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Greater Sudbury Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

There seems like a never ending supply of cameras being launched every day, but do they actually provide good solutions to problems? We take a closer look at some popular types of CCTV products available today, including traditional analogue IP models, modern HD digital video surveillance systems and cloud-streamed live monitoring applications. These range from entry level “plug n play” devices costing just tens of dollars upwards through multiple channel capable integrated units that allow remote viewing/control via mobile apps and webcams and are suitable for larger deployments. Many newer digital products offer full panoptic views across wide or narrow fields of view which enables us to see beyond existing blind spots of older technology designs and can be configured for both indoor and outdoor use; these include network enabled fixed position and handheld point of sale terminals, intelligent keypad access control doors and the latest fully automated self install systems incorporating motorized door closings. Newer technologies offer greater flexibility than ever allowing for seamless integration into building automation networks, which are becoming commonplace and enable many aspects of energy management functions to occur automatically without manual intervention.
While this type of system does rely heavily upon hardware connectivity and internet availability, most models integrate seamlessly with third party software and mobile phone apps enabling remote access to recorded footage and real time alerts should something go awry. Some manufacturers are offering hybrid options whereby camera functionality is provided as part of a comprehensive package designed particularly around particular industry verticals. For example, companies providing property maintenance services often combine an automatic door controller, thermostat and motion sensor system into a single unit offering convenient convenience and cost effectiveness along with additional advanced capabilities such as thermal imaging for detecting heat loss or overheating issues inside buildings. Other examples would be a combination camera / video recording device paired with audio only speakerphone communications integrated with a central alarm notification service that monitors alarms remotely via email, text message or smartphone app to notify responders and issue emergency dispatch instructions
In addition, the ever increasing affordability of high resolution digital video streaming cameras and video recording devices coupled with increased bandwidth speeds makes real-time viewing over WiFi and cellular connections possible anywhere in the world, no matter how far away the monitored location.

Greater Sudbury Home Security Cameras Done Right

Security cameras have become ubiquitous, but not everyone knows exactly what they’re capable of doing—and which ones will actually work well enough to protect homes. This guide aims to help readers understand some basics, including the different types available, and which ones would be most appropriate for them.
In this first part of a multi-part series, we’ll talk briefly about security cameras. We’ll discuss their purpose, why people use them, and how they operate. If you’re interested in buying a security camera and installing it yourself, keep reading—we’ve got more information for you in part 2 of this series!
Why should I invest in home surveillance cameras?
There are several good reasons to install home surveillance systems in your Greater Sudbury Ontario house or office. Here’s a few of them…
Safety & Security
Home security cameras provide peace of mind for homeowners who live alone, especially if someone else isn’t around during their shift hours. They allow residents to see who enters their homes without leaving the comfort of their beds, and they can also watch the exterior entrances of their houses while they sleep.
Peace Of Mind
If a crime occurs, having video evidence on hand of a break-in could prevent a lawsuit against you. And because many security companies offer 24/7 monitoring and alerts for suspicious activity via phone calls, texts, emails, and other methods, you won’t ever have to worry about being caught unaware by intruders.
Increased Property Value
Many experts agree that property value increases after a homeowner upgrades his or her home with home surveillance equipment. A recent study found that the average price of properties with alarm system installed increased $1,400 in 2018. So it makes sense that if you live somewhere like Sudbury, Ontario then adding a home security camera system to your home could increase your chances of selling your home for top dollar when the time comes.
So let us take a closer look at some of these great products and how they fit in with your needs.
Types of Surveillance Cams
Surveillance cams come in various forms, sizes, shapes, and prices. But they generally fall under four categories: indoor, outdoor, IP, and wireless.

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In today’s world, having adequate safety measures installed inside your home or business is crucial for personal protection, property value increases and employee productivity. We install quality security cameras across Ontario that provide peace of mind for both homeowners and employees. Our team will go above and beyond to meet all your needs, whether they be small scale or large-scale projects. For your convenience, we offer same day delivery service, a 24/7 call centre support line staffed by highly trained professionals, and fastest response times in town.
We understand the importance of staying ahead of modern threats, which is why we continue offering the latest technology, including 4k HD video resolution and night vision capabilities. Our innovative solutions protect homes and workplaces against potential burglars while providing detailed footage for law enforcement purposes. When choosing us, expect nothing but excellence in customer care. Read More…

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Greater Sudbury

If you live in Greater Sudbury, Ontario Canada then this blog will be useful for anyone who wants to install a security cameras system inside their homes, apartments or commercial buildings. If you work in office environment, this blog should help find the most suitable surveillance systems which would be beneficial while doing inspections and safety meetings. As mentioned above, Secure Cam Canada offers different kinds of Security Systems. We offer both Wireless IP Camera system installed through internet connection and wired networked CCTV System. They are perfect solution for small business or apartment building owner who needs high quality video monitoring without having huge cost. For bigger property like commercial store or warehouse they recommend installing several wireless security camera or IP camera. And these solutions are quite powerful because they include many accessories or modules: motion sensors, alarm activation sensor, night vision cameras, panic buttons and audio recording devices. Many people believe that only expensive security camera products provide high resolution pictures. On contrary, our professional team provide you cheap but highest quality image resolutions thanks to HD 1080P videos, 720P images, 4k Ultra Definition Videos and other amazing functions. Our best selling model is PTZ Pan / Tilt Zoom 360 Degree Dome View IP Camera which enables us to monitor entire area including indoors part or outdoor areas. So whether you use our wireless IP video camera, fixed security camera, dome view camera or DVR recorder we guarantee satisfaction service and excellent experience for the customers. Checkout this article to get better understanding why we deserve the reputation “Security Cameras Experts” among consumers. More details at
We offer full coverage for Ontario. From Toronto GTA to London ON region and Windsor TO all surrounding cities are covered. Also we provide door & window alarms for every Canadian provinces as well. No matter you wish to protect your home or place of business, install multiple units or single unit; Secure cam can provide it successfully. With installation packages being affordable, why wouldn’t you buy them now to save your costs in the long run? Do contact us today:

