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This post looks specifically at cameras for the greater Vancouver region including areas like Coquitlam, Burnaby, Surrey, New Westminster, Richmond, West Vancouver and North Van etc..
Here is some information about each area mentioned above:
Burlington Heights/Swansea Village /Burnaby Lakes
Langley City Centre
Westburn Community Center
Nanaimo Harbour Park
Surrey River Forest & South Kingsway/Kingsway Square
South Fraser Pines School
Humber Bayview Hospital
Vancouver Aquarium
Granville Island Public Library
The Burrard Street Bridge
McMahon Stadium
City Hall
University District
North Shore Business Association
Tecumseh Secondary
Royal Roads University
Victoria College
Mount View Collegiate Institute
Pacific Spirit Regional Learning Facility
Burnaby Central Middle School
Oakridge Mall
Pentagon High School
Capilano University
Burnaby Lake Soccer Field
Stadium Place Shopping Complex
Edmonds Golf Course
Edmonds Beach Resort
Burnaby Townline Hotel/Resort
Cedar Cove Yacht Club
Kitsilano Beach Resorts
Wesley Cloverdale Secondary
Chilliwack Civic Plaza
Fernie Elementary
Risewood Hills Secondary
Highland Drive Senior Living
Lake Cowichan Waterfront Housing Complex
North Delta Junior Hockey League Arena
Gardenvale Apartments
Shaughnessy Village Apartments
Sunrise Retirement Group
Westwood Garden Subdivision
East Westcare Youth Services Inc.

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Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Greater Vancouver BC

We’d be remiss if we failed to mention just how big this space (security cameras) gets and how quickly technology becomes obsolete. And yet most people still rely on analog security footage to identify suspicious activity — something that won’t work forever given how easily they could hack into today’s surveillance systems. Thankfully, modern advances allow us to keep those old methods alive while providing high definition digital records that help spot anomalies sooner than ever; if anything goes amiss, alerts will automatically ping other departments while you rest assured that everything else continues running smoothly as usual. So read up, watch some videos and get started right away. We’re confident that once you see these benefits (and more), you’ll decide it was worth giving SecureCam a call to discuss your next security system upgrade. We only sell factory direct brands and offer complete service packages designed specifically around each customer’s needs. All installations are guaranteed by us and no deposit required…we believe every homeowner should feel safe in their own homes, offices, hotels and motels so check our rates, contact form or use our chat feature below to book your install.

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Greater Vancouver Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Hi my name is Jeff Bienstock and I am the founder of Secure Cam Inc.. If this is your first visit then welcome…if it’s your 5th time around I guess Hi is a little redundant eh? 😉
I wanted to take some time today and talk about why I founded Secure Cam, the industry shifts we see coming down the pipe and what we at Secure Cam feel will be next big thing in Security Surveillance Camera Technology.
Security cameras in general aren’t really doing anything new anymore but they should all be upgrading to Wifi IP technology which will allow better video quality over distance than ever before (and most importantly lower monthly costs), making them affordable for everyone who wants to own one including small business‘s and homeowners alike.
Why did I decide to get involved in security cameras? First I started building things like custom stair lifts when I was 18 years old and eventually moved onto full time computer sales/repair back in the 90’s selling PCs, Network Cables/Modems, servers and storage drives along side my brother David. Over those 15 plus years of working I began to realize what a great deal owning your own property can be especially during times of economic downturns or disasters. A house can actually become worth 10x or 200% more after a disaster strikes due to the lack of rentals available or potential renters being unable to purchase homes. At times in 2012-2013 it seemed like every day we heard another story of someone losing everything because they couldn’t afford a traditional loan (mortgage). We realized early on being self employed that having control of our home meant the world to us both personally and financially.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Please contact us today to learn how our smart home technologies and security camera systems will bring a new level of security to your home or office. We are currently services areas including Toronto, Whitby, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Barrie, Hamilton & surrounding areas.



Why SecureCam Greater Vancouver is right for YOU?

