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Security Camera Installation Trends For 2020
The world got attacked recently. Many people were victimized by cyber attacks like WannaCry, ransomware attacks such as Petya and NotPetya, DDoS attacks, email phishing scams, bank account compromise scams, financial frauds, identity theft, and many other types of fraudulent events. As a result, many customers lost millions of dollars worth of personal information which they thought was safe; some people even reported losing thousands of dollar on credit card numbers stolen due to these incidents.
As a preventive measure against these kind of threats, most homeowners install security cameras around their homes and offices. These days, the market for high quality surveillance video systems is booming. It’s projected that sales will exceed $40 Billion globally this year. According to research firm IBISWorld, global demand will increase 8% per annum through 2023, reaching an estimated value of over $53 billion. In addition, according to an October 2016 report published by Allied Market Research,the US$2.5 BN consumer video recording industry could be valued at almost USD 7.8 Bn by 2025. So what exactly should you expect from a modern day surveillance system? Below I’ll highlight several things to consider when choosing a security cam.
1. High Definition Video Quality
In order to get the maximum benefit from your surveillance equipment you must invest in good quality devices. If you’re looking to use them indoors then you should aim for 720p resolution and above. Anything lower than that won’t offer enough detail for adequate identification of individuals walking down hallways. But more importantly, anything under HD offers no discernable advantage over cameras costing half as much.
If you’re thinking about getting indoor/outdoor IP cameras you should note that these will produce significantly poorer images during the day than models designed specifically for daytime operations. That said, outdoor units tend to suffer worse image degradation outdoors because natural light tends to wash out colors somewhat.
Another factor affecting the overall brightness of captured footage is whether the unit utilizes electronic zoom. Electronic zoom can help compensate for lens aperture problems but you still lose some resolution along the way and you can only reduce the amount of electronic compensation so far before you end up with blurry pictures.

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We live busy lives. Sometimes things happen in a hurry, like getting ready for work, catching kids after school, rushing to pick them up, going down stairs. Our lives get hectic, especially during the holidays. We end up spending less quality time together with our family than we would like. If these problems sound familiar to you, then you will definitely find out why having a professional installed security system is worth every penny. A well maintained surveillance equipment is able to identify even small disturbances happening inside your house. These types of alarms could be triggered by motion, smoke, heat, gas leaks, water damage, fire, burglary of alarm sensors or tampering. Even in case of emergency, police will usually respond immediately. As soon as they come to visit your place they will already have enough info to take action.
Security cameras provide peace of mind to both homeowners and renters. Not only this helps reduce crime rate but people who do this type of business often see great financial returns on investment. Having a security system installed increases property value significantly thus making it easier to sell your home if ever desired.
Why does a homeowner prefer investing in this service? Most homeowners install security systems because of financial benefits rather than being afraid of criminals breaking in. They realize the fact that burglars mostly target unattended homes where you leave the doors unlocked. Once you invest in a high quality security system it can help save your life and the lives of those around you in addition to protecting valuable assets and possessions. Most importantly, many people feel safer knowing someone else monitors their space 24/7 while giving them realtime alerts via emails.
If you still aren’t convinced about installing a video monitoring solution consider these following facts; 1) Video recording saves lots of time since it enables law enforcement personnel and other professionals to easily spot potential danger, 2) Many people enjoy watching movies through big screen TVs when they stay at home instead of relaxing at some random places 3) People love seeing themselves in videos which makes them happy 4) It gives families members a sense of security 5) When you combine video clips recorded over several years and watch it back it becomes quite entertaining and interesting.
So if you are interested in improving safety in your household, contact us today.

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There will be many different types of cameras available, but they tend to fall under 3 categories: IP Camera’s, Dome Cams, and PTZ Cameras.
An IP Camera records video from a specific area, usually in front of an existing camera system. They are often used for recording surveillance footage. An example of this would be the Nest Cam.
IPCAMS record images of a certain space, usually a fixed location in front of another camera device like a DVR, PTZ Cams, or CCTV systems. These devices will capture still imagery of a space, allowing them to be viewed remotely through a web browser.
PTZ stands for Pan Tilt Zoom, which are usually found on dome style cameras. Dome cams allow us to move around the camera, zoom in/out, pan left/right, rotate 360 degrees. Most modern IP CAMS offer some form of PTZ control. Some of these include NEST, Ring cameras, Arlo, Canary camera, etc.
If you’re interested in having security installed for commercial use, then I’d recommend going with either an IP cam or PTZ cam depending on whether you want the ability to view live streaming videos from the camera or just see recorded footage after the fact via a website. If you’re wanting to go with something more advanced than that, then check out my post on the most popular security camera brands.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Best Security Cameras Caledon

