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Gibson is one of many trusted manufacturers offering high definition video cameras specifically designed for use inside residences and offices. When choosing which model to purchase be aware that most models contain built in motion detection capabilities. If installed correctly they will alert you via email, text message or phone whenever anything moves past the boundaries of view.
Many people assume that since these systems work well outside the homes and businesses with no issues some type of monitoring must therefore already exist. But this simply isn’t true! These types of devices need constant batteries; usually located either below or above ground depending on the design of system being used. Often the batteries will die after only several months making them useless for their intended purpose. So while installing these types of systems may save the cost associated with needing to hire someone else to watch your property 24 hours a day. They often times prove ineffective because of poor battery life. Additionally these cameras tend to be costly especially considering their short lifespan unless you’re willing to pay around $30 per week just for service charges. And unlike professionally configured alarm systems where you get real police response, you’ll probably end up getting nothing but automated busy signals when those “alarms” go off to indicate that something was detected.
We’ve got a few tips on which ones are worth spending extra cash on!
Home Monitoring Systems 101
If you live somewhere where crime rates are consistently higher than average then hiring a professional should always come first for your protection. While it’s certainly possible to monitor your own house yourself you won’t be able to detect every criminal who enters your home without the help of technology.
A proper security camera needs to have sufficient resolution to both see details clearly and provide crisp images at night.

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Gibsons BC

In this blog post I will be discussing the installation options available in Gibsons, Bc. If you are considering installing cameras then you should take note of these guidelines.
First, always use top quality hardware products… A good rule of thumb would be to only buy brands like ArloPro and Go Pro that offer high end equipment that is built to withstand wear and tear. These items come highly recommended for most applications because they will last longer than cheaper models. Next, use professional installers or service people who can professionally mount them correctly, as well as connect everything properly. Lastly always check reviews of each manufacturer’s own website, Facebook page, and other customer sites before buying, especially for expensive items like monitors, IP Cameras, DVRs, and recorders. Many will tell you which ones are reliable after spending hundreds of hours testing different types of setups.
Here’s some information about my experience working with SecureCamera in Vancouver… Security Camera Installation Prices depend on where you live (area). For example, your city will determine whether someone needs to cut down trees or put up poles – hence prices vary greatly depending upon location. Here’s just an overview of typical costs: *Arlo Pro /Go Pros: $200-$300/camera. **Canvases are usually another cost ($50+), but some companies will bundle canvases and mounts together and sell them separately. Also consider mounting kits, lens caps, cables, etc. ***Installs typically include monitoring (2 years of video recording), 3 month warranty for parts, 1 year warranty for labour. Most installations are completed in less than 2 days but could go up to 4 days based on weather conditions and scope of work.
If you’re interested in installing yourself or hiring me to do installation call me at 250-826-8866 today. My contact details are below.

Gibsons Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Gibson HiKision is a global surveillance solutions manufacturer founded in 2004; they are specialized in manufacturing DVR products used for security and video monitoring purposes. They produce their own HD quality cameras and security systems. Their products consist of CCTV surveillance cams and door entry controls. Gibson makes available many different types including wall mountable models which can be mounted on walls, ceiling, posts, poles and other non-static surfaces. Some models come equipped with motion sensors, audio recording devices, motion detection alarms and fire alarm functions. Moreover, some models come with wireless transmission options allowing them to transmit videos wirelessly via Wi-Fi connections. Also, their most recent model offers touch screen displays allowing people to control videos easily without needing remote control units. As well as having Wi-Fi capabilities, this type of camcorder can be connected to internet browsers offering viewers realtime streaming live feeds to websites, mobile apps, email notifications, cloud storage accounts among others. Other features include IP66 waterproof ratings while being dustproof, shock-, impact-, temperature/humidity resistance. Also heat resistant to temperatures of -40oC/-40F (-40°C [-60°F] °), these cameras offer complete weather proofing capability to keep operating despite inclement conditions. These monitors also come with self cleaning lenses to protect lens during filming events from dirt accumulation and debris that could affect images. Besides making available indoor / outdoor 1080P high definition video resolutions, security cameras made by Gibson provide 4X digital zoom feature for closeups and long range viewing ability as well as night view modes for better visibility during dark hours. So whether you wish to monitor a baby crib area, check on children playing outside or just get rid of unwanted visitors around premises, Gibson surveillance cameras can help achieve those aims. Furthermore, these models are compatible with both Android smartphones and Apple iOS cell phones providing people the convenience of remotely monitoring activity through an App or website browser. For ease of use while mounting on ceilings, walls, poles, fences, staircases and anywhere else desired, Gibson surveillance cameras come with built in suction cups holding securely even under extreme conditions. Apart from installing these Camcorders locally, Gibson offers professional installers who will assist with getting installed.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



