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Chateauguay is currently experiencing a high increase in burglars due to the rise of break ins around the city. Many homeowners are left wondering why this is happening but the answer is actually quite obvious. They keep their windows shut instead of opening them which creates an opportunity for someone who wants to take advantage of your privacy to gain entrance through any window they feel comfortable breaking into. As a result, many people are getting burglar alarms installed to protect themselves from intruders. However, these are just like what is used nowadays; once again, they tend to be ineffective because many thieves work together making it virtually impossible to catch them while some enter houses wearing gloves and hats, thus making it almost impossible to identify who committed a burglary through fingerprints. Additionally, most of these cameras won’t record audio, leaving us unable to hear anything suspicious going on inside our homes. For example, you could put a video surveillance system in place and see everything going on outside your house yet nobody will ever find out what happened inside unless you get burgled and then have neighbors come forward to help identify culprits. A better way would obviously be using motion activated sensors combined with microphones that send audio clips straight to cloud servers allowing law enforcement agencies to track down criminals instantly. These types of systems however only exist in movies and futuristic novels. Nevertheless, I did my research and found 5 top rated products to install for a reasonable price and high quality service that also offers 24/7 customer support via phone or email. Some of these devices are listed below along with links to each individual website selling the particular device. Most importantly though, make sure to read reviews and test run the unit yourself prior to purchase because sometimes things go haywire during shipping especially if you live in rural areas far away from big cities. Happy Hunting!
Listing #1: Arlo Pro 2 Camera System ($799)* Review Site Link *Arlo pro 2 is great. Read reviews from other customers HERE
This model has multiple settings for night vision, motion detection alerts, indoor and outdoor modes and remote viewing capabilities. Also, this model includes a built-in zoom lens that expands to 12x optical power.

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Security cameras are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to technological advances like high definition video recording capabilities and motion detectors that allow them be triggered remotely. As more homes become wired for internet connectivity, they’re often equipped with IP surveillance systems that can provide live feeds to smartphones, tablets and computers through apps installed on the device. These can include apps like Netgear’s Nighthawk app. But while these products offer convenience and ease of use, some homeowners worry that installing such equipment will leave their property open to potential intruders who could steal personal information stored in digital cloud storage devices connected to the system.
For those worried about privacy or about having their property compromised without proper protection, there are other options available besides security apps on a mobile phone. Some homeowners install surveillance cameras inside their house or office, but this requires professional help installing them correctly, which isn’t always easy. Others go with DIY kits, which come ready to mount, usually at eye level. However, some homeowners find that the kit mounts aren’t sturdy enough, leaving gaps in their coverage. And then there are professionally mounted security cameras, including ones made with glass lens covers and other accessories designed specifically to keep unwanted visitors away from the viewfinder.
But even with all the different types of security cameras available, many people still struggle with deciding whether to buy one. If you’re thinking about buying a security camera, consider the following questions first. Do you really need one? Is the added cost worth it? Can you afford to lose sleep worrying that someone broke into your home or business? Will you be able to see everything clearly in real time on the screen?
If you decide that yes, you absolutely must get a security system, it pays to shop around for the best deal. While most security companies sell through big box stores like Walmart, Target, Costco and Sam’s Club, you’ll probably pay less if you can purchase security gear and service separately. For example, you can save $200 to $600 per camera with an annual subscription versus paying monthly for each individual security camera.
Another benefit of shopping separately is getting the latest technology. Many retailers carry only the newest models of security equipment, which often includes better image quality than older versions.

