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We live busy lives. And sometimes life gets crazy. Sometimes people get lost in work, school or other obligations, making it challenging—if not impossible—to take care of yourself. But no matter how hectic things get, it’s essential that everyone takes some small steps towards self-care. A regular dose of exercise can help keep us healthy; taking breaks during long hours of work helps stave off burnout and stress. If these aren’t enough to convince you, consider this: According to research conducted by the American Psychological Association, “Self-care is associated with lower levels of anxiety, depression, fatigue, hopelessness, and loneliness.” So whether you’re trying to be healthier, better rested, happier or calmer, it pays to put yourself first every once in awhile. One way to do just that is through home surveillance. Whether you’re looking for ways to track visitors or protect loved ones while they travel away, installing professional grade cameras in your home will ensure everything runs smoothly without requiring constant attention. From indoor/indoor home surveillance systems to outdoor motion sensors, security cameras offer many benefits that allow you to stay informed about who enters your space and how often. Here’s a run down of the top types of security cameras available today—and why investing in them could benefit your entire family. Indoor /Indoor Motion Sensors
Motion sensors are great for those times when you’d like to see exactly who is coming onto your property but not necessarily have someone watching you 24/7. In most cases, motion sensor devices connect to existing lighting fixtures via Wi-Fi, allowing you to view footage remotely whenever desired. When connected to the internet, they’ll send images of anything that passes within range back to your computer monitor or smartphone device. Depending on the model and type of sensor purchased, you should expect to pay anywhere from $40-$100 per unit. For example, iSmart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms offers four different models ranging from $69.96-$179.92. These units feature built-in speakers for audible alerts and multiple viewing options including web streaming and mobile apps.

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Installing your own DIY security system isn’t that complicated once you get familiarized with the basic requirements and terminology used during this process. But choosing which cameras to use, installing them correctly, determining optimal placement, configuring the software and programming the device itself takes some expertise along with practice. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you find the perfect combination of equipment for your needs.
This article helps homeowners understand the different kinds of outdoor IP/HD webcams available today and gives suggestions on where they should be placed to protect against unwanted intruders.
We’re talking about all types of outdoor surveillance systems. Outdoor wireless video cameras are great because most people expect privacy outside their homes but still enjoy being able to view from inside via live streaming apps like OBS Studio when they return indoors, especially while away. They offer excellent image quality in daylight conditions without having to install light bulbs or other lighting fixtures outdoors. If you’re interested in seeing what happens outside while you are sleeping then nightvision models work well. These tend to run on batteries, however, although power bank setups aren’t ideal due to weight restrictions.
If security is really critical in certain areas of your house, you may want to consider installing something more robust, including doorbell monitoring devices that alert authorities if someone rings the bell while no one’s present. If you feel comfortable leaving doors unlocked and windows wide open then these are probably enough safeguards for you. But if you find yourself frequently locking up and securing things after dark, then something more sophisticated will be in order.
Installing CCTV is easier than ever thanks to technology improvements made possible through cloud computing, which makes remote viewing possible anywhere. Even though many modern security packages include both indoor and outdoor options, you’ll almost always have better luck finding deals if you focus mostly on the latter because they usually carry lower price tags. Wireless security cameras may sound good in theory, but unless you purchase several at a discount, it won’t save you anything on hardware costs. On top of that, mounting them requires more experience than simply plugging in wires.
Cameras mounted above entryways tend to catch everything happening below, so make sure you place them strategically around your property.

