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Best Security Cameras Caledonia

In this article I will cover some great 2020 & 2021 caledonian Security Camera reviews and recommendations including; Top 10 Rated Best Wireless IP cameras, Budget / Affordable wireless network cameras for 2020, A top 5 affordable wireless video surveillance system that includes 2 doorbell cams, outdoor hidden motion capture sensors, indoor/outdoor nightvision cameras, DIY weatherproofing solutions, The latest 2019 best selling camera brands and many other useful info on the topic.
What makes Secure Cam different than other vendors? First of all we provide FREE CALEDONIA HOME INSTALLATION SERVICE. Our installers are specially trained, licensed and insured experts who get things done quickly and professionally without having to call multiple service companies first, wasting both yours and our precious clients hours waiting around. We also offer 100% warranty support after sale via email for 1st purchase only (excluding hardware parts). If you find that your Security Camera needs repair or replacement due to improper assembly, manufacturing defects or failure, please contact us immediately! Not all products come with a full refund guarantee. However, All items sold through secure cam are fully tested prior to shipment and backed by 24 hour/7 day service center availability. Please note most Caledonian home buyers already have cable TV, internet service connected, which eliminates additional costs associated with installing your own wifi camera(ies), however sometimes wireless setups could still be necessary depending on building structure type, location and desired viewing range.
We recently published an updated version of our TOP 12 BEST WIFI WIRELESS NETWORK CAMERA LIST HERE for 2020.

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This summer will bring us a lot of fun adventures like camping trips, festivals, vacations, boating holidays, and many other recreational activities. When most people have this planned out ahead, they usually start thinking about safety precautions that will help them enjoy these great memories without worrying about themselves getting hurt while enjoying outdoorsy adventures. Even though most people understand the importance of being safe and healthy during outdoor activity especially those who love hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, mountain climbing, snowboarding, etc., sometimes accidents happen just because nature does unpredictable things. Most times injuries occur because people ignore some crucial aspects that could lead to serious problems and injuries; for example, the lack of proper protection equipment including headgear, eye wear, footwear, gloves, etc. So, to prevent getting injured for the next adventure, keep reading below the ultimate guide to installing the best indoor/outdoor cameras for 2022 according to Secure Cam experts, which include:
1. Indoor Camera Setups
2. Outdoor Camera Setups
3. Installation Tips
4. Pricing Information
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6. Reviews & Comments
For smaller homes, the first thing that should be considered is having adequate lighting around entrances, hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms to ensure everything looks good inside your house. Then, to improve visibility indoors, adding light switches inside common areas would greatly increase visibility. Finally, consider turning off the lights completely in spaces meant to serve solely decorative purposes like libraries, museums, concert halls, theaters, offices, etc.
In order to protect yourself against weather related damage, remember to purchase good quality waterproof roofs on your patio covers. Also, plan for large rainfall events before summer hits since rainstorms come quickly and heavily causing potential problems. Having strong wind shelters installed under trees helps reduce damage from high winds. And finally, take note of power lines overhead preventing tree and shrub branches to get damaged during heavy storms.
Overall, keep in mind that the worst case scenario occurs when something happens unexpectedly and unfortunately. As long as you follow basic prevention techniques and always stay prepared for unexpected situations, you won’t suffer injury due to unforeseen circumstances.

