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Security Camera Installation Tips & Tricks
Best Security Camera Types For Your Cochranes Home And Business
What Are Some Of The Most Popular Security Camera Models Available Today?
How Do I Determine If A Video Door Phone Is Right For My Home / Commercial Property?
Is An IP Camera Better Than Other Security Cameras?
Which Security Camera Should I Purchase For Our Cochraine Home Or Office?
What Types Of Cameras Can Be Used In Cochranae Homes / Buildings?
Which Camera Brands Have Been Tested By Secure Cam?
Why Does A DVR Need To Be Connected To Internet?
Can I Use A Mobile App On My Smartphone To Remotely Monitor My Home?
Do Wireless Cameras Have Motion Sensors?
What Type Of Camera Should I Install At All Points Of Entry Into My Business Location?
Are Video Door Phones Safe From Hackers?
What Are The Different Kind Of Security Systems Available For Cochrane Homes / Building?
Should We Invest In More Than One Surveillance System For Our Cochraines Home?
What Is A Professional Quality CCTV Installation Company Like Secure Cams?
Can Someone Watch Me Through My Window While I Am Sleeping?
Do I Really Need Video Intercom System For my Cochrance Home?
Do I Need To Pay Extra Money For High Definition Security Camera Recording?
Does The Size Of The Camera Matter When Purchasing A Security Camera?
What Are Some Things To Consider When Deciding Upon A Good Home Security Camera?

We are proud to announce the launch of the New Year with this amazing infographic which will help us get ready for the next decade by giving us some insight on what we should expect in 2022 regarding social networks and digital communication channels.
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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Cochrane

What should I watch out during my next big trip?
Are you worried about some people breaking into your apartment while you’re away?
Does your office look like a bomb went off inside?
Do those expensive coffee pots keep getting stolen again?
Don’t get me started…
Is anyone coming around bothering you while you sleep?
Security cameras will help you monitor everything without leaving your computer chair!
Cameras will allow you see whats going on behind closed doors.
These days, security video surveillance systems are available everywhere….from your neighbors house down to city hall.
And since they’ve become commonplace, many homeowners are wondering which type would be better suited for their individual needs.
Luckily, this article aims to answer these questions and provide tips for choosing the best security cameras so you feel confident knowing your property’s safe 24/7/365.

We’ll take a detailed look at each category of system (wired & wireless), including a discussion of:
Wireless Networked IP Camera System Features:
Wireless Video Monitoring Solutions:
Camera Types & Features:
How Do They Work?:
Home Alarm Installation Tips:
Which One Is Right For Me?:
Video Surveillance Install Process:
Wired CCTV Camera Systems Installed Inside Your Apartment:
Smartphone App Integration:
Where Can I Buy And Purchase These Products Today?:
Included Accessories:
Home Automation Technology Integration:
Integration Tools:
Online Reviews:
FAQ Section:
Contact Info Page:
This post looks at four types of residential security cameras, discusses whether wired or wireless cameras are generally better for smaller homes, presents a breakdown of common video monitoring equipment options, explains why consumers prefer smartphone apps instead of webcams for real estate purposes, answers frequently asked questions regarding home alarm installs, offers tips to help homeowners install their own security cameras successfully, gives information on popular products such as doorbell kits and motion sensors, lists top brands for 2019, and includes links to articles featuring reviews on various devices mentioned herein and featured videos showcasing their uses.
I am hoping to be able to use this website to educate myself and my friends and family on different internet tools you could potentially use.

Why SecureCam Cochrane is right for YOU?

