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Capital Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

HikVision (China)
Tiany Digital Technologies Corp., Limited Liability Company (Taiwan), (hereinafter referred to as “Tiany”). Tiany was founded in 1999 and began developing digital surveillance cameras. Its core business focuses on manufacturing high quality digital video recording products. As part of this mission of providing innovative technology solutions, Tiany developed its own unique software development system called DVRMOS. Since then, Tiany has continued to develop and produce various types of digital surveillance equipment, including IP cameras, network cameras, PTZ/PIR motion detection devices, indoor positioning systems, audio monitoring systems, etc. Today, Tiany continues to provide the most reliable, affordable and technologically advanced surveillance solutions available today.
Tiandys’ history dates back to 2001 when it was established under the Taiwan Technology Development Center Co., Ltd.
In addition to being an industry leader in digital surveillance technologies, Tiany offers excellent service after sales support through its global customer base including CCTV Installation Companies around the world. For further details visit We will update this page regularly to keep readers informed on the latest news, updates, reviews, deals, promotions, and events related to security camera technology.
We hope our readers find this information useful. Please feel free to send us suggestions regarding topics you would like covered. Thanks again for visiting Secure Cam Tech.

Capital Home Security Cameras Done Right

Capital home cameras are becoming increasingly popular across Canada. Whether they’re installed inside or outside, these devices offer homeowners peace of mind that their family’s safety will always be protected.
This guide highlights some great options currently available and looks ahead at some exciting upcoming technology. We’ll provide insight regarding price points, ease-of-use and installation challenges to ensure buyers find the perfect solution! As a bonus, this edition includes several tips for upgrading older systems. If you’ve already purchased security cameras, check back often! Our team updates each release as technologies change. So, keep watching…we’ll be adding more soon!!
For those who are unaware, the term “camera” typically refers to a device which captures images and stores them digitally for playback/review later via software. But, what constitutes a “security camera”? These days, almost anything could fall under this umbrella; including motion detectors, webcams, video doorbells, IP surveillance networks, networked digital signs, smartphone accessories, and many other consumer electronics items.
So why should I care? Because security cameras play a critical role in crime prevention. Not only does the footage help law enforcement track down criminals after the fact, but the ability to monitor activity remotely gives people living near a suspicious area peace of mind. And while some companies market themselves specifically towards residential applications, there are plenty of options for business use cases including remote office management and physical asset protection.
Before getting started, consider what type of system would work best for you. There are two basic types of security cameras: stationary and mobile. A fixed location camera is often referred to as a stand-alone camera because it requires no external power source and records continuously without human intervention. However, most consumers aren’t interested in paying hundreds of dollars every few years just to record a single event. Most people prefer the flexibility offered by wireless, battery-powered cameras called CCTV units. These are usually equipped with a microphone for audio recording, allowing the homeowner to communicate with visitors and call 911.
In addition to choosing between different products, there are certain factors to take into consideration when installing your equipment. First things first, decide whether you’d like indoor or outdoor cameras.

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Capital BC

I recently made this post because I noticed that many people around me weren’t quite aware which cameras would be most suitable depending upon your needs. So after spending some good time researching, comparing models and reviewing my personal experiences installing both indoor and outdoor cameras; this guide was born. We hope this makes things easier for everyone who’s just getting started with CCTV installations. Enjoy!Read More…
There will always be products that claim they’re “the perfect camera”, but there aren’t really any guarantees. At least none beyond those provided by the manufacturer/seller. But there are a few factors you should consider when choosing a quality system: Read More…

