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This post will discuss some of the key factors to consider while selecting a suitable Camera system for your Coldstream area.
We have seen significant growth in both residential & commercial CCTV systems across Australia since 2007. We believe this trend will continue due to people becoming increasingly aware of home invasions/muggings & burglaries happening around them. People are seeking safety solutions (Cameras), which allow them peace of mind knowing they have someone watching out for them 24 hrs 7days a week.
When considering installing a camera/security system please keep these questions in mind:
1. Where is my ideal location? Ideally a camera should be installed high enough above ground level to get optimal viewing angles but still unobtrusive and hidden away. For example most cameras that sit atop roof tops provide great views but often times aren’t able to see under parked cars or through blind spots like garage doors as well as being prone to being knocked down during storms & hail events. If possible it would be better position inside the house as far back towards windows as possible to avoid obstruction views from outside. A good rule of thumb is a camera placed near window frames gives you excellent views without obstructing traffic or having issues getting power supplies to work properly.
2. Do I have space for mounting brackets / cable runs? Will it interfere with wiring behind walls or other electrical equipment? Will it affect furniture placement? Can I install the camera in a corner somewhere else without impacting functionality? These are just a few factors to take into consideration when choosing a location for the camera. Once decided on you then need to find the correct type of mount required to attach your chosen camera securely to a wall or similar type surface.
3. Is my preferred style available in stock sizes? Many manufacturers offer a range of different types depending upon your needs. Some prefer small discreet designs, whilst others tend to go big and bulky to accommodate longer lenses and larger sensors required to capture large areas effectively.
4. Does my proposed design support remote triggering via an internet capable device? Most modern day security products include built in web enabled capabilities allowing you to trigger the cameras remotely from mobile devices such as tablet computers, smartphones, ipads, laptops, PC’s…etc.

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The cold weather season will be upon us soon enough, which means that many homeowners will start thinking about updating their home surveillance systems with some form of indoor monitoring system. While outdoor cameras remain the go-to choice among most people, a good indoor solution would also help protect against burglars who target homes during these colder months. Here are several things to consider when choosing a new indoor security camera setup.
What type of footage am I going to get?
This should probably be your first question. Most companies will tell you that they offer 2 types of video feed—full coverage (CCTV), and “motion detection only” feeds, but this isn’t entirely true. A lot of providers sell both kinds of feeds in a package deal at cheaper rates than buying them separately because customers tend to buy multiple packages per month. However, motion sensors are still far superior to full coverage because of their lower cost. They allow you see everything happening in certain areas while leaving other parts of your property unmonitored.
Motion Detector Only Feeds
Motion detectors record any movement detected around them regardless of whether it was caused by human activity or something else like dust particles moving across the sensor.
Full Camera Coverage
Camera coverage varies widely depending on the model installed. Some models are capable of recording 1080P HD resolution at 60 frames/second, although most manufacturers stick to a 480P format. Other products capture 720P images in 30 frames/sec, which gives you better quality and less blurring due to frame rate issues. Many high-end brands use high sensitivity CCD or CMOS image technology to improve light gathering capabilities. If you opt for a 720 pixel wide camera, you’ll lose half of the vertical space, making rooms appear narrower.
How long does my battery life last?
Battery life depends largely on the power requirements of the unit along with ambient temperature conditions. Generally speaking, batteries have much larger capacities in warmer temperatures since they operate closer to maximum output levels. So, if your house tends to stay warm, then you won’t see very impressive numbers from those cameras.
If your area experiences cooler weather though, expect much longer runtimes and higher capacity ratings.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Coldstream

Coldstream Australia has just received another batch of new video surveillance equipment to install around my property
This includes four 2MP cameras including these which I am currently testing out and can attest to this being the most convenient way to watch them live and get alerts whenever motion occurs anywhere across the house.
1. 3 Axis HD Camera Coldstream $299 per unit (including batteries & mounting brackets).
2) 1m USB cable ($10-$15 extra depending on length)
3) Mounting bracket/hardware kit (~$50 extra).
4) AC power supply ~$25 extra (can be combined with #3 above).
Please check back soon for updates and further information regarding the products mentioned below. Happy viewing of all videos and pics via remote control 🙂
5) Wireless Networked IP Cam
6) WiFi Enabled Audio Recorder
7) Remote Access Control Software
8) Live Viewer App
9) Cloud Recording Apps
10) Motion Activated Night Time Alarm System (Free Trial Included!)
11) Free 24 Hour Installation Service
12) All Cameras Include FREE 7 Day Warranty and 100% No Hassle Returns Policy!!
13) Free Shipping Nationwide! We Provide Fast One Day Delivery (if in stock), Otherwise Standard Royal Mail Airmail takes 7 business days after payment confirmation but does provide door step delivery service once purchased.
We offer many different packages depending on your requirements ranging from basic single CCTV system through to fully integrated systems complete with monitoring software and cloud recording options. Please contact us today for quotes and support.
I hope you enjoy watching this video and feel free to ask questions via email.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Best Security Cameras Coldstream

