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Security cameras provide visual monitoring which helps your family feel safe inside their homes. This enables homeowners & business owners to monitor every corner of their property 24/7 without having to be physically present in each location. These days people use these cams to keep an eye on pets while they work away on other projects around the house — it makes them feel safer knowing that they can see everything going on down below even though they aren`t personally present. All of this translates into peace of mind and security for homeowners, renters, tenants, and business owners alike. But does anyone ever get spooked after seeing something happen onscreen? Fortunately, technology companies like Secure Cam have created products specifically designed to capture footage only when motion is detected on your premises. When you opt for “motion activated” options, your video feed will become active whenever movement is seen anywhere on your grounds. If someone walks into your yard unexpectedly, the cam turns on in a moment alerting both occupants and visitors to watch and make note. While some systems allow you to adjust settings, depending on the sensitivity level you desire, other devices take care of most situations automatically through software installed by experts before purchase. For many new homebuyer households, installing security cameras should be among the first things they consider during construction of their properties. After all, it’s only common sense to install surveillance tools if you would consider yourself and your loved ones living under threat; especially if your city isn’t known for its crime rates or your community lacks police presence. Whether you’re interested in protecting children, valuables, plants, or livestock, these types of residential security cams help prevent burglars, intruders, arsonists, vandals, thieves, identity theft offenders, and much more.
While most municipalities still employ a mix of traditional law enforcement techniques (like foot patrols, speed traps, and red light cameras), the majority of communities across America are relying on private sector solutions instead to deter criminals from committing crimes against residents and businesses. However, since no single agency covers the entire country, cities must rely upon regional partnerships, municipal governments with overlapping jurisdiction, private contractors, federal agencies, and individual citizens themselves in order to maintain safety within neighborhoods.

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If you own multiple homes then having video surveillance inside and outside each location would be beneficial. For instance imagine someone breaking into house #1 and they see the homeowner walking around downstairs. They could go back to their car and quickly leave without being seen. At this point in 2020 they wouldn’t return since the owner was already aware that something happened.
However, if another break in happens while nobody is watching the house, the first intruder may have missed his target and he will most probably come back again. This time though, he’ll find himself confronted with the full force of law enforcement waiting for him. By utilizing the latest technology cameras can offer us many benefits like better safety, convenience, peace of mind and much more. In fact, according to statistics compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigations over 80% of burglars steal vehicles. While vehicle theft is certainly less common than residential burglary but still remains among the top ten crimes committed annually.
In addition to providing protection against criminals, these advanced devices also allow homeowners/businesses to monitor areas of interest remotely allowing them to keep track of everything going on. Imagine seeing who’s coming & leaving through your front door, if the kids aren’t dressed properly and why you’re getting interrupted during dinner time. We’ve put together a few examples below which shows just some of the uses of these new technologies.
We hope these tips help guide you towards selecting and installing the perfect security system for your property.
Best Wishes.

Why SecureCam Elmira is right for YOU?

Do you work from home or own a business out of town? Do you travel frequently? Or perhaps you just live in the city but like to go hiking once in awhile, which would mean traveling long distances every couple months? Then, why would your safety be threatened while away from home? For many people this scenario could include being stuck somewhere without communication. But thanks to technology advancements these days, you no longer need to worry about having full service coverage everywhere you go. Thanks to security cameras, your house will always feel safe regardless of whether you’re working remotely or simply enjoying some downtime at home. Here are just some of the benefits of installing a top quality CCTV system.
1. Remote Monitoring & Alerting Features
One main reason homeowners install video surveillance solutions (and they should!) is because remote monitoring lets them monitor everything going on inside their homes and business wherever they may be. Whether you happen to be traveling outside of town for a few hours on business, or taking a vacation to visit family and friends during the holidays, the ability to watch over everything remotely via a computer screen is invaluable. While this feature isn’t available on all types of security systems—but definitely most—the ones out there that come equipped with it provide many additional advantages including realtime alerts, remote viewing capability, and automatic email notifications regarding activity in certain areas of their property that was caught by security camera footage, among other things!
2. 24/7 Customer Support Options
Another advantage to having good quality security camera installation in Elmira NY is that you get customer support options 24/7! Unlike alarm companies that only offer emergency response phone calls, or those that send someone out if something happens “overnight,” professional security camera installations typically have multiple contact methods, including emails, texts, chatrooms, and telephone conversations, depending upon exactly which package type you choose. If anything does happen and it goes undetected until morning, chances are, you can still call them back to help resolve the problem.
3. Automated Video Recording & Archiving Software
Video recording software is another key component in any good security camera installation program.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Elmira Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

