becoming aware that a lot of homeowners leave digital evidence behind after breaking into their homes — and now they’ll be able to see exactly who broke into their house and when.

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Brentwood Bay offers 24/7 monitoring services along with other products like Alarms Systems, Fire Safety Products and Surveillance cameras in order to provide safety solutions to homes and offices across Australia and New Zealand.
To help their customers get started quickly and easily they offer 3 different packages which include 2 hour recording, 7 day recording, 1 week recording and 30 day continuous recording. Each package includes a live video feed via internet streaming, email alerts, text message alerting, voice messaging and web portal logging. Their service is completely cloud based meaning that everything happens online through the use of the Internet. They only ask that the customer install their software onto their computer and upload footage to the website. For further questions please call 1800 029 200 or visit
What does this mean for business & homeowners who own residential properties and workplaces? They will be able to stay connected no matter where life takes them thanks to modern technology. If someone needs assistance during working hours it is quick and easy for them to contact local authorities for immediate response to emergencies. When people leave work they aren’t going anywhere; whether it’s to go home or relax somewhere else. People are always around. So why wouldn’t you give yourself the peace of mind knowing that somebody is watching out for things while you are gone and when you return?
How many times have you left for holidays without taking precautions against intruders? Do you really feel safe leaving valuable items unattended in your house while you are away? Does leaving keys inside the front door seem like enough protection for your valuables? Even though most burglars target houses because of their high potential payout, it can be extremely dangerous leaving expensive electronics or laptops unattended. These are just some examples of things that could happen. Imagine getting back to find your property destroyed. Imagine having no idea whether the break-ins occurred or when someone was actually watching. A surveillance system can help prevent these scenarios from happening. Imagine being able to see things clearly. Seeing what intruders see. Knowing exactly where they came from. Knowing they exist. That makes sense to me. We shouldn’t put ourselves at risk anymore than necessary.

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Best Security Cameras Brentwood Bay

Brentwood is full of great things like gorgeous homes, beautiful beaches AND amazing restaurants, but sometimes those things aren’t enough to protect your family members during the night… Or keep burglars out during peak months.
One thing’s certain — having cameras installed around property makes everyone feel safer & helps prevent damage caused by break ins. But which type will work well for your situation? And why isn’t one better than another? Well, here’s everything you should consider before deciding on the perfect solution.
In this guide, we talk about the following topics;
Types of IP cams (or Video Doorbells).
Features / Pros/ Cons
Which ones offer 2way communication options, alerts with built in motion detection and geo fencing capabilities, and whether they come with smart devices or just regular webcams. [NOTE: Some products use Smart Devices while other ones simply use ordinary webcams.]
Security Features.
Motion Detection sensors, alarm zones, audio activation sensors, keypad entry systems, digital video recording, auto record function, nightvision ability, remote viewing capability, and geofencing technology among many other security features.
Cameras Included.
Whether or not the cameras include features such as pan tilt zoom, dual lens system, wide angle lenses, IR LED lighting, 1080P resolution, color balance adjustments along with image processing techniques such as edge filtering, sharpening filters and anti-shimmering technology.
Software Apps Included.
Do you get notifications via email, sms, phone calls, instant messaging apps, chat, website alert, voice messages, calendar reminder emails, push notification, text message, social networks, weather channel updates and more (and more)? Do you need to be able to remotely view live footage, control the settings, setup schedules and manage records. Also check if the software includes advanced features such as facial recognition, object recognition, license plate registration, remote monitoring of the device, event reminders, mobile applications integration, cloud storage facility, internet connectivity through WiFi or 3G network connection, multi language support and more.
Installation Services Provided..

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