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Best Security Cameras Gananoque

Security cameras provide peace of mind for people who live alone and/or work from home because they offer protection against theft and fire. They also serve as deterrent against crime.
In addition to these benefits, security systems help homeowners save money on insurance premiums, which makes them worth considering. If you’ve decided to install a security system in your gananoque area home or business, read this guide for tips on choosing the best security system for your needs and location.
Best Security Camera Systems for 2020
1. IP Cameras
IP video surveillance offers many advantages over other types of digital video solutions. These include high quality images; compatibility with existing analog cabling infrastructure and wireless networks; ease of use through remote management software, and ease of integration with building automation systems.
2. Wired Video Surveillance Solutions
Wired video surveillance systems typically consist of multiple cameras connected via coaxial cable or powerline communication technology. A central control panel connects each individual unit and displays real-time footage on a monitor, tablet or smartphone.
3. Wireless Security Cams
Wireless security cameras allow for greater flexibility than wired options. Because there is no physical connection required, there is less risk of signal interference and fewer cables to worry about.
4. HD DVR”s & NVRs
HD Digital Recording Devices (HDCVDRS), Networked Visions Recorders (NVRS). Both record video onto internal or external hard drives, allowing you to store hours upon hours of recorded videos.
5. HD Monitors
Monitoring devices like HD monitors display video feeds on large computer screens, providing a better view than smaller mobile phones or tablets.
6. Smart Phones
Smartphones are convenient, but if they aren’t used correctly can be dangerous. If someone tries stealing yours, it could end up in their hands instead of yours, leaving you vulnerable to identity fraud. Smartphone monitoring apps keep tabs on your phone remotely and alert you immediately when something happens.
7. Cloud Services
Cloud storage services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Amazon S3, Google Drive and iCloud store files on servers around the world for quick sharing across computers.

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In this post I will be talking about the Top 10 most requested Security Camera products for the next year. These are some of the top cameras that people want but cannot afford due to price point or lack of features. So I decided to put them together in order of popularity and see what they offer.
I am going to be giving each of these cameras a grade from A+ through F-. Each grade represents the overall quality of the device and its ability to protect your property while providing high definition video streaming. If you would like me to go further down the rabbit hole with specific details please send me an email with your questions.
1. Ring Doorbell Pro HD 1080P IP Cam with Motion Detection & 2 Way Audio
This doorbell cam is perfect if you live in an apartment complex, condo, mobile home park or other multi housing units that allow residents to come into your house without ringing door bells. It provides a great way to keep track who is coming to visit without having to get up and answer every visitor.
Grade A+, motion detection, night vision.
Pros: High Definition Video Streaming, 2 Way Audio, Night Vision
2. Nest Protect Smoke Detector
Nest Detectors provide peace of mind for homeowners. They monitor smoke alarms and fire detectors 24/7 and automatically alert authorities should anything suspicious occur. This model offers a free 7 day battery life and comes equipped with a built in speaker that lets you hear the alarm sound.
Grade B.
Pros: Smoke Alarms & Fire Detectors, Built in Speaker.
3. Netatmo Welcome Smart Thermostat
If you are a homeowner looking for a thermostat with a little bit extra then this is your choice. This unit has many different functions including temperature control, humidity sensors, air purification, and smart lighting.
Grade C+.
4. Amazon Echo Dot
The Echo dot is a voice assistant powered wireless speaker, designed for use anywhere around the house, office, or dorm. Its small size makes it ideal for smaller rooms.

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Security cameras continue to be an excellent method of monitoring people inside your own house. They allow you to monitor exactly who enters your property without actually having physical presence in the area.
While they can provide great value, choosing the correct type will depend largely upon why you’re having them installed. If you’re worried about burglars breaking in, this could be the ideal approach for you.
If however you simply wish to keep an eye on children/pet animals whilst away from home, these devices aren’t going to help you.
There’s no denying that surveillance systems offer peace of mind; but whether or not those benefits exceed the effort required to put them in place is another matter entirely.
We’ve provided some guidance below that should enable you to decide which system is most suitable for your particular needs.
In many cases it will help you determine the level of service that meets your requirements (e.g. CCTV vs IP). We’ll cover this aspect later in the guide.
We are going to concentrate specifically on video doorbell products within this post because they tend to feature better quality images, higher resolution, easier operation, and greater range than other types.
These days, virtually every doorbell comes complete with integrated speakers to broadcast audio notifications.
To find the exact model of device that would work best for your space, we recommend taking advantage of our interactive search tool, shown above. Simply enter details like size, location, purpose, price tag, and many more.
Then click’search’ and check out the options available. Many manufacturers have detailed websites dedicated solely to showing just the doors they manufacture for, including links to specific models.
Some manufacturers include information about different styles of installation kits in addition to prices.
Regardless of which manufacturer you select, we advise installing the units on both sides of the entrance, as opposed to only front facing. While it isn’t possible to see your entire home through the doorway itself, having 2 separate vantage points offers considerably enhanced visibility, particularly when lights are switched on, it increases overall coverage.
When it concerns the design and construction materials used in building a modern structure, steel frames are much cheaper and easier to construct; yet still provide exceptional standards of durability and strength.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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We have compiled some of the most common questions related to installing cameras. We will be regularly updating this article to keep you informed on changes that could impact your project. Please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss the topic.
This guide includes information regarding what type of system would work well for your situation and why. You should consider whether the camera resolution will allow for viewing details, such as license plates, facial recognition, etc. For example, 720P will only capture enough detail at certain distances to identify individuals but not sufficient information to read license plates. If you need to track license plate numbers then you will need higher resolutions like 1080P which captures detailed images at every distance.
If you live in rural areas, then you probably won’t see many people coming through your driveway/front door because they use side roads. A good quality motion sensor will alert you of anything unusual happening outside of your house while still keeping in range of your front door. These sensors are more expensive than other types such as floodlights and motion detectors due to having a wider range of coverage and being able to detect movement without obstructions. They also typically provide better battery life than other options. Some newer models can detect faces as well as a person walking near the detector. Check your area’s regulations and requirements for side road usage before making any purchase decisions.
A typical wireless indoor security camera uses radio frequencies around 2.4 GHz, 5GHz, 868MHz, 902MHz and 915 MHz. This spectrum falls under Part 15 rules so a homeowner can install them legally in his/her own space. Most modern devices support 802.11b/g/n WiFI network connections. However, wireless connectivity is slower and less reliable, especially indoors; therefore, we recommend wired solutions instead. In fact, wired networks generally offer both greater reliability, speed, and flexibility. Wired systems usually run through Ethernet cables, DSL lines, fiber optic cabling, coaxial cable, power line networking, phone jacks, CAT5, Cat6, Fiber Optic Networking (FON), and Powerline Internet Connectivity (PLC). Each type requires different wiring setups, depending upon the location of the device and the desired connection method.