Cochrane homes are increasingly vulnerable to break ins, vandalism & theft. These days criminals use technology and tools like drones to help them get into your property without being detected. They take advantage of our busy lifestyles and lackadaisical attitudes towards personal safety. We don’t want this to be us. Our family members deserve better than waking up after Christmas morning only to find their house broken into. So why would anyone leave themselves exposed? If they do, they could potentially lose everything or face fines, jail time and other charges such as insurance fraud which can cost thousands of dollars. A well maintained home will prevent these things from occurring. However, there’s always something going on behind closed doors… And, sometimes, a little bit of good old fashioned surveillance helps keep everyone safer. A properly installed security system will allow you to see who is coming and go while keeping you safe inside your Cochranes. Our cameras come pre wired via Ethernet cable along side power cables. Once complete, the wiring connects directly to all relevant electronics (including lighting). No additional work required. You simply connect the wires back together once your device arrives, plug it in and enjoy live video 24/7 anywhere in your home or office. Your life just got easier. Here are 7 Reasons to upgrade to a Cochrane Home Security Camera System from a Traditional Wireless Surveillance Solution. 1. Improved Safety for Everyone – Whether you’re out playing tennis or sitting around reading email at night, you’ll benefit from improved security. Imagine yourself watching television late one evening while enjoying freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Suddenly there’s light streaming through the window from outside. Instantly, your heart rate increases; you may feel uneasy but try to ignore it because you’ve had no prior experience of trouble getting into your house. After all, nothing bad happens every day… Right?! 2. Peace of Mind and Convenience – As previously mentioned, you’ll instantly know immediately if someone breaks into your home or attempts to gain entry and steal your valuables. But imagine the peace of mind knowing your children are safe too, knowing they don’t have to worry anymore if they find some hidden treasures under the couch cushions. 3.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



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Cochranes’ most popular models range anywhere around $500-$1,000 depending on model selected. Our high end commercial grade cameras include many additional bells & whistles like nightvision capability, motion detection alerts/notification and video recording capabilities. But we also carry several mid-range options including some of the smallest & lowest cost solutions available today. Some of those great choices include; 805FHDW2ZS4VPD: HD IP camera w/ 2 way audio built in to monitor conversations through integrated speaker system that does not mute sound during monitoring mode. If someone is talking to you while viewing live images they will still hear them along with you, this type of device will work well in areas where there is background noise. (this would be ideal for offices / meeting rooms / conference rooms). Also known as “smart” camera because has built in microphones for listening/speaking through phone line & Wi-Fi connectivity allowing connection via smartphone apps to see everything recorded without needing physical cable attached to DVR unit. All digital SDI outputs for external monitors or TV sets (no composite cables required), 1080P full resolution output capable of sending live image stream to remote servers which store footage locally, supports networked operation across multiple units simultaneously. 1080P Full Resolution Output Video Stream Capable Of Sending Live Images Across Network For Remote Server Storage And Monitoring Or Viewing Via Smartphone Apps
If price isn’t a concern then consider our next favorite model; W300M3L6N0M5B8QH: 4K UHD 30fps 24MP HD Camera System with Night Vision Technology. A true professional quality solution for both indoor & outdoor surveillance applications. Built ruggedly but small enough to fit just about anywhere. Supports multiple wireless protocols including WiFi 802.11n MIMO, Ethernet, Bluetooth LE and ZigBee. Has built-in IR LEDs providing infrared illumination for night vision purposes (night vision cannot occur indoors unless equipped with lights emitting infrared light). Can operate remotely or manually controlled via mobile devices. Includes mounting brackets & wall plate mountable & easily removable.

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Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Cochrane AB

For those who live outside of the big cities and/or the high cost markets this blog will help. Our focus is going to be on the areas around Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Montreal because these are our core market but just like every other industry, products, prices, deals, special offers you see across Canada should apply everywhere else in the country. We believe that many companies still use outdated software and equipment which causes them to miss potentially valuable information. Even though everyone knows cameras exist they often overlook some really common yet highly effective ways you can monitor what happens at your home while reducing false alerts.
How does this work? Well, simply put video recorders allow homeowners with internet connectivity to view recorded footage 24 hours a day through streaming technology. These devices send realtime data back to central servers allowing anyone viewing said device via web browser to see exactly what happened during each time period of recording. To date most people only experience recording the first 2 weeks after purchase. Once installed you then have 7 days to watch the recordings made. A great selling point is when someone says “I dont remember anything happening on X day” they have proof. Video monitoring systems have changed everything. For example I used tis feature to follow my wife while she was away on vacation and catch her breaking rules such as talking to strangers without me knowing.
We’re working on adding the top 10 trending items on Amazon in various categories including Hardware & Outdoor Surveillance Items, Software & Smart Devices, Networking Products, Camera Equipment and Lighting Products in addition to providing articles on the hottest news stories relating to surveillance and the latest security technologies. So if something catches your eye feel free to check us out again soon.
What makes us different than the rest is that we provide honest reviews on both hardware AND software solutions as well as offer customer support which is unparalleled but sadly lacking elsewhere in the industry today. Many places charge outrageous rates per install and claim things like customer service is their #1 priority. That isn’t true because customers would rather get good value for their investment instead of waiting months between visits to resolve issues. We take pride in building relationships with clients long term ensuring we always strive to meet expectations no matter what.