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Gibson is committed to providing customers around the world quality audio technology products. Our commitment includes building better devices, making them easier to use and helping people understand the benefits of these great pieces of equipment.
We work with partners who bring us exciting new ideas, technologies and innovations, which they believe will benefit our customers. We encourage feedback from our customers who help shape Gibson’s direction and help drive innovation.
This week I would like talk to you about some of the commercial video surveillance gear available today and why we believe this is going to be a major growth area moving forward.
Today, commercial grade digital HD cameras come in many shapes and sizes but most of those cameras fall into 4 main categories. Those being; fixed cameras, wireless networks cameras, IP network cameras and dome cameras. As far back as 2005 I was working on a project called the ‘Big Brother Cam” which became popular due to Edward Snowden & NSA revelations.
In 2007 my team introduced the first true mobile DVR system based upon the Sony PS3 that could record 24/7 via Wi Fi from anywhere including cars. Since then we’ve added additional products based upon the same concept. These include our rangefinders that can be used indoors and outdoors and our handheld units that allow remote viewing of recorded videos.
Today we offer both analog and digital systems ranging from small entry level single channel solutions through to high end multi million dollar installations across multiple buildings. So let me show you exactly how I’d install each type of system.
For starters, lets assume you decide to go with traditional analogue CCTV cameras. If you’re going the route of having a single point solution, there should only ever be 1 feed. For example, with analogue cctv it makes sense to connect every device from door / window sensors through to motion detection devices, alarm contact points and keypad locks to just 1 central location.
If you wanted to take things further, you could always get a 2 way mirror or glass sheet installed. The problem we run into with traditional analogue setups is that they lack flexibility because you cannot view live feeds from anywhere other than the primary source unit.

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What is the Most Important Part of a Successful Digital Video Surveillance Solution Installation? (Part 1)
Doing business involves risks. But if your goal is protecting yourself from risk, then installing digital video surveillance systems should be near the top of your priority list.
We live in a world where cybercrime seems to escalate everyday. Cyber criminals will exploit anything they think gives them access to private information, like credit card numbers, personal photos, medical records, bank accounts, or even identities themselves. Unfortunately, many homeowners find out months after these types of crimes happen because they weren’t vigilant enough to protect against such threats when they first got started running their own business. So while some small businesses simply hire consultants to handle this task, most large companies opt to implement robust network monitoring software solutions. And once again, it’s no surprise why. The fact remains, every minute matters — especially to those who operate businesses across multiple platforms.
In order to effectively defend against potential dangers coming to bear upon their networks and computers, businesses must ensure they’re following good practices for operating systems and devices. Here are just a few things to consider when selecting a solution to help keep your organization safe.
1. Consider Your Budget First
Depending on the size of your office space, the scope of your needs, and the technology landscape that surrounds it, your options can range greatly. When choosing a system, though, remember that the cost associated with setting up the necessary equipment will vary widely depending on which providers and products you decide to work with; however, there tend to be some core components that apply regardless of vendor. As always, having realistic expectations around price point will go far towards helping reduce costs down the road. For example, you don’t necessarily need enterprise-level solutions to monitor the temperature in each area of your building — but having visibility into exactly what temperatures are rising beyond normal levels may prove beneficial come springtime when heating bills begin showing up.

