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In today’s market, most customers ask themselves whether they should be investing heavily in cameras or instead focusing on other aspects of their business security like physical controls (e.g., locks and alarm systems). Many small businesses opt for the latter because they assume that having good video surveillance will increase liability concerns, but this simply isn’t true. While insurance premiums go down after installing and using a quality camera system, they go up again when liability issues arise due to inadequate security measures. On the contrary, installing and maintaining proper security measures reduces risks, improves operational efficiency and boosts customer satisfaction, which often leads to increased profits.
Security companies provide many options available to homeowners who would rather invest in security than rely solely on traditional methods. These products range greatly in price, ranging anywhere from hundreds of dollars for basic models through thousands of dollars for high end units. If you’re shopping around, don’t worry — you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck. Here are some tips to keep in mind while making the decision:
What type of footage am I capturing? Some people mistakenly believe all security cameras capture live footage; however, only select IP-based cams actually record real-time footage, while analog cameras store recordings locally and upload them once per day or week depending upon the model. Analog surveillance devices usually cost less, though their low resolution makes them suitable mainly for monitoring areas where motion isn’t going to cause significant distraction. Most professional grade analog cams come equipped with night vision capability and remote viewing capabilities via mobile apps.
How much bandwidth does my current network support? A majority of modern residential broadband connections offer speeds below 1 Mbps. In addition, older models aren’t compatible with Wi-Fi routers supporting newer standards like 802.11ac. Fortunately, IP-camera technology continues to push forward in terms of speed and reliability, allowing these devices to stream HD quality videos without experiencing frequent buffering delays. For instance, the Arlo Pro 2 delivers 15 Mbps streaming speeds, while Nest Cam Elite supports 1080p60 resolution recording. Both of these products boast exceptional image detail thanks to advanced digital zoom technologies and infrared LEDs, along with support for 4k UltraHD streaming.

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If you live/work near water then consider installing a waterproof security system as well as having motion detection cameras installed around your property with 24/7 monitoring; this will significantly reduce burglars stealing items like jewelry and expensive electronics. If having surveillance cams outside is not something that appeals to you then perhaps you should install a doorbell cam which will notify you instantly whenever someone rings your bell whether they’re close enough to see who it is or further away making theft easier.
In addition to these tips that apply to everyone, I hope my recommendations help improve the safety of people living in homes across Ontario and Canada, especially those whose lives depend heavily on being able to trust themselves and feel safe, knowing that an armed intruder cannot just walk through their front doors while they sleep. We believe that every family deserves peace of mind from crime but unfortunately many Canadians aren’t getting much protection. Most homeowners use video surveillance systems only intermittently because they find them inconvenient and unreliable for day to day situations — that has to stop. It’s no longer acceptable for people to put up blind eyes for crimes committed against them, and the government needs to step forward and provide better support to victims and families impacted by violent offenders. In fact, it would be criminal for us not to offer assistance since we sell products that prevent burglary and other crimes occurring in the first place — we shouldn’t only talk about preventing bad things happening but rather giving back to communities and helping keep families safe.
We also wanted to take care of small business clients who often have less space than large corporations. Whether its a coffee shop owner who wants to monitor his or her establishment or a boutique owner who likes having a good idea of whats going on inside during certain times of day, we are excited to recommend some innovative solutions that can fit anywhere – without adding unnecessary clutter.
Our research shows that most home surveillance systems come with 2 types of cameras – either stationary outdoor units or indoor units placed in areas prone to break ins or high risk scenarios. These units record footage continuously throughout the day and allow police officers, private investigators, insurance agencies, and other service providers to gain insight into potential issues or evidence of wrongdoing.

