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In this 2020 edition of my blog I am going to talk about some of the most popular products, technologies, brands, companies & solutions used today for CCTV monitoring. This will be updated regularly as time goes forward.
I started researching these topics around 2015 and 2016 with little experience but after working professionally since 2014 I thought it would be interesting to help other people get their systems installed correctly and safely. Also because many things seem to be changing quickly, I wanted to cover everything with regular updates. So hopefully this helps keep it current, relevant and safe for you guys.
If you find anything incorrect please comment and correct me as soon as possible.
*Please note we only sell Secure Cam branded items and install them ourselves.*
For those readers who are unfamiliar, a CCTV System consists of three main components: Camera, Recorder, Connectors/Adapters and Power Supply.
This blog covers the following cameras;
1x IP Camera 1080P HD 1920 x 1200
2x IP Cameras 720P 1280 X 800
4x IP Cams 960X 600 Pixels
3x Dome IP Cameras 120 HZ 5MP Resolution 640X 480 pixels
5x USB 3.0 DVR 4GB MicroSD Card Recording Storage Space
7x Network Video Interface Cards NVC 6200 Series
6x Ethernet Hub 1Gb Switching Module 10 / 100 Mbps RJ45 WAN Ports
1x Wireless Access Point 2.4 GHz 802.11n Dual Band AC1200 WiFi Standard
We currently offer both wired and wireless options depending on which solution fits your needs best. We also carry a wide range of power supplies for each model listed above. Please contact us via email, live chat or phone so we can work together to provide you with exactly what you need at a great price. Thank you for visiting our website and enjoy browsing through our inventory online. Secure Cam is always adding inventory, feel free to send us emails anytime. Our team is available seven days per week. If you would like information regarding a specific item then please use the request quote form on our website page with details.
Thank you again for viewing our post.

Cornwall's Best Commercial Security Cameras

This 2020 edition of this Cornwall property guide includes the most recent commercial CCTV cameras which provide excellent viewing angles due to high grade optics. They will help protect against intruders who attempt to damage a premises during business hours. During non working hours they will monitor activity around the building and report suspicious behaviour back to you remotely through a dedicated mobile phone app. These devices offer video recording function allowing footage to be stored on cloud servers providing useful evidence should there ever be a dispute. By having installed a security system which incorporates a DVR these systems allow footage to be viewed locally via computer screen or recorded onto external storage device. Many people prefer to view live feed of the building 24/7 because it gives them peace of mind knowing someone else views everything occurring. As technology advances many modern day security systems include facial recognition software which identifies potential persons attempting entry thus reducing false positives. A few years ago only large retail stores had advanced alarm monitoring facilities but today small retailers and landlords are able to get started easily and inexpensively by installing in house security equipment to cover office break ins. Although we are writing this article using only a handful of brands available today but rest assured there are hundreds of manufacturers producing quality products to meet your needs. Most professional installers use remote surveillance systems which connect wirelessly via cellular network, IP connectivity and Wi Fi connectivity. They are often designed specifically for specific locations like lobbies, offices, parking lots and garages. Some models support audio alerts to smartphone or other types of wearable communication devices while others send email reports automatically to keep track of events including smoke alarms or heat sensors. Some offer geo fencing features which stop movement once inside an area. We have listed some of the leading brands below plus all manufacturers may produce different styles of wireless cameras. It may take a little doing to source the correct model however the investment made will be worth it especially since these systems are relatively cheap to rent and maintain depending on usage requirements. For example a home owner wishing to guard his entire home would require several cameras and possibly a couple of outdoor units whereas schools and hospitals would probably buy fewer cameras for individual rooms and floors. If you’re still unsure then please feel free to contact us on 01275 744 565 or visit

