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Do you find yourself feeling insecure walking around your house or apartment complex? Would you like to take back control of who sees things while they view through your monitor screens? Do you feel like some people are always watching you without permission?
If you answered yes to any questions above then you probably shouldn’t be installing cheap cameras anymore as they only capture everything and anyone could see them. But this isn’t something that concerns just you it affects everyone involved and especially your kids.
Most homes these days contain multiple rooms that look alike and this makes it impossible to tell which part of the house someone was previously standing in front of. So why should you ever leave your doors unlocked again? Or would you rather sit down next to your child/teenager and go for dinner instead of spying on them from afar? Wouldn’t you prefer to get peace of mind knowing that no strangers got past your door locks anyway?
So stop making excuses, install good quality cameras today because once installed they will provide you with confidence & worry less about those random people wandering around your property and possibly breaking into your private spaces.
Nowadays technology has made it easier than ever to keep track of who goes where in your own home or building but that does come at a price and I am going to cover some of the most common myths that surround surveillance products along side some facts.
Some Common Myths About Surveillance Systems
1. Myth #5 Surveillance Technology Saves Money
When considering whether or not to purchase surveillance equipment, many homeowners assume that having a system costs more than other options which usually aren’t true. Most companies offer affordable packages that range anywhere from $200-$1500 depending on the scope of service required. They also include remote monitoring so if problems arise they can remotely alert authorities, family members and friends. As well as recording motion detection zones that are monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week allowing for better visibility during power failures too.
2. Myth #4 Not All Smart Home Devices Need A Surveillance System
Another myth surrounding surveillance systems is that they cannot live alongside existing smart home solutions. When choosing one or the other however, you will need to consider both cost effectiveness as well as compatibility issues.

Best Security Cameras Campbell River

For anyone interested in installing cameras for their business or personal use this post was put together using my experience and research into different types of camera systems available today.
These devices will keep intruders away while allowing video streaming via wifi through any device like smartphones or laptops. They come in many shapes and sizes but they all follow similar design patterns. They range anywhere from $50-$1000 depending on size and functionality desired and most offer some form of live monitoring capabilities either wired or wireless through wifi connections.

In addition to being a great way to catch thieves red handed they provide benefits including peace of mind especially during those times you don’t feel comfortable physically going outside or leaving home, knowing someone’s watching over your property. Some of these products include motion detection alarms and alerts, digital video recorders which store footage for playback via web browsers, remote camera activation for surveillance and recording, indoor/outdoor infrared night vision, outdoor weatherproofed cameras, battery storage units and wireless networking. Each system has various options depending on your needs including mounting kits ranging from easy mount solutions that allow homeowners to install them themselves, professional installer service, cloud storage options, mobile apps to be used with iOS and Android phones, IP address filtering and other advanced tools. If you’re still deciding on what type you’d prefer I would recommend doing plenty of research because each model is vastly unique and offers something slightly different, the key factors you should check include reliability, price point, ease of setup and ease of operation along with customer support. There is no perfect solution, every model has strengths and weaknesses. Here’s a quick overview of each category of models below. If you’ve got questions please feel free to reach me at

