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Security cameras are great tools to protect against break-ins, fire damage, theft, vandalism & other crimes. But they are only effective if installed properly. Here’s how to pick the perfect camera system for your Gatineau home or office.
Gatineau Home Camera Systems For Your 2020 Home Improvement Project
We offer two options for installing and setting up security cameras in Gatineau homes. We provide both factory direct, and professional installation services. Both types come fully equipped with everything you’ll need to install security cameras quickly and easily.
If you’re interested in having us professionally install cameras for you, click “Contact Us” below. If you prefer doing this yourself, read on for instructions on choosing the best Gatineau home security camera systems for your home improvement project.
1. Pick A System Based On Your Needs And Budget
First things first — decide whether you would like to invest in a complete system, or just individual components like doorbell cams.
Complete Security Systems
Complete security systems include everything required to operate them, including batteries (or solar powered), power adapters, mounting brackets and cables. They typically cost less than $250, and often include motion sensors and DVR software that allow you see live footage anywhere online. Some systems even record video automatically whenever movement is detected.
Individual Components
On the flip side, buying individual parts makes sense if you already own some of the items that go with them. For example, if you already have a wireless DVR or outdoor flood light kit, it might be easier to simply buy those accessories instead of buying a whole system. These systems tend to range in price depending on which products you select.
2. Decide Where You Want Each Item Mounted
The next step is deciding exactly where each item will mount. Most people use existing hardware for these installations since they are usually inexpensive and available wherever you bought your current devices. However, you could also purchase dedicated mounts that make your items stand out. Some examples include magnetic strips attached to walls, hooks mounted outside doors or windowsills, or suction cups stuck to ceilings. Whatever type of mounts you choose, make sure they fit the specific locations you’ve chosen for each part.

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Gatineau Canada – A great place to live and invest. This small city offers lots of benefits including being near Ottawa. However, it has several drawbacks as well. These include traffic congestion due to the fact that Gatineau is only accessible through Montreal and Ottawa. Also, because of heavy industrialization, Gatineau does suffer from air pollution which affects both residents’ health and property value. For these reasons many people want to move away from this urban area. Unfortunately, they find out that buying real estate in Gatineau is almost impossible in today’s market. But why should you care about moving out of this small town? If you own a business like ours, then you understand that having proper surveillance equipment installed is critical. You also must be aware that the cost of installing security cameras increases every day. Luckily for us, SecureCamera was founded to help homeowners and businesses like yours who seek professional commercial video solutions. As a premium service provider and installer, we offer a unique selection of reliable high quality products including IP Camera Solutions, Network Video Recorders & Surveillance Systems, Wireless Doorbells and Automated Access Control systems. We install professionally for residential and commercial customers, and work fast to get everything operational onsite. Our team of experienced professionals will take the hassle out of choosing the right solution for your needs. When it comes to protecting your investment, trust SecureCamera to provide superior service and support.

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We hope this article will help you identify which type of cameras would be most suitable for your space, and then select the most cost effective solution for your needs. Whether you are looking to purchase for yourself, install an existing camera system, upgrade an existing system, replace old worn down equipment, protect your investment while upgrading security systems, or just get a better view of your property, these top rated models offer great features, value, and customer satisfaction. We believe they represent some of the industry’s leading brands offering high quality products that also provide excellent value.
Best Buy Video Surveillance Camera System:
This model is specifically designed for indoor/outdoor surveillance applications, allowing homeowners and business owners to keep track of everything around them day and night. A few key benefits include: IP66 weatherproof construction, wireless control panel, motion detection alerting when triggered, integrated video storage and playback, remote monitoring via mobile apps, and more. Some of its main competitors include DVR+, Visonic VSX, & Netgear C7000NIPC.
Bosch 880 IP Networked Wireless Digital HD 1080P Day Vision Camera (Model # BOSCH880). It uses IP66 waterproof casing technology as well as advanced infrared LED lighting along with advanced image processing algorithms. Motion Detection alerts you whenever movement is detected. When activated, it creates a notification email address that sends notifications whenever activity occurs near the sensor(s), plus live video recording is available through your smartphone.
Panasonic PTZ WVGA D1 720P Outdoor WiFi Full Daytime Viewpoint Camera. It has a large viewing area (720 x 480 resolution) featuring 2x optical zoom, built-in IR illuminator for night photography without lights, auto exposure bracketing from 1 EV step increments, digital camera functionality, panorama shooting mode, motion detection features, and many other useful functions. Its compatible firmware update includes enhanced color management capability making images appear true to life. Additionally, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity makes it accessible anywhere. For instance, connect the Panasonics Camera to a tablet computer or PC for real-time streaming images from home or office.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Best Security Cameras Gatineau