We will be talking a lot about monitoring cameras in 2018 and they should continue this trend in 2019 and 2020. We talk about both indoor/outdoor residential and business type systems. A system like this could monitor from inside the house to outside of property lines and vice versa in some cases.
Some people prefer having individual units installed that can only see what each person sees while other people would rather install several high quality outdoor types that can cover large distances and provide full views. Either way though, the same concepts apply to them all but some ideas might be different depending upon which method someone chooses.
Here’s why most of us use security cameras in 2019 and beyond.
One thing I would recommend doing first if you haven’t done anything yet with security cams is checking the reviews left by current clients because these things tend to break fairly often after purchase. And then once those things get fixed, move onto something else. But, sometimes a client who uses them multiple times a year leaves a nice positive comment on their experience using them so read some of these and decide just how many you really care to invest in.
Next, figure out exactly what you want to watch for. Maybe you want motion detection indoors so that you can always know someone’s coming back even though you aren’t around, or the ability to zoom in when suspicious activity occurs. Whatever your thoughts are, write down what you want it to do and keep adding information to the list until you feel satisfied.
Now you have a good idea of what you are trying to accomplish with your security cameras and the capabilities you desire for them. Next step is to find manufacturers who fit your needs well enough to get the job done properly and cheaply.
Finding a manufacturer isn’t quite as straightforward as finding a great deal on Amazon so pay attention to how companies respond to questions, especially ones asking about technical support. If it takes a long time for the company to answer or seem unsure they will, run away. These guys are usually selling used electronics anyway. They won’t bother taking the time to make sure everything functions perfectly and efficiently just to charge $100-$150 per cam.

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Security cameras offer convenience but should be used in moderation because they can intrude upon personal privacy and cause stress among family members who must witness them day after day. When selecting which type of camera system will work well for you and your family, keep these things in mind.
In addition to being the most affordable form of video surveillance available today, many digital IP security systems allow users to enjoy remote control options through mobile applications, allowing parents, roommates, or employers complete peace of mind knowing that the safety of their homes remain under constant watch through the use of technology.
Cameras can either integrate onto existing devices like PCs or laptops, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, or other Internet connected computing appliances, or can stand alone units, typically installed in high traffic areas like front doors to catch potential shoplifters or burglars. Depending on needs of each individual situation, cameras come equipped with different levels of functionality; some basic models only record audio with no visual component while advanced versions provide live streaming capabilities. For those seeking more than just a general eye in the sky, higher end models often include motion sensing, weatherproofing, night vision capability, and zoom lenses capable of capturing detail of multiple rooms simultaneously for easier monitoring.
Many times people buy security cameras without first considering whether or not they would benefit from having such equipment present, and this fact leads us towards another consideration; is having a camera really worth adding extra maintenance costs, increased electricity consumption, and potentially added expenses associated with additional hardware purchases when it could simply mean installing something else instead? Is it possible to achieve similar results without investing hundreds of dollars in specialized gear? Absolutely. A quality analog CCTV camera coupled with a reliable DVR/recorder device, paired with the power of modern networked software solutions and capable of receiving remote alerts can bring peace of mind to anyone concerned about maintaining security in their private space without breaking bank accounts. As mentioned above, depending on the level of integration desired, both traditional analog cams as well as advanced IP enabled systems require an external recording solution to function correctly and reliably; however, once configured properly these devices can easily run wirelessly via Ethernet cable to a single PC or laptop computer for convenient storage and viewing purposes.