Caledonia's Best Commercial Security Cameras

Caledonians love technology; they use smart phones, tablet computers, laptops and other electronic devices every day. They also like convenience. So they should be able to get both by installing a good commercial security system. But which type of cameras work well in this environment? And which types of systems will offer them the greatest value, including peace of mind, while still keeping costs within reason? We’ll tell you everything you need to know.
We’ve already covered some basic questions about the various kinds of surveillance equipment available to protect business locations, but there are many other issues involved in setting up a commercial security system. These include things like which type of cameras to install, where to put those cameras, who does the monitoring, how often to record video footage and more. This post takes a closer look at each of these topics.
First you’ll need to decide whether you’re going to go wireless. If you are, then you’ll probably want a network video recorder (NVR). NVRs allow multiple people and/or systems to view live video feeds simultaneously from different parts of a location. This lets everyone see exactly what happened during any given incident at once.
Next you’ll need to figure out which type of cameras to buy. Most of us assume we’d prefer high definition cameras because that way we can zoom in close enough to identify people or objects of interest. However, HD resolution isn’t always necessary. Many cameras today use standard definition, or “SD” format, which is fine because SD quality images are much less expensive than HD ones. Plus, SD cameras generally provide better image quality overall.
Another consideration involves motion detection capability. Motion detectors are useful because they trigger recording only when something moves through a monitored area. If someone walks through the door, a motion detector won’t start recording unless the person stops moving. The downside is that it won’t record anything else until after the intruder leaves the premises again. In contrast, continuous recording cameras record continuously regardless of movement — which makes them great for capturing evidence of suspicious activity.
Finally, consider how long you plan to keep records of events captured by a particular kind of camera. Some events are short-term, lasting only seconds or minutes.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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I would recommend investing in a good quality 4k HD Network Camera, which will allow you to watch everything remotely whenever required. Also I would suggest getting 2 cameras to cover 360 degrees in every angle around your property like front and rear view angles to catch intruders/burglars trying to break through doors or windows while they’re still inside and watching them moving around. If you happen to find yourself needing additional help then make sure to check out my top 5 guide to DIY Surveillance Installation & Wireless Video Doorbell System
We’ve seen some crazy things come across these days… And it’s always better to be safe than sorry. So take care and stay vigilant people 😉
Thanks for reading 🙂 👍🏼👌🏽😘💪🎥🛰⭐️
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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Caledonia

This post will cover the main trends for next years in cameras installations. If you’re interested in finding out which model would suit your needs better or find us via Facebook Instagram @securecameraweb or on Twitter We offer FREE estimates so please contact me for further details. Thankyou 🙂
This is going to be covering the most popular brands in today’s market, this includes but isn’t exclusive to :
Caledonian Cimax/Hikvision / Toshiba Vivotek DVR series, Foscam FVTX3050 Series, Honeywell PIR motion sensors VMS1005KG3T2Y1M, Panasonic HCX4SZR721UW
There are many other models available on different prices ranges, I am unable to test them myself because they are too expensive but some models like Vivotek DTV series is worth testing just to see whether there could be improvements in quality and functionality in a cheaper range than the current price tag.
So this covers both fixed and wireless camera types, some of these devices come with additional accessories as well but sometimes only wifi versions will work for the whole house monitoring setup. Please note this isn’t a comprehensive guide on every single type of device out there, this was chosen purely due the fact that each camera model had something unique to recommend them above another.
Please feel free to leave comments below regarding products found during my research or anything else relevant 🙂
Thankyou once again for reading x
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In this post I will talk about some of my favorite products in each category of video surveillance cameras. We use these cameras daily, but they are still constantly changing and evolving. If we find something that really stands out, we will definitely be updating this page. For example, I am currently testing the latest version of our IP Cam, which was released just recently.
So without further ado lets get started. Here’s the first section, best wireless indoor/outdoor HD 1080P cameras:
1st Place: NETGEAR Nighthawk X4 Pro WiFi Camera System with Indoor / Outdoor Lens Kit
Netgear has been making great Wi-Fi devices for many years now. They also make excellent routers as well. Their newest model, the nighthawk x4 pro camera system includes 2 outdoor lenses for better visibility during cloudy days. It also offers an internal battery that will power the unit through a full day of operation.
This system is designed especially to monitor the front and back yard areas while being able detect motion or sound with ease. This device also uses dual wifi antennas so the signal does not fade away and you won’t experience dropouts. If you’re interested, it runs around $250-300 depending on configuration.
2nd Place: Arlo Smart Home Wireless 1080P Camera System
Arlo’s system consists of 3 components; 1 indoor lens, 1 external lens and 1 base station. The base stations connect wirelessly via wifi to your router allowing you to control the cameras anywhere inside or outside of your house. These units can operate 24 hours per day 7 days a week and come equipped with rechargeable batteries. Each camera can store up to 60 days worth of images which makes them ideal for long term monitoring purposes.
If you would like to see the difference between each component and why i chose arlos over other competitors check out my article below. Place: Hikvision DVR Series WVHD720C 1080P HD Camera
Hikvision has always had good quality cameras for the consumer market.