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Gananoque Ontario Canada 2020
This week I will be introducing my latest series of articles on “Best Security Camera Installation”. So what does this mean exactly, well it covers some great topics like;
What would an intruder see through your CCTV system?
Why should homeowners invest in good quality cameras anyway?
How many people are watching over me?
Does a video surveillance recording help solve crime issues? Maybe but is that true enough?
Is privacy invasion really necessary?
Who needs a DVR with a built-in motion sensor?
And much more…..
In summary, these are just several questions and answers related to installing/using/setting up various types of security cams and systems. Most importantly however is that the camera is only a part of the solution! Your network wiring setup, door locks, window alarms and door guards must work together perfectly to avoid being breached in the first place. For most folks that means hiring a professional installer who knows his stuff.
I hope you enjoy reading this series and keep coming back every few days. I will update weekly until December 2019.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Gananoque

In this guide, I am going to be showing you my top 10 picks for the best security cameras available and why each of these should suit your needs perfectly. These are some of the most popular choices, but they aren’t necessarily the only options. If you’re interested in seeing which ones are actually on sale in store today, check them out below.
If You Have Questions About Your Project, Please Contact Me Directly
For those who would like to learn more about the specific products featured above, please visit our website We will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the products listed here or anything else related to home video surveillance systems and security cameras. For those who are interested in learning more about other security cameras, please feel free to check out our sister website
We hope everyone enjoys reading this article and finding the perfect solution for home/office security cameras. Thanks for visiting us again, and remember, we’d love to hear from anyone interested in learning more about our business model, so feel free to get in touch with me anytime via email, phone, or chat. I’m always excited to speak with people from across Canada and the world who are just starting out.

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In this post I would like to discuss some of my favorite cameras available today and which ones should be part of the next generation. We will focus on outdoor products.
When selecting which camera to purchase it is important to first consider the environment they are going to operate in. Outdoor environments tend to offer less light than indoor installations allowing for greater detail during darker times but limiting color accuracy at night. If it’s daylight you’re interested in monitoring indoors then you’ll probably get better images than outdoors.
Another factor worth considering is price. A higher priced model won’t necessarily provide superior imaging capabilities; however, it does often come with other benefits like motion detection alerting and improved battery life.
Some things to note:
1. All models listed below include IR LEDs which allow them to see past obstacles in line of sight without obstructions. The image above shows the C1230WZR being used outside the front door of my house.
2. For many applications these cameras provide excellent video quality (4k HDR), high dynamic range and fast frame rates making them ideal replacements for traditional analog systems. One thing to keep in mind is that most camera systems will use multiple sensors rather than just one sensor like this one shown. When viewing through a single lens system we usually only capture video from whatever is closest to us – in this case the window. Multiple sensors mean we receive video information from every direction in real time allowing for accurate positioning/tracking and movement detection. Some people prefer having fewer moving parts while others opt for a large system capable of capturing a massive area. Either way, each offers distinct advantages depending upon your needs.
3. If you’ve ever wondered why some surveillance cams show people waving, this is because this particular device uses facial recognition software to recognize individuals walking around inside your home/office. Not only can facial recognition detect specific faces but it can determine gender, age group and ethnicity.

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Gananoque’s Best Commercial Security Cameras is the most trusted source for your home or office security needs. We provide professional installations in Gananoque Ontario for both hd video cameras and motion sensors. Our install experts will guide you step-by-step through the process to get everything connected correctly, so you can focus on enjoying your day without worrying about keeping track of things like power cords. If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, give us a call at 519-542-4200! is your #1 choice for all types of video surveillance systems including IP Camera Surveillance Systems, HD Video Doorbells, Alarm Panels, Networked CCTV DVRs, Access Control System, Wireless Door Entry Systems, Fire Detection Systems, and many other products. All of these items come with FREE Installation Services Directly to Customers (not dealers). is a leading supplier of wireless door entry system, alarm panels, fire detection systems, network cctv, ip camera security solutions and much more. We offer high quality security products with great customer support. For more information please visit
If this isn’t quite what you’re after, then why not check out some of the links provided below that should help. They include the top rated security cam brands available in Canada and the United States.
We hope you find this post useful as we continue to bring you updates regarding the latest technologies and innovations in the world of security technology..

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