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Security Camera Trends For 2022
1. IP Based Cameras
2. Smart Phone Connected Video Doorbell And/or Alarm Systems
3. Wireless Motion Sensors
4. Cloud Recording Software Solutions
5. Voice Activated Surveillance System / VAS
6. 2nd Generation Networking Technology
7. Advanced Audio & Visual Features
8. Local Installation Services Directly To Your Location From Our Shop Near You
9. Low Maintenance Fees
10. High Quality 1080P HD Cams
11. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed No Hassle Returns On Online Orders
12. 24 Hour Customer Support Available via Live Chat Or Email
13. 100 % Money Back Guarantee Within 30 Days If Not Happy
14. Free Shipping Included When Purchasing Over $1000 Worth Of Products.
15. Fastest Shipments Via Priority Mail Service
16. All Orders Will Be Shipped Same Day As Order Received By Us
Your order would normally be shipped out same day (business days only Monday through Friday). However during the holiday seasons, like the Christmas season, orders could take longer due to high demand and traffic load on the servers used to ship those products. But rest assured, once your order is prepared by us, it will get to you super fast! This is because our shipping methods utilize USPS priority mail service which takes approximately 3 to 5 business days depending upon location to receive this package. We recommend choosing eCheck options so it can arrive faster than through standard snail mail method. Thank you for shopping with us and supporting small businesses who appreciate your patronage!
In addition, please note that some of these items are restricted or no returnable unless defective; therefore, they cannot be returned to the manufacturer or retailer after purchase but must be disposed of appropriately. These include batteries, power cords, wall switches, ceiling fans, heat lamps and other similar electrical components for use outside the U.S. Please refer to the listing description carefully for details concerning these prohibited items. Also, some retailers offer extended returns policies with additional charges. Therefore, always verify policy information prior to purchase. Again thanks for visiting our website. We hope all continues well and stay safe & healthy.

Embro Home Security Cameras Done Right

We believe every homeowner should feel safe in his/her own home. Whether they live alone or have children, they deserve peace of mind knowing that someone will be around to keep watch 24 hours per day 7 days a week, 365 days per year. When you install our cameras, you get complete peace of mind because the only thing your eyes will see is YOURSELF watching back. We call this “Home Alone Surveillance”.
Security Camera Installation Tips & Trends For Your New Cam System:
1. Use a good Quality Security Camera Lens Cover
2. Make Sure The Camera Is Leveled Properly And Secure From Windy Conditions
3. Be Careful About Where You Install The Camera Because They May Cause Damage On Walls Or Doorways If Placed Wrong
4. Do Not Place Too Far Away — Keep The Distance At 18″ Feet Minimum
5. Have A Good Lighting Source Nearby So You Can Watch Clearly Without Scratches OR Damages On Wall Surface
6. Clean Up After Installation — Dusting And Mopping Will Prevent Small Dings And Marks
7. Never Run Water Or Power While Running Cable Through Ceiling or Floor Tiles
8. Don’t Put Cables Around Electronics Equipment If Possible.
9. Remember The Importance Of An Automated Video Recorder For Backup Purposes
10. Always Check Local Laws Regarding Residential Security Cameras Before Purchasing One. Some States Allow Them But Others Prohibit Their Use Within Buildings Other Than Dwellings
11. Always Read All Instruction Manual’s Before Following Instructions.
12. Follow Safety Guidelines For Using A Wireless Network Connection During Installation
13. Avoid Hanging Large Items Over Your Headlight Beam, Especially Those Made Out Of Metal; Such As Air Conditioner Units, Fridge Exterior Shelves, Washing Machine Doors, Dryers Etc.. These Things Will Shine Light Rays Into View Which Could Interfere With Your Vision.
14. Try Not To Leave Objects Like Pools Of Refrigerant Behind Appliances In Kitchen Areas.

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This guide will walk you through step by step instructions on how to install the following products:
Security Camera
Alarm System
Video Doorbell System
Smart Plug
Keyless Entry Lock Systems

We are proud to present this comprehensive article on our top 5 choices for the best alarm systems today. Our list is updated regularly, ensuring that these systems continue to provide reliable protection against break-ins while staying true to their original intent. Whether you’re setting up a home security system for your first house, updating existing hardware, or starting from scratch, we’ve got you covered. If you are interested in having an outdoor motion activated light installed for $200-$1000 per light please contact us.
For those who prefer video doorbell technology, we highly recommend Amazon’s Ring Video Doorbell 2 Pro which costs approximately $199.99 but offers many similar functionalities at significantly better prices than competitors like ADT Pulse Connect Interactive, Vivint SmartHome Z Wave Enabled Alarms & Monitoring System, Nest Hello ($250+), Canary Outdoor Wireless Motion Sensors/Motion Activated Lights ($149+) and August Technology’s iGesture HD ($129).
If we had to pick 1 item as “the” go-to product for our readers, then we’d say without hesitation – it would be the Netgear Arlo Q Home Security Starter Kit. For $49.95 plus shipping/handling, you’ll receive 3 months’ free cloud storage along with 4 cameras and a control panel. Each camera sells separately for around $50, giving you plenty of bang for your buck. Add to that the fact that Netgear backs up the service with 24×7 tech support via phone, chat, email, live agents and a toll-free number, and you simply cannot beat the value and quality. The only caveat to note is that because the system runs on Wi-Fi, you must ensure that your router is able to handle high volumes of traffic in order to keep things moving smoothly during peak times; otherwise, you could face slower streaming speeds. We hope this helps you find some great solutions to protect yourself and your loved ones from potential threats.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Embro

