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If you live in Delson QC you’ve probably seen some signs around town advertising the latest buzzy technology trend: Security Camera Systems. Whether they’re located outside your office building or attached to street lights, these systems are quickly becoming ubiquitous tools used by small business owners who want to keep tabs on areas like parking lots, outdoor work spaces and driveways across North America.
Unfortunately, this type of monitoring isn’t only great for keeping an eye on employees’ productivity levels, but it’s also expensive — often costing thousands per unit. And while most Canadians will be required to pay sales tax on surveillance cameras purchased through provincial retailers, many still won’t realize until the bill arrives that they owe tax on them because companies aren’t legally allowed to declare those items as separate expenses from other purchases. All told, installing a state-of-the-art surveillance system could cost well north of $10K.
While this is definitely an expense worth considering, there are several things you should consider first before deciding which type of cameras would suit you best. Here are just some factors to weigh when searching for the perfect security solution for your home and/or place of employment.
What does my current location dictate?
Is your space primarily made up of concrete or brick buildings? Will you be working in a wood house or perhaps an older residence full of exposed beams or rafters? Do you expect to visit other locations regularly throughout the day? If yes, then you’ll notice your home needs protection against theft due to the fact that people tend to carry goods to places like grocery stores or restaurants. Likewise, if you are going away during the weekdays and returning late at night, you’ll appreciate having a surveillance system for both safety purposes and peace of mind. On top of that, CCTV systems can prevent crime scenes from being taped over by police investigators after hours.
How does weather affect visibility?
In terms of climate impact, whether temperatures are extreme enough during summer months for indoor environments to become unbearably hot and humid, or cold enough during winter seasons to risk freezing pipes and damaging equipment, a high quality weatherproof camera must protect against moisture.

Security Cameras Monitoring Company Delson

This post will show you the best and most used technology in today’s market for doorbell cameras and CCTV systems. We’ll cover top brands like Ring, ADT Pulse Plus, Flir Torc 2, Nest Cam Outdoor, Arlo Pro & SmartThings Hub. These products are designed specifically to monitor homes, offices & other remote locations. They’re affordable, reliable and offer excellent customer service through video alerts, text messages and email notifications. If you live near a city, many security companies already provide this type of monitoring because they understand the benefits customers receive from 24/7 surveillance coverage.
But why should you use DoorBellCameras? Well, these types of cameras have several key benefits including peace of mind knowing exactly who was outside of your house. When someone rings the bell, they see themselves being recorded on the screen & the footage saved locally on board while the doorbell sounds alert the homeowner instantly on his cell phone device. So no more waiting several minutes to watch your front gate, sliding glass doors, garage door, porch lights…etc to identify suspicious behavior. A great way to keep track of your property anytime,anywhere,even when you aren’t home!! For homeowners, this adds value to real estate prices. This helps reduce break ins and increase safety around the neighborhood. But be advised, some people could be recording you without realizing!! Some states still allow residents to buy equipment without a license which makes it legal to record activity inside your own home but illegal to sell videos to third parties! Most law enforcement agencies won’t prosecute cases involving private citizens who legally capture crime via audio and visual recordings. However, police officers usually find suspects during investigations thanks to a suspect’s confession after watching themselves captured on home security system.
So, in conclusion, if you decide to invest in a video doorbell cam, check them against the following criteria:
1. Does the manufacturer guarantee that it can detect motion within 10 ft / 3 m with 100% accuracy? Can it distinguish between humans and animals?2. Is the image high resolution enough for viewing indoors such as bedrooms?3. Is the battery life long enough for recording over night?4.