This report explores how AI could impact customer experience across industries and markets including banking, retailing, travel, transportation and logistics, utilities, manufacturing, healthcare, entertainment, and finance. Learn key themes emerging from the recent Forrester Wave™: Customer Experience Analytics Solutions, Q2 2019 research, including recommendations for leaders seeking ways to capitalize on opportunities created through technology. Findings include: Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Your Business Model — If not Now Then When?
• AI technologies currently used today only address narrow use cases, whereas tomorrow these technologies will transform every corner of business operations—from sales and service provision to supply chains, back office processes, and internal communications. • AI capabilities continue to improve rapidly, and companies must proactively prepare for disruption that occurs once each week. • Consumers expect seamless cross channel journeys—AI technology that unifies channels is essential to gaining market share. • AI solutions leverage big data analytics to provide actionable information and insight to help solve real problems in customer interactions, including fraud detection, risk management, credit scoring and insurance underwriting. Technology Will Drive Future Growth Opportunities — And Threats Too
• Customers increasingly seek seamless personalized interaction with brands, regardless of physical location or device type, leading to the rise of “personalization 2.0.” As consumers embrace mobile internet connectivity, customers become less dependent on physical locations like bricks-and-mortar stores, prompting retailers to expand to digital delivery systems, augmented reality, virtual reality, autonomous drones, and other innovations that allow them to reach customers wherever they happen to reside.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Capital

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12. Check out the benefits of networked surveillance solutions to see how these types of technology will improve efficiency and visibility throughout your office space
13. Read about the latest developments in wireless cameras and other connected devices for commercial installations
14. See examples of the top 3 things you should consider when picking out the perfect camera system for your particular situation including considerations like resolution, motion detection capabilities, mounting options, and whether you’ll be needing multiple cameras around a property or just one main point-of-view
15. Watch this video to get an idea of why there’s no doubt that the internet of things has revolutionized the way people monitor buildings remotely.
16. Find out how you can avoid common pitfalls during your next capital project (which includes everything from choosing the correct camera mount to deciding whether you really need an internal alarm!)
We hope you enjoy the articles below.
If you’d like information on what we offer please visit We provide complete end-toend support from design through to install and aftercare.

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This post will take a look at some of the most popular surveillance cameras for indoor use. If you already own a traditional analog camcorder and simply need better resolution than 720p HD video capture capabilities, then you won’t be disappointed. However, these products aren’t just great because they offer amazing high quality images; many of them support 1080p/30fps which allows smooth playback without jittery movement. You’ll notice I only listed those models with built-in storage; this isn’t necessarily true for every model on the market but most high end ones offer either USB drives or cloud storages. Here’s a great overview article comparing different types of IP cams for 2020. These types include PTZ cameras that automatically zoom and pan around the subject depending on whether it enters it’s field of view, fixed angle cameras at specific locations, and panning cameras that continuously sweep across wide areas.
For more information on best security cams check out my blog posts below.
1. Ring Camera:
2. Canary Flex Cam:
3. Visonic VT200U4 HD Wireless IP Camera System:
4. Samsung H7700 Smart TV Remote Viewer:
5. Tally S7000HDIP Panorama Camera:
6. Arlo Pro 2 Camera WiFi Alarm System: https://securecamppro.

Best Security Cameras Capital

Security cameras are always a hot topic these days because they provide essential visibility inside homes where people live. From watching kids play down the street to making sure visitors aren’t lurking around the back door, Security Camera systems serve lots of different purposes. Some companies sell standalone video surveillance products while other install them through professionals; either way, they’re usually fairly inexpensive. While most common use cases involve external cameras to watch things like cars coming to the house, some folks prefer internal ones — those mounted next to doors and windows that record activity without affecting everyday life. If you’ve ever wondered which type of setup would be optimal for you, this guide will help explain why there’s no single system that fits every purpose.

We’ll take a look at four different types of internal/exterior systems, including traditional fixed-location CCTV setups, wireless IP cams, motion sensors, and hybrid solutions. We won’t go into great detail since each category covers similar ground; rather, we’ll cover just enough to get a sense for what makes each solution unique and why some work better than others depending on needs. For instance, wired cameras might offer higher resolution but typically cost more upfront and present a greater challenge to implement if your property isn’t already equipped. Wireless IP systems allow you to place multiple indoor units anywhere indoors without running wires, and often come at lower prices per unit. Motion detectors are another popular choice that offer a way to track activity automatically, regardless of whether there’s internet connectivity available, and can be paired with alarm clocks and lights to trigger action. Hybrids generally integrate both approaches: A standard set of wireless IP models can sit alongside traditional fixed locations in order to keep existing wiring costs low and supplement existing coverage areas, while still giving you plenty of options should circumstances arise that require additional space outside. As long as you understand the differences among each approach, it really shouldn’t matter which model you go with; the end result will tend to speak for itself. With that said, read ahead to learn more about each category in depth along with tips and tricks for selecting the right combination for your situation.
If that sounds confusing, fear not! We break everything down below to describe exactly what each solution does and then delve into specifics.

