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In this world of technology innovation, it’s inevitable that products will be constantly evolving. And while some people like to predict which ones will hit big, most of us just hope their predictions come true so they get to enjoy them sooner rather than later.
We’re no different. We’ve got hundreds of devices sitting around waiting to be turned into cool gadgets, but many fail because developers focus solely on making amazing apps without considering other ways those apps could benefit customers — especially security cameras. But that won’t happen until someone does something about it. Thankfully, someone did…and we decided to help put ourselves out of business by offering these six tips for designing awesome surveillance hardware that actually makes sense.
1. Keep Your Device Smaller
While bigger isn’t necessarily better in terms of overall cost and functionality, smaller makes things easier in more important areas, namely convenience and usability. So what exactly should a small device such as a security system be capable of doing? Here’s what you’ll find inside a typical 1080P model…
1080P resolution gives you crystal clean video day or night; 720p offers crisp images under indoor lighting conditions; 480i delivers sharp pictures under outdoor daylight conditions; and 30fps footage lets you capture rapid movement without frame skips or delays. Most affordable models provide 1MP still shots.
2. Go Ultra HD
Ultra high definition technology was first introduced in 2010, promising sharper imagery than 1080p HD video thanks to 4K tech. Just like HD, UHD allows for both full length movies and short clips at different resolutions, but it goes beyond merely being able to see every single detail in a scene. Instead of having to crop away unwanted parts, UHD content looks great on standard TVs across multiple screen sizes and technologies. Not only that, higher display ratios offer improved viewing angles
3. Offer More Than One Way to Stay Connected
When choosing how to watch live audio/video feeds, users shouldn’t limit themselves to one method of watching events unfold onscreen. For example, some systems allow viewers to listen through headphones connected via Bluetooth instead of speakers mounted near the monitor, eliminating the noise of loud exterior sounds.

Crysler's Best Commercial Security Cameras

Crysler’s top picks include cameras that offer both indoor/outdoor visibility, day/night capabilities, HD resolution, Wi-Fi connectivity, and motion detection. We’ve listed each below along with their key attributes.
If you’re interested in seeing which models work well indoors or outdoors, check out this post.
1. IP Camera:
This top pick offers great image quality and excellent night vision for indoor surveillance use; however, we recommend avoiding outdoor use due to weather conditions like rain or snow. If you’d rather get some extra peace of mind while away, consider installing multiple units around your property for maximum safety coverage (and better video).
2. Night Vision:
These cameras come equipped with infrared lighting technology and high definition 1080P recording capability, making them ideal for nighttime monitoring applications. They also provide a full range of advanced options including zoom, panning, tilting, and zooming, allowing homeowners to view areas beyond standard line of sight.
3. Wireless Network Technology:
Most wireless networks are designed for short distance communication, but these security systems allow you to expand the network coverage area with additional transmitters. For example, the IP Cam model above supports 2x and 4x expansion via optional external antennas. Additionally, most of these devices support 802.11n WiFi networking standards. These technologies help ensure optimal connection speeds, regardless of whether you install them inside or outside your residence.
4. Motion Detection:
Motion detection helps identify intruders who try to enter your property undetected through windows or doors. Most of the IP Cameras that we carry feature built-in motion sensors, but they often require an added transmitter to activate, so be certain to read the instructions carefully prior to purchase.
5. Smartphone App Remote Control:
Smartphones provide convenience for remote operation of home security products. Many of the IP Cam cameras available today offer smartphone control functionality via apps, making it easier than ever to monitor activity remotely. Some of the IP Cam cameras can send alerts through email, text message, push notification, phone call, and/or instant messaging.

Security Cameras Monitoring Company Crysler

Today’s video cameras allow you to monitor your property remotely 24/7 via a mobile device or web browser. Whether you live near busy roads, next to a school yard, behind tall fences or simply prefer keeping an eye on things yourself, these devices work great for most situations. They make it possible to check who’s coming and going without having to actually be present; they’re perfect for remote monitoring, making them ideal choices for homeowners and business owners alike. For example, many people with elderly parents use security cams to keep track of visitors — especially overnight guests — while they work late hours at night. Others use them because burglars often strike late at night. Whatever your reason, this guide will help you find the best way to get started. We’ll break down each type of surveillance camera below, including which ones offer the greatest range. And remember, the price goes only up from here.
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For years I’ve watched my customers struggle to connect to external APIs to integrate with various tools used during development. Often times developers would spend days working around issues caused by different providers’ API responses, trying to debug why certain requests failed for no apparent reason. API integrations were becoming more complex, but most importantly they weren’t being delivered in ways that made sense to consumers or API providers. Developers had to learn dozens upon dozens upon dozens of new protocols and frameworks just to figure out what was necessary to accomplish something like building a feature that would display content inside a carousel format inside another website. And then there is the problem of authentication. Most companies rely heavily on OAuth2 today. But, to date, Oauth2 still struggles with providing enough support for consumer facing apps. Consumers can easily authenticate themselves through Facebook or LinkedIn, but those same solutions aren’t available outside of the context of those applications. As a result, if you wanted to provide auth against Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., the options were either proprietary or nonstandardized. Today, we’re introducing the first step towards bettering that situation for everyone involved. A standardized protocol for consuming auth tokens via REST APIs called OpenID Connect 2nd Generation.

