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Best Security Cameras Canmore

Security cameras are becoming increasingly popular due to recent events such as the Boston Marathon bombings and Paris Attacks which highlighted the importance of video surveillance systems. However, many people struggle installing these devices correctly because they often fail to understand the benefits of having them installed properly.
We have put together this guide to help explain why you should consider investing in security cameras for yourself or someone else.
This post will go through each section explaining exactly why you should install security cameras and provide step by step instructions on setting up your first system. We will then move onto discussing the most useful products available today, including some of our top recommendations. Finally we will conclude with a quick summary of our favourite tips for choosing the right security cameras for your property.
Best Timeframe For Installing Security Cameras
There really isn’t much point buying expensive equipment only to leave it sitting around unused. If you decide to buy security cameras for your business, you’d be surprised just how valuable having footage in hand could prove once something happens.
However, if you want to avoid a situation like this, it would be prudent to invest in a quality CCTV system as soon after purchase as possible.
If you are going to be moving house or office, it makes sense to get everything ready well ahead of moving day to ensure nothing gets damaged during transit. If you’re unsure of the timeframe required, contact us at Secure Cam who are experts at helping homeowners install high quality security cameras quickly!
How Many Cams Do I Need And Where Should They Be Placed?
One of the first mistakes made when installing security cameras is trying to place them everywhere. While this does work as a deterrent against potential intruders, it’s actually far less effective than placing a single cam strategically.
For example, placing multiple cams in different areas of your home is likely to attract attention and may cause unwanted guests to become suspicious of the fact you have security cameras in place. Instead, focus on putting one camera per area of interest. This way, you can be confident no intruder goes undetected while still being able to view footage easily.

Security Cameras Monitoring Company Canmore

In 2020, security cameras became the go to tool used for both residential and commercial use. They provide us peace of mind while being able to keep track of who enters, exits and stays inside our homes. We now live in a connected world where everything around us is monitored 24/7 by these small yet powerful devices.
Security Camera monitoring companies like Secure Cam monitor and protect our most valuable asset which is ourselves; therefore they should be installed at strategic locations in order for them to be effective. These locations include entrances, lobbies, hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, garages, storage areas, backyards and other places within the home.
We will discuss some of the top 10 security camera brands, products and trends for this upcoming year.
1. IP Video Surveillance Systems
IP stands for Internet Protocol and refers to networked video surveillance systems that allow remote control of the system via internet connection. It is considered as one of the safest way to install surveillance equipment since no wires needs to cross through walls. IP Surveillance System offers many advantages including ease of setup and configuration, high resolution videos, ability to record events in realtime, multi-camera support, motion detection, alerts notifications and many more. Some examples of IP cameras are Dahua, Hikvision, Axis, Panasonic, Samsung SmartThings, Nest, Ring Stick Up Cam & Many More..
2. Wireless Networking Devices
Wireless networking device are becoming popular among homeowners due to its portability, mobility, flexibility and affordability. Most wireless routers come equipped with built-in WiFi hotspot capability allowing multiple devices to connect simultaneously through wireless connections. Some of the most popular wireless router models today are Linksys WRT series, TP link Archer C9000 Series, Netgear Nighthawk X8 AC1200 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router, Asus RTACU300N Wi-Fi Range Extender.
3. Cloud Based Software Solutions
Cloud-Based software solutions are becoming increasingly popular because of their convenience and accessibility. They offer an excellent solution for those looking to automate certain processes in and outside of work environment.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Canmore

What would be better than spending quality time outside of work while having peace of mind inside to keep watch over your family, pets, business inventory, property and yourself? A top of the line outdoor IP video surveillance system will ensure instant notification and action for potential danger, whether real life threat or just those pesky critters that like to eat away at your furniture and belongings. Whether you run a small retail store or own multi million dollar retail complex; whether you live in town or rural Canada, this article shows you why investing in indoor/outdoor security cameras for your Canmore community today could provide significant savings down the road through lower insurance premiums and fewer claims resulting from crime committed against people and assets in your community.
Security Camera Features
4k HD resolution video capture
Motion Detecting technology
Zoom capability
Easy setup & management
Self powered
Powerful storage capacity
Up to 30 days battery life per day (depending on model)
Remote monitoring via mobile devices. View Live Images anywhere anytime
Voice detection technology available to alert police department immediately for emergency situations
Smartphone App Available
Fully compatible with most popular smartphones
Approved for both Android and IOS systems
Compatible with Alexa and Wink (home automation). Add voice activation and remote control functions via smartphone.
Multiple view options
Live streaming to cloud service providers
Real Time analytics
Inbuilt geofencing feature that triggers recording events when movement detected around perimeter. Geo fencing can help protect areas near sensitive locations
Intelligent Alert Notification
Advanced motion sensing technologies including IR illumination based nightvision sensors to detect moving items in high contrast light conditions
Low power consumption modes to save energy during periods of no activity
Cloud Storage Services
Highly scalable architecture designed for efficient resource utilization and deployment scalability. Cloud storage offers many advantages including centralized archival, backup, recovery and retrieval capabilities.
Network Architecture
The ability to network each device together allowing multiple units to operate simultaneously
Noise filtering filters video signals from other sources such as weathervane lights or wind chimes which generate noise. Noises above 85db.
Integration Capabilities
Built-in API integrations.

