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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Huntsville

Here’s my top pick among the most popular models available today, plus some recommendations. We’ve highlighted a few key things about each model below.
We’ve done a lot of research over the years on this topic because we’re committed to providing reliable information to homeowners who really understand why having professional quality video surveillance installed makes sense. So please take a moment to read through these reviews before making a decision. If you like what you see and agree that we cover everything well enough to help you make an informed buying choice, click Add to Cart… I recommend starting with the DVR Series 2 IP66 outdoor HD 720P 12MP cameras & PTZ modules. They come complete with a weatherproof case, power supply, wall plate mounting hardware, USB cable, HDMI cable, manual, warranty card and remote control. A great value at $2255.00 which includes FREE Shipping. Click Buy button at left to purchase them. For indoor use only, they have excellent image detail and crispness for high definition video while providing a wide field of view and being able to detect movement quickly across an entire room. When it comes to outdoor usage, however, they aren’t waterproof meaning they won’t work in wet conditions or rain but they will be fine during periods of moderate humidity. (I live down south and often get heavy showers here though). They should perform adequately regardless given proper placement. As with anything outdoors, especially in extreme heat or cold, always have someone periodically check the batteries in those things just to ensure proper functionality and safety. One other thing worth noting regarding those units is that, despite many people believing otherwise, they offer true night visibility unlike most inexpensive alternatives. With the latest versions of Windows 10, installing motion detection software is becoming easier than ever thanks to the built in Windows Camera App, which is available on PC running Windows 7/8.1 or Mac OSX 10.9+. Simply go to Settings > Privacy > Motion after enabling the feature. Also note: All of these systems do include one way audio capability; i.e., no microphone input required. Once again, if you prefer, consider adding a wireless mic receiver along with a powered sound system to provide hands free audio capabilities.

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Huntsville ON

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Security cameras play an incredibly vital role in keeping us safe from intruders and burglars. However, many homeowners fail to take full advantage of this technology due to lack of knowledge regarding proper usage and installation methods.
This guide will provide you with essential information regarding installing the top rated security cameras available today. We’ll cover everything from how to properly size the enclosure to which type of mounting hardware would be optimal.
In addition, we will discuss common mistakes people often make while trying to install these devices, including choosing the incorrect camera, incorrect mounting method, and failing to correctly align them.
Finally, we will go through the most commonly used types of wireless technology today, so that you can easily identify the ideal one for your needs.
If you find yourself wanting to purchase a surveillance system but aren’t quite sure where to begin, then this free quote form should help you determine the exact product and solution you desire. Our team has years of experience providing quality solutions to residential clients across North America.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Huntsville Home Security Cameras Done Right

In this world of digital disruption, homes and offices should be protected 24/7 regardless of location. Our customers come back again & again because they simply trust us to keep them safe through superior service & support & excellent products. Here are some things people love about us:
1. Trusted Brands & Product Selection: We only work with industry trusted brands like Hikvision, Axis, Dahua, Flir, DVRX & Netgear. All are leaders in their field, backed with decades of experience and thousands of satisfied customers.
2. Proven Safety Record: When it comes to protecting property and lives, no other single company offers greater peace of mind than SecureCam®. A 2017 study of 8 million residential break ins showed 88% will be reported; 3% is unreported & 7% aren’t believed occurred. For commercial properties, nearly half are robbed annually yet few report incidents. We’ve seen first hand just how effective our cameras are keeping people safe.
3. Local Service Delivery and Support: Whether installing at someone’s front door or at your Huntsville Business, Secure Cam’s certified home install professionals provide complete project management services including training and setup guidance to ensure projects go smoothly. From camera purchases to installation, customer satisfaction guarantees every step along the way. Call today to find out why our customers trust us for reliable video surveillance solutions.
4. State Of Art Technology: Secure Cam utilizes top quality components to ensure exceptional resolution and accuracy to capture detail whether it be large objects or small children running around inside the house. Also, we’re constantly improving technology across multiple models allowing us to offer the most current innovations available. We offer HD+ IP 720p 1080i HDMI output along with 4K Ultra HD output, which allows us to monitor areas that are otherwise invisible without compromising image quality.
5. Easy Installation And Operation: No matter what type of device you buy, Secure Cam gives you the tools to successfully operate each system yourself once installed. They include comprehensive manuals providing instructions on installation plus detailed tutorials for setting up alerts, recording footage, viewing recorded clips, customizing views, managing files, scheduling recordings and accessing cloud storage.

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Huntsville Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

In this video I talk about some things to consider when choosing a home surveillance system: How many cameras will work well in different locations? Is motion detection enough? Will a 2 way audio be sufficient?
I talk about my experience installing a system for a client that includes a camera at each entrance/exit point, as well as cameras inside of every room to help monitor activity.
What should you expect from your security cameras? Do they offer night vision capability? Can you remotely view them through your mobile device? Does it provide live streaming capabilities?
If your answer was yes then congratulations, this camera does everything listed above. But if you said no, well then this is definitely NOT a good choice for you. If you would like to learn more check out our website
This article contains affiliate links which helps us generate revenue but do note these are only recommendations and this is just my personal opinion and should serve as guidance.