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Best Security Cameras Crysler

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Crysler

1. When buying a Cams, go straight to your preferred retailer who will be able to show you different models available. Many dealers will not take customers around to view other options because they already have an agreement with retailers like Amazon and eBay which provide them commission through affiliate links. By going straight to these stores via search engines like Google, you won’t get this bias. We chose top 5 brands across 4 categories, so pick whichever best suits your needs.
2. Check the cameras out first before putting down a deposit
3. Most importantly, read through reviews of each model thoroughly before making your choice
4. If possible, try each camera live in real life prior to committing to purchase
5. Finally confirm prices with various suppliers.
6. Don’t forget to check out our Crysler recommended Camera Installation service page for complete detail guides on installing your own cams. We’ll teach you everything you need including step-by-step instructions, images & videos showing exactly how its installed, and answer some of the most common questions asked by clients after their install.
7. Remember to ask your installer several key points during the setup process, including power source type, connection method, battery supply, mounting position/type, wireless settings. They should cover every aspect that could potentially affect the quality of picture taking, especially if you’re trying to use something old without knowing how things work. For example, DSLR’s usually requires both AC Adapter and Power Cable because of the DC current requirement whereas Network Video Servers uses USB port instead of mains adapter due to space problems.
8. Lastly, always remember to keep backups of all photos stored in your phones’ gallery and video files stored on computer and don’t forget to have insurance coverage for your camera’s storage device. As an independent business owner, you shouldn’t hesitate to spend extra cash for quality products and services but only pay attention to safety issues rather than cheap price tags. Happy shopping!
We love helping people discover the perfect solution for the best value Security CCTV System. We’re constantly striving to improve customer experience and deliver innovative technology solutions to help Homeowners, Businesses Owners and Property Managers protect the properties they care.

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For many years, video surveillance was mostly used in warehouses and manufacturing plants but with increasing crime rates in homes and offices alike, people will no longer trust their personal property without constant protection. There are currently more than 5 billion internet connections worldwide, which accounts for close to 70% of global population, meaning that almost everyone needs surveillance cameras installed somewhere in his/her house or office to protect themselves against theft or unwanted intrusion.
In this post, I am going explain some good news that comes along with today’s technology that makes modern day life easier, like having cheap yet effective security cameras that can be easily integrated into most devices around us.
We’re going to go through the top 4k cameras available to install yourself (homeowners), and then talk about how they work and why you should consider buying them. Most importantly I’ll show you how they fit together (cameras, DVR, power supply). By this point hopefully, you will be able to pick out one for yourself. We’ve already tested these four systems thoroughly and found each one worthy of your consideration. Read on to learn whether any would suit your individual needs better than the others.
(1) NETGEAR Arlo Pro 2 (Amazon Affiliate Link)
NETGEAR Arlo Pro is probably the easiest way to get started in the world of IPV4 cameras. Not only does it include everything you’d expect of an affordable DIY kit — including mounting hardware, software, batteries, cables, and remote controls — but it includes several other nice extras: Wi-Fi range extenders, motion detection zones, customizable alerts via email and phone calls, and support for multiple languages. These days, it’s tough to beat $200-$300 for something as basic as an indoor camera networked to a smartphone or tablet; the fact that Arlo comes with a lot of additional bells and whistles isn’t really surprising.
But Arlo still offers plenty of value for less than twice that price thanks to its excellent image quality and ease of use. And unlike cheaper competitors, you won’t find yourself searching the web in frustration trying to figure out how to configure settings and customize notifications.

