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In this post I reveal my Top 3 Picks of security cameras for 2020. My criteria for choosing these top picks was simply because they perform well under normal conditions, day in and day out. As always however, you should test each camera thoroughly prior to purchase!
So without further ado, here we go…
1. 2 Wire HD 1080P IP Camera ($189.99+$49.95 Shipping). While many 4K security systems will be capable of capturing video of activity, resolution isn’t everything when it comes to recording events (which is why most people use 720HD – 8MP/2MP devices), but if you’re after something high quality AND relatively affordable then you cannot really beat this little device.
This particular model offers excellent night vision capabilities which is ideal in business environments where light sensitivity could be a problem for some units. Night mode automatically activates once ambient lights fall below 5 lux, while IR LED technology produces clear images no matter the lighting levels outside.
If the built-in microphone isn’t enough for you, you’ll find it includes an external mic input port. Simply plug another mike into the unit and pair them via Bluetooth allowing you to communicate effectively even though one system uses wired communications and the other wireless.
What’s great about this system is that it runs on batteries rather than a power supply meaning there are no cables running through doorways and around corners leaving nothing exposed that could easily get damaged or stolen. On those rare occasions where there is a power failure it still retains a full charge for up to 10 hours so you won’t miss anything on account of poor battery life. If you like to keep things neat and tidy, this camera would certainly fit the bill.
While this solution may appear expensive upon first glance, consider the fact that the price is significantly less than larger models and yet boasts features usually associated with higher priced products.
2) Foscam FI9821W 802.11n WIFI Indoor Wireless Network IP Camera ($179.94+shipping). A small form factor indoor 1080P DVR surveillance camera that requires only WiFI connections to work; it does so by either connecting to available networks via WiFi, or connects wirelessly.

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Colbourne is the perfect fit for those who value quality products & services at affordable prices. Our team will be happy to assist you in choosing the right solution for your needs and will help you install your system correctly and professionally.

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Colborne Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Colbourne’s HD video cameras provide excellent image quality; they include motion detection, IP66 rated enclosures and weatherproof housings, which allow them to be used outdoors without issue. They are available in indoor and outdoor models. For example, Outdoor HDC543WIPR IP67 Camera 1080P Widescreen Dome Network Video Monitor includes high resolution 1920 x1080 pixle images, day/night operation, wireless remote control up to 50 ft away, night mode recording up to 14 days, built-in DVR functionality (PC), 24hrs per day monitoring capabilities, 3x zoom magnification, 2MP still digital photos taken simultaneously during video capture session, and many other features. Its price tag is $499.99 but you should consider this cost against monthly service contract costs and rental fees because it will always remain active, unlike battery powered surveillance devices. For example, a single month subscription of CCTV Plus package is $59.95/month while the same amount would only buy 20 batteries required for these units. A yearly rental of just 4 hours of coverage could easily exceed 1 months worth of usage charges for the device. Another important factor is that security systems like this usually come with additional equipment and accessories including mounts, mounting kits, power supplies, cables, sensors, and installers, this adds up to substantial expenses in order to get started.
Another good alternative for those who prefer traditional analog cams is the Pyle ProHD Analog PTZ Wireless Security Cams ($119). These compact devices offer up to 10m range, full 720p HD video, 30 FPS speed record, IR illumination, panoramic imaging, and dual microphones. Moreover, they work seamlessly on most Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks thanks to built-in 802.11n radio technology. Also, due to small size, it takes less than half hour to mount each camera anywhere inside or outside a building. However, the downside is that it uses proprietary connectors instead of standard USB charging ports, meaning you cannot charge these camcorders via the microUSB port found on smartphones.
To conclude, both types of products mentioned above are excellent options that meet different needs depending upon the type of business or homeownership you are in.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Best Security Cameras Colborne

We live in an increasingly connected world. Smart homes provide valuable information and comfort, enhancing people’s lives while improving efficiency of everyday routines. However, they come coupled with a price tag that often exceeds most homeowners’ budgets — especially during boom times like these. Luckily, there are several options available for your next video surveillance system investment, allowing buyers to customize exactly how much monitoring will work for them based on needs and expectations. Here’s everything you’ll need to consider before setting up a wireless solution in your homelife or office space. We’ve picked out top choices across many categories, including cameras, DVRs, systems integrators, and network providers.
1. Wireless Security Camera Systems
Although this type of setup isn’t common yet, advancements continue to streamline wireless home networks, providing benefits for both consumers and companies alike. A key advantage is affordability; you won’t pay high costs for multiple boxes scattered around a house, which makes integrating different devices easier than ever. Another benefit is flexibility; unlike wired solutions, you won’t be restricted to certain places because your router was installed too far away. All that said, keep in mind that each manufacturer offers various types of products that fit particular situations better than others. Some offer fixed mounting points while some only support wall mounts. Others are portable but lack quality components; and still others aren’t ideal for outdoors use. Take the appropriate steps to determine the model best suited for your situation. Read More…
2. Alarm Monitoring Software Tools
In order to view alarm events in real time, you must acquire software specifically designed to monitor alarms and alerts from those specific brands. These programs allow us to see every event generated through our home/business automation system. If we’re unable to get to the scene immediately after something triggers such as fire alarm, flood alarm, or smoke detection then we could miss a potential safety issue completely. Using third party tools will save you hours of backtracking across multiple websites to find critical details regarding an alert.
3. Motion Detection Technology & Accessories
Most motion detectors cost less than $30 apiece. What sets apart higher end technology is typically improved audio recording capabilities, along with infrared sensors to improve visibility outside regular windows.