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Embrun has always prided ourselves for being the best choice for homeowners who wish to install surveillance systems in their homes. We provide high quality video cameras, reliable wireless network connectivity and the most advanced technology available today to ensure complete peace of mind while keeping your family safe. Our products come standard with everything you will ever need including batteries and installation tools.
We understand that installing surveillance equipment is often intimidating and overwhelming for people who aren’t familiar. So we made things easier for everyone.
Here’s what you should be expecting:
1. Professional Installation Service
When you purchase your Embrun system through us, we are going to install the entire package for you at absolutely no cost to you. All you have to do is schedule an appointment, bring us your existing wiring/cabling, and leave us to take care of the rest. When we’re done we’ll return everything back to your property, leaving nothing behind for you to worry about. If you decide down the road that you would like us to upgrade anything for you we’ll gladly do so without question or hassle.
2. Quality Equipment & Warranty
When choosing your next surveillance solution, you deserve only the highest quality. And that’s why we’ve partnered with leading manufacturers to offer the industry’s best in both hardware and software.
3. Comprehensive Support & Training
Your safety and well-being depend heavily upon having the correct training for your new system. With this in mind, we are proud partners with the industry leader in professional training. You’ll find a wealth of information and support right at your fingertips.
4. Reliable Network Connectivity
Wireless networks are becoming increasingly popular due to convenience and ease of use. They allow you to easily move around the house without worrying about running extension cords. However, they also pose certain threats that must be addressed. Fortunately, Embrun uses cutting edge encryption technologies which ensures that your connection remains private and protected.
5. Superior Technology
Technology continues to evolve quickly in many areas. As a result, we continue to push forward and improve our own products to stay ahead in the game.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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For commercial locations, you’ll find the most popular brands include Ring Stick Up Alert, EON Secure Camera System, Blink Safety Guard & ADT Pulse. These cameras typically offer 1080P footage resolution and motion detection options. They’re often paired with motion sensors, allowing them to detect movement and send notifications via email alerting authorities immediately upon detecting suspicious activity. Most will record continuously until they receive power; some models record only during times when motion is detected. All these cameras integrate easily into building management systems like Crestron or Elation.
Security cameras also work great for monitoring large areas as well. For this use case, I suggest opting for indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi IP cameras. When connected through WiFi routers and Ethernet wires, these cameras provide excellent connectivity across virtually anywhere. Some models also feature nightvision capabilities or infrared imaging, making them ideal for nighttime surveillance.
If you’d rather just monitor specific rooms inside your business without recording video, then consider plug-and-play DVRs. A DVR lets you stream live feeds onto tablets or smartphones remotely while giving you detailed viewing control of each individual channel within a room from remote devices. Many include integrated audio along with visual feed.

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We understand everyone’s needs differ. Therefore, we offer many different types of cameras ranging in size, resolution & price point to meet every homeowner’s requirements. At this moment we have the most popular models listed below but please visit us at see everything offered currently available on the market. We will continue adding products as they become available to better serve our customers…
Security Camera Installation Trends for 2022
1. Smart Technology is becoming mainstream! Most people own an Apple Watch, Google Wear watch or some other wearables device. While these devices provide excellent monitoring capabilities, consumers are increasingly expecting video recording capability built into those same wristwatches. In addition, people expect to be able to easily monitor their children, pets, cars, etc.. through wearable technology. A combination of high visibility screens combined with advanced digital processing power enables our devices to record HD quality footage 24 hours a day without requiring constant attention.
2. People still love to use old school methods to protect themselves. If you’re concerned about criminals breaking into your home, you’ve probably considered installing CCTV (closed circuit television). This system involves mounting small cams onto window blinds, door knobs, peepholes, keyways, etc. while keeping them hidden from sight. These older systems often involve bulky equipment and wiring and have poor image quality due to the distance required between the lens and object being recorded. However, advancements in optics, sensor technologies, signal processors and wireless networking allow these classic installations to have extremely fast setup times and high definition images. Additionally, modern versions of these cameras feature infrared sensors which eliminate issues associated with obstructions blocking sunlight. Finally, because newer versions include Wi-Fi connectivity, remote viewing and control via smartphones makes monitoring far easier than ever before.
3. Video Surveillance Monitoring continues to expand beyond traditional homes into commercial settings like stores, hospitals, government buildings, airports, casinos, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, schools, offices, hotels, malls, gas stations, stadiums, parking lots, churches, parks, concert venues, theme parks, retail outlets, museums, libraries, aquariums, zoos, animal shelters, movie theaters, casinos and cruise ships to name a few.

