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We provide the highest quality cameras available. Our team will take care of everything. We install and maintain them for years after they’ve served their purpose. If we’re installing a system today, we’ll be maintaining the same cameras tomorrow.
Here are some things to consider when selecting which type of commercial surveillance solution fits your needs.
What is your business’ current surveillance situation like? Do you currently use video recorders (like Tivo)? Or, do you only use closed circuit television cameras? Do you have multiple locations, each requiring separate systems? These questions help determine whether a traditional analog CCTV setup would work best for your needs.
How much footage do you expect to capture? Do you anticipate capturing long hours of continuous recording? Or do you just wish you could keep an eye on certain parts of your property while away?
Do you intend to monitor employees or guests? Will the system include motion detection technology? Is the monitoring device wireless? Do you have specific areas of concern, such as certain rooms, entrances, parking lots, etc.?
What types of devices does your business rely upon? Do you have a lot of computers, printers, fax machines, phones, etc.? Does your office or store have sensitive electronics? Will you be capturing video on these items?
Are you planning to expand or contract your security system? If yes, how soon should this happen?
If the answer to any of the above questions is YES…
Cayuga recommends upgrading the existing cameras to digital models. Digital surveillance offers greater resolution and less noise than older analog technologies, allowing for better visibility in dimly lit environments.
Digital cameras are easier to manage and operate, especially as your business expands to additional locations. They offer remote control capabilities through software such as IP Cam Control.
For a more detailed discussion please see our Surveillance Systems page. For more information contact us at 877-868-5333 or

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Cayuga ON

Security cameras are installed in many different places around North America these days, including homes, businesses, government buildings and schools. They range widely in price. Some cost less than $50 while some go well beyond $3,000. However, they generally provide good value because they protect people and property at reasonable prices. When choosing, consider quality first and foremost, but keep an eye out for additional features like motion detection or high definition video recording. Most modern cameras include built-in webcams which allow homeowners to monitor activity remotely via an internet connection. If you prefer to watch things live rather than record them to files then this feature will be useful to you.
For those who install security cameras, this guide offers tips and tricks, helpful links and information about the most popular brands available today. Read through this post to learn everything you need to know about how to properly install and use your own security system.
In this article I discuss common questions and options for installing IP Cameras (and other types).
Most residential systems consist of 2-4 HD digital cameras; the lower end typically costing under 5K USD. Higher-end models can range upwards of 10k and higher. For example, it’s possible to get an 8x zoom model for $2500+. Other factors to consider are resolution, frame rate (30 FPS), picture size/quality (JPEG with 1280 X 720 Pixels @ 24FPS), audio level / sensitivity, lens diameter(35mm = standard 1″ wide angle lens, larger lenses usually offer better images due to greater depth of field), mounting type, wireless capabilities, weatherproofing abilities; and battery life. This section includes several popular models and will help you find something suitable for most situations.
If you’re building a house, having proper surveillance in place is essential. Not only should you have monitoring outside during construction, but you’ll probably also want indoor coverage once the project is finished.
This guide covers basic concepts involved in designing a surveillance solution for a residence. Whether you’re considering buying or renting equipment, or choosing among various manufacturers of fixed solutions, there are plenty of products to meet every demand.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Cayuga

(Cayuga Camera was founded back in 2012 and offers high end surveillance systems installed under warranty.) We offer professional video recording solutions like motion detection cameras, indoor IP Network Cameras, wireless DVR recorders, digital video encoders (NVIS), and HD video monitoring software. (We specialize in residential and commercial applications.) Most people feel they just need video security because bad things happen in “bad neighborhoods” but this isn’t always true or efficient. A good system should be able to see everything in real time and alert you whenever something happens no matter where in the world it takes place which is why a network or cloud storage solution is vital.
Security is vital in every market today and therefor I would recommend getting yourself some high quality audio/video equipment instead of cheap stuff with poor performance. Having said this, that being said, in order to choose the perfect camera system you will firstly need to decide whether it is going monitor and store footage locally via SD card (such as IPCAM DVR), stream live HD 1080P & 720P feed wirelessly via WiFi (IP Cameras) or store all videos remotely via S3 Cloud Storage (SaaS). These 3 options are listed below. If however, you already have an existing setup then please check out my other articles regarding CCTV design and installation for more information about which type of camera suits most locations or situations.
Now let us move onto Installation. For this first article, lets assume you purchased a camera system that stores your video files through the use of an internal memory stick / SSD drive or perhaps a Firewire device attached to your computer.
There are many ways you could go ahead install these devices but I shall outline to you the easiest, safest and recommended methods I personally prefer.

