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Installing a security cameras system to protect and monitor your property, whether it be residential or commercial real estate, is something most people would consider today. But this could save you money while saving both you and other residents in the area from becoming victims of crimes like robbery, burglary, assault, theft, fraud, vandalism and fire damage. If you live near someone who owns a private residence but don’t visit often enough due to work obligations, perhaps installing surveillance systems for them will help increase your safety. And if you own multiple properties, keeping tabs on each location should be easier than ever thanks to modern technology advancements making monitoring at scale cheaper and simpler to achieve. Today’s high definition IP security cameras use video analytics solutions that combine powerful software algorithms and cloud computing power that enable remote viewing and storage capabilities. These cutting edge technologies along with advances in computer hardware architecture allow for improved accuracy and efficiency. When combined together they can provide a highly efficient way to keep watch 24/7, regardless of weather conditions. They’re no doubt taking over the world. Here’s what to expect in terms of surveillance tech advancements: 1. Cloud Based Video Storage and Live Viewing Over Time Many companies offering consumer grade “do it yourself” products only offer basic recording in their models, which then requires users download files onto their computers after capturing footage. Most professional level models allow for seamless archiving over long periods of time without interruption, allowing consumers to view live streaming footage as well, providing peace of mind knowing they’ll always have a copy of recent events stored away. 2. More Smart Devices As IoT devices become smarter, the ability for individuals to remotely record videos becomes available through smartphone applications that connect to these internet ready cameras via WIFI networks or through cellular wireless connections. 3. Enhanced User Interface Design A better UI design makes setup easier and keeps users engaged during normal operation. 4. High Definition Imaging Technology HD quality recordings mean less compression artifacts when editing and storing recorded footage. 5. Improved Analytics Data collected from individual units helps improve overall quality metrics and enhance customer service. It tells companies, police agencies, homeowners associations, landlords, insurance companies, banks, schools, employers, contractors, neighbors… just about anyone in fact…what’s going on around their homes and businesses…

Britannia Beach's Best Commercial Security Cameras

Britannia beach residents should consider installing commercial surveillance cameras to monitor their properties.
There are many benefits to having these cameras installed in your property including but not limited to: 1) increased safety, 2) crime reporting 3) insurance claims reduction 4) theft deterrence 5) asset protection.
This post discusses the top five types of commercial security cams available today. These include IP Camera Systems, Network Video Recorder systems, Wireless Surveillance System, HD/SD CCTV DVRs & Monitors, and Fixed CCTV Drones. Each type will be discussed separately below along with their advantages and disadvantages.
1. Wireless Surveillance Cameras:Wireless surveillance cameras provide easy setup, mobility and flexibility. They come complete with mounting solutions, remote panning, zooming and tilting capabilities which allow them to move seamlessly through different parts of your premises without being detected by people who would notice the wires hanging around. A wireless solution also gives you full control of the viewing angle, allowing you to zoom in and focus only on specific areas that matter most.
2. Network Video Recording Systems:Network video recording devices record footage onto a storage device connected to a network. Networked video recording devices offer high resolution recordings, which help reduce false alarms due to motion detection software. Network video recording devices also enable live monitoring via streaming technology, giving you realtime playback capability.
3. Digital Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Devices/Recorders:Digital closed circuit television (CCTV) devices record footage to a digital recorder that connects the system to a computer or smartphone via Wi-Fi, Ethernet cable or USB port. Digital recorders store recorded videos in either MPEG4 (.mpg), H264 format (.h264) or MOV file formats (.mov).
4. High Definition / Super Resolution Digital Video:HD digital video offers higher quality images than SD digital video, making it ideal for capturing the finer details of events such as sports matches and concerts. HD digital video also enables better image processing, enabling clearer images and less noise. It is also easier to edit video clips as they contain fewer pixels per frame. The downside is that it requires a larger amount of space. For this reason HD digital video cameras tend to be bulky devices.

