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Here are some of the most common questions regarding Security Camera Installation:
Can my current wiring be used for an installation?
Yes. Most wired networks operate around 500 volt circuits but they will work fine across different voltage levels depending upon the particular cameras being installed. We recommend installing at least 600V which is standard for most modern wireless systems but higher than 300V for older cabling like coaxial cable. Please refer to this guide for further information on Cables Used For CCTV Installations.
What type of camera should I use?
We highly suggest investing in IP, HD or 720P models for your home, office building or business. IP stands for internet protocol meaning these types of network cameras capture video in high definition images and record them via the internet making it accessible through multiple devices including mobile phones and tablets. Although many of these come in lower resolution 640 x 480 pixels due to cost concerns. Many manufacturers offer 1080p options which offers significantly better image quality while still offering a lower price point. A good example would be the Arlo Pro series of WiFi connected outdoor motion detection cameras offered by Amazon. These units offer 10MP photos in addition to 8MP night vision mode allowing these cameras to be effective day or nighttime surveillance tools. Another benefit of having the highest available image quality is that once you purchase several cameras you won’t ever run out of storage space again because each unit takes only 30GB SD cards. If you prefer analog or VGA style webcams then we strongly advise getting those instead since it saves bandwidth costs. They tend to provide higher resolutions although the tradeoff is increased hardware requirements along with potentially poor color reproduction.
What size does the camera require?
When choosing between indoor and outdoor cameras it really depends on whether you intend for the camera to stay inside the house permanently or whether you plan on placing it outdoors. When considering setting up a long term system outside the first thing you will probably consider is weatherproofing.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Ilderton

This blog covers the top 4k video surveillance systems which include cameras, sensors, network connectivity and software programs. These will be the most used video surveillance devices in business and homes across Canada or anywhere else in the world. We will cover everything from top 10 brands like Nest Cam Outdoor, Ring Stick Up Cam, Panasonic PTZ Camera System & Linksys SmartThings Hub 2 WiFi enabled. All these products are available for purchase through us and other trusted dealers and manufacturers including
We have reviewed many different types of cameras in this article but first lets talk about the differences between Home Automation versus Business Automation. Both uses home automation technology to help automate some household electronics functions to save energy costs and increase safety monitoring capabilities; however, the difference lies in the scale of operation. Home Automation generally serves smaller sized households while business Automation tends towards larger commercial settings. Also, there are various technologies involved with each, making them unique. For example, a door bell system could work better in home use than business. Most companies who operate a small office would go with security cameras since they tend to come down under $100USD per device versus the average price tag being around $200-$400 USD per unit. But this does mean you must shop carefully because, depending on your needs and budgets the choices can get overwhelming fast…
Home Automation devices range in price from about US$30USD upwards. They typically consist of a thermostat controller and associated wall switches plus possibly additional accessories, e.g. motion detection/alarm triggers, etc.. Some models have both wired and wireless remote control options. A great feature offered by home automation systems are their ability to interact via mobile apps. Many systems already support Apple’s iOS or Android native Apps. More modern versions of popular operating systems can also support third party applications.
Business Automation systems tend to cost a bit more, running into the thousands of dollars for professional grade units. Their functionality differs greatly though from home automation products. While still relying heavily upon electronic sensing, lighting switching and alarms, industrial automations usually employ multiple inputs and outputs along with advanced programmable logic.

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This blog covers some of the current security camera products & installations available in Ilderton ON Canada. We provide quality, affordable CCTV cameras installed through qualified installers who will take care of everything including all permits, camera mounting locations and a professional installer with years of experience dealing with various types of projects.
We believe our customers should be able to view these products right away after purchase. As well, many of them offer live streaming 24/7 via internet which enables clients and homeowners alike to see exactly whats going on in real time without having to wait 2 days until they receive a copy of footage via postcard.
In this article, we’ll cover 3 main models that meet almost everyone’s needs. These include the HD 1080P Camera System, 4K Ultra HD Camera System and IP Surveillance Systems. We recommend either a basic wired system like the Nighthawk Wireless 8CH Networking Kit which includes 5 Outdoor WiFi Relay units, 1 Indoor WiFi Router unit and 4 Outdoor Access Points and another premium wireless camera network package.
These high definition indoor cameras come equipped with night vision capabilities so you can monitor activity while sleeping during the day. For instance, if the kids go downstairs early morning, you wouldn’t want to miss something out there because if you did, then you would most certainly end up waking up every 30 minutes only to check whats happening outside.
When installing outdoor surveillance systems, please consider all weather conditions such as strong winds, snowfall, heavy rainfalls and extreme temperatures. Also keep in mind that there could be obstructions such as trees, fences, buildings which would block your ability to capture certain areas of interest. Please ensure that whatever you install works effectively under adverse weather conditions. This way, you avoid wasting lots of unnecessary cash on expensive repairs.
So this concludes part one. If you haven’t downloaded your quote yet and wish to get yours today, simply fill in below form and we’ll reply back ASAP.
If you need further information regarding any aspect mentioned above contact us at Thanks and Happy 2020.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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Best Security Cameras Ilderton

