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What makes a good camera?
Are cameras better than motion sensors?
Do I buy the ‘cheapest’ system?
How should I decide which type of surveillance cameras to install?
Security camera systems are evolving rapidly as newer products get developed each day. However, this rapid evolution does NOT mean they are getting easier to deploy or use. On the contrary, many companies claim they made improvements but they often fall short because the technology just isn’t ready yet. For example, some manufacturers say they have improved battery life. But do those batteries really improve battery life, or is it simply the case that people who sell them say that? If so then it still matters less because there will be no improvement in the overall experience. So what do you need to ask yourself? Do these promises actually matter to YOU? Or are you merely trying to save a few bucks? If the latter is true then consider the following points before making decisions regarding your next purchase.
1. Make Sure there’s enough light around the subject area to allow the camera to clearly pick them out. A bright background or dark lighting conditions usually cause problems for most security cameras due to insufficient contrast.
2. Keep the video quality high to avoid graininess or poor resolution. The higher the quality setting, the smaller filesize that needs to be stored.
3. Ensure everything else that could interfere is properly shielded. Is there anything nearby that could affect signal strength like a television or radio broadcast tower? Also, check that wires aren’t dangling near windows, doors, air vents, outlets, or other potential hazards. Finally, keep cables away from heat sources as well since that affects the way signals travel through copper wire.
4. Consider installing multiple devices if possible. Multiple cameras provide redundancy and ensure reliability of the entire system.
5. Install the device in a central location, preferably in the middle of the living space where there will be ample natural movement in front of the camera(s). Ideally, place it above eye level and ideally outside the line-of-sight for anyone sitting down on furniture.
6. Test regularly to ensure functionality.

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In this article we will take a closer look at some of the most popular brands and models available today. We hope that after reading these articles you’ll be able to narrow down your choices and pick something which suits your needs perfectly. All products listed below contain excellent quality cameras with various options and settings to suit each customer’s requirements. These days, CCTV manufacturers produce many variations of both indoor and outdoor cameras with varying levels of sophistication and price range. Some offer better resolution and image quality than others; however they all provide great value for money especially considering the fact that it takes relatively little effort installing them on site. Many customers ask us “How long does it take to install all those cameras?”, and while there is no set answer to that question unfortunately, generally speaking if everything goes according to schedule we say 5 hours including setup time, and usually less. If you would like to talk to someone regarding specific questions then contact us via email for further assistance.
We use Secure Cam Australia as our preferred service partner who supply & install high end IP cctv systems with multiple viewing angles and remote monitoring across Australia, New Zealand and international locations. They operate 24/7 and if required they can dispatch crews immediately anywhere in Australia & New Zealand.
So without further ado here’s the full breakdown of the top 10 camera brands and models to consider for your next project…
1. Arlo Smart Camera 2 Outdoor IP Surveillance System ($129-$179)
Arlo offers wireless coverage over a wide area meaning there is absolutely no wires to run and therefore significantly reduces installation times. Their devices come with a built in motion detection function that sends alerts instantly should anything unusual occur inside the viewable field of view. For added convenience the camera comes equipped with an IR night light that automatically turns on whenever people approach outside during late evening onwards making nighttime footage far easier to observe. One drawback with the system is that once installed the unit may only cover a single angle rather than offering 360 degree coverage (although you will still get video recording capability).