Security Cameras Monitoring Company Gibsons

We live today surrounded by the latest gadgets. And while they often provide us with great convenience like streaming content anywhere, anytime through various networks, smartphones, laptops etc., the problem arises when these devices get hacked.
Hackers will find ways around this technology and use them against people. They could steal information like credit card details, banking passwords or other sensitive personal info leading to identity theft, fraud and financial loss. Hackers are constantly finding weaknesses and exploiting those flaws which leads to hacking attacks. Even though some companies offer free WiFi hotspots in hopes of enticing visitors who connect to their network, hackers still pose problems because many individuals unknowingly download apps onto mobile phones from unknown sources which endangers device’s security.
If we look back at history, most criminals started small; stealing someone else’s identity and then getting paid for his efforts. As years went by, cybercrime evolved and became more sophisticated. Today, hackers target both consumers and businesses alike but the main difference lies in where they operate.
Most consumer hacks come with little monetary value, however, business hacks tend to be costly and damaging especially since the consequences can be huge. According to statistics published by Cisco Systems Incorporation, losses due to corporate breaches increased almost five times from 2011 to 2016. Businesses and organizations should therefore remain vigilant in order to keep themselves safe. In addition to installing good anti-virus software, following basic practices will help prevent malware attacks and maintain IT security. Here are top tips for maintaining good cybersecurity standards for businesses and homes.
1. Install updates regularly
Updates are critical to keeping devices, operating systems and applications safe from malware. For example, antivirus programs typically check files for viruses using signatures, which must update every few days if a file changes. If updates aren’t installed regularly, security risks increase. Most modern operating systems automatically install updates without requiring manual intervention. However, manually updating firmware and drivers is recommended as well. Drivers are essentially programs required specifically by hardware components like USB thumb drives, printer cartridges, monitors, cameras, routers, modems, game consoles, mice and keyboards among others.

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There are many things to consider while choosing a monitoring software whether it’s for business or personal use. We would like to provide insight which would help you decide.
We recommend Secure Cam’s monitoring service because:
1. Reliable monitoring technology from the most trusted security camera equipment manufacturer in the industry; 2. Free 24/7 video streaming capability & live recording 3. Superior quality cameras featuring 1080P full HD resolution 4. Fast response times 5. Onsite technical support available 7 days a week through our Live Chat feature 8. Affordable monthly cost options 9. Unlimited cloud storage, including online playback capability 10. Customizable alerts 11. Cloud connectivity 12. Online account management 13. Optional professional surveillance packages 14. All products come with FREE shipping 15. Easy financing terms 16. Industry leading warranties 17. One Year warranty 18. Same Day install service 19. Free upgrades 20. No contract required 21. Great customer satisfaction ratings 22. Professional, knowledgeable sales representatives 23. 100% U.S.-based staff 24. Trusted, reliable and affordable security solutions 25. 24 hour phone line dedicated just for customers 26. A large network of certified installers 27. An established track record of providing high-quality hardware 28. Over 30 years experience 29. Certified dealer locations across North America 30. Localized and national coverage 31. Multiple payment plans 32. Flexible financing terms 33. Customer care program 34. Excellent customer reviews 35. On-going tech training programs 36. And More!!
If you’re ready to get started, contact us today for details about how our system works, why our systems work better than competitors, and how we can save you thousands of dollars with no long term commitment.

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Why SecureCam Gibsons is right for YOU?

In this post I will be covering the most popular cameras available today for 2020 and beyond. We will cover the top 4k video surveillance system options for both homeowners and commercial customers alike. These systems offer some amazing functionality and are a great way to keep watch over your property.
If you would like to see which cameras work best with each other then feel free to check out my article “Best Wireless Camera Pairings for 2020″
For those who prefer DIY installations, Secure Cam offers professional installers that can take care of everything for you including mounting hardware, power supplies, wiring diagrams and even the remote controls. If you need help installing these products or just looking to upgrade your current setup then please reach out to us via email or call 1 844 942 7223 to get started!
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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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