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Cameras will be connected to cloud storage solutions. As well as being able to connect your smartphone via Wi Fi, many cameras already come equipped with mobile apps which allow remote viewing/monitoring anywhere in the world through these devices; this feature becomes essential for companies who work remotely. More sophisticated models will include facial recognition software allowing images to be saved only after verifying the owner’s identity, thus minimizing privacy concerns while still improving security measures across the board. Most importantly, you’ll no longer need to worry about manually checking each camera because they will automatically send alerts whenever suspicious activity occurs. Imagine having real-time crime alert notifications delivered directly to your phone!
Cloud Based Solutions
Connected homes aren’t just something scientists dream up while discussing theories, but are becoming a reality. Many homeowners are opting to install WiFi routers inside of their homes. These wireless hubs enable multiple people living under the same roof to stream, chat, play games, view videos, conduct business meetings — essentially live together in their own private worlds, without disturbing other members of their family. So why would anybody move to connecting every nook and cranny of his house? Well, imagine watching movies or surfing the web in bed while your partner snoozes peacefully beside you, knowing that you won’t wake them unless a fire breaks out or someone tries to break in. Or perhaps you’d like to watch the big game together as you relax on the couch while everyone else heads upstairs to study because school lets out today. Connectivity allows families — whether large or small alike — to stay close together despite geographical distance. And because everything happens in some form of “the Cloud,” anyone could theoretically walk into your residence and see exactly what’s happening. That sounds incredibly invasive, yet is actually really convenient. After all, nobody wants to leave behind the safety net of modern tech, particularly since most crimes occur outside in plain sight. A few examples of ways you can utilize connectivity to ensure the safety of yourself, your family, and friends:
Facial Recognition Technology
One of the most popular uses of technology used against criminals nowadays involves face detection software, which detects faces within video footage captured by surveillance systems.

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Security Camera Installation Trends: As technology continues to evolve, the use of cameras will be no different. We expect to see many improvements in 2020 including better resolution, improved image processing algorithms that help improve overall picture quality, increased automation, smarter software integration capabilities, and more intelligent video analytics. The most interesting aspect of this evolution though lies in the way that people interact with these cameras. We are already seeing some amazing innovations like voice control, motion detection, face recognition, facial expressions, emotion analysis, gesture recognition, and other advanced technologies. These advancements make for great stories but they also raise questions regarding privacy concerns, and the ability of law enforcement agencies to utilize them effectively. For example, will the police soon be able to read license plates through a web cam installed near traffic lights, detect faces through surveillance cams placed along highways? Will the government soon monitor every conversation through a networked microphone system? Or perhaps it would just be easier to watch us through our own personal devices? These issues aside, I believe the real story lies elsewhere. While many are quick to assume that surveillance cameras will become pervasive across society in the coming years, I am convinced that the true impact of these systems won’t occur until after 2030-2040. Why? Because while there is certainly a lot of hype around these products today, I still haven’t seen anything yet that can truly replace human eyesight.
Best Home Security Cameras:
1. Ring Video Doorbell 2 ($149-$249/mo.): The Ring Video doorbell connects to Wi-Fi networks and lets you view live streaming video footage inside (and outside) your home via smartphone apps for iOS and Android devices. If someone rings the bell, you get an audio alert; if the person isn’t who they say, you’ll get alerts from both the doorbell and phone. And because the device uses a battery instead of power cables, it requires almost zero maintenance once installed (other than changing batteries). Plus, since the Ring Video Doorbell supports up to four simultaneous streams, you can keep tabs on multiple entrances simultaneously.
2. Netgear Arlo Pro 2 ($229/yr): Like the original model, this version includes 4K HD recording capability and night vision.

