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Security Camera Installation Trends For Cambridgeshire Homes And Businesses For 2020 and Beyond
For homeowners who have decided to install home surveillance cameras to protect themselves against burglars and other intruders, it is essential to find the most suitable type of system for their house or office.
If you are planning to purchase this equipment for yourself, take note of these tips below as they will help you pick the perfect model with minimal hassle.
There are many options available, including traditional analog cameras, IP digital video recorders, cloud storage, Wi-Fi enabled systems, and motion-detection alerts.
With this guide to installing security cameras in homes and offices across the city, you should be able to select the ideal setup without needing to spend hours searching through websites or reading multiple reviews.
We’ve narrowed down everything to just five models of CCTV systems – some more reliable than others.
These include the following types:
Camera Mounted Alarm System
Traditional Analog Cameras
Digital Video Recorders (DVR)
Wi-Fi Enabled DVRs & Cloud Storage
Motion Detection Alert Systems
In terms of price range, they fall under four categories:
1: Basic Models Starting At $200
2: Mid Range Models From $300–$800
3: High End Models Over $1000
4: Premium Models Above $2500
So, which ones will suit you best? Here are 5 of the best choices available today according to our research.
Cambridge City
Business Owners
Home Surveillance Systems
CCTV System Prices
5. Arlo Pro Wireless 2 Camera Outdoor Kit ($399.00)
This outdoor wireless home security kit includes two indoor cameras that offer 1080P HD resolution recording along with night vision.
They feature built-in speakers and microphones allowing people inside to communicate clearly with those outside. Additionally, both units come equipped with infrared LED lights making them capable of seeing through darkness. They operate independently of each other and can be installed almost anywhere outdoors.
Both the indoor and outdoor cameras use 4G LTE networks for quick transfer speeds which mean no delays while streaming recordings live.

Why SecureCam Cambridge is right for YOU?

Security cameras provide peace of mind and offer protection against intruders. If you own a residential property or small business, installing surveillance equipment will help protect your assets while increasing your security awareness level. However, choosing which type of camera should be installed depends upon many factors including space availability, price range and other personal preferences. Here are some top considerations.
1. Camera placement.
Where your video surveillance system is placed can affect whether potential trespassers see it, and therefore determine if they decide to break in. For example, placing video monitoring devices above windows could prevent someone from seeing them. Placing them near doors and entrances can deter people who would like to enter your residence without permission. Finally, setting up a system indoors makes it easier to monitor the premises because cameras can often pick up images better inside than outdoors.
2. Size limitations.
When considering different types of cameras, size plays a huge factor. Smaller systems cost less but typically deliver lower quality footage. Larger models usually allow more flexibility when viewing angles or zoom levels, however this comes with higher costs, depending on options selected during setup. Additionally, most larger models come equipped with multiple recording settings that are beneficial for longer recordings. Some smaller units only capture single frame snapshots. So consider both image resolution and length of videos recorded when deciding your preferred camera size.
3. Features.
What features does yours include? Does it record sound, motion detection sensors, night lights, or remote controls? These are all things to take into consideration when selecting a specific model. Also check out reviews, ratings & comments to ensure you get the type of device you really wanted.
4. Compatibility.
How well does it work with your existing hardware? Is your router compatible with your chosen camera? Do you have Wi-Fi issues? Will you be able to control your system through your mobile phone or tablet? Do you use wireless routers or wired connections that aren’t compatible with each other? Make sure your current network configuration supports the technology being used. And always remember that older versions of software tend to run faster than newer ones, especially as updates become available. Older operating systems can run slower than modern software due to outdated components and drivers. Consider upgrading to Windows 10.