1. Preinstalled Software (hardware only)- One great thing about hardware installations especially those which come ready made with everything you need inside the box, is that once it arrives, setting it up is often easier than installing additional programs which take time to configure and learn.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



Cayuga Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

We understand that every person living in New York State wants quality products and excellent customer service.
In addition, many people do not always feel comfortable placing themselves under surveillance via video cameras in their homes or businesses. However, with today’s developments in technology and ever increasing popularity of high definition security cameras, this fear should disappear quickly.
This is why, since 2008, we have worked diligently, to produce top of the line products along side world class customer service practices. We guarantee satisfaction to every client who purchases our products through us. If after 30 days or less, you find yourself unsatisfied with your purchase we will refund your payment in full.
Why choose us? Many clients have expressed interest in our products because of our exceptional Customer Service Team, which consists of highly skilled install technicians, friendly consultants, knowledgeable sales agents, professional email support team members, and dedicated software engineers.
When choosing a Surveillance System Provider, do thorough research in order to select the system which offers maximum value while keeping your expectations realistic. For example; most systems currently available come equipped with night vision capabilities but only some offer pan tilt zoom functions. Other models may include infrared lighting sensors to help distinguish shapes better than a standard white light model.
All these factors must be carefully considered prior to making a decision of which system will meet your needs best.
Security Camera Installation Tip #1 When installing a surveillance system, make sure to take proper measurements including the height and width of each wall in question, before selecting the type of mount necessary. Most mounts used nowadays have adjustable brackets that allow them to fit various ceiling heights and ceilings without having to drill holes into walls. Some even provide additional mounting options on either end such as screws or bolts. A wide range of hardware accessories like cables, wires and power supplies are sold separately to enhance your experience during the setup phase.
If the location of your security camera system dictates that a pole mounted solution would work best for your house or business then consider investing in a weatherproof enclosure with multiple connections to minimize damage due to harsh weather conditions. Depending upon where you live, different climates could pose issues ranging from wind storms to extreme heat or cold. Many enclosures are made specifically for use in areas experiencing severe temperatures.

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Best Security Cameras Cayuga

A few years ago, many people did not understand why they should install cameras around their homes because their insurance companies would deny claims stating that no burglars had ever broken into their house since the homeowner hadn’t installed surveillance equipment. We’re going through this same thing again today but things are changing fast. Technology has changed the game entirely. People used to use only doorbells, motion detectors, or smoke alarms—and those just weren’t good enough. But today’s modern day devices offer far better video quality than anything available back then. And thanks to AI technology, these devices can actually learn to recognize certain actions like opening doors automatically after detecting movement, giving the device “eyes” while still remaining unobtrusive.
Nowadays most homeowners see having some type of advanced home monitoring system in place being absolutely necessary, especially if their children will be left unattended during long vacation periods. Whether you live near busy streets, next to the park or other places that may draw thieves, or your property happens to sit on a large lake that often hosts boating activity that could attract criminals; chances are you already experience problems that require constant attention and supervision. Today’s technology offers affordable solutions for anyone who wants to protect themselves against potential dangers like theft, fire hazards, intruders, natural disasters, weather events, water damage and more. For example, a basic DIY kit containing the aforementioned items sells for under $1,000 dollars which makes them completely affordable options for individuals. Of course, professional contractors have the advantage of knowing exactly where to mount each sensor and to provide custom mounting kits tailored specifically to meet individual needs. If you’d rather avoid spending the big bucks upfront, consider installing high end IP cams and DVR systems that come bundled together with professionally designed software programs for recording all relevant footage. These bundles typically include everything you’ll need including multiple storage capabilities, HD resolution recordings, remote viewing functionality, and 24/7 cloud backup service. These packages have become increasingly popular among homeowners due to the fact the hardware costs less and there’s always support readily available via phone calls, email correspondence and instant messaging.