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In this article I am going to be discussing the latest trends in residential security cameras and show exactly which ones should be installed in your house, business, apartment building and office space. We will go through everything you need to consider when choosing the perfect security camera to install in your home, including: What type of camera do you need?, How big does my area need to be covered?, Will motion detection work well in my situation?, How many zones do I need? And How often do I want to check on my property? These questions will help you determine which types of security cameras are appropriate for your specific needs. If you would like to discuss your current setup, feel free to contact us today.
We provide professional service for both commercial and residential customers and specialize in installing security systems in homes, apartments, condominium buildings, offices, retail stores, schools and other locations around the country. Our technicians have years of experience working with various brands of video surveillance equipment and have extensive knowledge of the different options available. They are highly skilled professionals who are dedicated towards providing quality products and exceptional customer support.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



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We are experts in building custom solutions for homes and business environments for nearly 25 years—and we offer the best solution to protect YOUR property against burglars, intruders, fires, floods, lightning strikes and other disasters.
In fact, after testing dozens of brands & products, we determined that a small handful of companies consistently deliver exceptional service, quality equipment, and superior customer satisfaction across thousands of installations each year. We call these “customer first manufacturers.” So whether you’re building a single unit yourself, adding a few cameras to your house renovation project, or installing hundreds or thousands of cameras for a commercial facility with several buildings, we recommend only those same top-notch brands—from trusted names like Honeywell, Ring Video Doorbell®, Digital Insight® Networking, GE Security™ and ADT Monitoring Services—that we use ourselves every day.
Here’s why you should trust us when you install your own system:
– Quality Equipment — All SecureCam systems include state-of-the art technology built around leading-edge camera sensors, powerful HD video encoders and advanced video analytics software to ensure outstanding picture resolution while reducing false alarms. And they feature industry standard security protocols including AES 256 bit encryption, IP2P, H.264 AVC compression, WDR, HDR/HFR, dual IR illuminators and high contrast nightvision. Plus, these systems come backed by 24×7 monitoring support, 24hr emergency response service, comprehensive warranties, fast shipping times, and the highest level of technical expertise available.
– Superior Service and Customer Satisfaction — Our team members take care of everything, from setting up your account to making sure the hardware arrives safely, installed correctly, tested properly and working perfectly. Because once customers experience firsthand the difference between inferior security devices and a professional installer who takes pride in his work, they’ll tell everyone else about it for life. No doubt about it; it really does pay big dividends in sales referrals and repeat purchases.

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1. For small business, this type cameras will be your perfect choice because they are affordable, reliable and powerful. They come with many additional great features like night vision with infrared LEDs, 2MP images and motion alerts. Most importantly, unlike other types of surveillance system, these small wireless video security devices come equipped with high quality webcams with long distance viewing capabilities. And the price range is $100-$150 per unit.
2. Smaller size but big features. These IP Camera models provide better picture quality than most standard HDTV 1080P model and most smaller sized cameras due to enhanced resolution technology used inside the cameras along with advanced image processing software. But since these cameras are quite small, you won’t get good enough view distances for the area around. Many people would prefer these cameras to HDCAM1080WPCam that offer both high-definition recording videos & audio recordings; which could go beyond 1km (0.6 miles). Moreover, for indoor use only, they usually feature excellent outdoor visibility performance including wide angle lens of 160° field-of-view. But the price tags are slightly higher, starting at around a dollar more per device.
3. If you’re looking for great value without compromising quality, then I recommend using either IP Cam models ($120+) or NVR/Nucie products. Both of them work well indoors and outdoors especially during low light conditions. They are commonly found in retail stores, warehouses, educational institutions, offices, libraries etc.. Besides their basic function of monitoring, some of those NVR units allow remote accessing through internet. So once again, while saving costs in terms of capital investment and maintenance, they still maintain a decent level of professional grade features. Although the prices of IP Cam vary depending on brands/models, however in general, they tend to run anywhere from 200-300 dollars. While NVR systems typically cost ranging from 300-400 bucks. To learn more about different kinds of Wireless Networked Video Recorders available today, take a peek at our article below “Top 5 Wireless NVR/NUCIE Products”.

