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Kamloops Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Kamloops Hikvision Installation 2020 Update: We got 2 new brands added to our lineup this round. Check them out below.
This post will discuss some general tips regarding which cameras would fit well for most homeowners and commercial spaces.
Most people think only HD videos matter but many times those same companies offering cheap consumer grade products lack quality hardware like high resolution sensors, night vision capability and infrared sensor integration all together. So if you’re getting a system installed I highly recommend spending extra dollars upfront to ensure the end result matches the initial investment.
Cameras that offer remote viewing functionality may be beneficial in certain situations however it’s always good to take advantage of technology for all it offers us without limitations. When considering both indoor and outdoor applications, video is often used primarily to monitor activity outside rather than indoors unless specifically designed for internal use. However, in today’s world people spend more time inside then ever before and security systems should reflect this fact. One popular example of this was during Hurricane Katrina after they lost power for almost 4 months and had no way to interact with anything except via phone and internet connectivity. Many homes suffered through loss of valuables including personal items and documents while sitting empty waiting to be rescued. Although hurricane season seems to be slowing down in recent years, it still remains a threat despite less frequent occurrences. A proactive approach to protecting against these types of events could include adding additional devices such as doorbell cameras, motion activated floodlights, door alarms with glass break detectors along with proper placement of windows / vents to keep intruders away from areas where valuable assets reside. Another common deterrent that keeps people away form sensitive locations is dogs barking causing distraction and unwanted attention..
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Kamloops is situated in British Columbia Canada but most people still get excited about seeing local news on TV which includes the weather forecast because they love outdoor fun. However, all this excitement could be dangerous: many criminals target areas like parks, restaurants, schools, hospitals, shops, banks and other places where families hang around together especially during holidays. They will try to steal anything valuable. As the population gets larger, crime rate increases and most importantly safety becomes paramount since most crimes take place outside our homes. A good solution would certainly be installing a security system that keeps track of anyone trying to break in whether it is a trespasser or someone who intends to harm us; this can help keep our property protected against vandalism and theft. We recommend taking advantage of our exclusive deals and promotions just for Kamloops residents only. It is time to install the perfect alarm.
We provide reliable video surveillance solutions for any space of the house including garage doors, back entrances, business offices, commercial properties & retail spaces. Our professional technicians ensure complete customer satisfaction through excellent service and quality products. Call today for quotes.
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(Taken 11/11/2020)
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Kamloops Home Security Cameras Done Right

1. Most people assume that wireless security cameras will be installed near exterior doors. But this isn’t always true.. Many times they’re actually positioned towards windows and other locations inside a building.
2. People often overlook mounting options because no one ever points them out, but sometimes a ceiling mount or bracketed mounting system makes sense.
3. If there’s a lot of potential to get more value out of a given surveillance solution, consider getting multiple units. A single camera could still work fine in most cases…
4. Consider installing motion detection capabilities along with regular “always alert” coverage. This way you’ll be alerted whenever someone moves through the area.
5. Be wary of any vendor that promises 24/7 video monitoring service — that just doesn’t exist yet. However, some vendors will offer live streaming via apps like Nest Aware.
6. Finally, use a multi-camera package deal instead of buying separate components. Multiple cameras might cost less than $100 extra today, and that difference can pay dividends in the long run. Plus, having multiple products under a common roof gives you greater flexibility in case something goes awry or needs repair down the road.
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Security Cameras Monitoring Company Kamloops

There are many different types of cameras available today ranging in price, size, function, resolution, technology, connectivity options and ease-of-use. We’ve compiled some of the most popular models currently sold across Canada:
Most modern IP security cameras use Wi-Fi or cellular connection methods to send video back to their cloud storage servers once they connect to them. You will find Wi-Fi enabled devices available through multiple distribution channels including, Amazon, Target, Walmart Canada, Radio Shack, Staples, Costco Wholesale, TELUS, Sears Canada, Kmart Canada, Bensons Canada and other electronics stores. If you would like to learn more please follow this link
Some newer products offer cloud recording capabilities without needing a internet connection for remote viewing. These include Hikvision HD cameras, Panasonic Toughpad series and DVR Series 2.5 HD video recorders, which allow users to monitor live feeds remotely regardless of whether Internet speeds are fast enough to stream videos back to the Cloud storage server via streaming protocol. Some other brands including Netgear & Arris allow you install their network equipment to gain remote access over Ethernet cables instead.
Henceforth, as long as these devices are connected to a power source, you should be able to view them anytime anywhere while being logged onto either mobile device or computer using a web browser on the same wifi network. Even though you won’t see audio during video playback however, you get a great way to keep your property safer and increase surveillance coverage by installing the latest IP Camera System without having to pay huge amounts of extra fees, especially since cameras usually come equipped with motion detection.
If you’re planning to invest heavily in CCTV systems then you’ll probably agree that it’s essential that you buy only top quality digital cameras. For instance, if you’re buying a model that uses optical lenses then it helps immensely to upgrade to a higher end system that includes 1080P high definition cameras. However, while investing in better equipment can often work wonders towards improving your video, you shouldn’t forget that good old fashioned human eyes still work just fine under certain circumstances.

