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When choosing which type of surveillance cameras to use for your home/office, many things come together—the size, shape, placement, resolution, cost, range ability, motion detection capabilities and accessories like batteries/plug adapters.
Here’s why you should invest in quality professional monitoring solutions designed specifically for your property needs:

Resolution & Video Quality Improvement — Your video recording device will improve overall picture definition and color accuracy with high resolutions (8MP+) while simultaneously minimizing graininess and blurring due to movement. As technology advances you’ll see improvements in the overall brightness and contrast levels, making day and night images easier to distinguish than ever before.

Camera Placement — If you’re concerned about someone tampering with devices placed outside of areas visible through windows, simply place your outdoor camera anywhere near the window sill; be certain to mount the unit far away enough from walls so an intruder won’t easily reach the camera without alerting occupants. A window mounted CCTV system can help deter thieves who try to steal unattended items left outdoors. And because each model includes multiple mounting options including ceiling mounts, wall brackets and desk-mounted pedestals, homeowners could install several units across various parts of the house without having to purchase a separate system for each location. Simply plug them in and connect via Ethernet cable to get started. Our systems include wireless receivers so no additional cables necessary.

Range Ability– For those instances where an area requires complete coverage (i.e. around your swimming pool), most models offer greater than 100 feet of line of sight depending on the distance between the camera lens and receiver. Most indoor cameras also incorporate infrared lighting for optimal viewing during dark nights. Because they run on rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs, these cameras typically provide weeks rather than days of power life, giving owners peace of mind knowing their investment won’t go dead unexpectedly. Other indoor camera manufacturers utilize solar panels to extend camera operation hours, but some lack long term cost savings benefits associated with Lithium Ion batteries. Additionally, camera sensors must always be cleaned periodically after being exposed to moisture in order to protect against dust and dirt contamination.

Motion Detection– It’s critical that you capture every detail from your surroundings.

Fraser Valley's Best Commercial Security Cameras

Most people spend most of their day indoors. For most homes, this makes sense; but some work environments must remain outdoors. These spaces include some parking garages, warehouses, docks, loading zones, construction sites, or other areas outside — sometimes called “mancapped buildings” because they lack walls separating indoor and outdoor space. Unfortunately, these types of locations often experience higher breakins than those inside. Here are seven ways to install commercial cameras that cover every potential point of entry into your business or office building, whether that be through windows, doors — or just cracks under concrete sidewalks.
#1 Install the Camera Outside Near Exterior Doors
If your business has exterior entrances like storefronts, driveways, loading bays, or docks, then consider installing a surveillance system near them. By monitoring activity around these points of ingress, it can help prevent theft and unauthorized visitors. If someone breaks into your premises via these paths, chances are good that they will take advantage of gaps left unmonitored. A high quality digital video camera placed strategically in the path should deter would-be thieves — especially if paired with motion detection technology.
#2 Install Digital Video Cameras Throughout Your Entire Property
Some properties consist simply of small offices or retail stores located on ground level floors. But many larger developments contain multiple stories above street level. Often, property managers feel pressured to keep only minimal eyes on these rooftops due to liability concerns. However, if nothing else, securing rooftop views could offer peace of mind for owners who prefer knowing exactly which parts of their buildings are monitored while allowing workers unobstructed views of the entire facility without being conspicuous themselves.
Cameras positioned along each floor of a multi story structure offers a comprehensive view, yet keeps visibility confined to specific sections. This way, employees can see everything without standing out too conspicuously against neighboring structures.
#3 Install Cameras Inside Public Areas And Common Rooms
While security cameras are often installed in residential settings simply for convenience, businesses use them for additional safety, both obvious and otherwise. Some office cubicles feature built-in desks or shelves intended solely for computer screens with no chairs attached.

