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Calgary security cameras will help protect your business better than ever before! These days everyone wants 24/7 monitoring of their property; whether they’re homeowners or small businesses. If someone breaks into your home or office, your camera records every detail for police investigation or insurance purposes. A great deal of information collected through this type of surveillance could be useful in finding lost pets, valuable documents, or other items.
When choosing a commercial security system for your home or place of work, consider these factors in determining which systems offer superior protection against theft and vandalism while still allowing you maximum control, privacy and convenience. Some areas where a good choice exists include video recording, audio capture, live streaming or instant message alerts, motion detection, digital zoom ability, infrared nightvision capability, wireless remote viewing and cloud storage service integration.
For example, a basic 2MP HD camera with a 120 degree field of view offers excellent coverage but lacks some key functions necessary for effective business security such as audio and video quality, built-in speakers, motion sensor sensitivity options and high resolution images. While higher end models generally provide many of those capabilities, many offer only 2 MP resolution due to cost constraints.
In addition to the primary camera function, consider having multiple redundant cameras installed around the perimeter of your home or office so that you’ll always get full coverage no matter where anyone tries to break into your space. Even though most people who try to steal anything won’t take time to dig under the house or move things inside, installing additional security points increases deterrence because burglars know they’d be caught sooner rather than later.
One thing not often considered however, is the actual size of your home or building. Generally speaking a smaller sized structure requires less cameras per square foot than larger homes or buildings. For example, a typical family residence typically needs 8 – 12 cameras across various locations. Larger spaces like apartments and multi dwelling units may require 20+ total depending on desired levels of coverage. As well, smaller rooms usually require fewer cameras since movement tends to cover greater distances. The same applies for outdoor spaces and parking lots. Keep the extra cameras handy for quick response times.

Calgary Home Security Cameras Done Right

In this post I am going to discuss some of my most frequently asked questions regarding the topic “Calgary Home Cam Installation”. My hope is these will be useful should anyone else find themselves having trouble deciding whether installing a CCTV system is worth the effort and cost involved.
My research showed me there was plenty of conflicting information floating around out there on this subject matter; but after scouring through reviews, blogs, forum posts and general internet chatter it seems as though the consensus among homeowners and installers alike seem to lean toward the fact that a good solid quality camera makes all the difference in terms of image/video quality, ease of use, reliability and price point. So which camera brands did people like and why?
Here’s A Quick Run Down Of Some Of The Most Popular Products On Amazon
• Arlo Smart IP Camera System –
This is probably the # 1 selling device for many installers across Canada because of its incredible value. When considering the price of other models you will soon realize that the Arlo Smart is really unbeatable… especially since they include so much FREE equipment. If you purchase 3 cameras plus 2 batteries and 4 mounts, then you get $150 towards professional grade accessories!! They come loaded with everything you need for complete setup including:
Camera, AC Power Supply Kit & Mount Bundle
Mounting Brackets
Remote Viewer
Power Cable
Wireless Accessory Kit
So basically you save hundreds of dollars buying the full package versus making individual purchases separately.
The Arlo devices offer great options such as motion detection alerts, high definition video recording, night vision and customizable motion zones…. Plus they come equipped with built in wifi technology allowing them to transmit live streaming footage directly to your smartphone via the Arlo app. The motion detection feature is extremely powerful in allowing for true 24/7 monitoring… without being constantly plugged in.
If these products sound familiar they’re actually owned used by us at SecureCam. We’ve had quite the experience with both of those brands ourselves… and we love them both.

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Calgary AB

If you live or work in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, then chances are good your home or business will be protected by a surveillance system. This includes both traditional cameras installed outdoors and indoor IP video systems. These devices capture images and record audio. They provide real-time monitoring of events happening inside and outside of your premises. If someone breaks into your property while they are away on vacation or during the day, these systems help law enforcement catch them. These systems can alert you to suspicious activity so that you take immediate action to protect yourself, your family, and/or your employees.
There are many types of cameras available today. Some offer higher resolution than others. Some come equipped with advanced motion detection capabilities to detect people moving inside and outside of your property without being distracted by pets or other animals. Others allow you to view a single feed from multiple angles. And some offer remote viewing via mobile apps.
We’d like to share this video which explains why a CCTV Camera System should be part of your overall protection solution. We believe it gives you insight into how the technology operates, and helps you decide whether or not you would benefit from installing one.
This article covers the basics, including the benefits of having a surveillance system in place, and the costs involved. It also describes common terms used in relation to cameras and security systems. Finally, it discusses some basic questions regarding the type of camera(s), placement location, frequency of use, and how long each recording lasts. For further information, see our website or contact us.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Calgary Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Security cameras help homeowners keep track of everything inside their home. These devices provide peace of mind through remote monitoring and alerting capabilities, but they aren’t without flaws—and some security systems just seem better than others. Luckily, there’s no shortage of surveillance options available for anyone who needs them. And while choosing the perfect system can be daunting, having the right tools will ensure that you get exactly what you’re after every day. Below, we’ve listed 10 things you should know about four key categories of security tech products—from video doorbells to motion sensors. But first…
What Camera Should I Buy? A good place to start when trying to decide which type of camera makes sense for both you and your needs would be to think about whether this device will primarily protect against exterior threats—such as burglars walking past your house at night—or intruders sneaking around during dark hours, or whether it’ll mostly deter thieves from stealing possessions like expensive jewelry, electronics or other valuables. Depending on what you’d consider valuable in your home, you could opt for either a traditional HDTV camcorder capable of recording high quality photos along with sound, or perhaps something higher resolution for sharper images. If you tend toward less costly goods, though, then there really isn’t a bad choice here; the most affordable models come packed with many similar features. One thing to note however is that you can easily find cheaper versions online, particularly those with no audio capability whatsoever—so it’s always worth checking multiple sources to see what each model offers beyond price itself.
How Do They Work? When choosing a new security cams, remember that they won’t just offer protection, they also serve as visual deterrents by giving neighbors, passersby and potential trespassers some idea of what awaits them outside. So it goes without saying that the bigger the screen, the smarter they appear–especially since larger displays often mean less battery drainage. While some smaller units feature built-in speakers, these usually only allow for verbal alerts—which can be useful for letting family members know someone’s arrived unexpectedly or that you’re returning from work. Of course, the ideal setup combines an effective alarm with excellent visuals.