1. We are providing top quality products across Canada 24/7. Our service includes full support via email, phone calls and live chat during business hours Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm EST, including holidays. All equipment sales orders placed through this website get shipped same day unless otherwise specified. Please refer to each individual description below for availability specific shipping times. Shipping charges are applicable depending upon location.
2. When you go shopping anywhere else for security cameras, be aware they only sell cheap knockoff models designed to deceive consumers. These companies get away with selling substandard products while charging premium prices because customers assume that there must be other options; however most people are unaware that these “competitors” are simply resellers who cannot keep up to customer demand levels. They purchase cheap items from China factories, then mark them up to what appears to be a reasonable price point for Canadians but often end up overcharging. They rarely provide warranty coverage which ends immediately after delivery because it would affect profits negatively. Because SecureCam sells true high fidelity brands with genuine manufacturers warranties, we can offer customers a better value than competing retailers, at the best possible prices.
3. Every unit sold through Secure Cam will come equipped with professionally installed professional grade wiring harnesses allowing us to deliver fully functional units for immediate use. Many competitors only install cheap cables that fail rapidly causing reliability issues with the video transmission system that leads to poor image quality, frequent repairs and costly downtime. Most clients expect to receive a finished project within 72 hours (or sooner).
4. Secure Cam guarantees 100% satisfaction: If you are unhappy with your investment, please contact us promptly and describe exactly why you wish to return your order. Your request to cancel shall take effect once we receive written notification confirming your decision to terminate your purchase order. Cancelling does result in a 50% restocking fee. A refund for returned merchandise will occur without delay after receipt of notice requesting cancellation. This policy applies for both online purchases and telephone enquiries.
5. Once your Security Camera System arrives, you will be given instructions regarding proper Installation procedures and a detailed User Manual detailing how to operate and troubleshoot. Please follow every instruction carefully.

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Security cameras are a great way to increase awareness around crime prevention while making homeowners feel safer, which helps deter potential break-ins. However, most people only install them because they heard some sort of buzzword like “safety,” “security,” or “surveillance,” but often times those things aren’t actually accomplished through regular use of security monitoring systems. A good video surveillance system should be able to do something no other device can offer — provide real evidence related to past events and alert property owners whenever suspicious activity occurs nearby. That being said, many individuals still lack the knowledge regarding choosing a reliable security camera. Here are five factors to consider when searching for the perfect security camera for your home or business.
1. Size Matters
There isn’t anything inherently bad about having a large amount of space allocated towards storing your equipment; however, this could take away valuable indoor floor space. If possible, try to avoid installing multiple monitors or security cameras in tight spaces. Most high quality models come equipped with an HD resolution display and digital zoom capability, which allow customers to check in at a close distance without obstructing the view. Additionally, these monitors usually feature night vision capabilities and infrared technology, allowing your camera to see better in dark conditions than standard lighting fixtures would. When planning your setup, keep in mind that smaller rooms will generally require fewer cameras due to limited space. For example, small living quarters typically require less than four camera installations.
2. Consider Your Needs First
No matter what type of security camera you’re deciding to go with (whether stationary or mobile), try first figuring out whether or not you’ll be needing additional recording devices. Mobile units are typically easier to maintain and less expensive than stationary ones, but the majority won’t automatically record footage unless prompted. Additionally, if you already own another recorder, consider getting extra storage capacity. Many manufacturers sell memory cards specifically designed to work inside compatible security cams. Make sure that the model you select can support a card size comparable to the one you currently have in case you run out of room during long recordings. 3.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Gatineau

