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This article will talk about the benefits of installing security cameras in your property, why they should be installed, what type of cameras to install, which ones provide the most value and how often do I need them monitored?
For years I was told “security cameras aren’t worth it because no matter what happens someone could just steal my equipment” but I had to see this happen first hand for myself. After watching one of my properties get broken into, vandalized several times, then get burglarized twice; I realized ‘I got to see my own property being stolen in person before I believed anything else’. Once I saw these crimes take place I knew that there wasn’t enough ‘eye candy’ available for security companies in order to catch the thieves.
After talking to multiple different people including some of the largest alarm monitoring systems providers for many years now; I finally came across Secure Cam who has made the whole experience of getting security cameras for my personal use, business installations, property inspections and commercial buildings easier than ever. Their team installs and monitors the system professionally, they provide me with 24/7 video recording capabilities so I always have footage to help identify suspicious events or people, and their price point is unbeatable.
We provide professional surveillance for business, residential, office and industrial environments. Our clients include small family owned businesses, multi-national corporations, high end real estate developments and large scale construction projects. We cover areas around Ontario including North Bay, Sudbury, Timmins, Barrie, Windsor, London, Niagara Falls, Waterloo region and Toronto.
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Our service includes:
Installation, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting of CCTV systems. Surveillance Camera Systems for Business, Residential and Industrial Applications. Video Surveillance Systems for Real Estate Developers. Property Management Solutions for Commercial Properties.

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Security cameras are often installed at the front entrance of business or homes for a few different purposes including deterring burglars or monitoring pets. But these days many homeowners install them for other reason – for safety & privacy. They allow someone inside to see who’s coming into the house, they alert authorities via email, text message or phone call if motion is detected and some come equipped with night vision capabilities which allow them to capture video footage at night.
If you live near a lake or river, consider adding a water level sensor (or similar device), which will trigger an alarm if the water levels rise above certain thresholds. For example; If the water rises 5 feet in 3 hours and is still rising then contact police immediately.
Some people prefer having multiple devices installed around the perimeter of property while others like just one unit placed centrally. Regardless of preference, installing security systems today offers peace of mind and convenience.
We’d love hear what you think of this post below and we would be happy to assist you with setting up your own system if you’d like.
To get started simply click “Buy Now” button to view your options and purchase right away without further delay. If you’ve got questions regarding your specific requirements please feel welcome to reach us anytime.

Dwight's Best Commercial Security Cameras

In this episode I cover some key considerations when selecting the best commercial surveillance cameras for your business:
How often should I replace my video recorders? If you’re only recording once per day, then replacing your video recorder every six months will save you big bucks. However, if you’re monitoring 24 hours each day of seven days a week, it becomes necessary to buy multiple units of equipment over time.
Which type of DVR is most appropriate for you? Most people prefer standalone digital video recorders because they don’t like dealing with networking cables. But these devices tend to be pricier than networked solutions, which offer better image quality and easier maintenance.
What size DVR makes sense for me? A large capacity device tends to capture many images per minute; therefore, you’ll usually want at least 4 GB worth of memory inside your DVR. Smaller capacities won’t provide enough storage space to support high bit rate encoding. Also, larger DVRs typically use SD cards instead of USB drives. Both types of media store less data, but SD cards cost more per gigabyte.
Video resolution: High definition (HD) or standard definition (SD)? HD offers higher resolutions at lower costs. While 1080p HD video records at around 30 frames per second — which equates to approximately 240 megapixels/second — 720p footage captures roughly half that amount (and you’d still get 60 fps). So while 1080p can produce sharper imagery at reduced cost, 720p is a good compromise and saves you cash overall since fewer pixels equal cheaper hardware.
How many IP cameras does my system require? An indoor wireless solution requires 1 Ethernet cable connected to the router plus 3 Wifi antennas on walls near entrances for reliable reception. For optimal coverage, consider placing an additional 2 Wifi antennae along exterior routes such as doorways or windows to compensate for signal loss caused by obstacles blocking line-of-sight signals. Finally, keep a couple of power supply modules plugged-into outlets located throughout your home to prevent unexpected blackouts when batteries run flat.
Are there other things to consider? Here are several considerations unique to specific applications.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