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If Your Goals Include Surveillance Camera Systems For Homes & Businesses Then Here’s A Complete List Of Top Brands And Products We Recommend In Our View For 2020.
This post will cover some of the top brands currently available in market today along side information regarding price/cost, reliability and other key factors that should be considered while searching for surveillance cameras for homes or business installations.
What Is A CCTV System Anyway?
First things first, what exactly is a CCTV system anyway?
In short, a video recording device used in places like offices, banks, retail stores, manufacturing plants and government buildings. These devices record videos continuously 24 hours per day 7 days per week with motion detection technology to help identify incidents. Most often these systems use high quality digital video, a computer screen display or both depending upon the type of event detected and whether the recorded events needs to be reviewed after being stored by the software running the device. Some types of video equipment include web cams, closed circuit television systems used for internal applications only and networked IP enabled video solutions which allow multiple locations around the world access to live footage via internet.
Who Should Use Video Surveillance?
There are many different situations where video monitoring would prove valuable. If you own a store then having video evidence could protect against theft and vandalism. Or perhaps you work in law enforcement or you run a construction site or a warehouse; you may wish to keep track of who enters the building and when and where they go during normal working hours.
Another benefit of having video footage stored digitally is that this gives you instant access to that data. Whether you decide to watch the recordings yourself or send them to security experts for analysis, once the incident happened and was saved you’ll always have proof in case you ever need to investigate further.
How Do I Start Using a Digital Monitoring Solution At My House?
So, where does this leave us? Well, if you’re serious about protecting your house, office space or commercial property then finding the best possible solution to monitor everything going on inside is essential. Luckily for you, there are plenty of companies offering affordable surveillance options on the market, but you’ve got to find the right fit for your circumstances and preferences.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Campbell River

Campbell River is located about an hour north of Vancouver Island BC. Campbell River was named “Best Small Town City in Canada” by Maclean’s magazine readers back in 2000.
This blog will cover the following categories regarding Campbell River and surrounding areas (the Greater Victoria Area).
1. Local News/Events/Safety Tips: Some great things happening this week in Campbell River include;
The annual Campbell River Highland Games is being held this weekend featuring traditional Scottish games including caber tossing which involves throwing wooden sticks approximately 8 feet high. These events take place every September during Cowichan Valley Days Festival near Duncan, British Columbia.
2. New Year’s Resolutions List: Looking forward to spending a day outdoors camping and hiking around beautiful Campbell River with friends and family. How many people made resolutions they failed to keep? Don’t worry because you’re not alone, everyone slips up a few times throughout these 12 months but just like most diets, once you get healthy food habits going into 2020 you’ll see the pounds fall away naturally without counting calories or restricting yourself. Make it happen today!
3. Camping Tips: If you love fishing then you’d be excited to hear there are some beautiful lakes close by. We recommend checking them out. Here are some tips on getting started.
4. Campbell River Fishing Report: Check out the latest news of the fishing waters from Campbell River BC, Canada
5. Our Website. Come visit us soon.
6. Campbell River Photo Gallery: View our photo gallery showcasing pictures taken around Campbell River & the nearby area. Click the image above to view them.
7. Canadian Online Camera Store: Get everything you need for digital photography from Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony, FujiFilm cameras, lenses, accessories and printers plus video products and professional lighting equipment. Shop for camcorders, DSLR, action cams, point n shoot compact cameras, video capture software and audio recording gear from brands trusted worldwide. Visit for more information.

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Campbell River homes and offices come in different shapes and sizes, but they always need protection against unwanted visitors. Whether it be burglars trying to break in through windows or just general intruders coming around, people should take steps to protect themselves against these threats. While most homeowners already feel like they live next door to danger due to crime statistics, many are still unaware they actually could benefit greatly from installing surveillance cameras. These devices help deter criminals, catch dangerous incidents before someone gets hurt, prevent loss of property and provide peace of mind for those who own them. So, why would anyone install a video system in his or her home?
1. Deterrent Effectively. If you want thieves to stay away because you put up a good fight, then the deterrent effect will work wonders for you. When people see these cameras installed, they become frightened that something bad may happen to them. They get scared enough that the criminals are likely to leave. However, this does not mean the cameras won’t ever stop anyone from breaking in. But, they won’t try again because criminals usually only have eyes towards places where they expect victims to be located. By placing these cameras in strategic areas, criminals will notice that no one seems to care about being watched while doing whatever they’re about to commit. And since they don’t know which rooms are protected, they tend to avoid certain ones altogether. Thus, you will find fewer crimes taking place in locations where surveillance systems are present.
2. Keep an Eye On Your Property. Most Campbell River residents spend some part of each day outside working or relaxing inside. For those individuals without surveillance systems in place, it’s possible these situations go unnoticed, thus leaving valuable things unattended. Thieves, burglars, vandals, and other undesirables can steal anything they desire, including expensive electronics, jewelry, precious items, documents, etc. A well-placed camera catches every detail, making sure nothing goes unaccounted for. Not to mention, you’ll be able to monitor your entire house remotely via smartphone or tablet.
3. Catch Trouble Early. It happens sometimes, and you probably wouldn’t wish to miss out on seeing trouble brewing and catching it early; otherwise, it becomes a huge problem.