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We have seen many different kinds of homes being protected by home surveillance systems like those cameras we put together this guide for, but not every home needs them. Some people just live busy lives and they aren’t always home to watch everything…yet another reason why home automation is becoming evermore popular.
Included in this post/guide below are 10 things to keep in mind BEFORE buying or installing any home security system, including 4 tips on choosing which security hardware will work well with other products.
To get started reading this entire article click the link below.
1. Location Matters
Before deciding whether or not to install a CCTV System you must take some time thinking through exactly where you would want these devices placed because it is usually determined either by law enforcement agencies or simply by where homeowners most frequently go during normal hours while away from home. A good example is many banks, stores and gas stations mandate in writing that customers be equipped with closed circuit television. It’s often recommended that consumers add video recording capability to existing audio only alarm systems.
2. Do Your Research
Make certain you’re aware of all laws pertaining to home surveillance prior to making any purchases. For instance, there are privacy policies that state clearly where footage can be viewed by whomever owns the recordings; however, these companies typically allow you to view your own images. If the homeowner isn’t present while monitoring the recorded footage, the police or fire department can legally seize anything captured on tape without requiring the suspect to be present for prosecution/investigation purposes.
3. Is Your Camera Securely Mounted?
Do you really want anyone peeking in on your private property via your front door? Probably better to use exterior mounts located above eye level near windows and doors, rather than relying upon wall mounting locations that will leave the security device accessible for hacking. Make sure your CCTVs are securely attached to prevent accidental removal. Another example include motion sensors which could become detached due to windy conditions causing the unit to fall down. We’ve actually had several clients who experienced damage caused by loose security cams falling off walls into swimming pools. We recommend attaching all the units to roof rafters or ceiling joists so they won’t move around easily.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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When considering which CCTV system would be ideal for protecting your property investment, the first step is to decide whether installing a traditional analogue CCTV Camera System or going fully digital will work best.
Traditional Analog CCTVs still dominate many installations even though they offer inferior image quality to DVR and IP solutions because they are the most cost effective type of surveillance solution that is offered by the majority of companies offering these products. If you already own a conventional analog cameras then this could save you some additional costs. However, once the initial equipment setup is complete, the only real difference in ongoing operating cost is electricity charges. Therefore, unless you live in regions experiencing frequent power disruptions, choosing a completely ‘green energy’ solution should help keep your monitoring bills down.
However, more often than not, people who install and maintain a traditional analog system end up needing to replace them regularly since they either fail due to wear and tear after just a few years; become compromised due to physical damage caused during burglars gaining entry or vandalism occurring in areas around the house/business and eventually experience an increase in false alerts that leads to unnecessary repair fees and lost productivity while waiting for professionals to arrive.
This issue becomes particularly common when property managers attempt to use old analog systems installed on high traffic routes like hallways to monitor tenants living in flats below, or when trying to extend coverage in outdoor locations across large estates.
Therefore, the decision between the two types of CCTV systems ultimately rests upon your specific requirements.
For example, if you are investing in a private residential estate, you probably won’t be bothered about having 24 hours per day video recording capability, whereas if you run a business, providing constant coverage while ensuring maximum visibility and accessibility of premises could be extremely valuable.
In the case of commercial properties, you usually need high resolution images so potential thieves aren’t able to tamper with anything behind closed doors. When reviewing possible options consider carefully what level of footage you actually require, and ensure each device offers sufficient storage capacity to meet your needs without compromising other key factors such as ease of operation, ease of installation and maintenance costs along with reliability issues related to battery life.

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Security cameras will be everywhere in future homes – both indoors and outdoors. And they won’t just keep track of what’s happening outside, thanks to technology like “smart” thermostats and doorbell cameras that work together to monitor every step inside, too. Some devices even talk back to homeowners to warn them via smartphone alerts of things moving around, noises coming through walls, smoke alarms going off…and this could actually help cut down on burglary rates. But which types should you get? Below are a few key factors to consider — along with some recommendations — for choosing the perfect type of video surveillance system for your future home.
1 – Target Audience
What’s most important first thing you need to decide what form factor would fit your needs best. Would you prefer a discreet small indoor camera to see who’s visiting, someone monitoring multiple entrances at once, or something portable you’ll install outdoor to spot intruders? Then consider which functionality matters the most. If you’re thinking about installing motion sensors to detect unusual activity indoors then you’d probably go big screen, but if you’re mainly concerned with keeping tabs on your kids while they sleep, why not opt for a smaller device with night vision capabilities instead?
2 – Location & Size
How far away and wide does your area cover? Do you really need 24/7 coverage across the board? Is there enough floor space/land mass to house the equipment? Will it interfere with other areas of your home — especially large windows, balconies, or walkways?
3 – Technology Requirements
Will the footage be streamed to a separate recording server for safekeeping? (Typically yes for high quality systems, no for basic IP CCTV solutions that lack storage capability.