Fergus Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

We believe in providing quality products and service. We are committed to providing high end solutions for homes, offices and commercial applications. Our mission is to offer top notch customer satisfaction with great after sales support while maintaining long term partnerships with customers. For this reason, every single SecureCam installer will undergo rigorous training through both internal and external methods to ensure they pass our stringent standards which include knowledge testing and hands on experience to get qualified. All installations come complete with proper warranties for peace of mind!
HikVision C3 IP Camera
This model is built around the powerful Hysilicon A21 chipset to provide fast response times, excellent picture quality and advanced video analytics capabilities. Featuring dual cameras with full HD 1920×1080 resolution, it delivers crisp images thanks to a wide angle lens design. A 2MP front facing camera with IR cut filter makes night time viewing easier. An auto focus feature ensures sharp pictures regardless of lighting conditions. The integrated microphone helps pick up sounds in noisy locations and the built-in battery offers 1 hour continuous operation without recharging. Powered via 3 x AA batteries, the camera weighs only 5 lbs / 2 kg making it ideal for use outdoors. An optional mounting bracket is available to install securely inside windows and doors. It comes equipped with an HDMI port allowing connection to most TVs and monitors. Connections options include Ethernet/WiFi 802.11 b/g/n with wireless range upto 100 meters, USB ports (1x Micro), power supply input(2.8V~6.0V DC), audio output jacks and RCA composite AV inputs. Supports Windows 10 operating system and Android 4.4+ OS. Please refer specification table below.
TiandY DVR 1080P/60FPS Video Surveillance System
Built upon the state of the art TIAOYU 885 series chipset and featuring ultra slim profile, robust housing structure, multiple expansion connectors, multi function LCD display control panel, remote controller, Wi-Fi transmission mode and many other special functions, the DVR camera system meets different requirements of various surveillance scenarios. Its compact size and outstanding performances guarantee its stable operation under adverse weather condition.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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This post will cover everything you ever wanted to know about installing a CCTV Camera system in your office/home. We’ll discuss the top five things to consider before buying and install. These include:
1. Location & Accessibility
2. Budget
3. Features
4. Connectivity
5. Installation Options
In addition to this, I’m going to provide some insight into the most popular cameras available, along with a few recommendations to help narrow down which model would work best for your needs. So without further ado, lets get started.
Location & Availability.
When considering location, accessibility should always be first priority. Wherever possible, you’d like to place your CCTV System somewhere that people won’t notice you watching them, but still be able to see what they’re doing. If you live near busy roads or areas that have heavy foot traffic, then having a CCTV system installed in those locations could put you under scrutiny. However, if you’re willing to sacrifice a little privacy for convenience (and safety), then these locations can be great places to hide.
Another thing you need to keep in mind with regards to availability is that you don’t necessarily just want to monitor certain rooms in your home; you want to watch the whole house, including entrances and exits.
If you decide to go ahead and buy a camera system (or several systems!), then you will have a number of options to pick from when choosing the type of camera(s).
Some common choices include fixed lens cameras, dome cameras, pan/zoom/wide angle lenses, IP cameras, HD video cameras, wireless networked cameras, PTZ (pan tilt zoom) camera mounts, motion detector alarms and nightvision. Depending on your requirements, you should try to find something suitable within your price range.
When deciding on which features you want for each individual camera, it helps to break the camera down into different categories.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Fergus

As people get older and more technology becomes available, the amount of crime committed increases exponentially. People who live in apartments can be targets of burglars because they usually have large amounts of cash and valuables inside which makes them attractive targets. If you own a business then chances are good you will experience some type of break-ins or theft. Most likely you would like to keep surveillance cameras installed to watch after things while you aren’t around but sometimes there isn’t enough coverage for every part of the property. For example, you could see everything outside the building but nothing inside.
If this sounds familiar and you’re considering adding a video system to protect yourself better than just having a physical presence, read on to find information on the top 10 most popular choices among homeowners and small/medium business owners. We’ve selected these products because they offer excellent quality, affordable prices, high ease of use, reliable operation, and long battery life; plus, many include motion detection systems that allow you to view alerts on smartphones via email or text message.

We hope you enjoy reading this article and feel encouraged to check out our other blogs on the same topic here.
For those unfamiliar with what we do here at Secure Cam, we provide professional monitoring solutions for both Residential and Commercial Properties including; Surveillance Camera Installation, Video Monitoring Software, DVR System Integration Services and 24 Hour Alarm Systems. Our team prides themselves on being customer service driven and highly trained professionals dedicated to serving our customers needs efficiently, effectively and safely. Contact us today for further Information.
We’d love to hear feedback. Please reach out to us through the “contact” link located in the upper left hand corner of each page.