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In this post I will discuss my personal experience installing dozens of different types of home surveillance cameras over the past 2 years. My research shows me that most people install these products incorrectly and end up regretting, in many cases, spending thousands of dollars on a system they aren’t getting value from. Below you’ll find detailed instructions to help ensure everything goes smoothly during the initial setup phase to avoid costly surprises down the road. And remember, your first camera shouldn’t be anything fancy; just get something cheap yet functional—like a $10 HD video doorbell. Once you’ve made this mistake yourself once, having another person come along and make the same dumb mistakes makes things quite complicated to get back to normal after some point.
If possible, try to avoid going through third party vendors like Amazon Echo Show. These systems typically include additional components that simply cost extra (and often don’t perform as promised). They’re usually less portable, which limits you options for placing them inside certain areas, and they’re almost always designed around some sort of “cloud” solution that requires internet connectivity—usually 4G LTE cellular networks—which isn’t reliable everywhere. If you absolutely must use 3rd party solutions for whatever reason, go straight to reputable companies that sell quality CCTV equipment instead of trying to hack together DIY videos with apps and scripts you downloaded from unknown sources. Don’t trust anyone who tries to charge you per hour/minute for doing nothing but plugging in wires…it’s basically illegal without permits in many states unless you pay someone else to wire up an existing system that already exists somewhere. Go with known brands that offer service across North America rather than foreign ones simply because quality really does count. This includes reputable hardware manufacturers, but also things like Ring since the latter sells both hardware and software.
Finally, remember that while you are setting up your actual installed device(s), it’s still valuable to have a backup copy of those files stored away securely outside of your house / office for peace of mind if the worst happens. Be sure to purchase an external storage drive that you actually own and control rather than trusting random cloud backups offered by other parties simply due to convenience.

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This is my first attempt at writing this article, but my aim was just to provide some guidance for those who are considering taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the IoT revolution. I hope that people find these ideas useful, and perhaps will use them to help shape their own thoughts around the topic – especially given recent events which suggest that many companies may be starting to feel concerned about the potential risks involved.
I’ve divided the post into three parts: Part 1 explains why it’s worth investing in technology; part 2 focuses specifically on the business model associated with IoT; and part 3 considers the ethical side of things. As well as talking through IoT, each section includes examples drawn from real life, so hopefully readers get something out of the experience.
Why Investing In Technology Is Worthwhile
Before explaining exactly how to go about developing your idea, let me explain why I believe that investment is worthwhile.
There are lots of great benefits that come along with having an increasingly connected world, including increased efficiency, convenience and lower costs. However, if we fail to embrace new technologies then they could be lost forever. The Internet wasn’t originally envisioned by people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates et al, as anything other than a way for scientists and engineers to exchange information. However, thanks to the efforts of pioneers such as Sir Tim Berners Lee (the inventor of HTML), it quickly grew and became the basis upon which almost everything else we take for granted today runs. If we’re going to benefit from the IoT revolution, we need to ensure that it’s properly managed and used appropriately. We therefore need to invest now while everyone still sees value in doing things old fashioned ways.
Business Model
What does all this mean, though? Well, the most obvious example of technological progress being made available to us today involves mobile devices. They allow us to carry out everyday functions far easier than ever before.

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In 2018 we introduced the first ever “selfie proof” security cam. Our cameras use facial recognition technology to automatically unlock doors & garage gates after someone takes their picture. We call this feature Face Recognition Technology™. Not only does face recognition prevent people getting through locked front/backdoors, but it also helps protect homes against break ins because no matter who gets inside, they won’t be able to get out without being detected thanks to the built in motion sensor alerting us instantly through the web portal.
Face Recognition Technology™
Cams are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to monitor activity 24 hours day 7 days week. Many homeowners and office space managers find having video footage of their property an effective way of deterring vandals, thieves or intruders from breaking and entering. And we provide our customers with the latest and most advanced tech to keep them protected while still giving them peace of mind. This includes our self aware cams which send live alerts via email and text messaging whenever a movement trigger zone is breached. They also offer night vision, night light options, pan / tilt functionality, audio recording and many other exciting capabilities.
We understand installing a high quality security camera system involves some degree of hassle however, SecureCam Crysleer will help you avoid unnecessary costs and headaches associated with poor installations or equipment that isn’t working properly. For example: If you install a security camera incorrectly then the door won’t stay closed or the lens could end up pointing somewhere else entirely. These issues usually lead to expensive repairs or replacements. However once installed correctly our cameras work perfectly every single time. So why take the risk?
When it comes to choosing the perfect security camera solution for your needs, it’s vital you’re happy with everything from initial setup to ongoing support. After all there’s nothing worse than spending hundreds of dollars building a great looking house only to realise years down the line that something was installed improperly making it impossible to enjoy fully for yourself. When selecting our products we’ll always recommend you talk to us prior to purchase and ask questions like “Do I really need a full HD webcam?”, “Does my current IP Cam System meet my expectations?”..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


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