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In this article I will be talking about both new technologies and old ones used today, some of which are being phased out and replaced but many stay strong. We will cover cameras from brands like CVSys (Cameras), ADT (Security Systems), Hikvision & TIAY (Wireless CCTV), Netgear(Security systems). In addition, I will go through each device individually including their benefits, drawbacks, installation methods and costs. If possible then I will provide links to purchase these products or find them via and the price comparisons provided below should help people decide quickly whether they fit best with either technology or cost wise. Hopefully this guide will answer most questions regarding what types of devices work well for each type of space and how to install them correctly. As always feel free to leave comments or ask me anything via my contact page.
Hik Vision HX5xx Cameras – These are small and lightweight IP cameras designed primarily for use indoors, although Hikvision does offer outdoor models. They run on batteries or power adapter. A great advantage to Hikvision is their ability to connect wirelessly. So instead of connecting cables everywhere, you only need to buy a wireless access point and plug the camera into it. Wireless connections range anywhere between 100 feet to 500+ feet depending on the model. Another benefit to these cameras is that unlike other brands, you get full control of the settings in real time without having to wait until somebody gets back to you via email. Most models include night vision capabilities allowing them to capture images during the dark hours. However, some manufacturers are phasing out the infrared filters due to safety issues. Check compatibility first before deciding. Prices vary greatly from $40-$250+.
Tiandn X8i Series Camera System– One of the newest additions to the market is the TIANDY X8i series of networked indoor surveillance system cameras. These high quality 720P HD resolution cameras are designed specifically for residential applications. They come with various mounting options and a built in microphone. Some models allow remote viewing while still connected to your router using remote software. All units feature day and nighttime modes with adjustable IR cut filter sizes.

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• Our top 3 picks for the Best Security Camera System in Edmonton Canada
• Secure Cam Calgary Installation Experts
• Most Common Reasons Why Installers Fail
• Top 10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About CCTV Systems For 2019 & 2020
1. The Best Camera Mounting Location Is Where No One Can See Inside Your House
2. If Not Correctly Placed A Live Video Stream Isn’t Viewable From Outside Without Access Control Software/Hardware.
3. An IP Address Should Only Be Used Once And Never Repeated Unless Something Changes Within It Such As Changing Internet Service Providers Or Connections.
4. Security cameras should be placed inside your house only on exterior walls facing outside, never interior rooms such as bedrooms.
5. Place Security Cams where there’s enough light available like windows or skylights. Too little light will result in blurry pictures and images.
6. Mount them above doorways so they’re able to see everything including behind doors and under stairs. If you place them anywhere else you’ll lose footage because you won’t be able to get close enough to the subject.
7. If you plan on moving them then buy mounts which allow you to move easily but still securely. They’ll still cost less than buying a whole different system.
8. Use motion detection whenever possible instead of just keeping the camera awake 24 hours per day. Motion detectors can tell whether something moved through the field of view long term without turning on the video feed every minute unless you really need to check. We recommend setting a schedule once or twice daily, either during morning or night depending on your situation.
9. Buy cameras which work with Alexa devices. These include speakers integrated into the device and software installed on your computer/phone/tablet. When Amazon Echo becomes obsolete, these cameras automatically upgrade. Just say “Alexa” while standing in front of the camera and press record.
10. Always install cameras outside, NEVER IN THE HOUSE. Cameras mounted near windows are great because sunlight bounces off glass causing no problem when recording day or nighttime scenes alike. But installing cams indoors causes issues such as reflections, shadows and flickering lights, especially if your camera happens to face straight towards a window.

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If you’re planning to install a security camera system at your house/office you have come to the right place. We’ll provide you with everything you should know before installing the most suitable CCTV Camera Systems for your property, along side some useful tips for keeping them installed well, and making them work effectively. If you would like us to take care of it for you, please get in touch today. All installations are carried out by fully trained technicians who will ensure they leave nothing behind. They use only top quality equipment which ensures long lasting operation and high resolution images.
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Homeowner/Builder: We provide professional quality cameras installed quickly and securely for residential & commercial applications. No DIY jobs please! Our team will handle anything but they require 24 hour notice and availability for service calls.
Professional Design / Build: For those who prefer to work behind closed doors, your project needs to be completed safely and according to building codes so no surprises come inspection day. Professional install teams ensure you get peace of mind knowing everything was handled properly. Please note this does require some advance planning and booking prior to installation date, usually 3 weeks ahead in order to schedule a technician with sufficient lead time to arrive and complete the job. If possible, call us ahead to book your appointment!
Interior Designer: Installing security equipment requires proper planning and advanced knowledge which makes hiring professionals for design and installation easier than ever before. Most importantly Interior Designers should consult with a qualified installer first, because they need to understand the purpose of the Camera and whether it would meet their clients requirements.
What else do I like most? Well besides my amazing customer experience, being family owned and operated since 2005, we offer many unique benefits including free WiFi on location, fast shipping options, competitive rates, industry leading warranties, plus top rated customer support and guaranteed installations. But wait, there’s more…
We’re not just saying these things about ourselves; we actually mean them. And that’s why we’re confident that every single person considering installing a security system with us ends up happy. Because our word is our bond.
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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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