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In today’s world, people spend most of their lives connected through technology devices like laptops, tablets & smartphones; but they often neglect one essential part of life — safety & security. We live in a fast paced technological society and many times we forget to protect ourselves with proper monitoring solutions that will keep us safe in our homes or offices.
We’ve put together this guide to help you find the perfect solution to protect yourself while staying cost effective.
Here’s some things to consider:
Which type of cameras are suitable for your needs?
What size should I be considering?
How long should my video footage run for?
Are these compatible cameras available for purchase locally?
How can I install them?
Is it worth investing in professional service providers for installation/service support?
If you’re still unsure on which system to go ahead with, please contact us at and we’ll happily answer any questions you may have.

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In this blog I will be discussing many aspects of installing CCTV cameras in your business or home office environment which include but are not limited to; product recommendations, design concepts, camera technology advancements & cost effectiveness. We understand the complexities involved when choosing the correct products, locations, angles, and overall setup. So, after having conducted extensive research through multiple sources, reviews, case studies, and hands on experience while setting up numerous installations ourselves. Here’s what should work well – and not just “work well” – but really, REALLY well.
First impressions matter the most. Not only does a great first impression help a potential customer/buyer get comfortable with you, but it also creates trust. If someone sees a professional install team arrive unannounced at her door, she might be thinking, “Whoa…why did they come to my house? Is something wrong? Should I say yes? No?! Am I going crazy?!” But once the actual install begins, everything seems perfectly normal, nothing alarming happens, and the job gets done fast without causing damage. As long as the homeowner was notified ahead of time via e-mail, phone call, and text message explaining the purpose of the visit, then the chances of getting a positive response increase significantly. And remember, no salesmen selling anything. Your company shouldn’t care what type of person walks into your shop and asks whether you sell X or Y. They’re probably already sold on buying it anyway – just keep them informed on why they should buy yours. Also, the fact that you’ve spent time researching each camera’s specs makes you seem like someone who knows what he/she’s doing. It gives the appearance of knowledge, competence and expertise, regardless of whatever other qualities they might have. After reading this guide, you’ll find yourself asking some questions about installing a few different types of surveillance systems, and hopefully, those answers are easier than you feared.
To sum things up, if you take these steps with every new project you begin, you won’t regret spending the extra effort because you’ll wind up coming away with better solutions for your next projects.

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In this blog I will discuss the different types of cameras available today including IP Camera Systems, HD/DVR Cameras, Pan Tilt Cams, Wireless Network Devices, Wireless Drones, Indoor Motion Detection Sensors, Night Vision Monitors, Alarm systems, Video Surveillance Software Applications, Remote Viewing Apps, Mobile Phone Surveillance Apps, CCTV System Accessories and many other products. I will cover each type of camera system in details along with information on how they work, which ones work better than others for specific situations and some tips and tricks. Each section includes links to Amazon affiliate stores for some additional buying ideas. If you would like me to install your security cams for you please fill out my contact form and I’ll get back to you shortly after I receive your message.
I hope you enjoy reading these blogs and learn something. Please leave comments below with questions you wish answered or topics you would like me to write about. Thank you!

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Security Camera Installation Trends for 2022
Are you ready to upgrade to the latest technology installed in the most efficient way possible? We’ve got the solution for you! Read below why we’re confident SecureCam Dartmouth will be perfect suited for your next Home/Office Security System needs.
Why should I replace my old system?
First Things First… The only reason someone would keep their current video surveillance system going today is because they haven’t made the investments necessary to move beyond analog technology. And even then, the quality of today’s digital cameras isn’t worth upgrading to. For example, many newer systems offer wireless capabilities, which allow you to connect your monitor(s), audio equipment, keypad, lighting controls, alarm panel, doorbell, intercom, etc., via Wi-Fi. Most importantly, however, these wireless connections enable seamless integration across multiple devices (such as smartphones). Think about this: If your burglar could see everything on his phone screen while he was inside your property — just like seeing through a peephole — wouldn’t that slow him down considerably? Even worse than losing the sale is dealing with an angry customer once things go south. Imagine having that same person show up 10 minutes after calling 911; imagine being blamed rather than credited for securing their own home. Finally, imagine walking around in front of your customers every day and knowing you’re wasting your advertising dollars without doing anything proactive yourself. Not convinced yet? Think about this: Many modern IP cameras come equipped with built-in motion detection software, allowing them to capture footage whenever unwanted activity occurs nearby. While some older units are still able to take snapshots automatically, and perhaps send email alerts afterward, most aren’t compatible with today’s cloud storage solutions. Don’t get us started talking about all those extra cables connected to each individual unit, either… especially since much of today’s tech uses Ethernet ports to transfer information wirelessly.
How long does installing a new system usually take? When it comes to the length of install times, it varies greatly depending on whether you hire an installer or use a self-installation kit. Most DIY kits are relatively straightforward but involve plugging in different components together manually.