Coldstream Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

In this edition of our coldstream post, I am going talk about some of the latest commercial grade digital video surveillance cameras available today. There are literally hundreds of different types of commercially marketed Digital Video Surveillance Camera systems available today. I will be reviewing several different types of DVS cameras along with my recommendations for which would work well in different environments. My first recommendation is the Wyze Cam HD wireless 1080P dome/wide angle sensor camera…
Wyze Cams are designed specifically around the commercial customer and they come equipped with most everything the commercial market needs including nightvision, motion detection, recording, cloud storage and more. They offer great value for customers who just need basic monitoring without additional advanced configurations like audio and email alerts. Although we normally recommend higher end products but these small inexpensive solutions often work better than expensive ones for smaller deployments.
Here are two examples of the Wyze Cam models to check out….
Next, we take a quick tour through the many models offered by Axis Communications. These offerings fall mostly under 3 of their main camera lineups; IP cameras, PTZ cameras, and Dome Style cameras. All of them provide excellent quality video streaming and come with a wealth of options for customization. One interesting feature shared among almost all of these cameras is support for remote viewing via browser applications provided by Zonetransfer. Once purchased, install instructions and help files are usually emailed to you immediately….Finally, we cover some other lesser known brands that include Narrow Angle 2-way Wireless Audio & Vibration Sensors (for indoor use only), Rachio Iris Pro WiFi Indoor Floodlight Control System, X10 and HomeKit compatible devices, and several DIY projects.
We always encourage anyone considering buying a DVR system to do plenty of research prior making any purchase decision as choosing the “right” solution for you could easily cost twice as much as simply installing 4 standard wired doorbell sensors. Also keep in mind that once deployed every day the price per day should increase depending upon usage patterns. For example, If each bell rings 100 times a week then the average daily savings would roughly be $2.00/day versus someone ringing less frequently.

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There is a lot of debate among homeowners these days that who makes the better quality home surveillance products. So I decided to write this post comparing Hikviossync HDW5528HD Wifi IP cameras/Security Systems and Tiyandys PIP5000 HD Wireless Smart Outdoor Camera System. Both systems come in similar price ranges which will be reviewed here today. But both offer high definition video recording capability making them great choice if you really care about resolution of footage. While Hikvision offers wireless network connectivity, Tiyandys does not but for many situations they offer adequate replacement to wired connections. However each system has different hardware components including lens, image sensors, recordable storage space, wireless router antennas, batteries and mounting brackets required for outdoor installations. They differ greatly in video transmission technology used. Hikvisions use proprietary networking protocol called HVCS while Tiyandys uses wifi technology 802.11 b g n z which is quite common across most commercial devices available nowadays. If you use wifi connection they tend to work fine indoors but outdoors some issues arise ranging from interference due to metal construction materials such as walls or windows obstructing signal strength to distance with other nearby devices like computers or smart phones. Some manufacturers provide additional equipment accessories like IR cutters, motion sensors, infrared illuminators to overcome those difficulties. When buying Security Cameras always check to see if compatible with wireless routers/antennae that you already own and whether the manufacturer includes necessary cables or adapters to connect to power outlets. For example most people already have home wifi networks that may interfere with your installation. Lastly, when choosing between brands take note of which manufacturer gives greater warranty coverage and faster response times. Most customers find themselves in need of service after purchase after 2 years and expect quick responses to prevent costly repairs and lost revenues.

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How does this help me protect my family, assets, business & property? A security camera gives peace of mind whether they’re inside or outside; 24/7 surveillance keeps them safe no matter who enters or exits your homes, workplaces, commercial buildings, apartment buildings and other places that deserve protection against trespassers. A good security system must be equipped with motion detection cameras, day and night recording capabilities and alarms installed to alert residents while simultaneously providing detailed footage for law enforcement use in case of criminal investigation.
Why should I hire a professional installer rather than attempt DIY installations myself? When installing a security system yourself, unless you’ve got technical experience doing these things correctly, there’s simply just too many things that could go wrong. If something goes awry during the setup process, such as incorrect power wiring, poor quality equipment malfunctioning or interference issues or poor signal strength, the entire operation can fail resulting in permanent damage to items being protected. And because it’s often the job of a trained technician to do everything properly the first time around, getting the systems working smoothly will save future costs and headaches by avoiding expensive repair bills down the road.
What types of installations are available? We offer both the “factory direct” program which utilizes state of the art surveillance technology provided by some industry leaders, combined with experienced technicians and reliable products for installation straight into people’s homes safely without having to worry about anything else but keeping intruders away from properties owned by our clients. Or our DIY Installer Program enables those who would like to save cash and take matters into their own hands by setting up their own DIY kits via our website, complete with step-by-step instructions on how to assemble one ourselves.
We believe it’s better to see potential problems come up sooner versus later – and we believe installation shouldn’t hold back anyone from becoming one of thousands of customers currently enjoying the benefits of home safety afforded through surveillance technologies today.
Why us as compared to the competition? Because SecureCam knows firsthand the struggle homeowners face trying to get professionally installed security systems that work well enough to live comfortably yet stay affordable long term as compared to other companies offering similar products..

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