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This 2020 edition was developed to provide current and prospective customers with information about the market place and technology advancements affecting the industry.
These changes include the rise of IoT devices like the Internet connected doorbell/door locks which allow people to be notified via text message or email when someone rings the bell without having to answer their phone. These technologies are currently available and being introduced monthly across Canada. We expect this trend will become mainstream starting in late 2021 and continuing until early 2023
We at Secure Cam continue to innovate the industry through developing cutting edge solutions that improve customer experience while reducing costs. As part of the Smart Surveillance Solution offering, each Secure Camera includes integrated cloud monitoring software that alerts homeowners and businesses when cameras detect movement or activity outside of normal business hours. Additionally, each Secure Camera comes standard equipped with night Vision technology allowing them to see things happening under cover of darkness
There has been a dramatic increase in the number of residential burglaries due to “surprise” break ins targeting residences left unoccupied during holiday months such as Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day. These times tend to coincide with many children returning back home after school from summer breaks around mid December. We recommend installing motion detectors around doors, windows, garage entrances and other key entry points to prevent these surprise events.
Homeowners should always keep house keys inside their residence instead of leaving them anywhere else where they could potentially fall into the hands of criminals who may try to enter the homes through unlocked basement exits for example. If you must leave your house unattended then ensure those same items you would normally use in case of emergency (such as cell phones, wallets, cameras) remain secured nearby. Having multiple trusted family members help watch your home while you are away will greatly reduce chances of unexpected surprises, however some homeowners still prefer to hire professional private eye patrols around areas known for high crime rates.
Another popular method used for securing houses involves placing video recording surveillance equipment within reach of most rooms in your household. Although more expensive than traditional alarm systems, video recording is effective in capturing images of potential thieves breaking in or stealing property. For instance, consider adding video equipment to the entrance area leading into kitchens because most intruders target food stores first when attempting a burglary.

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Cochrane Security Camera Installations provide high definition video quality, day / night viewing options and remote monitoring via mobile phones. Our installations include wireless cameras and wireless transmitters to stream live footage to the web anywhere in the world. We install our systems through certified partners who specialize in high end residential and commercial projects including multi unit buildings, retail complexes and office spaces including hospitals and schools. With years of experience we are the experts at installing these types of complex security camera solutions efficiently and safely. All of our products come with 24/7 customer support and guaranteed parts & labor to back them up.

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Hikvision has built a robust reputation in both commercial and residential markets around the world due to its strong technology leadership, reliability and high quality products and service. Since 2009, Hikvision has grown quickly through acquisitions and mergers, becoming the largest surveillance equipment manufacturer. Today, Hikvision offers a complete line of intelligent cameras designed specifically to meet diverse customer needs. Our portfolio includes fixed outdoor/indoor video surveillance solutions, IP Camera series, PTZ DVR series, network video recorder and other intelligent monitoring systems. These comprehensive offerings enable customers across multiple vertical industries including retail, hospitality, transportation, government, healthcare, finance/insurance and utilities, among many others, to enhance business processes and improve safety, productivity and efficiency while reducing operating costs. We believe that the future belongs to those who innovate first. By continuously developing innovative technologies, Hikvision will continue to be committed to serving the global market.
Tiandys is a leading CCTV solution provider with extensive experience and expertise spanning several decades. For almost 20 years, TIAYANG Co., Ltd. has dedicatedly served the international market and established itself as a trusted partner, providing reliable CCTV security system products of superior quality. As a result of this focus on excellence, TIAYANG continues to enjoy tremendous growth worldwide. The Company’s products include indoor, outdoor, and wireless digital video recorders, surveillance monitors, doorbell controllers, alarm control panels, motion sensors, access control systems, fire detection and prevention units…etc. By adopting the principle “quality first”, “innovation foremost” and putting people first,the Company’s mission is to provide the best value for consumers, customers and shareholders.
In order to fulfill consumer demands for better image quality, lower price point and smaller footprint while keeping pace with technological breakthroughs of video recording devices themselves, TIAYANG launched HD+ model, offering 1080P resolution. TIAYANG’s latest innovation is the development of an advanced 4K camera with 1Gbps bandwidth, which enables the capture of videos with four times higher resolution than FullHD, making them far sharper than ever seen before..

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