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Fraser Valley BC

Security Camera Installation Tips:
1. Install cameras facing front of house entry/exit points like garage door openings, doorbell zones, etc. These will help protect against theft.
2. Avoid placing cameras on outside corners unless they face parking lots or other common areas. Keep in mind this would be good coverage around main entrances. If someone was able to break through exterior doors and enter property behind exterior walls, it wouldn’t matter which corner they entered on because they could get anywhere inside without ever being seen. However, if possible install exterior corner cameras on roofs or towers overlooking driveway areas. Exterior cameras should always face outward towards neighbors’ homes and away from roadways.
3. Consider having multiple outdoor cameras installed. Depending on the distance and angle each camera faces, different types of intruders will stand out differently. For example, a person running across a field of grassy lawn won’t leave footprints but could trip an alarm system sensor. A car driving down residential streets past houses with no driveway lights lit indicates that something’s going on in these properties. Having multiple point video feeds helps detect patterns.
4. Use zoom capabilities. Zooming in for enhanced visibility lets potential thieves see motion better than standard static settings. Zoom settings should match those used indoors. If indoor camera lenses aren’t made specifically for outdoors use, there’s usually an auto setting that matches indoor lens quality with daylight sensitivity levels. Be aware though — some devices automatically adjust picture size depending on ambient light conditions.
5. Don’t expect perfect footage all the time. Remember, surveillance monitors only record events happening while sensors capture high quality images and audio recordings; anything else captured falls under “black” zone and cannot be viewed on live monitor systems. Black space can be filled with information via post production editing tools, however.
6. Have enough storage to store hours upon days worth of recorded video. Most cloud recording products include built in backup options to ensure archived files are kept safe and sound with online storage solutions.
7. Make sure your internet connection stays connected every day of the week. Internet connections tend to suffer during the winter months due to storms and ice buildup.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Fraser Valley Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Security cameras are becoming increasingly popular across North America. From residential homes to small businesses, people are investing in high quality video surveillance systems to help them stay safe while away from home. Whether they’re looking for security cameras to monitor children, pets, property, or just general safety concerns, these devices provide peace of mind. However, finding the best system isn’t always straightforward — especially if you live outside of large metropolitan areas like San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Dallas/Fort Worth, Atlanta, Houston, Phoenix, Miami, Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis, Austin, Portland, Sacramento, Raleigh Durham, San Antonio, Orlando, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis, St Louis, Nashville & Memphis. So, we decided to put together this comprehensive guide to find the top options available today. We’ll be updating this post periodically so check back regularly to see what’s changing for the better and which models continue to dominate the market. If you’ve got questions regarding your own home or business security needs, don’t hesitate to call us toll-free 1-877-637-8200 (or visit Or, feel free to reach me personally via email:, Twitter (@josh_boucher), Instagram (@joshboucher2) or LinkedIn ( for further assistance.
We will also keep adding links to products below for each category in order to save you some digging around online. But, please note that we are NOT affiliated with any particular manufacturer or retailer. Instead, we provide only unbiased information. Our job, afterall, is to educate you about the latest technology available for security purposes.

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1. Installer Tip #1: If someone breaks into your house, they will most probably try to steal electronics first, then they go after financial items, and finally the personal stuff like family photos, jewelry boxes and other valuables. So keep this point in mind while choosing which products to install, especially those expensive ones. For example, Hikvision cameras are great because its motion detection technology will take care of everything else; but the price tag isn’t cheap so be careful. While the cost per unit you buy will vary depending on manufacturer, model, size and accessories, I recommend keeping costs down initially until you learn all about the different types of monitoring systems available. At Secure Cam, we offer both standard indoor and outdoor 1080P security solutions plus HD DVR options starting at only $399/month.. We cover every part of Vancouver Island including Victoria and Nanaimo. Our professional team takes pride in providing quality service and support 24 hours a day 7 days a week. All technicians are fully insured and bonded for your protection and ours! (
2.Installer tip#2: Most people who break into your house will leave immediately once they see the surveillance system installed, unless they really wanted something in particular. This means they won’t be back again! Keep this in mind to help reduce false alarms (which may get annoying). Having said that, having an active alarm system could lower chances of burglary attacks due to higher visibility which could deter burglars. Also check out these tips for reducing false alerts. ( )3.Installer tip# 3: Don’t put your expensive things near windows or outside doors. Your security equipment should be hidden enough so that no passerby or curious eyes would notice it. Windows are usually good for spying on your premises through glass or window panes in doorways. An added benefit is that windows provide lots of natural light to brighten up dark areas making them visible easier than the shady places where no sunlight reaches inside.4.