Security Camera Installation Tips Caledon Ontario | Secure Cam
Caledon HIckVision and TiandY CCTV cameras are the top choice amongst people who love high definition video recording. They provide HD quality videos which will help police investigators identify suspects easily and quickly. These CCTV cameras come with many advanced technologies like motion detection, night vision capabilities and audio record feature. If you are planning to install these devices in your business, residential, commercial places then you must be aware of few things first as they are quite expensive than other types of equipment available in this market. Here are some tips to keep in mind while buying them:-
Know Your Budget
Before getting started with anything related to CCTV cameras, you should always try to figure out your finances beforehand to avoid going broke during the project. Calculate all possible expenses including purchase cost, maintenance fees, installation charges and other costs involved in operating these devices. Then take note of those details and see whether your overall budget fits the requirements.
Check Warranty Information Carefully
Warranty is another thing worth keeping in mind. Many products have warranty periods and after finishing that period, replacement parts become unavailable or the manufacturer ceases production making it impossible for customers to use these items anymore. Check the terms and conditions carefully to understand the length of coverage offered under various models. Also find out whether the manufacturers offer replacements or refunds during the warranty period.
Make Sure All Necessary Documents are Available
In case, anything goes wrong with the installed device or it stops working properly due to faulty wiring or power supply issues, you need documentation to prove it. Make sure that you purchase necessary documents required to repair the broken part or issue complaint against the seller. For instance, the buyer needs receipts/invoice for every material used along with proof of labour charge paid. Without any legal evidence, the seller cannot refund the amount spent on the purchase.
Ask About Warranties
Another vital aspect to consider is warranties. Most companies sell CCTV cameras with different lengths of service and different levels of protection. Some only promise one year of warranty while a few go upto 10 years. Find out the exact duration covered on each model before investing in them.

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There’s no longer a question whether to install cameras on your house or office; they’re everywhere these days as homeowners and business owners alike become increasingly aware of security issues. While most people already keep home surveillance cams installed outside of their homes (because who wants to be filmed?), most companies still rely on old technology — video doorbells like those made famous by Ring. But today’s better equipped systems will allow you to catch potential burglars and other intruders well ahead of your property being broken into. From high quality indoor/outdoor HD cameras to infrared motion detection, you’ll get some great options for keeping track of your properties both indoors and outdoors. So, which should you buy? We’ve compiled several top choices below. Be safe this year
For starters, the market for home wireless cameras is heating up quickly because more and more consumers are installing them in their houses, and they expect high-quality footage. These products come in two varieties: cameras you put inside your home and devices worn around your neck by employees who monitor things remotely while at work. For example, you may use a Wi-Fi-enabled Nest Camera that sits near an entryway, allowing you to check in on visitors without having to go anywhere. At the office end, employers often offer wearable employee monitoring apps that can help monitor their workers’ activity remotely during hours of operation. A popular choice among both groups is Ring Video Doorbell 2 Pro. As the name suggests, this model combines a standard front doorbell with advanced facial recognition software powered by Amazon Rekognition and Ring Labs’ cloud service. After someone rings the bell, the device alerts the owner via text message, email, or push notification (depending on settings). The feature then recognizes faces and compares it against a database of mugshots pulled from law enforcement records. If found, an alert sounds and sends photos taken before your system received the ring signal to show proof of identity. Of course, the same face could be recognized multiple times. The good news is that the video feed captures everything else going on behind the door, including pets and vehicles coming and going. Another way is to invest in your own CCTV solution.