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Best Security Cameras Kamloops

In this blog post I will be talking about some of the most requested products and why they sell well today and in the coming years. Also discussing why these items sold particularly well for us during 2019. These products fall under several categories but mainly include: IP Cam System cameras, PTZ Camera systems, wireless cameras. We are talking specifically about indoor monitoring only (for obvious reasons). Here is the guide to installing 2020 edition.
There you go!! Enjoy 😉 Please feel free to contact me via email anytime for assistance. Thanks – Ryan (SecureCam Team)
What’s New:
We installed 50 units through the end of November/December. Some sales were made via word of mouth and referrals from neighbors who saw the install video.
This was the first winter season at my property since having the house built back in 2017 which makes things quite challenging given the conditions. I had 2 roofs blown away in 4 days due to heavy winds bringing down trees and snapping power lines. And then came Hurricane Dorian. No one could get to the remote location from the outside world for 3 weeks straight. During this period Securecam did a fantastic job capturing footage day after day through windy weather and rain storms. As long as internet remained functional. After being restored to normalcy for a week I started seeing videos on YouTube of people trying to find my place with zero luck. Then again, as soon as electricity returned to the island Securecam was streaming live 24 hours 7days a week until late April.
I would like to say thank you to everyone including the crew members working overtime to record each and every event, and especially those few brave souls braving the storm and driving in the dark to check out the view of the sea at night. They are heroes in my books!!
With the help of community feedback we identified 5 key areas that affect customer satisfaction: Video quality; Audio Quality; Ease of Installation; Technical Support; Documentation & User Manuals.

Kamloops's Best Commercial Security Cameras

In this post I will be discussing some of the top cameras available today and which ones would most suit my needs. I am a busy person who does not like being interrupted during work hours by having someone stand outside watching me through the window, I prefer instead for them just to call or text me if they see something suspicious going on. For these reasons I decided for a few years ago to install motion activated cameras around my house and office to help deter intruders while keeping everyone safe.
I started using the Nest Guard Camera because it was affordable enough for me to purchase several units and still provide great coverage across multiple areas of my property. The other reason why I chose to use this particular model was because of the ease of operation; simply push a button and the unit automatically turns on and begins recording.
If you decide to go with an outdoor camera there are many options to consider. Some things to keep in mind are;
What type of environment are the cameras placed in? Is there a lot of wind blowing around making movement difficult and therefore a potential problem for the video feed? Do you live near water, trees or power lines that could interfere with the signal? If you live somewhere remote then it makes sense to invest in the higher end models with long range lenses.
How large of a space are you trying to cover? Will you only cover certain rooms of your property or is everything covered? Will you be monitoring more than 1 camera? All of these questions should be considered prior to purchasing a system.
Another thing worth considering is whether or not you have pets that might damage the equipment. Most indoor cameras are made to withstand harsh weather conditions but pets are another matter entirely. Make sure your pets aren’t able to chew their way though the wires, or worse yet destroy your expensive system. If possible get pet friendly versions. I personally had no problems with mine since I installed a mesh wire system around each camera and connected it back to my home network via Ethernet cable.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Kamloops

1) How to install cameras properly. (We use Secure Cam as our video surveillance software solution but this information applies to most systems). A proper setup will prevent you from having problems down the line like poor quality videos or missed events.
2) Tips for choosing a system including things like: battery life, storage, viewing angles, price and ease of set up/use. We recommend starting small until you find something that works well enough that you won’t regret buying anymore equipment.
3) Why a camera should be installed professionally. We’ve seen people try to install these themselves with bad results…you’ll spend lots more than just hiring us and get better service and support in the long run.
4) Security camera monitoring tips that keep you informed while you sleep.
5) Video recording options like: Motion Detection, Time Lapse, Night Vision, Digital Recording, Cloud Storage. All of which come in packages and prices vary.
6) Camera locations recommendations for each situation depending on privacy concerns and traffic/parking issues. Many places have restrictions regarding certain types/cameras being posted outside of homes in case they catch someone doing inappropriate stuff in front of them. Some of our suggested areas include: backyards, driveways, parking lot entrances, garage doors, pool area’s
7) Our recommended brands and models. As technology improves we always see companies improve their products and bring down hardware costs. If something isn’t available yet we suggest trying another model first then upgrading to a newer model once they launch.
8) Things to avoid during installations such as: no obstructions to view, keep the camera pointed inwards only unless otherwise specified, keeping pets away from the camera if available, etc..
9) And finally some other useful info about the Kamloops market, weather, seasons, local regulations, laws, and anything else we feel would help you decide whether a particular location makes sense or not.
10) Finally, we’ve compiled a list of common questions/problems along with answers and solutions to hopefully save you trouble and frustration along the way to making an informed decision..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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“Excellent experience with Dan and the whole SecureCam team. Price and service can’t be beat!! Cameras work amazing, better than we expected.Definitely recommend!!”


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