Cameras. We use them daily whether we realize it or not. Most people carry cameras with us wherever we go, some may be just checking emails, browsing Facebook or Snapchat but most people who own Smartphone devices take pictures constantly. If someone steals your smartphone they will quickly find themselves able to get every picture ever taken by it because it stores everything locally in an encrypted format. However, unless you are a professional photographer and store each photo in a safe vault somewhere you probably haven’t thought much about this situation and the images could easily end up stored somewhere else instead of being protected. So, it makes sense why many people want video surveillance systems installed at work/home locations like apartments, condominium’s and buildings. Video surveillance systems offer peace of mind which increases employee productivity, reduces liability costs due to theft or injury, and creates a safer environment at work. At Secure Cam Vancouver, we provide commercial grade security camera solutions backed up by 24 hour monitored customer service in order to ensure reliable video surveillance system installations at competitive prices and high quality customer support throughout the greater Vancouver area including North, West Burnaby and Richmond BC areas. Contact us today and see for yourself why our customers keep coming back again and again.
How does SecureCam help me protect my property/business?
If you’re worried about potential threats happening around where you live, then consider installing video surveillance systems with motion triggered recording capabilities. These types of security cameras record activity such as movement of people, pets and vehicles around you property or business location without needing manual human intervention. You won’t miss anything since footage is recorded automatically after detecting certain events. Some companies even go as far to send alerts via email or SMS text message once motion occurs. Imagine if a break-in would happen while no one was working nearby during normal hours, and the only witness is the intruder. They’ll leave behind physical evidence as well as digital footprints through files deleted from phones and computers. You can avoid these situations and save thousands of dollars and time when you install video surveillance systems. Not everyone needs a full fledged intrusion alarm system, however you should consider having an external siren sounder installed outside of the building perimeter.

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Best Security Cameras Greater Vancouver

• We offer high quality cameras at affordable prices
We believe everyone should be able to afford to live safely without worrying about being burglarized or victimized.
• Our customer service staff is available 7 days per week via telephone and email
When you purchase a Secure Cam, our friendly sales and support team will work closely with you every step of the way until you receive your system installed and ready to use. If you experience any problems during this process, they’re just a call away.
• Your privacy is 100% guaranteed
No third party vendors ever see anything you upload to us unless you allow it through the settings page
• All systems come complete with 2 batteries
Battery life typically ranges anywhere from 5 hours to 20+ hours depending upon which model you select.
The Best Way to Find Out More Information About Our Products & Services
If we haven’t already mentioned it, please visit our website at or feel free to get in touch with us anytime.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Greater Vancouver

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In the near future, most homes will be equipped with some sort of video surveillance system. Today, however, these systems tend to be outdated equipment that does little more than act as a deterrent against burglars. Many homeowners simply install cameras because they enjoy watching the footage. Others purchase security systems without considering practical applications. Both types of individuals miss opportunities to maximize this technology’s effectiveness.
Here are 10 things every homeowner should consider regarding security systems today.
1). Make sure your system isn’t being tampered with remotely—whether wirelessly, via mobile apps, remote controls, spyware, malware or other software programs.
2). Keep people away from sensitive areas like cash registers, fire extinguishers and breakable appliances during business hours. 3). Use motion sensors instead of floodlights for exterior lighting. 4). Install alarm panels outside buildings (such as garages) or inside rooms (like closets), rather than putting them in key spots only accessible through multiple doors. 5). Replace wireless network keys with traditional locks and use deadbolt connections whenever possible. Do not allow network passwords to be changed more often than once per week; otherwise, hackers could obtain account usernames and passwords.
6). Place outdoor power outlets far enough apart that a burglar would need to reach across them to get electricity, but close enough together that he wouldn’t accidentally trip over them while carrying something heavy. 7). Set motion detectors outdoors in places where no one normally goes, including behind bushes near windows, under eaves, along driveways and down walkways leading to entrances. 8). Consider installing infrared night vision monitors, which transmit invisible pulses of light instead of visible images. 9). Try to identify potential intruders who appear suspiciously around your property by checking license plates and recording their identities when feasible. Remember that license plate scanners can easily identify drivers of certain vehicles. However, they won’t recognize those belonging to police cruisers. 10). Purchase quality monitoring devices. Cheap models aren’t worth spending your money on, since thieves quickly adapt to them. Only invest in high end products manufactured specifically for detection, alarms and response capabilities..

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“These guys did a great job. We’ve used secure cam Toronto to install a commercial grade security/surveillance camera system for our shutter manufacturing facility in Markham. Fair price, quality installation, excellent service. I can access all the footage easily on my phone!! Thanks Dan & team. Definitely recommend!”

Mitch Skolnik


“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


Loren Harssar


“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


Alex Brancati


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