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Today’s technology will soon allow us to live like kings. A world full of connected devices; self driving cars; virtual reality; robotic drones hovering above our homes, cities & countries; holographic teleconferencing — these innovations sound crazy but they’re already available today. If you live in Canada, chances are that some of them are used in your life everyday. You probably use internet connection every day without really thinking about it. You most certainly own a smartphone and are familiar with augmented reality apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp. Even though this list is dominated with digital products like video surveillance cameras, what would happen if we suddenly lose that connection? Would everyone freeze in place when things go dark? Or take action once we realize something is going down in one corner of town? Do you see yourself being able to communicate instantly across distance with anyone around the globe just via your cell phone like people can do today? Maybe some wild ideas will occur to you after reading through this article.
So why bother investing in high definition CCTV systems in the first place? The answer is obvious. When was the last time someone broke into your house? Was that because you had no alarm system protecting your property? Were there other risks associated with having strangers walking freely inside of your home when you weren’t watching? We hope you won’t experience incidents similar to those listed above ever again. By ensuring that your business and family are protected 24/7, you’ll be keeping bad guys away from places you love including schools, hospitals and movie theaters while reducing overall costs related to crime.
We’ve put together a list of top selling 4k cameras below and ranked each model according to value with the following criteria: price, ease of setup, quality and reliability. From a consumer perspective, you should expect to receive reliable customer service and excellent technical support whenever needed. If anything goes wrong with your camera, then they’ll get back to you quickly providing prompt help to repair or provide alternative solutions to satisfy the needs of customers who purchased the device. They offer products which feature built-in WiFi connectivity allowing remote monitoring & control of your camera anywhere anytime.

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We live in a world where technology is constantly evolving and improving. We use smartphones every day, tablets are becoming commonplace, computers have become smaller yet they perform many complex functions and IoT devices keep everything connected. As these technologies continue to evolve, the demand for reliable products will only increase. When consumers purchase electronic equipment, they expect quality assurance; not just a functional device but something which performs reliably on the job. Consumers who buy electronics deserve their investment back. They shouldn’t be stuck with broken gadgets which could cause harm. A high end manufacturer like Secure Cam knows this and offers top quality cameras to ensure consumer satisfaction. Today, a professional install team does most of the work during the initial setup of security cameras, however, installing the cameras yourself is still possible. However, it requires some technical knowledge and experience. Here at Secure Cam, we understand the importance of having professionally installed cameras. Our professional installers follow strict guidelines and procedures to protect your property against crime while ensuring reliability and ease of operation. When it comes to choosing the perfect security solution for your home or business, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions including motion detection sensors, cameras and audio recording devices. For further inquiries regarding our installations please visit our website If you would prefer to contact us via email or phone call 1 877 488 3838.

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In this digital age, having adequate residential video surveillance in your office space helps protect property, people and business assets. Whether you own a small retail store or occupy a sizable commercial building, installing a reliable commercial audio/video system makes sense. Having some type of monitoring device around your operation will allow you to see everything going on inside; whether it be staff members performing maintenance work or customers in your shop. A good quality security camera system is also useful for recording anything suspicious that occurs outside of your premises — like possible break ins, thefts, vehicle crashes, road rage incidents, car accidents and animal attacks. If someone attempts to vandalize your property and attempts to destroy your valuable stock, equipment or records they certainly won’t leave without being caught red handed. When you use a high definition outdoor IP cameras you get instant snapshots which help prevent theft, vandalism and fraud.
Called “the most innovative company in technology today,”, Securacam specializes in providing state-of-art solutions for indoor & outdoor video surveillance, access control systems, door entry sensors, mobile devices integration, alarms, fire detection, intrusion protection, lighting controllers, network infrastructure management software and many other products. Their mission statement is simply put together and states: “To provide leading edge design and cost effective custom made solutions to meet customer needs. They specialize in offering the latest technology in hardware and software designed specifically for each industry vertical including but not limited to: government agencies, banks, medical facilities, hospitals, industrial sites and corporate offices. These unique designs include customized wireless networks, alarm panels and accessories, control panel interfaces, CCTV displays and motion detectors. Securacam offers remote monitoring through the Internet via their cloud storage or through cellular connections. One of the primary advantages offered by Securacam includes the capability to monitor multiple locations simultaneously while keeping costs down due to less bandwidth required for transmission. As a result, Securacam utilizes proprietary networking technologies allowing them to deliver exceptional real time image streams using standard cable connectivity available to almost every location across North America. Securuacam also offers live streaming capabilities, making videos accessible anywhere, anytime that could be accessed through internet browsers, tablets or smartphones..

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