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What Is Hikvision IP Camera Technology?
Hikvision cameras use digital image processing software to record video, audio, motion detection alerts and other critical information for law enforcement agencies and intelligence community organizations worldwide. They provide high quality video recordings with minimal distortion and color artifacts, providing law enforcement and government customers exceptional resolution images and exceptional reliability. Their advanced technology delivers superior color fidelity, contrast, and detail compared with traditional analog CCTV equipment. Hikvision products offer industry leading image quality while maintaining affordability.
How Do They Work?
IP-based HD/HD+ video cameras are ideal for indoor surveillance solutions due to their compact design, ease of setup, ability to connect via network ports, power options, built in Wi-Fi capability. These models feature embedded processors that enable real time recording without additional hardware. Some cameras support remote viewing and monitoring through cloud storage applications like Netgear Genie and Amazon Cloud Cam. Many come equipped with night vision capabilities including infrared illumination and thermal imaging, allowing them to detect movement during the day and nighttime hours. Most IP-camera systems include both wired networking connections and wireless technologies like wifi. These allow for quick deployment, mobility, connectivity to devices anywhere within range of the system’s internet connection, and greater flexibility than most fixed installations.
Where Can I Buy Them?
We recommend the following manufacturers for IP Based Network Video Surveillance Systems:
Why Choose Us?: We’re dedicated to offering professional customer service that you won’t find anywhere else. Contact us today for details on why Securecam should be considered your first choice for home automation and security systems.
*Note: Securecam is an authorized distributor of some listed above brands that offers custom install, repair, maintenance, and upgrade work.*
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• Customized Installations
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• Warranties
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In today’s world, everyone wants surveillance systems which provide 24/7 coverage. Most people use video-over IP cameras for this purpose because they offer both HD quality recording capabilities as well as remote viewing options via Internet browsers, mobile devices, tablets or computers. Video feeds can be viewed anytime anywhere through these web connected applications which enables realtime monitoring of events happening inside homes, offices, commercial buildings and other locations around the globe 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Additionally, these web connected programs allow anyone authorized remotely to view live video footage captured by digital spy cams installed in various places including doors, windows, hallways, lobbies, reception areas, conference rooms, stairwells, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and more. These products are typically sold separately but some manufacturers sell them bundled together along with additional software required to operate them remotely. For example, the leading manufacturer of Digital Spying Cams offers bundle deals on top models offering discounts and complimentary equipment upgrades as part of the package deal. If you prefer professional service on installing all types of video recording system then you should consider choosing a trusted provider like Secure Cam who will take care of the whole job starting with selecting model from large selection available and ending with the implementation of complete security solution according to requirements. Our experience working with customers for years across many countries on different projects shows us that most customers opt for bundled solutions even though individual components are usually cheaper because bundling helps them get full value for their dollar investment. Bundles often contain several items such as: DVR recorders, external storage drives, network wireless routers, alarm sirens, doorbell chimes, motion sensors, keypad locks and deadbolt strike plate kits among others depending on desired price point and level of functionality offered by each component. Once everything is ready, the customer simply installs the entire bundle in his house during one visit without having to purchase anything else individually. Another way to save big bucks while ensuring highest possible levels of protection is to shop around and find the best prices for high end bundles containing multiple components. For instance, for $4995, the above mentioned bundle contains everything you need plus one year subscription to Prosafe Network Service.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Dwight

Security Camera Installation Trends | When Should I Install My Own Security Cameras?
This is something most people overlook these days which could result in them getting scammed during home improvements. If you install cameras yourself before doing upgrades, chances for theft increase dramatically, especially since many thieves will strike while no one else is around.
When Can DIY Surveillance Cameras Be Used?
Most homeowners don’t get involved until they see signs of problems like vandalism, fire, broken windows, damaged property, damage caused by animals or children, etc. But some homeowners go ahead and purchase after seeing evidence of criminal activity nearby without consulting professionals first. These risks should be managed properly before making a decision to upgrade to “proactive” surveillance technology. So consider this question prior to buying Security Cam(s)… Is my house safe enough for me to use advanced security technologies? For example, a lot of burglars are going to try to break into places without being seen because it’s easier than breaking through walls.
What Do I Need to Consider When Installing Cameras?
Some cameras come fully assembled and ready to plug in. However, other types must be installed manually; therefore, check your manual instructions carefully to avoid leaving holes in floors, ceilings, doors, window frames, electrical wires, etc. Most homeowners who invest in video surveillance systems usually buy professional grade equipment because it offers better value per dollar invested. Some common issues include:
Not Buying Enough Coverage
If the area under coverage leaves gaps big enough for a burglar to enter unnoticed then that gap would represent a problem…
Holes Left Behind After Upgrading
One issue to pay attention to when choosing your surveillance system is whether you’ll leave behind an empty space following upgrading.
How Many Cameras Will Fit On One Wire/Cable?
While you shouldn’t exceed 100 feet, you do still have room for error. Even though a single cable runs along side almost every wall and object, it does mean that sometimes only part of the ceiling surface and perhaps half a wall gets covered with cables. Don’t underestimate the effects of hidden lines running across rooms that aren’t covered by the system.

