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This is a follow up post after completing my article about setting up CCTV cameras for 2020: I updated this guide with everything I learnt since then and some of the things that changed regarding installing CCTVs.
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Here’s my video explaining step 1 (How to install doorbell cams!)
Video Link:
1) Connecting Wifi Camera & Doorbell Cam together wirelessly
Connect both devices from the wifi network side (the device which is receiving internet connection), they will be connected automatically while plugged in via ethernet cable (or wifi router). If someone leaves a message on the phone first the camera should recognize it immediately.
Also remember to use different login pages (different passwords) than usual ones to avoid other people having access to your account.
2) Setting Up Wireless Connection Between Your Devices
To receive messages from your cell phone go to Settings > Phone > Messages and enable “Push”. (Or simply check push notifications if enabled under Notifications settings) Then ensure that your wireless connection does not fall back to mobile data. (To prevent falling back to mobile data the easiest method would be turning data off completely but keep WiFi turned on and connect directly to your router.) Ensure that no matter what network type you select you see WiFI networks clearly marked. Make sure that Network Type is NONE. Also note down your router IP address. To test WiFI connection on your phone either download Test mode tool or just manually enter the IP address in browser bar.
3) Registering With Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant For Voice Communication
Now that you have ensured that your WiFi connection does not drop and it receives messages only from your trusted smartphone(s), register your voice communication assistant like amazon echo, google assistant and allow them to send text messages to your phone.

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Security cameras play a critical role in securing private property both indoors and outdoors. From business and government facilities to residential homes and offices, they provide protection against theft, burglary and other crimes. But before buying these devices and installing them around your premises, be aware of some of the latest technological advancements available today. Here’s a brief overview of the top 10 innovations in 2019 and predictions for 2020 & beyond. These include better image quality, remote operation, facial recognition technology, cloud storage and more. And while each innovation brings benefits, it does come with certain downsides including increased cost, maintenance requirements, potential hacking threats and privacy concerns. So keep this information handy before making an investment in a surveillance system.
1. HD 1080P Camera: As technology advances, many companies continue pushing toward higher resolutions. While 720P still remains popular in most cases, 1080P resolution continues to gain traction due to improved picture resolution and clearer images. A 1080P camera delivers approximately 50% greater detail than a standard 4K camera.
2. Cloud Storage: If you’re like us then you probably own several computers and smartphones which makes backing up files to a central location a hassle. Thankfully, cloud storage offers an alternative way to save documents, photos, videos and anything else you’d normally store locally, but remotely accessible via your device of choice. Whether you choose Dropbox or OneDrive, having backup files stored securely remotely will ensure your devices aren’t lost forever should something happen to them. For those who prefer traditional ways to back things up, USB thumb drives are great options and offer additional versatility.
3. Facial Recognition Technology: We’ve heard stories of people getting locked out of their cars while sitting inside waiting for valet parking attendants…and this isn’t just happening when it rains. Facial recognition technology uses computer software to identify individuals through their face and match faces in surveillance footage to determine whether or not someone was authorized to enter a particular area. If the person matches a previously entered record, the door unlocks automatically allowing the individual entrance. Some systems use multiple angles to increase accuracy rates. However, facial recognition software has limitations; it won’t recognize everyone and requires a reliable internet connection which could potentially cause issues during power blackouts or network disruptions.