Best Security Cameras Cornwall

Security cameras become more widely used for numerous purposes than ever. Today they play crucial role as CCTV systems and monitoring equipment in many locations like houses, offices, factories, warehouses & shops. These devices help people keep track of things around them without having to actually be present themselves anywhere in the world because they are connected through wifi / internet connection or cellular network system/device (4G LTE, 3 G). If you also use this type of device then definitely you should check these top 10 best wireless security cameras.
1. TvLINK Wireless IP Camera System
TvLink Wireless IP Camera System | Wifi Video Surveillance Kit – 1080P HD
This Wi Fi video surveillance kit delivers 720p high definition videos along with 2MP photos. It makes use of both wired Internet connection as well as 4GB internal memory capacity which will store recorded images after every minute. Connections are made possible via Wi-Fi and Ethernet cable connectivity options. Moreover, these units come equipped with night vision capability, motion detection plus audio recording feature for capturing sound during long periods of downtime. It supports various applications including audio streaming, web conferencing, mobile phone integration and cloud storage functionality.
2. Wyze Cam Outdoor WiFi Smart Security Camera – 1920 x 1080 Pixels HD – 720P High Definition
Wyze Cam Outdoor Wireless Security Camera(Wi-Fi) is a perfect choice for those who desire quality yet portable digital HD indoor outdoor camera. With this unit, you’ll get full day/night viewable videos, 30 days record retention and email alerts to notify you whenever something happens. Besides, it’s weatherproofed design enables it operate outside temperatures down to zero Fahrenheit degree (-18C) and above 160F. As opposed to other similar products, it offers great flexibility in mounting position since it contains built-in suction cup mounts inside cover. Other impressive characteristics include automatic movement alert, self-timer timer, motion zone adjustment and face detection technology.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Why SecureCam Cornwall is right for YOU?

Cornwall was once known only for its scenic beauty but these days anyone who lives in Cornwall will tell you this small Cornish town is becoming well-known for being quite possibly Britain’s safest place to live. According to statistics kept by the British Crime Survey, crimes like burglary, mugging, sexual offences and violent assaults are declining across the region. So why would anyone move to Cornwall instead of somewhere safer?The weather is beautiful, the food delicious, and the people friendly ; however crime levels are lower than most other destinations. All these factors combined help attract many potential buyers to buy homes in Cornwall. However buying property in Cornwall is a complex procedure which requires careful consideration because Cornwall lacks certain essential amenities common in larger towns and cities. For example some areas of rural Cornwall suffer from power cuts frequently, while the nearest hospital is 10 miles away, making regular trips unnecessary except in emergencies, and the closest dental clinic is located almost half a mile down country lanes. When purchasing property in Cornwall, residents must factor in the higher cost of living due to lack of central heating systems, no reliable car insurance cover available, lack of public transport routes in place, which could be dangerous during bad weather conditions.
At Secure Cam Cornwall we design the perfect CCTV system for every homeowner and business owner regardless of location, type, size or needs to ensure peace of mind and safety for the occupants inside the building. We offer customers quality products designed specially to suit specific budgets whilst still providing excellent customer service and support to assist homeowners achieve their desired result. At Secure Cam Cornwall we believe strongly in helping everyone become safe through the purchase of the highest quality products possible coupled with first class installations provided professionally by trained installers, we understand this can often leave clients somewhat anxious after seeing various web videos promising high level professional service yet when they arrive to take delivery of their chosen items they find themselves frustrated by poor communication and general unprofessionalism leading them back to search elsewhere for someone better suited to their own unique requirements. As soon as a client signs up and purchases their equipment from us we begin supplying them with exceptional service and guidance from day one until completion which includes comprehensive training sessions should they ever wish to use or adapt their installed devices to meet personal requirements.

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1) SecureCAM provides high quality CCTV Camera Systems in both indoor and outdoor environments. We work closely with customers across many industries including retail, commercial buildings & offices, manufacturing facilities, schools, government agencies, healthcare, industrial sites, residential areas & homes, farms & rural land, construction companies and other business sectors. Our systems offer exceptional value and reliability. They include advanced motion detectors and wireless connectivity which allow us to provide remote monitoring and viewing via smartphones apps or web browsers.
2) All SecureCam systems come equipped with state of the art video analytics technology allowing realtime alerts and notifications of events or activity taking place around them. These events can be viewed remotely via smartphone applications.
3) Secure Cam offers a full line of accessories including wall mounts, power supplies, mounting kits, cameras and video storage solutions.
4) Our customer service staff are trained professionals, who will guide you through every step required for a professional install.
5) SecureCam Cornwall installs your system quickly, efficiently and professionally ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life.
6) SecureCam Cornwall uses only top quality equipment which ensures long term durability.
7) SecureCam Cornwall is 100% Australian owned and operated, providing excellent support and after sales care.
8) Secure Cam Cornwall has installed thousands of Security Cameras in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada and South East Asia for clients ranging from small family run shops up to multi million dollar corporations.
9) Secure Cam Cornwall can help you design a custom solution tailored specifically to meet your needs.
10) Secure cam Cornwall is committed towards continuous development of innovative products & technologies, with our latest developments and innovations being announced monthly. For example, we just launched our latest camera range, the VXR series, featuring advanced image stabilisation technology and 4K Ultra HD resolution.
11) Secure Cam Cornwall is proud member of the Better Business Bureau, Safe Contractors Scheme, National Builders Federation, Master Builders Association, Construction Industry Training Board, Building Services Authority and Australian Institute of Architects.