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If you’re looking for the best video surveillance system in 2020 then this post will help you find the perfect one. We’ll cover some of the most popular options available today including IP cameras, wireless systems and indoor / outdoor solutions. Read More…

We’ve compiled a collection of the top 10 DIY projects that you should be working on in 2019. From building custom cabinets to adding solar panels, these 10 projects offer great ways to spend your free time during 2019. Click through each project to see step-by-step instructions and photos.
10 Projects to Build Your Own Cabinets
1. Make Custom Built Storage Solutions
When it’s time to update your kitchen storage space, why settle for something cheap? Instead, consider making built storage units that fit perfectly into place. These DIY cabinet kits are customizable enough to work well whether they go in the pantry, under the countertop, or above a window. Plus, you get everything you need — just assemble them and enjoy! Check Price On Amazon
2. Create A Kitchen Island Using An Old Table Top
Kitchen islands provide many benefits, like additional prep/cooking space, extra surface area for food preparation, and an attractive focal point for entertaining guests. They also come in various shapes and sizes, which makes it easier than ever to customize yours to match existing décor without having to invest thousands in expensive furniture. Check Out The Complete List Of Free Kitchen Islands Here
3. Install A Smart Lighting System For Your House
Lighting fixtures aren’t only used to illuminate rooms; in recent years, lighting technology has made huge strides towards becoming smarter, and today, there are plenty of different types of lights that use sensors and artificial intelligence to control themselves. If you want to install a whole house automation lighting system, check out this guide for tips and tricks! Read more…
4. Upgrade Your Outdoor Patio Area
Your backyard isn’t simply for lounging around, eating dinner with friends, or enjoying the summer sun. It’s also home to one of the greatest investments you can make in your property — namely, your patio. Whether your current setup includes a wooden deck, brick pavers, or cement tiles, it needs updating.

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1. 2020 Update
We hope this was useful, thank you everyone who supported us through these years of growth. We love building products with people just like you. Thank you for being amazing customers.

2. Next Steps
This guide will provide information about installing cameras across multiple types of homes including single family residences and multifamily apartment buildings or condo complexes. As well, we outline general guidelines regarding the locations of indoor and outdoor cameras and different components associated with each type of building construction. However, due to unique circumstances some situations call for customized solutions that involve additional steps. For those cases, check out our DIY Installation page below.

3. Camera Selection Criteria/Purpose(s)
Cameras are available at various price points and they come in many shapes and sizes. Each person’s needs differ and should be taken into consideration when choosing the best security camera system.
To help identify which camera would meet your needs most effectively, the first step involves knowing your purpose for a specific video feed solution… Read More

4. Types of Buildings
There are several types of buildings: Single Family Residences Multi-Family Apartments Condominium Complexes Commercial Property Government Building Military Base Residential /Homes Business Headquarters Public Safety Facility Medical Clinic School Campus Factory/Workplace Hospital Church University Research Lab Warehouse Shopping Mall Gym Community Center Library Daycare Recreation Park Conference Hall Hotel/Hotel Restaurant Office Other Special Case Custom Solutions Please refer to Section 5 above on custom installations.
5. Outdoor Locations
Outdoor locations vary widely but generally include exterior walls, decks, porches, patios, walkways. If unsure of precise location, consult our location checklist. Indoor locations range from bathrooms, kitchen countertops, pantries, living rooms, bedrooms. If unsure of exact location, please ask our consultants for assistance during consultation phase. Additional locations to consider include driveway entrances garage driveways carports parking areas storage sheds basement laundry room attic crawl space window wells fenced enclosures covered patio porch deck balcony roof terraces other places outside of residential home.
6. Location Guidelines (general guideline only)
Depending on what building size, structure type and climate conditions, we typically suggest placing outdoor cameras near ground level..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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