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There seems like every day brings some sort of news story showing just how far and wide cybercriminals will go to steal people’s personal information and gain control of other sensitive networks. Whether they’re hacking banks, stealing credit card numbers or trying to break into government networks, hackers’ attacks aren’t necessarily getting bigger — but their targets are certainly getting smaller. And they get away with it thanks to cheap and easily accessible technology designed specifically for surveillance purposes. As consumers continue to adopt smart technologies in ever greater numbers, criminals quickly follow. According to the recent National Cybersecurity Summit report “Criminal Activity in Cyberspace”, released earlier this summer by Intel Corporation, criminal activity continues unabated across multiple industries while many companies struggle to keep pace.
We’ve rounded up six ways today’s internet crime problem differs from past generations and outlined key steps organizations should take immediately to prevent becoming tomorrow’s victims.
1. More than half the world’s population lives under threat of digital extortion. The global average costs associated with each compromised account are $2,000 per incident. When measured against total assets, these losses rank among the most expensive threats facing U.S.-based enterprises.
2. Hackers often operate undetected in cyberspace, making them harder for traditional intrusion prevention systems to detect and block malicious traffic coming through corporate firewalls. A small percentage of targeted websites actually receive 99% or higher of attack attempts. Even worse, once attackers successfully compromise networks, they frequently move fast and leave no evidence behind.
3. Malicious software poses less risk as the industry moves toward cloud computing environments. Instead of relying on physical machines which must be powered down during patching cycles, IT managers rely upon web applications accessed via network connections. Because patches apply automatically and updates download and install instantly, endpoints rarely see downtime due to virus outbreaks. However, because applications are typically hosted remotely rather than locally, malware authors exploit those weaknesses to deploy additional infections onto vulnerable servers. Cloud providers face similar concerns given their reliance on virtualization and distributed storage capabilities for hosting applications.
4. More sophisticated exploits target specific vulnerabilities instead of entire operating systems in order to avoid detection.

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If you live in Newfoundland or Labrador, chances are good you already own some form of video surveillance system; either cameras mounted above street corners or professionally monitored systems installed inside buildings. If you’re like many people who use this type of technology, though, you probably aren’t satisfied with the quality of images produced by current models, or perhaps you simply haven’t had the occasion to evaluate different options. But that’s going to change soon, because 2019 saw a big shift toward affordable yet high-quality digital imaging products made possible largely due to advances in computer hardware, software programming, and sensor design. We’ve compiled these technological advancements along with several other factors that could influence the choice of residential Surveillance Systems over the next few years below, but first things first: understanding the benefits they offer homeowners will help inform which model might be most suitable for your needs—and budget.
Why Install Digital Video Camera Systems?: Benefits include:
1) Easy Set Up and Operation– Unlike analog equipment, digital systems offer remote monitoring capabilities via their network connection(s). They typically provide alerts through email or text message when motion occurs. Some allow audio recording, so you’ll receive notification of break-ins should someone call after hearing noise or see activity outside. Other digital networks allow multiple devices to watch the same feeds simultaneously, meaning less setup time. Also, once everything is working properly, video files are stored digitally and easily accessed via computers and mobile phones.
2) Better Images for Less Money– Most models today capture higher resolution still shots than those found in older hardware. And while newer IP/HDTV cameras often cost slightly more upfront, long term savings result from lower power usage and reduced bandwidth consumption.
3) Flexibility– Many manufacturers now allow for custom mounting options and lens configurations for unique situations. For example, one popular camera used to feature a retractable pole stand that allowed it to sit flush against walls and windowsills without obstructing views.

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If you live in Concession Bay South Newfoundland then chances are you will be building a house soon. A lot of homeowners get really excited about this exciting project but often times they forget about some things. Things like installing cameras around the perimeter of the property to help them feel safer. If you missed these details earlier than now is definitely the time to rectify those mistakes because after you complete your construction phase and move into your new home you will regret it. So this guide covers five ways to maximize video surveillance in your house and office which includes setting up motion detection zones, mounting hidden cameras inside walls, making good use of existing technology, choosing the right hardware, and finally reviewing footage and analyzing videos.
1. Motion Detection Zones
Motion detection zones allow you to detect people who enter through windows, doors, skylights, and garage doorways. They alert you via email, text message, phone call, website, or mobile device that someone was detected within the zone area. Most of the time this type of system alerts only once unless it detects movement during several consecutive days. However, motion detectors can become unreliable during extreme weather conditions; therefore, always test the devices prior to purchase to ensure optimal operation under varying environmental factors. Some systems are wired and others wireless, meaning whether yours is wired or wireless it should be tested prior to deployment.
2. Hidden Camera Mounting Options
Hidden camera installations provide an inexpensive way to keep track of suspicious behavior and deter potential thieves. Depending upon your needs, you must consider many factors including cost, ease of installation, power requirements, placement options, resolution capabilities, size limitations, privacy issues, light exposure, durability, and reliability concerns. For instance, larger cameras mounted near exterior entry points offer better visual coverage than small cameras concealed in ceiling tiles or wall void spaces. Smaller models placed outside windows will capture images of guests approaching while large units located indoors usually serve as deterrents to intruders.
3. Existing Technology
Existing technologies include IPTV, digital cable, satellite TV, and Wi-Fi routers.