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HikVision HD W1080P Wireless IP Network Camera 1080p, 1/2″ CMOS Sensor, Night Vision, Wi-Fi Protected setup, 3x Power Saving Modes, Up to 30 days battery life, IP66, 2m wireless range, 10MP photos resolution and 1280 x 720 Pixels screen size.
Tiandys DVR T6HD 1080p, 12X digital zoom, 4GB internal storage capacity, 5.1 channel surround sound audio recording, USB port to attach external devices, 1080P video quality, 8mm lens with 0.8m wide angle field of view that captures images without distortion.
Both these cameras come with built-in night vision capability which makes them ideal for indoor use in areas like homes, offices, hotels, warehouses, retail stores, restaurants, factories, government facilities and other public buildings.
We will cover this article in depth below:
How to Install Your New Surveillance System?
If you already own a surveillance system, we recommend installing the new one first before you install anything else. Once installed, check out the following articles and videos to learn some tips and tricks and to get started with your surveillance project.
What you need to begin setting up your home CCTV system?
Before starting, ensure that the power source is connected properly and that your house wiring meets the electrical code specifications for wiring of electrical outlets. Also consider adding smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors if they aren’t present yet. A smoke alarm should be placed near every sleeping area in a bedroom, living room, family room, master bathroom, etc. Ensure that a fire extinguisher is located nearby in case of a possible emergency situation. Carbon Monoxide Alarms should always be used indoors because CO poisoning kills people quickly due to exposure. Always verify the batteries are working, then connect each detector wire separately to its corresponding outlet and test for proper operation. If everything looks fine, move on to the next step. Make sure all doors in the home close completely and lock securely. Next, take measurements of doorways, windows and hallways. For example, measure the width of your doorway from side to side and from top to bottom.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Dartmouth

This post will cover the top five most popular cameras on Amazon today including some other lesser known brands like Foscam, Hikvision & YI Technology. We will also go through different types of camera installations and offer suggestions on which type would be best for your particular situation and why.
We believe this info should help you decide whether or not to purchase a certain type of camera but please remember each customer is unique and what might work well for one person might not necessarily work for another. Also keep in mind you may end up getting additional accessories along the way that could improve your experience further down the road. So always consider those too.
If you have questions after reading this post feel free to contact us at 844 945 3456
#1 Top 5 Most Popular Camera Types
There are several security camera models sold today ranging anywhere from $50-$600+. If you’re just starting out it seems daunting trying to figure out exactly what you’d use and exactly what model you would purchase. Well I am going to break it down for ya.
First thing first you must realize these days the market is flooded with tons of options and many times people choose something without having researched them thoroughly enough to find out they aren’t the best fit for whatever reason. For example, a lot of folks get stuck on price thinking “well the cheap ones just have to cut corners somewhere, therefore the quality won’t be good.” But, that isn’t correct at all; it simply depends on what you actually expect of these units. Some companies make them cheaply because they only sell the cheapest unit available. Other companies try to save money by selling units without proper quality control measures taken. Either way, it ends the same result. You buy a sub par device.
Here are my thoughts on how you should approach selecting a unit in terms of cost versus quality. First thing you’ll want to determine is what type of environment you live in..

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