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In this post, I will go through some top tips and tricks for choosing the best security cameras for your capital property.
There are many things to consider when selecting which type of video surveillance system would be most suitable for your business, including:
• Camera Type: There are four main types of IP camera systems available, each providing different levels of functionality and quality of image.
1. Fixed Mounted IP Cameras
Fixed mounted IP camera systems offer high definition images but only provide the ability to see what is happening inside a fixed location. They cannot track moving subjects and are typically used in a static environment like a lobby, corridor or office space.
2. Pan/Tilt/Zoom IP Cameras
Pan/tilt/zoom IP cameras allow movement around a subject, allowing more coverage than a fixed mount camera. However they lack HD resolution making them unable to view fine details.
3. Dome/Rear Projection Systems
These systems project live footage onto walls or other flat surfaces, giving them great visibility and the ability to pan and tilt 360 degrees. However these units lack true 1080p HD resolution, meaning that they can’t capture crisp close up shots. If the resolution isn’t good enough then you won’t get a sharp picture. A dome projection unit should always be placed where people can clearly see it and ideally the angle can be adjusted so everyone gets a nice view, without being too obtrusive.
4. PTZ Cameras
PTZ cameras use zoom technology to move closer to a person or object in order to record the finer detail. These units come equipped with multiple lenses and can rotate and move horizontally, vertically and in both directions. Some models include night vision and infrared capabilities. PTZ’s are ideal for capturing events like sporting events and conferences.
Camera Positioning
When considering placement, it makes sense to place your cameras near entrances and exits, as well as areas where activity tends to occur. For example, placing video recording equipment along hallways and stairwells helps ensure that staff members aren’t caught unaware, while placing cameras at the front desk or entrance helps prevent theft.

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We understand the time constraints most homeowners face and we strive to provide them with great service that will help keep homes safe. Our products include everything from traditional dome cameras to high definition IP Cameras and nightvision devices, wireless doorbells and motion detection devices. We specialize in providing excellent customer experience through fast turnarounds, friendly staff and quick response times.
Why Install Your Own Camera System?
There are many advantages to installing your own security system instead of relying on cable companies or third party providers who often lack expertise and quality assurance standards required in this industry. Here are some of the benefits of having your own system installed:
1. Control & Accessibility — Unlike other systems that rely on remote viewing via live streaming video, you get complete control of exactly what information gets viewed and shared amongst your family members.
2. Savings—Installing your own system can save significant amounts of money because you avoid paying monthly subscription fees, equipment rental charges and installation fees from a contractor. Plus you won’t be subjected to hidden costs like those associated with contracts offered by cable television providers.
3. Better Quality—Cable systems generally offer lower resolution images than professional grade digital cameras which results in fuzzy images and poor image contrast making it harder to distinguish details and identify threats. Also, they use outdated technology and software resulting in frequent malfunctions. On top of that, these types of surveillance systems have little or no record keeping function so after the initial purchase you would have to pay additional funds every single day just to receive footage recorded during business hours.
4. Peace of Mind—Most home burglary investigations end in failure due to inconsistent reporting practices among homeowners and police departments alike. Having surveillance in place will ensure that you’re informed whenever criminal activity occurs in or around your property whether someone breaks into your house while you’re away or someone simply trespasses onto your land without permission. This way you’ll always feel confident knowing that you’ve got the power to immediately respond to potential dangers. 5. No Internet Connection Required—Many security camera manufacturers today are offering Wi-Fi enabled models allowing consumers to easily install their cameras without being restricted to only visiting certain websites for updates..

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