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In this article I will be taking a closer look some the most popular cameras currently available, based around current technology and market demand (I am excluding standalone IP cameras which aren’t really suitable for use indoors). Many people like having a ‘smart camera’ installed in their property but unfortunately many companies still fall short when it comes to providing top quality products due to lack of knowledge, poor design concepts, or poorly implemented software.
At SecureCamera we strive to provide only premium level devices that meet customer service expectations through excellent communication, fast delivery times, and most importantly exceptional products and support. While these days there seems to be a lot going on in terms of digital imaging technology, and while many have rushed to release mediocre hardware and sub par software solutions. We feel that the majority of those rushing into the industry simply haven’t put enough thought into producing high quality solutions and instead they should concentrate on developing a solid business case to ensure a long term profitable relationship with customers that is backed by great technical capabilities. Here are four categories which you can expect to find some of the best models on offer today: High End Smart Video Systems, Digital Zoom/Wide Angle Camcorders & Micro 4K Camcorder Solutions, Wide Viewing Angles Surveillance Camera Systems, and HD Dome Panels. Some key points to consider when choosing from each category include;
1. Size: Cameras vary depending upon size and resolution required. From ultra compact mini surveillance cams that fit neatly onto monitors, to full sized panoramic wide angle surveillance cameras capable of covering large rooms, the choice is yours. Be aware though, you cannot beat zoom lenses in terms of cost, especially if you intend for them to remain stationary. They will save you considerable amounts of space and reduce power consumption.
2. Quality: If possible try to purchase cameras from reputable brands who understand that video surveillance systems must work effectively without causing damage to electronics nor compromising the image quality produced. Avoid cheap Chinese knockoffs unless you wish to take risks with unreliable components and potentially lose significant amounts of money because of faulty equipment/software downgrading. As always, buyer beware and read reviews carefully prior to plonking down your credit card.

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In this article I will show you some tips to help you find the perfect solution for your needs, whether you are buying your first ever CCTV Camera system or replacing existing equipment. We will cover many things including why CCTV cameras are good investments and which ones will suit particular situations better than others. If you would like us to quote you please send me an email to Thanks in advance for reading my post!
If you are just starting out or considering installing CCTV systems for safety purposes then you should read through these points to ensure that you get exactly what you want.
We recommend getting quotes from several different companies at least 3 times before making your decision. Each price estimate comes along with a detailed description of each item they offer and how well suited it is for your situation based on years of experience and expertise.
This way you can select a specific model that suits your budget and requirements without having to pay exorbitant prices because you did not ask enough questions beforehand.
Before you decide on anything, remember to always be aware of who else uses similar products. If there is someone close to you doing something similar already then there is no reason for you to spend money building and operating another system from scratch. If possible, find people who use similar solutions to yours and talk to them in person about their experiences, especially when talking about technical stuff.
The internet holds countless forums where you can discuss your options thoroughly and see firsthand how other customers rate various models. When shopping around it is vital to understand exactly what you want and how long you anticipate needing your camera network for. A simple rule applies; if a feature does not benefit you in anyway, don’t buy it.
The main idea behind the above paragraph is to avoid paying for extra items that you don’t really need. Some things like high resolution zoom lenses that come standard in most units are nice but unnecessary for basic surveillance applications.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Colborne

Most people take advantage of CCTV cameras today because they offer many benefits such as convenience, security and surveillance protection; but did you know that these same attributes are often overlooked when thinking about installing them? If you haven’t already installed this type of technology in your business or residence yet, then you should consider doing so immediately.
When choosing which camera model will work well for your needs, keep in mind some key advantages/disadvantages associated with each specific solution.
For example, if you are interested in protecting against break ins or robbery, having 24/7 video monitoring isn’t necessarily necessary. Instead, consider investing in motion detection systems that send alerts via text message / email, allowing you to determine who was/wasn’t there. As far as price goes, most high quality models usually cost $250-$500 per unit depending on factors like resolution, frame rate, image size and wireless frequency range — while cheaper versions can be found starting around $99.
If you live in a busy area, chances are you’re going to experience lots of noise pollution which could interfere with picture quality. Most digital cameras use infrared lights to illuminate the subject at night and eliminate interference caused by ambient light sources (like headlights). For those living in areas with little sunlight, IR lighting offers unparalleled peace of mind during long nights without compromising visual acuity. When buying a digital camera, pay close attention to whether or not the manufacturer recommends adding external infrared LED bulbs. While these devices aren’t cheap ($10-$15), they’re inexpensive enough that they shouldn’t deter anyone unless they really care about keeping costs down.
Of course, you’ll eventually want to monitor everything yourself instead of relying solely on outside observers, especially since an intruder could disable the system remotely. Fortunately, most modern webcams come equipped with built-in audio recording capabilities. And although this feature may seem counterintuitive given your primary objective, you’ll probably still end up saving thousands over time. Because the majority of burglars target unoccupied properties, you must always assume someone is watching you, which makes it extremely difficult to catch criminals red handed when they’ve already broken into your house.

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Installed cameras will be able to deliver high quality image resolution in both day and night conditions thanks to modern technology advances.
High definition (HD), Ultra High Definition (UHD) video, 8MP photos as well as live streaming capabilities are available today across multiple brands and models.
Cameras offer many other features such as motion detection alerts, geo fencing, cloud storage options, web/app interfaces. These advanced functions allow end users to monitor specific locations, keep track of pets, detect smoke fires, alert family members while away, send emergency messages through apps and websites, take photo snapshots, stream HD videos remotely, check device status remotely, view stored images remotely, etc..
We’d like to welcome our readers who purchased our 4k surveillance systems to visit us for some additional tips, tricks & recommendations related to this topic.
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