Gatineau is the capital city of Canada’s Province “Ottawa–Carleton”.
It was founded around 1763 near the confluence of the Ottawa River and Montmorency River, which were then part of Lake Saint Louis.
Gatineau is surrounded by five municipalities, namely West Carleton Township, Chelsea, Alta Vista, Osgoode Ward, South Gloucester—Westmount Town Centre and City Centre East Borough Council.
In 2017, Statistics Canada estimated the population of Gatineau and surrounding areas to be approximately 1.3 million people living in 543 sq km area.
This was up slightly from 2010 Census estimates showing a total population of 1.2 million people residing in 488 sq km area.
Gatineau is ranked as the third most densely populated Canadian municipality after Toronto and Montreal.
There are several factors contributing to the growth of this metropolitan community including; industrial employment opportunities, business relocation and expansion, the presence of a university campus, and increased demand due to the influx of tourists visiting Quebec City and other tourist attractions in Eastern Ontario.
The city centre (downtown), located along the Rideau Canal, includes many government buildings, museums, libraries, art galleries, theatres, restaurants, bars, shops and hotels.[12]
Gatineau’s downtown core offers numerous cultural sites including the Gatineau Parliament Buildings, Library Square, the Bell Tower Museum, The National Gallery of Canada, The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, and The Royal Military College of Canada. The main shopping district in downtown Gatineau consists primarily of pedestrian malls and outdoor patios.

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In this article I will be going through some of my favorite wireless surveillance cameras.
There are many factors which play into choosing one particular system over another but most importantly these days we must consider video resolution and image quality.
Video Resolution – A higher resolution gives better detail to allow us to see who/what needs to be seen easier. We can watch people walk down hallways without them being able to hide behind walls anymore. If this happens and someone looks suspicious then they could get arrested for breaking laws.
Quality Of Image – Quality matters. As technology advances the ability to capture video becomes faster and cheaper allowing us to record high definition footage easily, however this does come at a cost, the size of file required for recording increases greatly making storage costs become expensive. So we need to find balance where we can save space while still getting detailed images of everything going on around us. In other words; quality is king.
4K Ultra HD Technology– 4k UHD refers to resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels per frame and uses four times the amount of picture processing power than 1080P HD resolutions. While UHD is great for capturing images and videos of things like movies, sports, nature photography, etc. it might be unnecessary because it requires significantly larger files compared to standard SD / HD pictures taken today. For example, shooting 10 hours of 1920×1080 HD video would take 1 gigabyte of memory just for recordings. By contrast, shooting 12 minutes of 3840×2160 Ultra High Definition video—the same length as “House of Cards” —would consume around 5GB worth of disk space. However, as long as your computer can handle the heavy demands of 4K streaming, 4K recordings should offer excellent benefits including crisper details and fewer blurs due to less compression artifacts.
Wireless Networking & Installation Options – Wireless networks can make life easier on yourself but they are only as good as the network connection from your router back to the devices. Having said that, having multiple routers connected via Ethernet cable will always beat Wi-Fi connections due to it being a point source solution meaning each device gets only the signal strength provided by that specific router making it more suitable for large spaces.

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Gatineau is home to many different communities including; business people, families, retirees, students, and professionals who enjoy living in Gatineau. We understand the importance of safety and peace of mind, which is why SecureCam offers a wide range of high quality products at affordable prices. Our team is dedicated to delivering superior customer service while providing exceptional value for every client.
We offer a full array of solutions designed specifically to meet each of your needs:
Security Camera Installations
Home Automation Systems
Smart Homes/Sensors
Remote Surveillance Services
Video Analytics Solutions
GPS Tracking Devices
Mobile App Based Monitoring
We provide you with a professional installation experience at a great price point, along with 24 hour monitoring service. All installations include free setup and monitoring, no contract required.
If you are searching for a solution that will help keep you safe and comfortable, then you should consider installing a security system..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


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