Best Security Cameras Embrun

Secure Cam has made this guide because they understand how many people struggle with understanding their cameras and how to install them correctly. As the trend towards having IP cameras becomes mainstream in homes and offices the challenge to get them installed properly will become increasingly significant. SecureCam has been working on these issues since 2001 and has years of experience.
We have seen countless videos of folks installing video surveillance systems incorrectly and then discovering a months or years down the road that something critical was missed during setup including power supplies, wiring and location. These problems cause huge headaches and wasted time. We wanted to help prevent those situations from happening to other homeowners and small business owners. All of us have experienced someone else doing it wrong around us and wish we had known better
So, over the next couple of weeks we go through each step of setting up your system correctly. Below you’ll find links to detailed instruction pages on everything from mounting the cameras and running wires, to powering things up and testing functionality. We’ve tried to capture information on every aspect of getting your system going but be aware some components like switches and timers aren’t supported yet by most manufacturers due to limitations with industry standards. For example, most DVR’s today support either analog audio input only or digital audio input/output, sometimes both simultaneously on different channels. Some brands don’t allow external inputs, which prevents you from controlling volume levels externally without turning sound back on the unit; others require a separate remote control module(RCM) to do either function. While this seems minor, it does mean if your RCM isn’t compatible with the particular model you’re trying to use it won’t work, meaning you could end up wasting $30-$50 just to figure out why it isn’t connecting! Additionally, certain types of equipment often require additional software to run correctly. For example, some PTZ models include proprietary software that must be downloaded before running remotely. Not only is this inconvenient it makes troubleshooting harder if something goes awry, requiring onsite service call instead of simply calling tech support via phone.
By following our guides, you will save yourself a lot of headache along with potential financial losses. If nothing else, you will learn how to deal with common trouble spots.

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Security cameras provide us with peace of mind and allow us to monitor the safety of our homes, offices, or vehicles. They help keep your family safe and protect against burglary and theft. And they help prevent property damage caused by accidents like collisions with animals or people on foot and motorbikes. But what makes them special?
First, most security cameras offer two main functions—monitoring and recording. These are often referred to as “two way surveillance.” Monitoring means watching to ensure someone isn’t breaking the law; this could be anything from monitoring who enters or leaves your property through video doorbells. Recording lets you see exactly what happened. If you notice something suspicious while you’re away, you can check back later and watch the footage.
But that’s only part of what distinguishes these devices from their competitors. Here are some other factors worth considering before choosing which type of security cam will work best for you:
Video quality. Some types of home security cams use infrared sensors that pick up light emitted by humans. Others use visible spectrum technology—which picks up everything else, including movement. Both types capture images with different levels of detail depending upon lighting conditions and distance from subjects. So if your home is well lit and close to the subject being recorded, a high resolution camera will produce better image details. On the flip side, lower resolution cameras may be able to record clearer videos if the area around your house is dark or far away from the scene of interest.
Image compression. Most security cameras store recordings digitally. Some compress the video files, reducing storage space but making them harder to view later. Higher quality models compress less and retain full fidelity.
Connectivity options. Many modern security cameras include Wi-Fi connectivity, letting you remotely control them via smartphone apps. Some allow remote viewing through mobile browsers, and many can stream live audio feeds to smartphones and tablets.
Recording duration. Depending on your needs, you may prefer to only save short clips rather than entire days of continuous footage. A few models offer long-term retention capabilities.
Battery life. Battery life depends largely on whether the device uses batteries or rechargeable power packs.

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Hikvision cameras come with a wide range of models covering different needs. Some include indoor IP Cameras; some cover both outdoor and indoors along with motion detection options allowing users monitor activity in realtime via mobile devices or computer screen. You will see them installed on roads, bridges, homes, factories, restaurants, schools, banks, shopping malls, hospitals… almost everywhere.
Many companies use these networked video system today but they are mainly used for CCTV monitoring purposes only.
Tiandys are mainly security products designed and developed specifically for outdoor applications. They provide excellent image quality without being bulky and heavy. These types of units provide 24/7 uninterrupted viewing coverage to help keep track of everything even during the night.
Both manufacturers offer various brands including Digital Video Recorders, DVRs, which records every action detected on your surveillance device onto internal storage, then uploads this information onto cloud servers automatically. Other functions include live streaming, voice recording, email alerts and many other customisable settings. In addition, most digital recorders allow for remote monitoring through smartphones or tablets via WiFi connection which makes setting them up effortless.
This guide aims to explain Hikvisions high specification digital HD surveillance solutions that work well for business, property management, retail establishments, construction sites, government departments and anyone who wants to invest in a top quality and reliable solution. We go through each type of model in detail explaining its key advantages and benefits including specifications, prices, availability & compatibility.

We would love you to try Secure Cam’s service. If after reviewing this article you’d like us to install a monitoring unit for you please fill in our contact form at Once received by our support team we’ll reply back within 1 working day and answer any questions you may have regarding the service. Please note that when requesting a quote you must be able to supply the exact address details of your premises i.e postcode town city. For example “12345 London” NOT “1234 London”. Thankyou for taking your time to read my blog

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