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Britannia Beach BC

When choosing which CCTV or IP Camera solution should be installed into your property or business, some things to consider include; size, price point, reliability, availability during emergencies like power outage, installation costs, ability to monitor remotely, ease of use/installation, monitoring software compatibility, privacy protection, resolution options, battery life, internet connection type (Cable TV / WiFi), cost of ownership including monthly subscription fees, warranty coverage and other factors.
There are plenty of great solutions available on today’s market offering excellent value for families, individuals or commercial properties of various sizes ranging anywhere in the $300-$3k range depending on your needs. Our preferred choice for installations is A4tech, but they’re just part of a whole family of trusted brands. We’ve got a few suggestions below:
1st Generation Entry Level HD Vandal DVR’s
We currently recommend 2nd Gen entry level models priced around $400-$500 for most residential installations. These are good basic cameras for monitoring entry points or small areas without obstructions for video recording and live viewing via smartphone apps. Features include motion sensor detection, nightvision, digital zoom, remote control capability, high quality 1080P 30fps videos recorded onto SD cards of 8GB’s and higher capacity storage devices (USB drives, NAS boxes). Some offer 24 hour recording capabilities and some provide email notification reminders when recordings exceed specific thresholds like 30 minutes, 1 day, 3 days etc.. Some come equipped with infrared heat detectors and many allow users to setup multiple zones within these models to define activity boundaries. All will connect to compatible smartphones or computers running the necessary applications. For larger installations where one person requires constant surveillance while another monitors events and alerts remotely, we suggest investing in 4G cellular connectivity enabled “Cloud Recording” versions starting above $650 where both parties must agree upon who watches the footage first. If you opt for this version you’ll get continuous cloud streaming video that can be watched through either dedicated mobile apps or web browsers. Both parties must enter unique passwords to watch or record the feeds, ensuring accountability for each party. These units typically feature WiFi with optional VPN connections enabling secure and encrypted wireless communications on top of the connection provided by the cell provider you signed up with initially.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Hikvision was founded in 1986 under the name Hangzhou Haier Electronics Co Ltd, originally manufacturing audio amplifiers. Due to rapid growth, they expanded into other areas including video surveillance systems in 1990, becoming the world’s first manufacturer of surveillance cameras. The company entered the global market in 1998 when it acquired the United States-based CVI, which manufactured optical fiber communications equipment. Their first products were small size CCTV and DVRs, but since then they have grown into being the world leader in both digital IP/networked security solutions for large enterprises, government agencies and SMBs, as well as surveillance cameras for homes. Since acquiring ChinaVision Technology Co Ltd in 2003, the company began offering high definition surveillance cameras equipped with night vision technology. In 2010, Hikvision became part of HIK Vision Group International Limited through a joint venture with HIK Holdings Incorporated. As of 2017, Hikvision had sales revenues around $10 billion USD per annum ($1Billion). Tiandn started business operations for commercial building security since 2008, providing complete solution service of network intrusion detection system, physical alarm control panel system, intelligent monitoring system, door controller, fire sensor. Our main products are intelligent door lock, motion detector alarm control panel system, keyless entry remote controller,fire sensors, smoke detector, burglar alarm, intruder motion sensing device, indoor air quality analyzer and many kinds of intelligent devices. We are specialized manufacturers in the field of fire protection, safety guard equipment, electrical apparatus, power supply, lighting industry, information communication equipment. They provide comprehensive technical support for customers, and offer excellent after sale services. By continuing efforts and innovation, we will keep improving ourselves to meet customer needs. We sincerely welcome domestic and international friends to join us in exploring great opportunities together. For further details please visit
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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Britannia Beach

Security cameras are an essential part of every house. They protect us in many ways; they provide peace of mind, allow us to keep watch over things like kids or pets, and help police catch criminals who try breaking through doors and windows. But what makes a good security camera system, and what should be considered before installing? We’ve got answers to those questions below…
First, what is a “good” surveillance camera?
Surveillance systems come in various shapes and sizes—they are used indoors and outdoors, and range from small hidden cameras with just one lens (which are ideal for smaller homes), to large panoramic systems which cover larger areas (ideal for big houses). They are generally classified according to whether they offer day/night vision or infrared capabilities. But while these factors are key, other qualities matter most. These include resolution, frame rate, field of view, night vision quality, image processing speed, lens distortion correction, and the size and weight of cameras themselves.
How do I find the perfect fit for my surveillance needs? We recommend starting with this handy chart. Once you’re able to narrow down your requirements to two or four options, it’s time to shop around. Here are some tips to get started:
1. Check reviews: Many companies will post customer testimonials and ratings online. Make a note of them, then check each company individually (noting their rating and reviews). If possible, talk to someone who already owns the type of system you’re considering. Ask what their experience was like, and ask why they chose that specific model over another.
2. Compare prices: Most reputable providers offer discounts to customers who buy multiple units, so make sure to take advantage of these offers whenever possible. Some companies even offer volume discount programs.
3. Consider warranty coverage: While warranties vary widely among manufacturers, we always suggest choosing products whose manufacturer backs up their claims with third party insurance. Warranties ensure that companies stand behind the devices they sell, and will reimburse buyers if anything goes awry. You’ll also benefit from extra support if something does go wrong, especially during installation.