This article will discuss the top cameras available today including indoor/outdoor security cams and wifi enabled cameras that allow remote viewing through smartphones apps.
Also discussed in this article is why most people use motion detection as well as other ways to deter possible intruders like voice activated alarms, door sensors, window break alerts & more…
Security Cam Installation Tips include;
1.- Be sure to read reviews for each model and manufacturer prior to ordering for more information on the quality of service provided and cost effectiveness
2.- Consider asking for multiple quotes to get the highest value price to save $$
3.- When selecting models be sure they fit in your existing décor style which includes height requirements for proper functionality and ease of operation. Also consider placement considerations for optimal visibility. If you order the wrong type of cam, it could end up being installed upside down making you less effective rather than better.
4.- For best overall value consider buying 2 or 3 different types of devices to maximize coverage options.
5.- Remember once purchased always maintain them properly by cleaning lenses regularly and keep batteries charged.
6.- Make sure to ask questions regarding mounting hardware availability. Many new homes lack adequate wiring capacity thus requiring extra lengths cables to accommodate the increased demand for system capability. Most manufacturers offer optional brackets for standard size wall anchors but sometimes these come already used and must first be removed for removal of old fixtures then replaced after the replacement cable is attached.. Some newer homes feature integrated mounts built into wall studs eliminating the need for additional holes. Regardless of the method chosen ensure adequate electrical power is available nearby. Failure to provide sufficient amps will degrade image resolution, lower battery life and increase noise levels within recorded images.
7.- Always install according to the recommended guidelines for maximum benefit. Never cut corners just because the builder did not specify a specific route for wire runs. A short run will reduce signal strength while long runs cause excessive attenuation resulting in reduced sensitivity.
8.- Make certain you select only those brands you really trust who sell products of high integrity and durability backed by excellent customer support should issues arise during normal usage conditions.
9.- After purchase check warranty and return policies thoroughly and follow instructions carefully for safe shipping procedures.

Reliable, Professional Home Automation Services in Embro

Best Security Cameras Embro

This blog will cover the top 4k video surveillance systems available today including some key information regarding system design, install and operational aspects, with comparisons to other leading brands such as Dahua, Hikvision, Axis & Sony, as well as some basic overview of the technology used.
We hope this blog helps readers navigate through this complicated market space while understanding the tradeoffs they face when choosing among these different solutions.
Best 4K Camera System Installation Services
Here are the benefits to having a professional installer handle the job:
1) Professional Installations – They use industry standard mounting hardware and cables, which eliminates guess work. 2) Better Quality Hardware – Our installations come complete with custom designed mounting brackets, cable ties, boxes and wall plates. 3) Proactive Customer Service – We offer 24/7 monitoring and support to monitor everything from system startup to remote viewing capabilities via internet browser. 4) Custom Configurations – For those who like customization, we allow customers to customize both cameras themselves and we provide them with many options to fit individual tastes and needs. 5) Lower Costs – While installing security equipment yourself could save you $$$$, most DIY installs usually take longer than necessary, usually resulting in higher costs. 6) Warranty Issues – If you find yourself with problems after installation, we come back if possible or send technicians out immediately. 7) Guaranteed Workmanship – If you notice issues during the initial testing phase for example, you can easily return or cancel service until you get what you expect. 8) Peace Of Mind – When you call us, someone responds ASAP because your safety matters. 9) Expert Advice – We specialize in helping people just starting out with home automation but also love answering questions for those experienced in home control. 10) Local Support And Training – Your nearest location serves as headquarters for our customer care team. If anything happens, we can be reached quickly and professionally without delay. 11) Reliable Products – Not only did we partner with trusted suppliers in order to ensure quality products, we’ve been providing reliable customer experience since 2001. 12) Better Cameras – The latest technologies mean better image capture and lower power consumption, making them easier to live with.