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Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Canmore AB

We hope this post helps get you started thinking about the kinds of cameras and installations that will be most useful during the coming years. We see many uses for these devices beyond just keeping watch; they can play a key role in protecting people and places against unwanted intrusions, and help homeowners better understand day to day life in the areas surrounding their homes.
At Secure Cam, we specialize in installing and providing support for surveillance systems — but we’d like to use our expertise and experience to suggest some ideas for other applications. A few examples include:
Keeping track of livestock/inventory: Keeping watchful eyes on property can save ranchers time spent searching through lots of hay or checking inventory numbers. An inexpensive networked system could automatically monitor movement around buildings, helping reduce losses caused by theft and disease, saving time and reducing stress associated with such things as long days spent counting stock. And who knows, if someone gets injured while rounding animals up, monitoring footage from remote locations might catch something sooner than responders would otherwise notice.
Home automation: From lighting controls to automatic gate locks, modern technology makes managing our lives easier every day. And those tools aren’t going anywhere soon. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, gaming consoles, and other electronic gizmos offer endless opportunities to expand the possibilities afforded us today—and we wouldn’t trade them for anything. But smart home devices present additional privacy concerns, especially since so many of them come equipped with wireless capabilities. Some manufacturers claim their products pose no risk, leaving consumers wondering if they should trust the claims being made. Our point isn’t whether you feel comfortable owning such gadgets, but rather making sure the information available to anyone trying to hack into your network won’t put you or loved ones at serious risk. One solution: install a high quality CCTV system alongside traditional doorbell cameras and motion sensors, allowing folks living safely outside your walls to communicate with you easily without alerting burglars they’re watching. Of course, you’ll still have to keep an eye on everything yourself, but that shouldn’t mean spending sleepless nights behind screens.

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Canmore Home Security Cameras Done Right

In this article, we will discuss some of the latest technologies available and what they mean for us, the consumer. We are going to go through what security cameras actually are, why people use them and some tips on how to install your own security system. If you are looking to protect your family against intruders then the following information could help guide you to making an informed decision.
Security Camera Types
There are four main types of security camera systems; IP camera, webcams, DVRs and motion detectors. Each type offers different benefits and each system requires a slightly different approach to installing and monitoring. For instance, IP cameras can be used anywhere while Web cams are usually connected to a specific device like a smartphone. A traditional analog video surveillance solution uses DVRs which are essentially large storage devices which record footage onto a disc drive. Motion detection sensors work similarly but instead of recording to disk drives they send alerts to email addresses or phone numbers.
What’s New in 2020?
We’ve seen many advances made to both technology and products in recent years. Here’s just a brief rundown of what’s coming next, for better or worse.
IP Cameras and WebCams
Web cams seem to be becoming obsolete because they aren’t really useful unless attached to something else. However in 2020, we expect the market to shift towards smart devices being able to take advantage of these cameras. Smart speakers, phones and tablets already have built in cameras, meaning that if someone enters your house unannounced you won’t miss them!
Motion Sensors
If you’re interested in keeping tabs on who goes where around your property without having to rely on a human observer, the market for doorbell cameras continues to expand. These days most models allow you to see live footage, view recorded clips remotely via a computer screen, and get notifications whenever movement occurs near your front entryway. Some models even provide a way to play back recordings of activity.
Smartphone usage will only continue to increase. As smartphones become increasingly powerful, it becomes easier than ever to capture and store high quality images in real time.