Huntsville's Best Commercial Security Cameras

Huntsville, Alabama is located just South East of Birmingham, AL and West of Montgomery, Alabama.
This area was once mostly farm land but this region has grown rapidly since 2000 due to rapid development of commercial real estate opportunities and manufacturing facilities in nearby industries like aerospace industry manufacturing plants.
Huntsville has become known as “Rocket City USA” because NASA created jobs across the city. According to 2018 Census Bureau figures, Huntsville had 863,000 residents living in the city limits which includes surrounding areas. (source:
One factor contributing to Huntsville’s growth rate is the presence of federal government agencies at Cummings Research Park, and Oakwood Mall shopping center. Other popular locations include: UAHuntsville Airport, Fort Rucker Army base, Marshall Space Flight Center, Gunter Air Force Base, Redstone Arsenal National Laboratories; Dothan Regional Medical Center, Children’s Hospital of Alabama and several colleges including the University of North Alabama College of Engineering and Technology, Southern Union State Community College of Nursing, Central Bible College and Seminary and Huntingdon College.
According to 2019 Census Bureau statistics the population density of Huntsville in 2012 was 486 persons per square mile with 20 percent under age 5. By 2020 these numbers should increase with the addition of many thousands people moving to work at the numerous high tech companies developing space technology and engineering projects. Most of those coming to live and work will be attracted by job opportunities offered through the federal government and private sector employers who support military operations and advanced research projects.
For example, Lockheed Martin Corporation recently relocated 1,200 employees from Bethesda Maryland located near Washington DC, to their massive facility south of Hunstville. The relocation project required approximately 7 miles of roadway for road widening and other utilities improvements which caused some disruption during construction
Another large employer is Boeing Company’s headquarters in Seattle WA with 10,500 employees, however, a substantial portion of their workforce is hired locally as direct hires, contract workers and part-time hourly staff members.

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Security cameras provide peace of mind, but they aren’t just useful for monitoring homes. They’re great tools for protecting office environments, retail spaces, factories, restaurants, hotels, warehouses…and many other commercial locations.
In this article I’ll show you some of my favorite models for use at retail stores and offices alike—models that can be purchased through SecureCam’s web store and installed quickly onsite without requiring specialized training.
These are high quality products designed specifically for the task at hand: keeping business safe and productive during regular hours while allowing customers/visitors unimpeded entry into the location.
Here are the top 4 most popular commercial security cameras available today.
1. Ring Video Doorbell Pro HD 720P
This doorbell is made famous by Amazon Prime series “Homecoming,” starring Laura Mennell and Julia Garner. But did you know a Ring Video Doorbell could actually work outside of the U.S.? Or perhaps you’ve seen them in movies like Black Mirror episode “Fifteen Million Merits.” Either way, these devices are perfect for anyone who wants video doorbells without having to pay exorbitant amounts.
2. Arlo Q Wireless IP Camera System with 2 Indoor / Outdoor Base Station
Arlo was acquired by Netgear earlier this year, which should bode well for its continued growth moving forward since Arlo’s hardware already has quite strong market penetration. Plus, the addition will help Netgear solidify its position as a leading manufacturer of network equipment and home automation systems.
3. DVR+HD 1080P WiFi Surveillance Camera & Motion Detection Alarm System
This little device packs everything you’d expect from a full-featured surveillance system under $500 including motion detection alarms, recording capabilities, live streaming via mobile apps, and night vision capability. Its compact size makes it ideal for small rooms where you’d otherwise struggle to find space for multiple bulky security cameras.
4. Honeywell WVU200i Wi-Fi Wireless Smart Smoke Detector
Honeywell’s Smoke Detectors offer superior indoor air quality protection in smoke detectors, CO detectors and carbon monoxide monitors.

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Best Security Cameras Huntsville

Security cameras provide great value to consumers because they allow them to monitor what’s happening inside their homes without physically having to be present. These devices offer peace of mind and help homeowners avoid burglars while being able to see who enters and exits the property. They’re a must-have device for every household, but which model should you buy? Here’s our guide to selecting the ideal security camera system for yourself. We’ll take you through the different factors you need to consider, including resolution, the type of motion detection feature you want, whether you prefer wired or wireless connections, as well as other key considerations like battery life, ease of use, price range, and more.
In this post, we’ll go over everything you need to get started installing your own security camera system in the most efficient way possible. If you already have a few ideas in place, then feel free to skip ahead to Part II where we talk about choosing the perfect outdoor camera for your needs. For those interested in getting started today, read below for some tips on how to find the right indoor/outdoor security camera for you.
1. Determine Your Needs & Budget First Things first — determine exactly why you’d want a video monitoring solution installed in your house. Is it just because you’d rather keep an eye on things than leave the house and check up on your belongings every day? Or perhaps you’ve had a string of break-ins recently and would like to ensure no strangers enter your house undetected anymore? Whatever your reason for needing a security surveillance setup, it will dictate the types of options available to you.
2. Consider Resolution When shopping around, you’ll notice that many companies sell both HD and 4K models of the same camera. While these higher resolutions are certainly better, it’s worth remembering that they aren’t always necessary. Many people can live comfortably fine watching videos recorded at 720P or 1080P. In fact, most security systems sold in stores come bundled with lower resolution models that will still serve a wide array of applications. So unless you have specific requirements regarding image quality, stick to the standard 1080P for now.

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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