There are hundreds of different types of cameras available both wired and wireless security systems. As they become increasingly powerful and affordable, consumers are choosing them over traditional video doorbells which seem slow and bulky in comparison..
We live in a digital world and many people rely upon technology to keep them safe and secure. While some of us would like to see a complete lack of cameras installed in homes, most other individuals feel differently. So whether you prefer to be seen or just kept better informed about who is coming and going through your doors, installing a webcam should be something you consider.
However, since each buyer may have individual preferences, these factors will help narrow down a selection. Consider these 5 things while shopping around for your cam system.
1. Installation Time frame: Is it fast or does it take weeks/months to install? How long will my installer take? Will I get 24Hrs monitoring service after initial setup?
2. Camera Positioning Type & Size: Is the camera positioned above the entryway entrance or placed below it? Also, check out the angle size of the lens. If you like wide angles for a wider view, you can go this route but if you don’t and instead enjoy close ups, then select lenses that offer closer viewing distances in order to zoom in more closely without losing quality.
3. Monitoring Features: Does this model allow remote control from anywhere on multiple connected devices? Can I login remotely via mobile apps like Weave Connector App.? Do I receive alerts in realtime? Can I schedule recording times during non working hours, ie. evenings and weekends?
4. Budget and Pricing Plan: Make sure that the price you pay isn’t exorbitant. Most companies only charge $29-$300 per month plus tax, and many include equipment fees and professional installation. These costs are usually hidden behind small print. Be sure you understand exactly what you are paying for prior to signing your contract agreement, including any extras, warranties and return policies. Some camera packages come attached with monitoring software.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Elmira

1. HikVision C2V Series HD Series
HD1080P High Definition 720 line resolution video cameras, 3MP full color day/night sensors, 5X zoom lens and motion detection recording capabilities. These Hikvision cameras come in either 1080P Full HD 2 MP resolution night vision or 1080P HD 12 Mbps full daylight recording mode. Both types offer auto focus functionality, image rotation and zooming which allow them to capture video footage regardless of the orientation of the sensor and the subject matter being recorded. They feature 1 x 24 V CR123 battery power supply, built in digital audio recorder, dual SD card ports including UHS-II 2 GB memory cards, tamper proof HD viewing screens, IP66 weatherproof design, wireless remote control function via IR receiver and up to 8 hours of continuous operation under low light conditions without batteries. They operate through standard wall outlets. All these features along with excellent picture quality makes this model popular among homeowners and commercial customers alike.
Hikvision’s HSR600W indoor daytime camera series offers high definition day imaging technology with a large 12MP f3.5 / 4K Ultra Wide Sensor, wide field of view panoramic display screen and integrated LED illuminator, allowing this unit to be used both indoors as well as outdoors. Its powerful 120 degree ultra wide angle lenses produce crystal sharp images regardless of lighting intensity or distance away from the object being imaged.
Included with all units are multiple mounting options that will fit practically anywhere inside your house or office, making it highly versatile and great value for installing surveillance systems and monitoring areas around homes and offices easily and cost effectively.
When paired with Wi-Fi connectivity, they provide remote monitor capability while maintaining network efficiency and connection stability because each individual device sends only those parts of the stream required. As long as the user sets the correct parameters like frame rate, bitrate, etc., everything should run smoothly. However, some features aren’t available depending on the type of hardware being utilized, so ensure compatibility prior to purchase.
If you’re interested in upgrading to higher resolutions or additional functions, check with us first to avoid getting stuck with old outdated models.