Canmore's Best Commercial Security Cameras

If you spend most of your day working inside, chances are high that keeping an eye on everything around your house will increase dramatically, whether the job involves babysitting small children, elderly parents or pets. If this describes you then these next few posts could be just the ticket to turning those concerns into reality. We’ve pulled together some of the latest trends to help improve your experience in both home and office environments. Whether they involve monitoring kids while away from the house or simply watching who enters and leaves your yard, installing surveillance systems shouldn’t be complicated—and should definitely be something you take seriously. Here’s what you should expect to see in the market soon…
1. Smart Doorbell Systems – While most doorbell setups rely solely upon the sound produced by a chime ringing from afar, many manufacturers now offer advanced “smarts” that allow homeowners and landlords alike to answer calls and respond accordingly from anywhere within a range of just feet away from the unit….
2. 1080P HD Video Recording & Monitoring Technology – Not only does quality matter but so does durability, especially as cameras age and become worn down. Fortunately, advancements in video recording technology mean you won’t find yourself forced to get up close and personal with fuzzy footage. And thanks to advances in 4K resolution, many modern models record video files nearly five times higher than 720 full HD….
3. IP Camera Adapters for Amazon Alexa Devices – When it comes to voice control technology, nothing beats Amazon Echo devices like Alexa. As long as you’re willing to pay through the nose, your Alexa device will remain connected, giving you endless possibilities for remote monitoring that extend far beyond traditional cameras. For example, some providers allow you to use your Echo device to control indoor lighting, play music or manage temperature settings remotely. Plus, because IP cams are typically smaller than Wi-Fi enabled units, mounting them outside isn’t quite as big of a headache….
4. Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Cameras – Because outdoor cameras are prone to damage caused by rain, wind and snow, many people opt to invest in weatherproof designs that work indoors as well as outdoors.

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We’ve compiled this guide to help Canmore residents decide which commercial Security Camera system they should buy for their business/home or office. We’ll cover some basic questions like “what size”, “which model” and “how many cameras”. After those things are sorted out, then we’ll move onto the specifics of the different systems available. We’re going to focus mainly on indoor cameras but outdoor options will be covered as well. If we miss anything out (or something isn’t mentioned), please feel free to email us! Our team would love to hear from you.
Canmore is known as being Canada’s first national park, located near Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. We pride ourselves in having the most beautiful natural beauty around with stunning Rocky Mountain views. If you’d like more information on our community check out Canmore Tourism website.
In order to get started, we recommend starting with these general guidelines:
Size Matters
When choosing a security camera system for a home or office, consider what size space you have. Most people tend to go with either a small or medium sized system, depending on the amount of coverage required. However, if you have larger areas (like a warehouse or large building), you can always scale up your solution.
What Size System Do I Need?
Small: A good entry level security camera package, perfect for a bathroom, kitchen, garage or laundry room
Medium: Perfect for a hallway, living area, basement, bedroom or study
Large: Ideal for a warehouse, gym, storage closet, shop, workshop or other large spaces
Camera Type
Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor systems usually provide the widest angle view of your property. They typically work indoors only. Outdoor models usually offer better resolution than indoor ones, however they aren’t great at seeing through walls.
Hybrid Systems: These combine both indoor and outdoor capabilities. Typically, these systems include 2-3 indoor units connected via wireless mesh networks and 1-2 external units that connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cables. Hybrid solutions allow you to see everything in your home from anywhere around town, with no dead spots.

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1. We install professionally; no DIY jobs! So many companies will promise professional installations and leave customers hanging due to poor workmanship. Not us guys! Our trained professionals show up on time and get started immediately. They work efficiently and ensure top quality service and customer satisfaction. After installing dozens of security cameras per week, I see their methods clearly and am impressed they deliver first class customer care every day. No job should be rushed through without quality control!
2. Online ordering & scheduling system makes my life easier! When you place your order with me via website, I can send you a quote quickly which helps you keep track of budgets and timelines. Once you like your options, I then email them to you (no call involved). Then you schedule dates and times that fit around your busy schedules. I’m always available 24/7 via chat for questions while your project moves along smoothly. And finally, once everything’s ready for final delivery, I’ll text you the confirmation and make arrangements for pick up or drop off. My team delivers all orders on time everyday. They’re reliable and they know how to treat people well!
3. We offer multiple payment options! Payment plans allow you to spread costs out evenly over several months, giving you peace of mind regarding monthly payments. Also, financing packages provide lower interest rates than most credit cards. If you prefer cash, just bring some extra cash for the camera setup fee and taxes and fees associated with purchase. All our prices include shipping charges.
4. Quality products that come with extended warranty! SecureCAM offers customers full replacement warranties that protect against defects related to materials and manufacturing errors. Most manufacturers only provide 3 years worth of coverage, but SecureCAM extends this lifetime guarantee for 12 years. Plus, if anything goes wrong after 1 year, our friendly support staff will replace your old or broken unit with another identical model FREE of charge. Our product lines consist of both indoor and outdoor models covering various functions including motion detection, video recording, audio, nightvision, 2 way communication, IP66 weather proof rating, WiFi hotspot function plus numerous other exciting capabilities. These systems are compatible with almost any network technology allowing you to connect wherever internet reaches.

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