Campbell River's Best Commercial Security Cameras

Campbell river is a beautiful town on Vancouver Island, BC Canada. The weather is generally mild during most of the summer months which makes this area attractive to people living in the Pacific Northwest region. For those who live in Campbell River, they usually go around checking each other houses through neighbors in different communities. Also because Campbell River is located near Victoria, British Columbia, some of these people prefer to use the Internet rather than getting the help from traditional medium like phone calls or visits. Because many households in Campbell River own cameras or surveillance systems today, companies and organizations have realized the importance of having them installed and used correctly, especially since it protects homes against burglary and theft crime. If you already decide that your home needs extra protection, then using the following strategies on how to install a good quality security system will surely be beneficial.
If you are thinking that installing high quality security surveillance systems for your premises requires professional knowledge, it should be noted that actually you do not always need to hire experts just to find the perfect equipment and get the correct information regarding proper functioning of such equipment. Actually there is no need to spend tons of cash to buy expensive items just to save yourself from experiencing problems after using them. Moreover, you can simply purchase products by visiting websites such as, which offers the latest technology and innovative solutions for residential and commercial purposes including video doorbells and DVR/NVR. But one thing you must remember is that if it seems that the website looks familiar and has really promising packages, but it does not offer professional assistance and 24 hour customer service, avoid buying from that vendor. Therefore, consider that website carefully since it probably did not provide services previously. On the other hand, it would be wise to take note whether this particular company has established trust among clients; whether they guarantee customers full refund policy, warranty period, price guarantee, and lifetime technical support. These factors indicate how reliable a company is and whether a client can rely on them for long term contracts. Before making any purchases, check the reviews left by previous clients if available.
In addition, research thoroughly the type of hardware you want to acquire, considering you already have all required components to begin using advanced monitoring devices.

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In this post I cover some of the most popular commercial cameras available today including indoor/outdoor, wireless IP security, day & night video recording capabilities (both still images and motion), HD resolution for 1080p, 720p, 576i & 480 p. Some of these products even offer built-in Wi-Fi connectivity which makes it super convenient for remote viewing and monitoring purposes.
Here’s my top 10 pick of the best Commercial Security Cameras for Campbell river and the rest of BC. These are great options for both residential and business customers who are seeking affordable high quality security solutions.
1. Axis P-series Wireless Camera System
This model includes 4 indoor / outdoor models with a total array size of 8MP and 2 night vision units with a total of 16MP. Each unit supports up to 30 ft range and offers full panoramic coverage, day/night video recording capabilities, motion detection alerts, email notifications, cloud storage via Amazon web services (AWS). All units include a USB drive and an HDMI cable.
2. Panasonic DMC LUMIX SZ5 Digital Compact Camcorder
For those wanting something smaller than the above mentioned P series but still having the same level of functionality, the Panasonic Lumix SZ5 is a perfect solution. It features a compact body of just 1 inch thick (with no lens cap) which will fit comfortably inside small pockets such as purses (and maybe the glove box in your car!).
3. Arlo Pro 2 Outdoor Security Camera
The Arlo Pro 2 is a weatherproof and waterproof security device with two way audio communication capability. Its 2 MP sensor captures crisp photos, videos, and infrared thermal imaging at up to 30 feet in distance. The Pro2 can be used indoors or outdoors and can be mounted anywhere. A mobile application lets you remotely view live footage and record clips.
4. Nest Wifi Camera
Nest is well known for their thermostatic devices. However, they recently expanded their reach into other areas like the Internet of Things, security cameras being another addition to the lineup. Their wifi cameras are designed specifically for homes and offices.

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