Elmira's Best Commercial Security Cameras

1. What type of video surveillance will work best for my business needs?
2. Do I really NEED cameras outside AND inside my house?
3. Can I get away with just ONE camera in place for monitoring my property/home?
4. Where should I install my ELMIRAAutomatic IP Camera System?
5. Should I consider adding additional devices like motion sensors & door / window contacts to monitor a portion of my property?
6. Does one system provide better value than another for my specific project requirements?
7. Who should be installing the video security systems around Elmira New York?
8. Will hiring a professional installer help me save money down the road?
9. Is the DIY approach worth considering when selecting a particular model & brand?
10. What does each manufacturer offer beyond price or specs?
11. Why buy from Secure Cam? What is different about us versus competing companies?
12. When choosing a brand/model which brands have positive reviews or recommendations?
13. Are there certain areas of interest (e.g. residential properties only; commercial properties only; industrial properties only; large scale projects?)
14. What is the difference between 2nd generation DVR’s & 3rd Generation Cams?
15. For people who prefer DIY approaches versus having someone else take care of everything – what tools would allow them to complete basic installations easily? (I.e. mounting hardware, wire, power supply, cable routing)?
16. If I am going to hire a general contractor instead of doing most of the installation myself, then what features / equipment should be considered first?
17. What other items should I check after getting quotes? What should I look for during inspection of potential contractors’ sites?
18. What types of things could prevent or delay us getting started on this project?
19. Are security professionals required to obtain certifications to perform installs, or do they have to go through some sort of certification program?
20. After spending hundreds of dollars, why is it that some dealerships sell a quality product but charge thousands of extra bucks? (i.e. $2000+ for a 1st Gen DVR).

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Best Security Cameras Elmira

If you want to keep up with modern technology and stay ahead of the game as crime continues to rise, then commercial surveillance cameras will be essential. Security cameras allow you to see everything around, keeping you safe but they also help increase business productivity, streamline operations and boost customer loyalty. When installing these systems for your building, it’s important to ensure that you get the most value possible from them. If you are looking for some guidance, then this guide should cover the basic things you need to consider while choosing your perfect Elmira security system. Read on below for more info…
What type of facility does it service? Will it monitor my entire property? Can I connect multiple locations together? Is there Wi-Fi enabled monitoring available for remote viewing? Do you offer email alerts or text message reminders? Does the system include both video recording and live streaming? Which software is capable of doing what you ask? These questions shouldn’t take long to answer once you’ve identified which products you’re interested in. And remember that having a range of solutions available helps you avoid making compromises.
How many doors/windows does each unit operate through? Can customers view in realtime without being logged into a website? Where can you go during the day to check whether anyone entered the premises, including areas that aren’t normally monitored? Make sure you understand exactly who needs access to which areas. For instance, employees often need access outside office hours whereas visitors generally only need entry access from certain times in order to prevent unnecessary foot traffic.
What is the video quality like? Have the manufacturers provided specifications regarding resolution and frame rates? These numbers indicate what image qualities you’ll be able to capture via your device and how quickly the frames render onscreen. Higher resolutions typically provide sharper images, although higher quality optics tend to improve light transmission, allowing clearer pictures even under less ideal lighting conditions. Video rate refers to the size of individual picture clips captured by each unit; faster devices produce lower latency videos, helping users move smoothly back and forth across screens and websites.
How much storage space would I need? Depending on the types of footage stored, you could run out of space quickly.

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This blog covers everything there is to know about the best security cameras for Elmira homes and offices. We will show you why these devices work well and how they benefit people who live or work in this area of New York State. These cameras come in many shapes, sizes and prices which makes them perfect for anyone. Whether you are a business owner wanting to increase surveillance around their property in Elmira NY, or you just live next door to someone else who does, we offer the best options available today. Our team knows that every homeowner wants a system that offers the most reliable video recording capabilities, but also comes cheap enough to fit everyone’s budget without breaking the bank. If you would like us to install a security camera system in your home or office, please use our website contact form, or call 888-811-6111.
We hope this blog helps homeowners find a solution that fits their needs perfectly. Please feel free to browse through our other blogs and videos to learn more about the latest trends in Elmira security products, including how to keep kids safe while at school.
Our Verdict: Secure Cam is a great resource for finding information on installing security systems in Elmira, especially since Elmira residents can get help choosing the right camera model and location. They provide a wide range of choices and are able to assist customers in making decisions regarding security camera installation costs. Their website is organized and easy to navigate, and there are several different ways that customers can reach customer service representatives..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


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