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How to Install Your Own Camera System For Your Business & Homes? Here We Are Going To Give Some Tips On Where Can I Find These Products And Installation Services Directly From Factory Or Wholesale Companies Without Using A 3rd Party Online Website Such As Amazon, Aliexpress Etc.
1.- First Of All Check Out Our Product Line Up Listing Below And If You Want More Information, Feel Free To Contact Us At
2.- Most Important Thing Is Make Sure You Have An Accessible Connection To Fiber Optic Cabling For Power Supply. And Also Keep In Mind If You Need To Use Wireless Technology, Please Be Aware About Signal Distortion/Interference Between Different Sensors.
3.- Second Point Will Be Location Based Sensor Placement In Your Building Or Room. If Possible Try Finding A Spot Near Window, Doorway, Fire Exit, Elevator etc.. Also Don’t Forget That There May Be Interferences To Other Electronic Devices Or Electrical Sources So Make SURE TO CHECK OUT YOUR LOCATION BEFORE YOU INSTALL THESE CAMERAS SO THAT WE CAN DO THE RIGHT PLACE FOR EACH BUILDING OR ROOM IN OUR LIST BELOW.
4.- Third Point Will Be Consideration To The Type Of Motion Detections You Might Need. Is It Intruder Detection Only Or Do You Expect Multiple Moving Objects? Does It Matter If Its A Single Object Or Several Objects Like People Walking Into Another Area?
5.- Fourth Point Should be Weather Resistant Construction Materials, If It Has Glass Surrounding Then It Means That It Needs Special Kind Of Wind Resilience Material.If It Doesn’t,Then You Simply Need A Standard PVC Coating Over Wood Frame
6.- Fifth Point Will Be Budget Friendly Solutions. Because We Understand That Every Buyer Has Their own Requirements And Budgets. When Looking For A Solution We Always Suggested You Pick Something That Matches Your Current Situation Not Just Buying Things That You Think Would Eventually Help Later But Actually It Won’t Work Anyway!
7.- Sixth Tip will Be Safety In Case Someone Stops By While Setting these Cameras up. Remember That It Could Create Unwanted Issues.

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In this video I am going to walk through my top 5 favorite security cameras for 2020. These will be installed in various locations around our house starting with some exterior and then moving inside to cover most areas, including our bedroom, bathroom, office/den area, hallway, kitchen, livingroom and outside. We are planning to use these cameras mainly for monitoring but they could easily be used for other purposes like motion detection and recording. If you follow me on YouTube you should already have seen a few videos showing us installing them and the different ways people are currently doing it. For me personally I love using DIY solutions because they are often cheaper than the alternatives and you get exactly what you want with no surprises along the way 🙂
For those who just want to see what each camera looks like without actually buying anything please feel free check out the links below which show photos taken after installing each model. All of these models come factory mounted which are great unless you want them removed afterwards, otherwise they would be extremely heavy and bulky. Also note that most of the cameras listed here do support wireless operation via wifi extenders, smart switches and hubs but not every single device in the world has those built-in so we only recommend devices specifically designed for that purpose. For example, we did install several cameras and wireless extenders ourselves to monitor a couple properties we had purchased recently however, we bought our original camera with the intention of keeping them permanently attached to protect it while being able to remove them quickly in case of breakage. As always we hope you find everything useful.
1. Nest Cam Outdoor Wifi HD Pro Camera $149
2. iWatchPro IP65W WiFi Smart Video Monitor $99
3. Blink Wireless Motion Sensor Security System ($39-$139) / 2+ Sensors / 3 Way Switching Control $69-$119
4. Axis M100IP IP67 Waterproof Night Vision Camera $79
5. Ring Indoor Doorbell Camera $49
6. Samsung S8 Plus (Black) $719 / Galaxy Tab A 7″ $399 / Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10 inch $499
7. Amazon Echo Show $199
8. Apple iPhone 8 $649