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Cambridge ON

Security Camera Installation Trends For Cambridge Ontario In 2022:
This post will talk about some of the most popular cameras being installed today. Some of these products include but aren’t limited to Ring Video Doorbell 2 Pro HD, Netgear Arlo Ultra Wide IP Security Camera, Nest Cam IQ Outdoor IP Wireless 1080P Camera, Panasonic DMRXV300RVHD1080P IP Network Surveillance Camera System (2 units), and Sony HDR AX2000 HDRIP Network Camera.
These types of surveillance systems allow homeowners to monitor activity around their homes 24/7 through various methods including email alerts, live streaming video feed via internet browsers like Chrome or Firefox, smartphone apps, mobile phone push notifications, cloud storage options, and many other ways.
Some of this activity includes people walking past and ringing doorbells, kids playing outside, pets barking, vehicles arriving and leaving, package deliveries, packages stolen, burglars breaking windows, break-ins, fire alarms going off, smoke detectors detecting fires, and much more…
In addition to monitoring activity, homeowners often use these devices to record footage for evidence purposes should they be required to file police reports or court testimony regarding suspicious situations.
Monitoring activity and recording footage are just half the story of how to keep yourself protected and safe. Another aspect involves keeping track of the system’s status in case something does go awry.
For instance, if your alarm goes off while you’re sleeping, you’ll want to check to see why your alarm was triggered. If you find nothing suspicious, it would be wise to contact authorities immediately so that they can investigate the situation further.
If you notice anything unusual around your property, you’ll want to document it and save it for police records.
If the problem persists, you could try calling customer service to get help, although the chances of getting someone who understands your issue could vary depending on which device you purchased.
In many cases, it’s better to invest in professional monitoring. These companies typically offer round the clock coverage, so you won’t miss any activity that occurs during normal business hours. They will be able to detect issues faster than DIY solutions since they are trained professionals whose focus lies in monitoring systems rather than installing them themselves.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Cambridge Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Security Camera Cambride is a UK Company who specialises in high quality CCTV Systems installed inside homes (and offices). We will show you the best way to get the most effective solution for your property which delivers peace of mind for yourself and your family. Our systems come complete with professional cameras, batteries, motion sensors & remote controls which work together seamlessly delivering video footage 24 hours per day 7 days per week. All systems include wireless internet enabled access allowing multiple viewings via mobile device anywhere that’s connected to wifi.
At SecureCam Cambridgeshire we provide many benefits to our customers including FREE phone support available anytime during business hours for emergency situations or if you just like talking to someone friendly while waiting for us to arrive. We have many years’ experience installing CCTV systems and our install team pride themselves on being able to quickly diagnose issues in order to minimise downtime for homeowners and small businesses alike.. Our aim is to be proactive in protecting properties, but equally, we understand this isn’t always possible due to circumstances outside of our control. As such, should anything go wrong with your camera system or you find problems accessing your live feed, then please contact us immediately and we’ll resolve any issue at no extra cost to you. For example, we offer a 2 hour response service to resolve faults / power cuts if you leave them until after 4pm and our technicians can generally reach your house the same working day.
We stock every part required for your surveillance setup, so once we’ve completed your initial fitting, we’re happy to send everything else along. If you’d prefer a DIY package, however, please call 01223 554 788 and we’ll happily organise this separately.
For further information regarding these amazing products please click through the links below
If you would like to discuss any aspect of your project, we can be contacted on 0845 035 2700. Or alternatively you can email [email protected]
Happy 2020!
Your Friendly Neighbourhood Security Firm,
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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Cambridge

Hikvision is world #1 CCTV manufacturer, ranked by IDC among top 3 global companies in 2014, 2016, 2018 according to Gartner, Frost & Sullivan and IHS Markit respectively. Its products include IP cameras, HD/4K video solutions, wireless cameras, DVR recorders for surveillance and monitoring applications, network NVR systems, digital signage displays and professional audio equipment for business use.
Tianduys is another leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial security cameras. Founded in 1998, they manufacture and sell high quality IP cameras used in many areas including retail, banking, government sectors, military, education, transportation, construction, healthcare, manufacturing industry and entertainment industries. They provide HD/4K IP cameras for indoor / outdoor uses. Their range includes dome cameras, bulletproof bullet resistant IP Camera series, wall mountable cameras for the office environment, indoor IP cams, outdoor IP cams, PTZ IP cameras, PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom cameras, wide angle zoom lens cams, long range IR cameras, waterproof cameras and night shooting devices.
These are just some of the popular brands available today for the consumer market. As technology improves and evolves, these will continue to evolve along with them. For example, the newest models coming out soon like the Sony WF8500PW 8MP HDR 1080P Day Night Video Surveillance System, Samsung HG9550 4G LTE WiFi 4k Ultra Wide Angle Wireless Network IP camera, Panasonic HCV80U2HD 720P HD 2M Lens Dome Cam, etc.. We will be covering each of those in detail. However, before we get started, here are some quick facts about each model listed above:
What type of cameras does this article cover?
In this post we focus primarily upon Hikvision’s latest generation products, specifically their latest line of HikVision DS-2100IP cameras. These cameras offer great picture resolution in both day light and nighttime environments, while being extremely affordable when comparing to other comparable IP cameras. Additionally, they come equipped with a multitude of advanced features that most people would expect to find on higher priced IP cameras, but often aren’t found on less costly IP cameras.