Best Security Cameras Britannia Beach

In this article I will be showing some of the top products available today that offer amazing value while still offering excellent picture quality. We will take a quick tour through each category of video surveillance systems including IP Camera, PTZ DVR, HD CCTV & Networked cameras. We will cover both wired & wireless options along with some of the features/benefits these devices provide for homeowners and business owners alike.
To put things simply, you should consider installing either the following devices to make your own networked video system.
(1) A NVR like Tado, Axis, Arlo or Ring which offers great flexibility for live viewing of recorded videos via mobile phone apps (2) Or just install one of the many IP cameras available today that are affordable & plug-n-play.
If you would prefer to go old school and use analogue cables then there are plenty of options available that can connect your existing analog equipment to digital networks. If you already have wired infrastructure in place but aren’t satisfied you could always opt to replace those cabling runs with Cat5e (or better) Ethernet cable instead.
Best Wireless
Cameras | Best Wired Cables
For most applications, WiFi connectivity is preferred as it’s reliable, relatively inexpensive for setup, and easily configurable. While there is no reason why you couldn’t get away without wifi, having a strong signal throughout your property makes life easier for everyone involved. When choosing a device there are several factors you’ll want to take under consideration; battery life, range, reliability, price, ease of configuration, and whether its compatible with your current internet connection. For example, if you’re trying to keep costs down and only need coverage around specific rooms, it’s usually easiest to use multiple cheap routers rather than rely on one expensive solution. As long as the devices you buy support 802.11AC WiGig technology, they should work fine together.
A router with AC capability provides the maximum range possible, and is therefore ideal for covering large areas. However, due to the nature of wiFi signals being blocked by walls and other obstacles, you may find that your router isn’t as useful as you thought.

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1. Why a video recording system is critical for surveillance purposes?
2. Video surveillance cameras should be placed strategically around a property so they provide coverage for every area of interest.
3. When choosing which model will fit best, evaluate factors including size, resolution, night vision capabilities, mounting options, price point and ease of use.
4. A camera system requires power, either through wall outlets or battery backup. Make sure the camera setup includes batteries along with AC adapters for each unit to ensure proper operation during a blackout.
5. If possible, install multiple units on opposite sides of entrances and exits for added protection.
6. Be wary of cameras that only offer “night mode,” as this does not necessarily mean the device was designed for nighttime monitoring. Many devices simply activate infrared lighting while other products include additional sensors to detect human motion.
7. Consider installing several different types of cameras in conjunction with a central station so you have flexibility and redundancy across various points of entry.
8. Finally, keep in mind that some states restrict or prohibit residential privacy systems without explicit written permission from homeowners.
9. We hope this information helps guide you towards selecting the most appropriate type of security equipment to meet your needs. Thank you for reading today’s post! Secure Cam is pleased to offer a 20% discount to readers who mention the word “Britannia” in the promotion comment section below. (Offer valid until February 1st). Happy Holidays!
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• Protecting your family, business & property requires reliable technology solutions.
Over 1 million Americans suffer burglary incidents every year. As burglars become aware of these cameras they will use different methods against them. Our team of professionals monitor each incident closely which helps us provide the quickest response to any problem. We offer 24/7 monitoring support along with customer care service 7 days a week.
• Allowing you to stay connected while also saving energy costs.
Security Camera Installation saves electricity bill by allowing you to remain connected to other devices during power failures. These systems detect light variations caused by movement in order to trigger the camera activation, thus reducing both motion detection false alarms and unnecessary video storage. Also, most security cams come with a timer function which automatically switches off after a specified period of time. Thus eliminating wasted energy consumption as well.
• Reduce crime rates.
Every hour one in four homes experience some sort of break-in; this translates to around 3,000,000 crimes yearly. By installing a surveillance system you decrease the risk of theft, vandalism, fraud and identity theft making your life safer. A single intruder could steal thousands of dollars worth of valuables without anyone knowing about it unless they see it through the live camera feed.

We are going to be reviewing the current top 5 options available today in regards to the quality of the products offered by manufacturers like Hikvision, Dahua Technology (formerly Infocus), Axis Communications, Panasonic Digital Video Solutions Corporation, Samsung Electronics America LLC, Arlo Pro Series, Netgear NVR series, Nest Cam Outdoor / Indoor cameras, Ring Smart Doorbell, Amazon Echo Show, Google Cloud Voice Actions, Apple Siri, JVC KW-ZNX1005KU, Tivo Stream, Logi Circle 2nd generation Wi-Fi IP cameras and more. If anything changes we will update this article immediately, otherwise, enjoy reading my thoughts and opinions:
Hikvision HD 1080P Network Camera System (Cameras only).
This model has many things going for it including outstanding picture quality and fast wireless transmission..

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