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Here’s the best way I’ve found to get started – just grab one end cap or another and put some tape (or double sided adhesive paper) across them, attach the cameras upside down onto the ends and then stick them together vertically, like picture hanging strips. Easy peasy! It makes sense because most people prefer vertical views anyway…
Now install the doorbell / motion detection sensor next to it pointing towards where they expect visitors to enter.
Install a couple lights on either side inside each corner of the entryway/doorframe. They’ll help lighten things up a little bit, but be careful not to use the same type of bulbs you used outside because those will burn out quickly. If this was my house, I’d probably go with LED strip lighting instead. Or even consider replacing the old outdoor floodlights entirely with high quality exterior IP rated LEDs instead of incandescent ones; they really are fantastic these days in terms of energy savings, durability,…read more

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Security cameras are great for many homes but some locations simply aren’t practical because they’re either inaccessible or just plain dangerous. We’ve found the perfect places where it makes sense to use them. For example, a high traffic garage or driveway would be the ideal place to install a motion sensor surveillance system for your car; however, these areas tend to be full of potential hazards like power tools, garden equipment, trash cans, kids toys, pets and other things that could cause damage or injury to someone driving by or walking near. Other times a good idea is a hidden camera inside the house to help watch kids or monitor employees without giving away the fact that anything’s going on. But sometimes the most obvious choice isn’t always the safest or convenient choice. Here we talk about the top 5 Best Hidden Camera Locations in homes and offices.
1. Garage/Driveway Surveillance System: When it comes to installing a hidden video recording device, this location often gets overlooked because people assume that it will only be used during daytime hours while cars move around back and forth. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth…especially if there happens to live some sort of animal outside of the door. A well placed hidden cam will allow a homeowner to spy on visitors who visit and leave their property unannounced which could lead to catching unwanted guests or thieves trying to break into a vehicle parked in your driveway at night.
2. Kitchen Monitoring: Whether it be to keep track of children left unattended or keep tabs on employee activity, kitchen monitoring systems are a lifesaver especially in busy restaurants with lots of cooks and dishwashers working simultaneously. If nothing else, it helps catch anyone sneaking food from the fridge or taking items from the freezer without paying for them.
3. Attic Surveillance Systems: These types of installations usually come in the form of infrared sensors mounted into ceiling tiles above bedrooms and bathrooms to ensure safety and privacy. They can also detect heat sources coming from vents or windows indicating possible intruders as opposed to regular visible light cams that can be spotted easily.

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How Do I Buy Cams?
First things first, if you want to buy cams in bulk, how do you go about buying them. Well, to answer this question we will be showing you some different ways to get those cameras installed. First, lets talk about going directly through the manufacturer themselves. For home installations this would typically mean paying around $200-$400 dollars per camera depending on how big and many you need. But, let me tell you, these types of companies have extremely tight margins on each unit they sell, which puts a ton of pressure on them to try and move every single piece of inventory they have available in stock. So the first problem you will run into is price. Secondly you won’t really save any money because you end up paying a lot more than just installing the cams yourself… If you’re interested in doing something like this then check out my article how t purchase security cams online.
Security Camera Installations
Installing security cameras for homes, offices, retail stores, industrial facilities, business establishments, banks, casinos, airports, shopping centers, schools, construction sites, warehouses, motels, hotels, restaurants and other commercial properties can be challenging. Some locations present unique problems associated with physical obstructions or hazardous conditions. Often times, however, the challenge lies in designing the proper system infrastructure and selecting the suitable equipment configuration.
Home Security Systems Installation
Most people consider a home burglary only after it happens; but most burglars strike during early morning hours when homeowners aren’t there. A well-designed CCTV system with motion detection technology can help prevent intruders from entering certain areas inside the house undetected. An integrated alarm panel connected to a monitored surveillance system can notify police dispatch center via landline phone call or cellular text message. Even though it takes the intruder less time to break into a residence without being detected, it’s still worthwhile to install a security camera. As part of your neighborhood crime watch program, law enforcement officials could learn valuable information about recent crimes and potential burglars by reviewing video footage captured by your surveillance system. When residents witness suspicious behavior happening near their houses, they should contact 911 immediately and alert authorities who can investigate further..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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