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Cornwall ON

We believe that great video surveillance systems begin well beyond the hardware. They should meet the needs of today and the demands of tomorrow. And they must be designed to fit seamlessly into existing environments, while creating opportunities to expand your business. We’ve assembled some of the most useful information available on this topic to help put your security project back on track. Whether you’re planning a small office install, upgrading your main system, or building a completely custom solution, these tips will guide your way.
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5/ A Step By Step Plan.
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7/ DIY Security Camera Installations.
8/ 10 Ways To Avoid Common Hacks.
9/ Why You Should Consider Using IP Networking Technology.
10/ How Not All Wireless Networks Offer Complete Privacy Protection.
11/ Tips to Protect Yourself From Spying Neighbors.
12/ Things to Remember When Buying Home Automated Devices.
13/ Do I Need Cameras in Every Room?
14/ Installing Hard Wired Audio / Visual Equipment.
15/ Does a Professional Sound Bar Work Better than a Smart TV?
16/ The Truth About Self-Healing Materials.
17/ 7 Must Have Apps to Monitor Your House Properly.
18/ What’s Going On Around My Area?
19/ Can You Use Remote Monitoring To Spy Someone At Their Place Of Work?
20/ A Beginners Guide To Setting Up An Outdoor Lighting Solution.
21/ Will Solar Panels Save My Family Money Down The Line?
22/ Are CCTVs Necessary Outside?…What Happens If Something Goes Wrong During Operation?
23/ The Importance of Having Backups.

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In this article I will be discussing all sorts and kinds of surveillance cameras for your property whether residential homes/offices as well as commercial establishments including retail stores, schools, hotels, health care facilities, churches, government buildings, airports, casinos,…etc. We’ll walk through everything from a quick overview of how they work to step by step instructions and instructions for DIY installations. Most importantly though….why should anyone buy these amazing devices. Read ahead and learn why everyone’s buying them…or better yet, ask us some questions or offer us suggestions!
We aim to keep things interesting around feel free to contact us via phone, telegram or email and let us help you find the perfect solution for YOUR situation!
The Secure Cam website says it really good: “Secure Cam has had almost 3 million installs since 2013. A small percentage of which came after being recommended.” And who wouldnt’ trust recommendations?
If anybody reading this knows something I’m missing please leave comments below.
Happy New Year!!!
**2020 Update** For those interested I’ve opened the video store section of our web page to show just as many cameras as possible…we’re working towards having almost 100 cameras available….for most anything!
Here are a few screenshots of the system that was setup originally….most systems only come with 4 basic colors(black, white, green, amber) but ours covers 24 different colors plus a bunch of special ones like smoke(red), lava(orange)…you get the idea 🙂
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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Cornwall

Security cameras provide many benefits including protection against break ins, theft of valuable items, fires, vandalism, crime reduction, surveillance, monitoring, recording evidence and providing peace of mind.
If you live near areas that could be dangerous like busy streets, high traffic roads, train stations, construction zones or other places with potential hazards then investing in CCTV security cameras will help keep your property safe from damage.
Most importantly you get to see who is coming onto or leaving your property and what they are doing without having to wait around until someone leaves your premises to call police.
There are various types of security systems including outdoor cameras, indoor wireless IP cameras, hidden cameras and network video recorders. These devices vary in size, cost, resolution, image quality, connectivity options and ease of use. Each type requires different equipment but once installed each device should work together seamlessly.
We recommend installing multiple cameras to cover every angle of your property and making them visible through at least 5 angles. Some people say you only need 1 camera while some experts say 2, 3 or 4 depending upon size of space and level of risk.
Here are 10 tips you shouldn’t miss when choosing the perfect camera system for your business and/or your lifestyle:-
1. Check whether the security cameras offer night vision capability; this feature ensures you capture images at times when most burglars strike.2. Ensure the security cameras can communicate with alarm sirens via Wi Fi3. Consider the ability to monitor remotely4. Think about whether you prefer wired or wifi communication5. Make sure that the cameras have motion sensors6. Find out how many ways the camera communicates7. If possible find out which of these methods would be easiest8. Determine the range of coverage9. Decide if you want remote viewing10. Take everything apart, check it over and put it back together again just to ensure it really fits perfectly inside your home / office.
In today’s world of technology where everyone seems to be connected 24/7, there exists no better way than to install a high definition digital camera system to catch those sneaky or unscrupulous criminals red handed in action..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


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