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When thinking about buying a house, many people assume they will receive excellent video surveillance while living in this property. Unfortunately, that isn’t always true. Often times, homeowners end up receiving poor quality cameras, or even worse — no protection whatsoever. While some cameras come fully installed during construction, most installers just take inventory of existing equipment after completion without taking any extra steps to include them in the final scope of work. Some of these companies have been found guilty of leaving homes vulnerable to intruders who could walk away with stolen valuables including electronics and other high value items.
In terms of choosing which devices should be monitored, each householder must weigh their own needs against potential costs and benefits. One thing to keep in mind is having someone else watching live footage does not guarantee theft prevention. According to statistics compiled by the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation, only 16% of reported crimes resulted in arrests following “an alarm system being activated.” So if you decide to use the latest technology, consider setting aside additional funds to pay a professional monitoring team 24/7. Or better yet, leave yourself enough capacity to hire another person to check on everything remotely whenever necessary. No matter what type of camera(s) is used, be mindful that nothing replaces vigilance. If you find something suspicious, call 911 immediately. Also, remember that the video feeds of CCTV systems cannot be accessed via cell phone.
To obtain a copy of the UBC Building Code, please visit For those interested in obtaining additional information regarding the building process pertaining to our project, kindly contact us (email Thank you!
We encourage everyone to reach out to us anytime with questions or comments via email or telephone @ 1 888 755 4444. We would love to hear from you! Looking forward to providing you with a great experience on our journey together.

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Security cameras are becoming increasingly popular across Canada as they help people protect both themselves and their property against theft and/or vandalism. They provide excellent visibility into areas that would otherwise remain unmonitored. They allow homeowners to be notified when someone enters or leaves certain rooms without having to actually monitor them personally. If left unchecked, burglars could quickly take advantage of this type of situation.
The following list details which types of security cameras work well in various situations including residential homes, apartment complexes, commercial buildings, industrial sites, schools, churches / synagogues, malls, airports, daycare centres, casinos, hospitals, banks and government offices. These lists will be updated regularly according to current market conditions and technological advancements.

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In today’s world of 24/7 technology, home security cameras are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners across Canada. But why should anyone bother spending hundreds of dollars monthly just to get a security system installed in their home?
Well, the reason is quite simple…the convenience factor. By installing your own home surveillance equipment instead of relying on traditional monitoring companies, you’ll save yourself some huge headaches down the road.
Why would someone opt to install their own system rather than pay thousands per year to monitor theirs? And what exactly will they be saving money on? Well, first of all there will definitely be lower maintenance costs involved since you won’t have third party service technicians coming back every week wanting payment.
Secondly, having surveillance footage saved on video storage devices like digital TVs, BluRays, USB drives etc. gives you peace of mind knowing that no matter where in the world you travel they’re always going to be available for viewing whenever you need them most. Additionally, these systems allow you to easily record events without requiring manual intervention because everything happens automatically.
And perhaps the best part of this whole idea is that you’ll finally become aware of who’s around while inside your house. Before you knew it, you’d see strangers walking through your doors and even catching people doing nasty things you hadn’t noticed before.
Finally, don’t forget the psychological aspect of self protection. When you’ve got evidence against potential burglars, you’re less inclined to break into other houses. So, having to deal with potential criminal charges shouldn’t be something that scares you away from investing in your homes security needs.
If you still aren’t convinced with this approach, consider the fact that many insurance providers provide discounts to customers who install their own equipment. They usually offer substantial savings towards coverage fees each month. A good example is the RBC Insurance Company, which offers 5% discount on premiums paid if you have an approved alarm system installed under your homeowner policy. As well, if you have multiple policies, then you can often combine them under one umbrella policy which offers better benefits. Lastly, if you live in certain regions, then you could qualify for financial assistance grants for alarm installation projects.