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1. First things first. A good quality Security Camera system will be worth every single penny spent on them. They serve as a powerful tool to help protect both yourself, and your family members. If you’re just starting out, then perhaps choosing which camera type would be the easiest way to go. For example, should you buy a CCTV camera, IP video surveillance setup, doorbell camera, etc.? Well, the answer depends on whether you want to monitor certain areas specifically (i.e. your kids’ bedrooms), or if you’d like something general purpose (like recording footage 24/7).
When installing these products, there’s no point having cameras pointing towards blind spots, windows, doors etc. So, we’ve compiled this guide to help you pick the most suitable device for you, for any given space. We’ll cover basic concepts like mounting locations, lens types, resolution levels and viewing angles, but we won’t leave anything unmentioned. And remember…if you are going to use multiple devices (such as a webcam and a motion sensor), they must operate independently from each other, otherwise the image won’t work properly. Also, please keep in mind that some of the listed options can cost a lot of money, thus if you decide to invest in several systems, make sure you check out financing options available online, or find someone who knows what he’s doing to install everything safely and securely.
2. There are 3 main categories of security cameras: indoor, outdoor & hybrid/both. Indoor cams offer better audio and visual coverage in smaller spaces than traditional exterior models, while they lack outdoor durability. Outdoor units usually come equipped with night vision capabilities, weatherproof housing, larger lenses/viewing angles plus advanced zoom and picture stabilization technologies. However, many outdoor designs aren’t able to withstand snowfall during extreme winter conditions. Hybrid cameras combine the best qualities of indoor and outdoors security technologies. Most modern hybrids offer high definition image quality, 360° panoramic views, HD night vision, advanced thermal imaging, 2x longer battery life, higher reliability and more reliable storage capacities. Some newer hybrids even include wireless connectivity allowing remote monitoring via smartphone apps.

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(2020 edition)
For most homes and offices, installing a security system will cost $500-$1,000. If you install just 1 camera, your total cost could be as high $500/month or more.
If this sounds like something you would love to avoid then read my guide below which shows you some great tips and tricks on how to get started saving thousands of dollars!
Here is what you should expect to pay…
Cable Connectors ($19+ per each connector)- Cables run your cameras through walls and ceilings, usually requiring several connectors along the way. These costs for mounting & connecting cables vary greatly depending on the type of cable being used.
Mounting Hardware ($45+per mount), Camera Mount Brackets ($50-150 per bracket). Depending on the type of bracket, these components range from steel bars to plastic clips. Most come equipped with screw holes that allow them to bolt tightly to wood studs, concrete blocks, drywall or metal sheets; however, they won’t hold well to soft surfaces or curved areas. Also take note, brackets must attach to flat surfaces only, otherwise, the camera’s movement is restricted. Finally, brackets are typically made of lightweight materials such as aluminum or PVC — therefore, these items can easily become damaged during long term use. They break down after multiple uses. Lastly, many mounting hardware comes without screws, but include small “setscrew” fasteners (which require additional tools).
Camera Panels ($80+) Many CCTV manufacturers offer preinstalled panels that snap onto a wall’s surface, making them easier to setup than separate bracket assemblies. However, panels aren’t recommended because they prevent ceiling mounted systems from reaching above 10 feet tall. Instead, opt for a floor panel assembly instead. Note: Some manufacturers sell panels without mounts while other companies supply both.
Ceiling Hangers ($100+ ) A popular method in large businesses, ceiling hanger kits consist of heavy duty wire hooks embedded in sturdy wooden beams (typically 4×4 lumber).