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1. Panasonic PTZ Camera System. The PANASONIC PTZ CAMERA SYSTEM (TMC2102V), which includes the panasonic TMC2110PTZ IP cameras & the Panasonics TMC3100IP Network Video Recorder/Monitoring software and hardware. A complete system designed specifically to meet both residential and commercial surveillance needs. The Panasonics PTZ Cams feature HD recording quality video along with powerful motion detection capabilities. They come standard equipped with 2 x HDMI cables allowing them to connect wirelessly via WiFi to virtually anywhere in the world including tablets, smartphones and computers. The PTZ cams will work seamlessly together with other PTZ cams through the same LAN network allowing for remote monitoring of multiple locations simultaneously. We recommend this Panasonic PTZ Cam System because they offer many unique benefits such as high definition resolution and advanced image processing technology. These include advanced face recognition technology for automatic identification of people or vehicles moving across frames within 30 seconds of capturing images and real time facial expression analysis in order to determine emotion. For added peace of mind, these systems can be setup remotely via the internet giving you complete control and flexibility to view live footage anytime, day or night! All in all, the Panasonic PTZ camera offers one of the highest quality 1080P resolutions available today offering you the ability to see everything going on inside your home without obstructions while providing detailed information to help keep everyone safe.
2. DVR4PRO PTZ Camera System. The DVRS PRO PTZ CAMERAS from DVR4Pro, featuring high-definition 720p digital zoom with auto focus, built-in microphone, motion alarm and remote viewing, wireless connectivity and cloud storage service. Ideal solution for business applications, family use and outdoor surveillance. The DVR Pro PTZ camera supports 3GPP 802.11n dual band networking protocol, making it compatible with most common wifi routers and APs. Built-in infrared LEDs allow for operation even under dark conditions, and the integrated IR sensor ensures reliable operation and accurate distance measurements when used outdoors over long distances.

Best Security Cameras Greater Sudbury

This post will help people install quality cameras without breaking the bank while ensuring safety around us 24/7. Here’s what we found:
1. A basic DVR Camera costs $200-$300 depending on whether there are additional bells & whistles. They range in size anywhere form 3 x 4 inch to 5x 8 inches.
2. IP cameras range in price starting under $100 for models like this Panasonic model. These IP video systems use wifi technology to monitor activity inside your building.
3. Professional grade camera packages often include multiple devices ranging in price from $1500+ upwards. These units usually require professional installers who provide installation services along with equipment maintenance and support contracts. Many companies charge hourly rates which vary widely based upon experience level and skill required.
4. Most camera manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on parts and labor. But most companies won’t guarantee that the unit will work correctly after installing them due to the fact that they can be tricky to get working properly once setup. For example, this company offers 1 year hardware service. So basically, what they tell me is you buy it, pay for it, hope nothing goes wrong, then call them to come back and replace something because they broke during installation. If I had known ahead of time about the potential problems I would have purchased another system instead. However, since they offered to cover the cost of my replacement it was worth trying to see if things could just work right out of box. This was not the case. My first night in the house there was no internet connection for some reason, but they fixed it immediately. After that everything worked fine until our cable guy came out the next week and did an upgrade on our cable line which meant I couldn’t actually watch anything anymore. He said he wouldn’t return to try fixing the problem again unless someone pays him extra to troubleshoot further. I told him to stop messing around and leave me alone and he got mad and started yelling and cursing at me in front of his boss. He refused to take responsibility for it and blamed me. Needless to say we ended up getting rid of both his bosses.

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In this video I talk about some great cameras available including Axis, Hikvision, Dahua, SONY, Panasonic and many more..
I am providing information about each camera model to help you decide which is best suited for your needs.
Check out these links below as well for additional info.…

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For commercial security cameras installed inside buildings, the market is still dominated mostly by analog cameras, but digital surveillance cams become widely used. For instance, Ring Inc announced back in 2018 that the company will offer HD video recording capability via IP network at home networks, which means people can watch live views remotely no matter they stay indoors or go outside. Also Read: However, some companies just use traditional technology without changing anything. As far as I know, most of them come with 4K resolution and other high definition camcorders while some of them support 1080P resolution only. As long as they work well during this transition period, people won’t complain too much. Besides, many manufacturers like Arlo Pro, Canary, iSmart Alarm, Nest Indoor Cam, Netatmo, Ring, Vivint Smart Video, Vonage DVR+, WeMo devices have upgraded themselves accordingly. I believe they’ll be able to provide more advanced solutions soon because the technology develops fast. At least, I hope. However, these products aren’t perfect either. Here’s my list of great options to help you get started.
If you’re worried about privacy issues with the networked cameras, please take note that most brands that produce wireless network security cameras include software tools that automatically record footage by default, and enable customers to disable it entirely. Some models allow users to control individual components including motion detection zones, light adjustment settings, and motion sensitivity thresholds. If your system lets you adjust those settings, you should consider doing so when installing a Wi-Fi camera. Another thing worth noting is that each brand offers varying degrees of cloud storage functionality. While you probably shouldn’t expect complete independence and flexibility, having remote backup capabilities is good insurance against disaster.
In addition, with cloud storage, you could sync recordings directly to your smartphone through apps as well as view them while away from home. Even better than being tethered to your phone though, is the ability to send alerts whenever suspicious activity occurs..

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