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In order to get started and save some serious cash, I recommend starting with the best-selling model in each category. For example, for most people who just need basic coverage around the house, a 1080P HD indoor/outdoor motion sensor will work perfectly well. If you’d like to see inside your home while away you could opt for a 720P HD dome style IP Camera, which gives excellent night vision but is slightly less versatile than a standard HDIP outdoor camera due to having only 1 megapixel resolution. A 4K HDR camera would provide the highest quality video footage, however this type of camera has become extremely expensive recently.
We also recommend going through Amazon reviews first, because they often contain useful information regarding compatibility issues. We’ve listed all the models that come recommended below.
The best cameras for 2020 include these models:
1. Ring Video Doorbell 2 Pro 1080P HD Wi-Fi Indoor/Outdoor Motion Sensor: $199.95
Ring is my favorite door bell company because they are affordable yet still offer top notch customer service. They are known for being super reliable and I love the fact that you are able to control them via mobile phone apps. Their latest product is called the “2 pro” and is basically the same thing as the original ring video doorbell except it offers better image quality and night vision capabilities and is equipped with two microphones and speakers.
This camera is perfect because it covers both indoors and outdoors and it’s also great value for money considering it costs $200 dollars less than other similar products. It works really well with Alexa voice assistant devices and is compatible with iOS, Android & Windows operating systems.
2. Arlo Baby 360° Wireless Indoor / Outdoor 1080P HD Wireless Camera System with Night Vision: $299.99
Arlo baby is another popular door bell company and is known for making high quality products.
Their wireless system includes a baby monitor and a door bell that work together seamlessly. Both have a built-in speaker and microphone that allow parents and caregivers to communicate with children. The camera also comes with an infrared beam that detects movement and sends alerts when someone approaches the front door.

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• The first thing that should be considered while selecting a CCTV System is its placement/location. Make sure that the cameras are placed strategically near entrances, exits and areas with high visibility. A good location will aid detection and reduce false alarms. If possible, place them outdoors; they offer better views than indoor models and also ensure privacy against nosy neighbors. They also help prevent vandalism and theft. An outdoor system offers great advantages, but keep in mind that some types are weatherproof — these are ideal for protecting entryways, driveways and parking lots.
• Next, consider the type. Outdoor units tend to capture larger angles, including walls, fences and other obstructions. Indoor systems provide 360 degree coverage and allow for greater flexibility in positioning since walls are already built. However, both indoor and outdoor cams come equipped with night / day imaging options which helps eliminate unwanted footage during night hours. And finally, check whether this model comes equipped with audio recording capability. Audio helps record conversations and events without video. In most cases, it’s wise to equip each unit with a mic stand and mounting base for ease of use. Also, look for IP addressable cameras that allow remote viewing capabilities. These come handy once your device goes offline. Additionally, Wi-Fi enabled models support cloud storage making backup easier. For example, Google Photos can store images as well as movies automatically, eliminating the hassle of manual backups every few days.
• Finally, check compatibility with your router and network operating system. Most routers include settings to enable and disable certain devices via MAC addresses. Check the manufacturer’s website or call customer service to find out how to proceed. On macOS, go to “System Preferences > Sharing Settings > Ethernet connections > Advanced Options > Port Forwarding” and forward ports accordingly. Similarly, Windows PCs can also control port forwarding using either Internet Connection Sharing or Network & Dial-Up Connectivity Center.
Our Verdict: SecureCam recommends a professional install team who specialize in wireless security cameras installations. We recommend contacting us today for custom quote assistance (

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In this edition of “Hamilton Home Safety Camera Trends For 2020″ I am going to show you some of my favorite products to help keep your family safe while they sleep and/or relax. We are talking about cameras that will allow you to watch live video 24 hours per day 7 days a week from any device anywhere in the world with Internet connection. These are high quality IP Cameras for the price point we offer them for.
We provide these types of systems because we love being able to see things that other people cannot normally see. When someone sees something they should be notified immediately and be made aware of it in some way. If it was me watching the security cam feed 24×7 then I would definitely notice things like people who walk by the front door without knocking; kids getting away from the house on their own, etc..
I hope these articles helps you get started thinking about what type of system might work for your specific needs. Please feel free to contact us if you need additional information regarding Hamilton home safety camera solutions. Our team members are always available to answer your questions via phone call, email, chat or text..

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