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When choosing a video surveillance system, you would be wise to consider several factors before making your decision. When selecting a surveillance solution, some aspects should include but will not be limited to:
– Your needs. Is this device meant only for a particular location and purpose? For instance, does your business have multiple locations around town and you wish to use cameras across them to keep track of inventory? Or perhaps you just purchased a large property that requires extensive visibility and security measures to ensure safety? All these situations call for various types of equipment.
Are you trying to avoid hiring help while keeping tabs on your own office? A self-monitoring software program could work well for your situation. These systems allow you to control individual computers remotely through a web browser without having physical contact — perfect for employees who prefer to stay mobile (but still report in).
Or perhaps you’re trying to capture all sorts of action footage for insurance purposes when something suspicious happens. If you’ve already chosen a certain type of DVR, why not opt for different sensors instead? Some popular examples include motion detection/alarm devices for doors and windows, IP cameras for people and other home appliances, infrared night vision, wireless IP phones, and many more.
Another thing to weigh in the equation is price. Surveillance equipment isn’t cheap, which is why it’s often necessary to spend more than usual to get high quality products. However, with today’s technology advances and competitive prices, you won’t find yourself paying too much either. One way to save cash is opting for DIY solutions; however, this approach carries significant risks. When installing your own CCTV network, remember that you’ll need to purchase professional tools like surge protectors, power supplies, connectors, cable assemblies, antennas, amplifiers, video processors, routers, firewalls, modems, and the like.
In addition to these important considerations above, it’s essential to understand the benefits and drawbacks of each specific model under consideration, whether they are wired or Wi-Fi enabled, outdoor or indoor models, with 2-way audio, digital records, remote viewing capabilities, motion detectors, keystroke logging, integrated alarm notifications, and more.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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I’m constantly amazed at how many people I meet who say they “don’t see value” in installing digital video surveillance systems. They believe the only thing they would capture digitally is footage related to crimes against them or their property.
But video cameras are far more powerful than that; they record everything around us — day after day, week after week, month after month. A good video camera records everything going on around it 24/7 without requiring human intervention. If something does happen, then, you’ll be alerted instantly through text messages, phone calls, email notifications, push notification alerts, or smartphone apps via mobile devices like iOS phones or Android tablets.
And, because this type of technology exists, it makes sense to protect yourself and your family with some form of electronic personal protection. Even those who work outside of homes should consider implementing the same level of safety measures inside their residences, including having surveillance systems installed. These days, it would be foolish, irresponsible, and negligent NOT to include these types of technologies in any modern residence.
So, whether you live alone or just with someone else, protecting yourself while monitoring the activity happening in and around your living space is crucial to staying safe and secure. Here’s a closer glimpse of why having a well-thought out surveillance system will benefit both you and anyone who lives near you.
1. Protecting Your Family – Imagine you take a vacation trip away from home to visit relatives. When traveling abroad during daylight hours, you often leave your house unattended, meaning no one is watching your home or neighborhood except you. And what happens if anything goes badly with respect to a crime taking place nearby (you’re driving down the road, or shopping at a store)? By the grace of God, things would be fine until help arrives but imagine you had access to video evidence of a break-in. Armed with proof, your loved ones could stay behind safely instead. Having video surveillance equipment allows citizens to easily view what happened to their surroundings, helping them remain calm regardless of the situation.
2. Making Friends – Surveillance videos reveal almost limitless possibilities. For example, parents can use surveillance cameras to keep tabs on children playing outside.