Security Cameras Monitoring Company Cayuga

There will be many changes in technology and products coming soon. As per my prediction, I would prefer to install some type of internet connected device inside the home and office environment. Internet connectivity gives us several advantages including remote management, realtime monitoring, video storage on cloud servers, web/mobile apps, mobile phone notifications, remote control devices, motion detection systems & automation features; however they lack physical presence in the home and business environments which requires human interaction.
Security cameras help enhance safety by giving you visual confirmation of who is around you. Besides, these electronic gadgets are great tools used to reduce crime and assist police investigations. For most people having a digital cam monitor system installed near by your property is just enough without installing something else like a doorbell, outdoor flood light alarm system or an indoor intercom unit. However, depending upon the requirements and preferences, you could end up adding other types of devices and sensors.
Cayuga Camera Company offers solutions tailored to fit specific needs. They provide high quality residential and commercial grade security equipment; security systems, DVRs, IP surveillance systems, audio and video recording devices and professional CCTV installations.
If you own a house, apartment building, hotel, retail store, warehouse or industrial buildings then this post shows you why one should go for Cayuga Security Products for their Security Solution instead of buying individual items separately.
We have divided the following topics under 5 categories: Top Ten Reasons Why We Recommend Cayuga Products, Installation Tips For Your New Digital Cam Monitor System, DIY Cameras Or Professional Installations By A Certified Technician And Lastly Some Common Questions About Our Products Answered.
Top 10 Things Not To Do When Buying An Electronic Device | 1. Getting Multiple Deals On Different Devices Like Door Bell Alarm Systems| 2. Going Through Many Websites Of Various Companies Without Looking At Them First And Also Reading Their Reviews Carefully | 3. Purchasing More Than One Product From Multiple Vendors Simultaniously On Same Budget. | 4. Purchasing Items Online Where The Payment Is Directed To Seller And Customer Both Have No Idea Who Ownes These Goods And Even Don’t Know If You Can Resale It Again After Purchase.

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There are several things that go into making a good choice for security cameras monitoring company cayuga but we will discuss some basics today before delving deeper tomorrow:
-Camera Types: CCD / CMOS
CCD stands for charge coupled device which is used to convert light into electrical signals, while the CMOS stands for complementary metal oxide silicon which uses transistors instead of diodes to store information. Both technologies offer high resolution images, however CCD technology offers better color reproduction, less noise, lower cost per pixel, smaller size, higher quality video output signal and larger dynamic range for night vision applications than CMOS. Most professional surveillance systems use either both types of technology together or just one type depending upon price point requirements and needs.
For most people who would like a security camera system installed they are better served choosing digital rather than analog because digital does not degrade over time. Analog has no storage capacity and once power is removed the image disappears forever whereas digital retains stored pixels indefinitely until overwritten or deleted. However many times this is not possible due to lack of battery life or other issues. Digital has better long term reliability, better picture quality and higher frame rates than analog. If you are installing a home security system then having both in house is always recommended, especially if you intend to upgrade to IP cameras. For people buying a single unit, CCD cameras are generally cheaper than equivalent sized CMOS models but there aren’t really any real differences from a usability perspective except color representation. A lot of companies sell cheap units made for indoor sports/action cameras or baby monitors and these typically only feature monochrome. They don’t usually record well outdoors unless you’re going through a telephoto lens. These usually come in sizes ranging from 3MP – 40MP and are often advertised as being weatherproof although they will work fine indoors. We recommend checking reviews carefully since manufacturers vary greatly in terms of customer support, ease of setup and overall experience with each model. For example, Panasonic seems to be one of the worst brands in terms of customer service. Their products seem to take ages to arrive even though they say they ship quickly.

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Cayuga Camcorder – Our most popular camera line; includes 1080P HD/IP cameras, all weather IP cams and security systems.
Cayuga Wireless Camera System– wireless digital video recorders perfect for homes, offices, retail stores, boats, RV parks and anywhere else you need remote monitoring of people, vehicles, inventory and events.
Fusion 4G – this camera records high definition 720P live images plus full motion 30fps videos that save to SD cards; ideal for indoor surveillance, vehicle traffic management & event recording.
Nest Thermostat 3rd Generation – Nest thermostat for homeowners, business owners, building managers, property managers plus contractors, plumbers, HVAC technicians & electricians – connects wirelessly with wifi enabled devices including Nest Aware subscription service and Amazon Alexa voice assistant.
SmartThings Hub 2nd Gen – control connected device via smartphone apps and compatible internet browser; supports Apple Iphone, Android phones, tablets, laptops, PCS, IoT devices, printers, garage door opener(s), smoke detectors, water leak sensors and other SmartThings enabled products.
Verizon FiOS Internet Service – Verizon FIOS offers advanced fiber optic technology which delivers superfast speeds, dependable access and reliable connectivity nationwide. Customers receive ultra fast broadband download speeds up to 1 Gbps, while average upload speed tops 500 Mbps. The all-fiber network infrastructure ensures no signal interference or latency issues, delivering the fastest connections possible.
Home Networking Technology Trends | SecureCam vs. Wyze
Wyze – small Wi-Fi cams that attach easily to existing WiFi hotspots around your house, office, parking lot, or warehouse. Available in 5 sizes; each size mounts independently onto flat surfaces with adhesive backing and can be powered either remotely through Wifi connection, plugged into wall outlet for power source or plugged into AC adapter cord. These tiny camcorders offer great convenience without compromising quality. They provide realtime streaming video that captures everything going on wherever they’re placed in seconds. No complicated setup options required.

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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