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1. SecureCam Ilderton will be offering FREE Installation Services for ALL NEW Customers who purchase their cameras through this blog post. If you live anywhere else other than Ontario then your price for the same service would cost around $100-$150 per camera. We will provide you with the most competitive prices available to install your own security system. Our technicians will come out to your location and install the camera(s) for no additional charge, saving you thousands of dollars in the long run.
2. Our team of professional installers will work with you to determine which model camera suits YOUR needs best, whether it be indoors or outdoors. They will provide you with detailed information regarding each camera’s unique specs and features to help you decide the perfect solution for your home/office.
3. All SecureCam products include a 1 Year warranty and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
4. Our customer support department will be able to answer ANY questions you might have via email, phone & LIVE chat 24 hours / 7 days a week during business hours only. We strive to provide exceptional customer service every day, including holidays.
5. SecureCam is committed to providing top quality cameras with industry leading technology.
6. Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%. We stand behind all of our installations and we offer a full refund policy should you find yourself unsatisfied.
7. SecureCam offers FREE technical assistance for all customers who purchased one of our systems after reading this blog post. For example, our tech support team will walk you through the basics of setting everything up and they can assist you with answering any questions you might have about any aspect of your security camera.
8. Secure Cam Ilderton offers free shipping nationwide on all orders placed with us on this website.
9. Secure Cam Ilderton will be giving away 10% of all sales on this page to our loyal fans and followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other social networks.
10. Secure Cam Ilderton wants to thank everyone for taking interest in our new blog series. Please feel free to ask me any question you like, and I’ll try to get back to you ASAP! Thanks again!! 🙂
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In this post, we discuss why the most popular commercial surveillance cameras for homes will be different than they were 5 years ago. We’ll go through some examples of what is currently available today and talk about where things are going in the near term.
We’ve already mentioned that most homeowners who install security systems use basic analog cameras these days; however, the technology used in those cameras hasn’t changed significantly since 2005, which makes sense given the fact that they were originally released during 2004 (the same year the iPhone was introduced).
While there isn’t anything inherently “wrong” about analog video, digital recording devices offer several advantages over them. Digital recorders have better resolution and color fidelity, while being capable in both still images and videos. They’re generally cheaper and easier to maintain than analog units. And, they provide greater flexibility, allowing you to take advantage of newer technologies like facial recognition software in the coming years.
So, what does the future hold for the industry? Here are the top trends we see happening in the next few months in terms of camera technology and functionality.
1/4 inch CMOS sensors
2 Megapixel CMOS sensors have long ruled the market. But 2 megapixels is simply not enough anymore.
3D Imaging Technology
This trend seems obvious, but 3D imaging is becoming increasingly popular in consumer electronics as well as security applications, particularly due to advances in computer graphics rendering.
Facial Recognition Software
There are several types of face detection software that allow you to automatically identify individuals in photos and videos. While this type of software has existed for quite awhile, most companies only recently began offering it as a standalone feature on digital camera models. For example, Canon offers Face Detection with Smile Recall and Smile Shutter Release (SMART AUTO), which is designed specifically for still image shooting. However, many other manufacturers have similar offerings.
Voice Activation
This is another relatively recent development. Many high end cameras allow you to control them entirely via voice commands. Some cameras even support multiple languages.
Smartphone Apps & Accessories
Many smartphone apps and accessories are starting to incorporate camera functions. These include everything from remote shutter releases to motion detector alarms.

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In this post, we will cover everything about the best way to install security cameras and monitoring systems for homes and offices. We provide security camera products and installations for both residential and commercial properties. For commercial projects, our team installs and monitors video surveillance system equipment at office buildings, factories, banks, schools and more across Canada. If you would like us to come visit, contact us today.
Security Camera Products & Installations
We currently carry several different brands of security cameras available to purchase online. Each one offers various options in terms of resolution and size. Some offer higher quality recording devices than others while some record at night only, some day/night, some offer Wi-Fi connectivity and many include cloud storage solutions. Our technicians recommend choosing a good camera model which meets your needs and then adding additional cameras to expand coverage areas.
For home or small business customers who wish to monitor a property remotely, you will typically be required to buy a subscription. These subscriptions usually range anywhere from $4 per week to upwards of $50 per week depending on usage requirements and features offered. When considering monthly fees remember that they often include other monitoring systems such as fire alarm systems, burglar alarms and smoke detectors. Many homeowners use multiple subscription packages to meet their individual needs. Most companies offer discounts when signing up for long term contracts.
Monitoring Systems for Residential Use
When deciding whether you should invest in a professionally installed surveillance solution at home, keep these points in mind:
• Does your family live in the house fulltime? A monitored house could save lives by alerting authorities immediately in case something bad happens.
• Do you work outside of the house during certain times of the day? An outdoor motion detector, doorbell intercom, key fob transmitter and remote control allow someone else inside of the house to respond quickly in emergency situations.
• Does anyone under age 18 reside in the house? A childproof window lock prevents curious young children from accessing potentially dangerous items such as knives, guns, cleaning supplies or medicines. Also consider installing a door bell intercom to ensure that children cannot hear conversations happening around them while still keeping unwanted visitors away..

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