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1) A top 4k video surveillance system must be equipped with 4K cameras because these devices allow high definition pictures which will help increase both resolution and sensitivity during surveillance. Some top-end systems include 4K Ultra HD recording capability that captures ultra hi-res images in real-time.
2) One of the most prominent advantages of upgrading to this type of technology is the fact that they offer more than just improved image quality; 4K cameras capture clear audio along with visuals making them ideal for situations where surveillance needs to be monitored remotely.
3) Most 4K IP cameras come equipped with Wi-Fi allowing remote monitoring without needing additional equipment. These wireless technologies also provide better network speed than older 1080P models providing faster connections and less lag
4) Another benefit that comes with having a 4K camera installed is that they often come with a larger storage capacity offering higher levels of detail per frame. High Definition images are usually stored in resolutions ranging from 720 pixels wide to 2160 pixels tall while standard definition photos typically span 640 x 480 pixels. As the size increases, so does the file size requiring more space to store each photo, thus why having increased picture sizes would mean smaller files.
5) Top 4k security systems should integrate with cloud solutions like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. When paired with voice activated controls, customers become capable of accessing live feeds through apps for smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs or IoT devices. These systems allow homeowners and small business owners to operate their own private alarm panel directly via mobile device instead of relying on someone else to monitor the house. Customers can easily control lights (on/off), lock doors, arm motion sensors and other items with ease. Smartphone compatibility ensures these systems work seamlessly across different operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile.
6) Many modern day homes feature smart speakers equipped with Alexa or Siri capabilities that enable you to use voice commands to interact with your security system. Simply ask “Alexa, who forgot their keys today?” or say something similar and the security system will automatically alert any occupants nearby who entered through the front door. Using a smartphone app enables you to manage your entire property as well as receive notifications regarding events happening around the house.

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Does price matter? Can you save money installing yourself versus hiring someone else?
What other factors should be considered while choosing cameras? Like weather conditions, light levels, power issues, noise pollution, interference and more?
We’ve taken these questions and answers into consideration when selecting just who will be doing installations this decade. We offer everything from DIY kits available online for $150-$300+ or full retail systems starting around $12k+.
Whether you’re planning to buy a used system or building something from scratch, make sure you check out Fergus’ top picks. From IP series networked models through professional PTZ/panoramic dome options, they’ve got plenty to fit every budget and taste. Each model listed below includes links to their Amazon page if you’d like to view them first hand.
To see the entire collection visit http://www.securecam.

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We live in a world full of constant technological disruption. We see these disruptions every day. Some disrupt faster than others but they will always be around. Many people believe that technology solves problems better than humans. However, some technologies have taken us backwards instead. Smart devices like smartphones with apps and software running them can put us behind our own eyes at times. They can watch us through cameras and microphones without our knowledge. In this post I am going to explain why CCTV Camera Systems should NOT be left unregulated, because of security risks. Let me tell you first why I love security systems. My family enjoys good quality entertainment while being connected over long distances. When one member of my household needs help, other members instantly know that something bad just happened. If someone rings the doorbell after hours then chances are they forgot their keys. Most importantly, our house was broken into twice during Christmas 2017 which made everyone tense both inside and outside of the house. Since that moment on we decided to invest and install a home security system. After extensive research and testing we chose CCTN (the leading Canadian surveillance dealer). Our experience with CTCN has been nothing less than excellent. Not only did they sell us high quality professional grade systems, but they helped us install everything flawlessly. So far, things have run smoothly and well maintained since then. While installing a video recording facility is exciting, I recommend choosing a reputable dealer who specializes in these products. A few words on each component below. 1. Entry System: These entry systems record all activity going in / coming out from/through a defined area of a property 24hrs a day 7 days a week regardless if there is anyone watching the footage stored on cloud servers. 2. Indoor Monitoring & Outdoor Surveillance: All indoor monitoring components have the capability to monitor the entire perimeter of a structure. 3. Motion Detection Zones: The motion detection zones detect movement within areas they cover; once detected, audio alarms sound and lights illuminate to alert neighbors and police alike. 4. Video Recording Compression: The compressed videos files allow you to store thousands of hours worth of footage. 5. Cloud Services, Storage, Backup: Once recordings go beyond 30 days storage becomes available upon request to customers..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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