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Security cameras monitoring companies like Securecam work closely with clients through every stage of project development. We get involved early in the planning phase to help define client requirements for video surveillance systems from both a technical perspective and business perspective. Once you decide which type of system will suit each project, whether it be IP, NVR, cloud recording, doorbell, remote viewing, or live streaming capability; we recommend the most appropriate equipment that meets those needs. We ensure you are able communicate clearly with your technician for the correct setup recommendations and provide hands-on training during the full install. Our technicians go above and beyond providing exceptional service because they care about customer satisfaction. They strive to exceed expectations and understand that satisfied customers result in repeat business, referrals, happy employees, and positive reviews on Yelp, Houzz, Zillow and other sites online. If you have questions related to this topic or would like to discuss getting started please contact us today. Whether you need residential home security surveilance, office security, commercial buildings surveilance, construction safety or fire alarm installations; we invite you to visit our website and find great products and prices. Thank you for visiting Check back soon for more updates!!
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In this post I will be discussing some of the top products that fit well with small businesses as they begin exploring video surveillance systems for the office space.
For many years business owners had only two options for securing their property; traditional wired doorbell cameras and/or motion activated light switches. These products offered great benefits but weren’t able to capture high quality images and often proved ineffective when installed correctly because the devices did not offer remote viewing abilities outside of your property. However, advancements in technology have brought us to four different ways to watch over the exterior perimeter of your home or place of business.
First, wireless outdoor mesh network cameras. These types of sensors are similar to those used by homeowners to monitor their properties via their smartphone apps or computer software. They connect wirelessly to each other allowing individuals anywhere inside the area monitored to view live footage of whatever occurs on the street level. If someone breaks into your residence, these cameras alert you immediately through phone alerts and email notifications. Additionally, because every point connected to them is interconnected, you get real-time, 360 degree views across town with just one glance.
Second, IP cams with Wi-Fi. Wireless indoor HD cameras provide more flexibility than typical analog CCTV options. These models come equipped with built-in WiFi capabilities which allow you to stream live feeds over the internet from anywhere. IP cams with wifi functionality are perfect if you work in multiple buildings or homes during the same shift. These type of cameras also function like standard cams — they automatically record whatever happens while they are monitoring your property, meaning you won’t ever miss anything critical without having to manually initiate recording. Also, some versions include cloud storage, making it possible to store recordings directly onto your web browser instead of sending them to an external server. Because most wifi network connections aren’t private and therefore susceptible to interference, it makes sense to use wired cams whenever available.
Third, digital camera surveillance equipment. While analog cams still rule the day among residential installations, digital cam technologies continue to expand. Digital cameras allow for higher resolution shots than analog counterparts. Not only does this provide better visibility, but digital photos retain details far longer than analogue ones.

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In this post I will talk about my top 5 recommendations for installing a quality surveillance system, in which they include but aren’t limited to:
Wireless Camera Systems
Security cameras that plug into existing light switches & power points
Camera Panels that connect to existing electrical systems
Smart Home Automation Systems
Motion Sensors that detect motion in and around homes and offices without disrupting normal activity.
All of these options provide great value to homeowners who wish to protect themselves, family members, assets, property, pets, business interests, employees or customers… even just to see whats going on in their own house/business/property 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days per year.
If you’re interested in setting up some form of monitoring inside or outside of your premises then please get back to me via email or phone and i’ll happily guide you through your options… no job is too big or small and i’ll work closely with every customer to ensure that they receive exactly what they’ve ordered in terms of service, support and reliability..
We offer competitive prices starting from $99.50 plus GST per camera, depending upon the type and size of security solution required by each individual client or project. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding products and exceptional support to our clients.
For anyone building a new home, renovating a current home or simply wanting some extra protection for the things that matter most to them…. the sky’s the limit with options available today. We can help you find the ideal combination of solutions and equipment to fit your needs perfectly.

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This blog will cover the different types of cameras available today including outdoor surveillance systems, indoor / outside video recorders, HD wireless IP CCTV Systems, digital audio recording devices and many other products designed specifically for homeowners, business operators and building developers. We will discuss these options along with which ones would work most efficiently for people interested in installing home and office security cams in Scotland and Northern Ireland.
We will be focusing mainly on 4K Ultra High Definition video cameras but this guide is meant to be applicable across all categories.
Best Video Surveillance Camera Types For Your Future Smart Homes Or Businesses In 2020 And Beyond.
The following 4 categories of surveillance cameras are the most common options for homeowners and small business owners around the world who require surveillance systems to protect against criminals, theft from customers/employees, and vandalism. These include video doorbells, motion sensors, HD video cameras, DVRs and webcams.
Video Doorbells & Motion Sensors.
If you’re thinking about buying a frontdoor video system, then the first thing you should consider is whether you require a doorbell function. A doorbell lets visitors push a button near the entranceway of a house to announce themselves on arrival. They’ve become increasingly popular because they provide convenience and safety benefits while eliminating noise pollution.
Smartphone apps like Ring allow visitors to simply press buttons inside your house to announce their arrivals via a smartphone’s internal microphone. When someone rings your doorbell, they typically see something similar to the image below appear on their screen. If you use a physical bell, however, visitors will probably get only a muffled sound through your doorbell speaker, which often makes them feel unwelcome during their visit. However, some motion sensor alarm systems can detect both sounds and visual signs of unauthorized entry and automatically transmit an alert signal to smartphones within range. Other models include remote control options allowing users to operate frontdoor camera functions remotely from anywhere.
The next aspect to focus on is whether you’d prefer an indoor or outdoor solution, depending on factors like lighting conditions, visibility to guests, weather and landscape considerations..

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