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This is a great article for those who are just starting out with cameras or those who have already purchased them but would like some tips on choosing which ones they will install in their house or office.
The article covers many topics including; the difference between indoor & outdoor cameras, types of security cams, cameras for indoors/outdoors, cameras for home/office use, and cameras for different areas of the world.
We cover the most popular models available today and the differences among each model. We then take a close look at the differences among various brands.
Finally, we go through the steps required to get your own FREE quote.
If you are interested in installing a security system in your house or business this guide should help answer your questions.
Please leave us feedback below if we missed anything or have provided inaccurate information.

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What will be most popular next year? We predict cameras becoming smarter, more affordable, easier to use, less intrusive, safer, and more socially acceptable. But it won’t happen without a shift toward greater adoption among consumers who care enough to get involved.
In addition to consumer demand, this industry shift needs strong support from regulators to ensure privacy laws remain relevant while protecting consumer confidence in these products.
We’ll see continued growth in IP/WiFi video streaming technology like Ring’s Neighbors and Nest Cam IQ which provide real-time monitoring, remote viewing capabilities, multi-camera management, live streaming capability and integration into third party IoT devices.
Cameras are moving past analog VHS tape towards solid state memory storage allowing us to view events captured previously. So far they allow time lapse videos and photos stored locally but the ability to store them remotely will become extremely attractive and powerful.
And finally, we expect drones will continue to be used both commercially and personally. Drones have already made some remarkable breakthroughs including mapping large areas quickly and safely, capturing great images, delivering packages around cities and delivering goods from factories across countries. While these applications still only comprise a small percentage of drone operations today, we’re excited about seeing many other exciting uses develop in the years ahead.
So while the market continues trending in certain directions, the overall shape and scope of the market remains relatively stable — growing steadily each year.

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This article will cover some key updates around Camera technology including 4K cameras, video analytics, IP & wireless security cameras plus other topics that should be familiar to anyone who was following along last week. We’ve added some information specific to 2020/21 trends, but mostly just updated things that haven’t changed. As usual, this list isn’t meant to be exhaustive.
Here are some broad categories:
Camera Type
4k, 1080p, 720p HD, SD. More than half of devices sold today use these resolutions.
Wireless Connectivity Technology: Wifi, Zwave, Zigbee, Bluetooth Low Energy, Near Field Communication
Video Quality
HD resolution; 1.3 megapixels or higher = good camera
Resolution Range: 640 x 480 / 320×240 maxes out at 240 pixels per inch
Field Of View: For indoor motion detection, generally less than 80 degrees FOV is acceptable (though, 60–80 degree fields are better). Outdoor FoV must include 360° horizontal coverage
Image Sensor Size: 1.5″-1.6″ sensor recommended size
Image Depth Or Resolution: 24bit color depth
Compression: JPEG images use compression, which tends to smooth skin tones slightly while increasing file sizes slightly.
Light Sensitivity: 0 lux minimum light sensitivity is required for outdoor operation (0% lux), 20% increase per doubling in illumination intensity is typical indoors.
Storage Device Sizes: MicroSD cards are small enough for almost every device, but larger ones like 2gb or greater work well for most situations. Internal storage options range widely depending on model, e.g: 16GB – 64 GB microSD memory card slot supported across many models. If you aren’t planning on installing internal storage yourself, then an external USB drive can store thousands of recordings if they’re large enough.
Battery Life: At least 5 hours of continuous recording in daylight conditions.
Memory Capacity: Upwards of several gigabytes of onboard memory for storing video. External flash drives can provide additional capacity for years.
Audio Output & Reception: Built-In microphone that outputs audio via wired connection and 3..

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