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In recent years, the rise of digital surveillance has led many homeowners to install video recording cameras around their homes, especially those who live near busy roads and highways, schools or businesses. These devices record videos 24/7, allowing families to watch back hours and days of recorded footage. However, this convenience comes along with some risks—it is vital that these devices be installed correctly and maintained regularly to ensure safety and comfort. We’ve compiled a complete guide to help you determine which types of commercial CCTV cameras will meet both your needs and your budget. For ease of use and functionality, most modern day models include Wi-Fi capabilities and motion detection. If none of them fit your requirements perfectly, check out our selection below to see which ones could work for you—and keep reading to learn why they’re a good investment.
1. Wireless Surveillance Camera Systems
Wireless CCTV systems offer several advantages over wired installations. They allow for quick setup (a few minutes), making it easy to get started in areas without convenient electrical outlets. Most units come equipped with wireless network adapters, letting you connect other household electronics like laptops or smartphones through a single Ethernet connection for seamless transfer of recordings. Additionally, because wireless setups often consist of less equipment than traditional wired options—most only needing a WiFi router and power adapter—this can save money in upfront costs. And finally, since wireless products are battery operated, no AC wiring is necessary, saving space in crowded rooms. All things considered, wireless security cams are ideal for small offices where space limitations preclude having conventional wired solutions installed.
2. Cloud Storage & Monitoring Software Solutions
Cloud storage and monitoring software is another great feature for business environments. By connecting multiple types of devices together via cloud technology, companies are able to remotely monitor and control each device from a centralized location. While this makes management easier, it opens the door to hackers. Therefore, many security experts suggest installing these products behind physical barriers and using strong passwords to prevent unauthorized access to information stored on shared drives. Some manufacturers provide extra layers of protection by encrypting traffic on every transmission, ensuring private customer files remain safe from prying eyes.

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There are many options available for you when thinking about installing cameras around your house and office. Here’s a quick run down on some of the top rated choices.
Cameras come with various types of mounts depending upon which type of camera they’re designed for. If you’re planning on putting them outdoors, then you’ll be most interested in weatherproof models which will protect against rain, wind, snow, sleet, heat and dust and keep everything nice and bright. These are usually mounted onto poles, trees, fences, walls or other surfaces. Weather proofing helps ensure that your camera remains operational during inclement conditions.
If your security system needs to stay indoors but is looking for something different than the standard wall mount, consider mounting a wireless model instead. Wireless systems work just like their wired cousin, except that no wires connect it to anything and they operate via radio waves rather than electrical power. They are ideal for situations where you want to place multiple devices in close proximity without having an unsightly cable running across your property line; this makes these cameras great solutions for outdoor installations.
Wireless cameras also allow homeowners to monitor areas that would otherwise prove inaccessible. For instance, they are excellent additions for monitoring children who aren’t allowed outside unsupervised.
Another way to go wireless is through motion sensors. Motion detectors use infrared light to detect movement and alert nearby cameras to record and store video footage whenever someone enters certain zones. Some motion detectors even offer audio alerts and/or video recording capabilities, allowing users to capture images of intruders as well. This feature is especially useful when combined with door/window alarms, which sound an alarm when anyone attempts to enter or leave designated spaces.
For indoor applications, it’s often wise to go ahead and install both indoor and outdoor units to get complete coverage, particularly if your home has multiple entrances and exits, since this gives you greater protection should an intruder manage to breach either area separately.
If you’re not quite ready for full blown surveillance and just need a basic deterrent, consider the “smart” or intelligent camera. Intelligent cameras are equipped with software that allows them to automatically adjust lighting settings in response to environmental changes, which helps keep things consistent regardless of the time of day.

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Why should I invest in a security system? We hear this question many times a day. This guide will help answer some frequently asked questions related to installing a security camera system for residential property or business premises including but not limited to : why install a security camera, which cameras to purchase, which type of installer service, which size/camera package is right for me, which size camera will protect my family or employees etc, which type of alarm siren is recommended and other general information about the industry..

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