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In this article I will go through my experience installing CCTV cameras in different locations around town. My aim was to find ways in which i could install them in areas where they would provide value but still be unobtrusive enough as possible. So without further ado lets get straight down to business.
Installing CCTV Camera Near Your Doorway/Picket Fence
This one seemed like the obvious choice as anyone standing outside your house will already see the camera anyway. One thing worth pointing out however is if they pass through the door frame (or window sill), then that footage won`t show up due to the size of the image being captured versus the angle. A solution to this problem is mounting them flush against either wall allowing them to capture both sides of the doorway. Another method is having them sit above your doorframe with a small gap between the top so people passing wouldn`t detect anything unusual until after they move past.

Video surveillance video systems come in a wide range of price points, including entry level point solutions costing just $100 per system, mid-range solutions priced anywhere from $300-$600 depending upon equipment selection and feature options, and high end, professional grade network IP solutions starting in the upper half of the thousands of dollars range often used by larger corporations and governments for large scale enterprise deployments. Depending on factors such as resolution capability, storage space requirements, software integration, ease of use, reliability, scalability and overall system design considerations, a surveillance package can vary quite significantly in cost. However, with advances in technology and decreasing prices across almost every aspect of electronics production, coupled with the ever increasing popularity and affordability of digital recording devices, it is highly unlikely that consumers who purchase low-end consumer grade products today would consider opting for more expensive commercial quality alternatives tomorrow. For example, while 1080i resolutions offered by some consumer grade DVR recorders offer excellent picture detail and color fidelity comparable to higher-quality 720p HDTV sets, many 4K ultra high definition TV screens now available for under $1000 offer far superior resolution capabilities.

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In this post I will be discussing the top 4 things you should consider during the install of cameras whether you are installing them yourself or hiring someone else to do the work.
What you select is going affect the quality and cost associated with each type of security system. Some systems come only with video, some include still images, audio recording, motion detection and video analytics capabilities while others go beyond surveillance to offer remote monitoring, reporting and actionable alerts.
If you are interested to learn further details, visit us at
I was recently invited to talk with Mark Hynes of Secure Cam Systems about his thoughts regarding technology advancements for our industry specifically for those companies who provide both installation and online monitoring of security solutions (including, but not limited to; IP Network Video Recorders/NVR’s, NIDS, IDS, Fire Alarms, Access Control Systems). While he does discuss many topics in his presentation below, he spends most of his time talking about “what” products to buy (Security Camera’s), which ones will save you the expense of buying yet another piece of equipment that won’t pay back its initial investment due to rising maintenance costs. His points covered below will help you decide which products would fit your needs for 2020 and 2022.
1. Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, Laptops – all these devices contain Microprocessors and software that enable them to connect to wireless networks. These connections are called Wireless LANs (WLAN) and operate according to IEEE 802.11 standards under government regulations known as FCC Part 15 rules. According to Mr.Hynes the number 1 way a person could increase the likelihood they stay safe is to ensure that each device connected to their network meets FCC requirements for WLAN operations. The more antennas you install,the greater coverage you get in areas like garages, laundry rooms, basement offices. He recommends having 2 separate antennas installed per area with no less than 30 ft separation distance between them. A single antenna would cover a specific space well and provide good reception in certain parts of the house..

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