Embro's Best Commercial Security Cameras

Installing cameras inside buildings is becoming increasingly popular across the globe, thanks to both increasing internet connectivity speeds and privacy concerns around storing personal information in digital forms, especially online.
This guide looks at some of the current most popular types of security cameras available, and gives practical tips for installing them safely, securely and efficiently in homes and offices everywhere. We include links to high quality suppliers, installers and service providers who offer support 24/7 during the entire project lifecycle, ensuring that everything runs smoothly once installed.
There are many different brands of professional network CCTV systems available to fit in a wide range of installations including small offices, retail stores, warehouses, gyms, schools, churches and government institutions, but choosing the best system depends very largely on how they will be used, whether it’s indoors or outside, and the type of monitoring required. Some applications, such as protecting valuable artwork, may only have an internal view of activity; other applications such as providing additional coverage for staff areas, parking lots and outdoor seating areas, often provide excellent external views which allow operators to see and record events happening far enough away that they would otherwise go undetected.
Many people use the term “hidden” when speaking about covert surveillance, referring to cameras hidden behind shelves, windowsills, ceiling tiles and walls. While this technique does protect sensitive equipment against being stolen, it requires either extensive work to place discreetly and then conceal completely, or having someone else carry out that task while the owner leaves home unattended.
Another common method is to install multiple covert cameras to cover every angle of a specific area, although this approach is expensive due to the labor costs involved and can result in false alarms due to movement not matching the recorded video footage.
Some manufacturers market products specifically designed to be stealthy. For example, Panasonic offers its LUMIX G line of IP66 rated cameras, capable of operating reliably in extremely dusty conditions and offering full day continuous operation in temperatures down to -10°C (-14°F), making these ideal devices to monitor indoor spaces where dust may accumulate quickly.

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In this post I’ll be talking about some things to consider when installing cameras in homes and offices.
Cameras should be placed strategically around your property so they cover areas where thieves often enter, like doorways, windows, garage doors, fire escape exits, and other vulnerable entry points.
There are many different types of products available today from both manufacturers and third party companies that provide similar functionality. When choosing which type of camera to buy keep these things in mind…
What will I use my camera for? If it is a general purpose surveillance system then most likely you want something high definition. For instance 720P HD would be great. Or if an internal monitor inside your business is enough.
If however, you intend to take snapshots with you phone while away from your office/home than something less hi definition but larger screen size might work better. So depending upon your requirements you can adjust accordingly.
Is the Camera going to be used mostly indoors or outside? A lot depends on what sort of environment you live in and where you need protection. Most indoor applications tend to favor higher resolution due to the fact that a person cannot easily hide behind furniture and walls. However outdoors some people still prefer lower resolution because of the ability to zoom further in. Higher quality images allow them to see details that may otherwise go unnoticed. Another advantage of having a smaller image sensor is that it takes longer for the lens assembly to focus because the distance across the entire area being scanned is farther. Longer focal lengths are necessary for outdoor viewing conditions. As mentioned above, outdoor environments may benefit more from a high speed continuous shooting mode rather than focusing.
How far apart does each unit needs to be spaced? Ideally the units shouldn’t be closer than 2 meters unless the situation calls for extreme closeness or overlap. Some devices offer an auto pan feature which means units automatically move out of each other once someone walks through. Others simply stay put until movement occurs again.
Will the camera be operated manually? Manually operating cameras requires training, knowledge and experience whereas automatic operation leaves more of those responsibilities to software and hardware. Manual operations are usually preferred for home security systems and monitoring purposes. Automation tends to be useful only for event recording.

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Embro Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

We offer both wired and wireless cameras systems in both indoor and outdoor locations. Our customer service team will work closely with your project designer in order to ensure the highest level of quality control while keeping your costs down. We take care of everything, from design through implementation and setup.
Your property isn’t just protected; it’s secured
Security Camera Systems protect properties from crime, intruders, fires, earthquakes, weather damage, accidents, pets and children. They’re installed indoors or outdoors around windows, doors, fire escapes, entrances and exits, parking lots, garages, swimming pools, storage areas, warehouses, industrial sites, high foot traffic areas, office lobbies, retail stores and more.
Whether you live in an apartment building, condo, townhouse, farmhouse, single family residential house, commercial premises, mobile business, church, school, nursing home, hospital, airport, government facility, military base, prison or anywhere else in the world, they’ll take actionable snapshots of every thing happening inside and outside your space.
So why should you consider having us install your next surveillance system? Simply put, you could be saving money on labor charges and the cost of installing another CCTV solution yourself. Plus, because Secure Cam designs, installs and maintains all our own cams ourselves, you won’t pay third party “contractors” who charge exorbitant fees per job. And since we only sell to home improvement contractors like yourself, you get to keep most of your profits rather than paying middlemen rent and commission percentages to stockists and distributers. Most importantly, you save thousands of dollars in labor costs with no long term contracts required.
By providing 24/7 remote monitoring of your new surveillance devices remotely via internet connection, you get instant feedback regarding what happened during that critical moment, whether in real time or afterwards. If something suspicious happens, the video footage will allow you to capture key details without leaving your desk.
When you decide to purchase your first surveillance device, you have plenty of options but which ones actually deliver solid value? Here’s a brief guide listing the top five best choices in 2020 today.

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


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