Cambridge Home Security Cameras Done Right

Why install CCTV cameras? Many homeowners like to monitor intruders but they also like to watch themselves (or family members who live under their roof). But most security companies only offer analog surveillance systems which tend to be bulky and expensive — both too cumbersome to use daily and costly to buy. Plus you still need a physical monitoring station (like IP video recorders), making this system less convenient than the mobile solution many people prefer today. Today’s digital solutions allow you to stream footage instantly via apps like Ring Doorbell Pro and LiveHome Monitor. Notifications alert the homeowner whenever someone approaches the door — then they simply press play to get the action they’re after. And because these devices don’t come with fixed mounting locations, users can mount them almost anywhere they’d normally place a standard wall box. They’ve got an intuitive remote control for managing multiple accounts plus built-in motion detection sensors. Finally, modern wireless technology makes setting up and controlling each device easier than ever.
How does CamFix work? As the owner/operator of SecureCam.Com®, I’m continually amazed at how far technology has advanced. Over 30 years ago, we started selling products to protect homes and families from crime. We sold everything from DVR’s to Alarm System Monitoring Software to Remote Access Control Panels to Outdoor Motion Sensor Devices. Then came the Internet boom and we quickly found ourselves inundated with requests to provide cloud storage service, streaming software, web cams, and other internet connected products. So, instead of trying to compete with large firms like Amazon & Netflix, we decided to focus solely on providing high quality customer service support for customers and partners alike. Since then we’ve grown to become recognized industry leaders in customer satisfaction and value while remaining financially stable through customer word of mouth spread across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and thousands of other blogs and websites around the world.

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The next generation of Digital Video Surveillance will be wireless cameras without wires running through walls. We’re talking about video feeds being broadcast wirelessly, which is really no different than watching television without cable service installed at your house; except instead of just seeing what’s happening inside your house, you’ll see everything going on outside your windows. Not only will this allow people who live near other homeowners’ houses to view those homes remotely, but since these systems transmit video streams via Wi-Fi signals rather than power lines, they won’t disturb other nearby residents like traditional analog CCTV cams would need a wired line running across neighborhoods. If you’re ready to upgrade your existing system, let us show you some cameras that feature this technology already and help ensure Cambridge residents stay safe without sacrificing quality images. But first, I’m gonna show you why anyone should invest in better surveillance these days…
We’ve always had surveillance cameras installed just because…well, everyone did back then. Sure enough, having someone watch 24 hours a day isn’t ideal for most families, especially during vacations or school breaks, when family members aren’t around to answer doors or get kids settled down after dinner. While you could install multiple cameras to keep tabs on every area of your property, having fewer models helps cut costs while still giving you plenty of coverage. And don’t forget — unless you own a big business, chances are you probably couldn’t afford paying technicians to run wiring and rerun circuits constantly either, making installing additional models prohibitively expensive. So, yeah, a good rule of thumb is “the bigger the square footage, the greater the number of cameras.” Still, though, there are times when adding more sensors makes sense. For instance, if you work night shifts, you’d obviously benefit from knowing who’s coming to visit your place over the course of the evening and whether they’re trustworthy or not, even if your parents aren’t worried about safety around the clock.

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Cambridge’s Best Commercial Security Cameras

What does 2019 hold for the Security Camera industry? We take a look back at some predictions made in 2018, which will hopefully help shape what the next 12 months holds for us all.
We’ve compiled everything together below to explain just why we believe these changes are occurring across every aspect of this business, including; new technologies like AI & AR, IoT, Virtual Reality & 5G mobile networks, changing customer behaviour and behaviours, increased scrutiny around privacy legislation and general societal shifts towards heightened awareness of video recording technology. And finally, the ever present challenge of being able to keep ahead of ‘the Joneses’.
If 2018 was about disruption then we reckon that 2020 could be the year that we really begin to see those disruptive forces come into play for Cambridgeshire and beyond.
Here’s a few examples of things I predict are going to happen:-
More cameras will become available to UK consumers than ever before. Whether they will actually work properly remains another question entirely but the fact that people can own them and are making investment decisions around installing them certainly seems bullish.- A Cambridge-based startup called Digitalcam is building a cloud service that enables anyone to buy security products via Amazon Marketplace by having customers pay upfront to have goods shipped directly to their doorsteps.- One other thing worth mentioning is that the first wave of the Internet of Things market is already happening today i.e. Smart Thermostats, Automated Lights, Doorbell Ringings, etc. So, expect to see plenty of innovation popping up in the space of IoT devices during the next couple of years.- If your office in Cambridge uses Wi-Fi/internet connection most likely your router will be vulnerable to hacking attempts. As Wi-Fi becomes increasingly ubiquitous and connected it is only natural that cyber criminals will try to target this network to gain access to sensitive information and systems of unsuspecting victims.- Finally, new regulations surrounding personal surveillance will undoubtedly force companies large and small alike to rethink their approach to protecting their customers and staff especially given the increasing popularity of live streaming apps.- Our prediction for 2019 and onwards is the continued growth of internet giants for instance Facebook who acquired FaceTime earlier in the year..

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