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This post will talk about some top 10 things to consider when choosing which surveillance system would be ideal for your chateau Guayanese home, whether it be residential or commercial properties. For example; if your property includes a garage, office space, gym, etc… then consider installing a wireless IP cam or wired cam depending on needs.
Also keep in mind, that while most people prefer having both indoor and outdoor cameras installed, sometimes you just want to protect your property from intruders or thieves. So if that’s you, then choose either indoor only or no outside cams. If you can’t decide, go ahead and install both inside/outdoor and indoors/outside cams to cover maximum area coverage. But remember you should always use discretion and common sense when deciding how many of each type of camera to place around your premises.
In general, people like being able to control their privacy settings, but they really hate having their video recorded without permission. A lot of times they’d rather just pay for someone else to monitor them than risk having footage stolen by hackers or snooping family members who get curious and accidentally click play. When possible though, we recommend leaving your doors unlocked and making the front door visible whenever possible because this helps deter potential burglars. Of course if you’re expecting guests come through and you feel uneasy doing so, then you could ask them to knock instead!
When choosing your surveillance device, please take note of the following things listed below:
Video resolution
Camera distance and angle – Most professional grade devices allow remote viewing via computer or phone screen (and yes cell phones still count). These usually consist of 720P or 1080P HD quality images.
Network type / range – Your choice depends on where you live. Wi-Fi networks are great since most people already own these types of internet connected appliances nowadays. And of course, cable lines tend to work fine unless something was cut during construction. Also WiFi signals aren’t nearly as strong as a coaxial network signal. Coaxial cables run throughout homes along telephone line wires and offer significantly greater distances than Wi-Fi technology.
Mounting options – Some cameras include mounts and base stations whereas other models rely completely on wall mounting.

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This article includes information on why 4k video surveillance cameras will be increasingly popular in 2022 including statistics relating to growth and consumer adoption.
Key Trends and Consumer Adoption
In 2020 most people live in urban areas because suburban sprawl was deemed undesirable. However, cities themselves are becoming crowded and expensive places to live. By 2030 around 50% of Canadians will live within five kilometres of downtown; this figure rises to 70% in large metropolitan areas such as Toronto.[1]
Cities like Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Saskatoon and Winnipeg continue experiencing population booms and many are adding residential towers, commercial buildings and office spaces.[2][3] As these populations increase, they put greater stress on municipal infrastructure resulting in increased demand for better service delivery, especially transportation services.[4] Demand for parking increases accordingly.[5]
By 2025 half of all households will own a smartphone,[6] while those owning four or fewer devices account for less than 5%. Internet usage increases daily: 80% of Americans use the internet at least once each day.[7] Over 30% of Canadian millennials watch YouTube every day.[8] Online shopping continues to expand and reach consumers through various channels.[9] More retail stores are opening near transit stations [10], particularly convenience store chains.[11] These changes lead us towards a world in which “a car isn’t necessary” to drive to get groceries or pay bills, says Marcia Coyle, president of ICSCI.[12]
Most homes no longer contain dedicated storage space for household items such as appliances, furniture and other belongings. A study published earlier this year predicts that homeowners won’t keep everything inside their house but instead will rent out spaces they would otherwise leave empty.

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ChâteauGuay Canada – A Brief History
ChâteauGuay is part of Laval Metropolitan Area which includes many smaller communities such as Saint Jean de Brébeuf, Sainte Thérèse, Rivière des Prairies, Pointe du Lac et Lachine.
The city was founded between 1667 and 1708 (when the area became known as Lower Town).
Laval metropolitan region
In 2012 the population reached 870 thousand people but this figure could double during next few years due to development boom of Greater Montreal. Population density of Greater Montréal is higher than Toronto
and Vancouver, making growth more intensive.
The economy grew steadily since 2000 when industry sector accounted for 40% of GDP while service sectors made 58%, according to Statscan’s Economic Accounts for Quebec in 2011–2012. Service industries account for almost 100 000 jobs in total.
Service industries include banking & finance; insurance; real estate sales activity; business management and professional services ; educational institutions including hospitals, colleges and universities ; government administration; information/communication technology; health care; arts, entertainment and recreation; transportation/storage/warehousing.
Major companies like Bombardier Inc (railway equipment), CAF (vehicle manufacturing plant), Magna International (auto components), Air Liquide (petrochemical plants); CGI Group (IT Services) among others are located in Châteauguay.
Chateauguay Airport serves general aviation flights from small airlines and helicopters.
Chateauguay is connected via Highway 10 to downtown Montreal, North America’s third largest metropolis, and other cities like Ottawa, Windsor, London Ontario and Niagara Falls.
Chateauguays proximity makes it easily reachable both by rail and road. Montreal commuter train “La Grande Premiere” connects St Laurent station in Chateauguay to Downtown Montreal in just 15 minutes via the REM/RT express line. Also, bus lines connect Chateauruay to Montreal.
Montreal metro stations are close to Châteauguay which include: Sherbrooke Metro Station, Pie XII and De la Gauchetière..

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