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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Kawartha Lakes

For many years surveillance technology was designed around traditional analog cameras, but today digital video systems are becoming increasingly popular. These days they provide some unique advantages including lower costs, faster deployment times, easier maintenance and remote monitoring capabilities. Here are 5 things to keep in mind about these types of products.
1) Security Camera Size Matters More Than Ever
If you’re considering installing a security system, size should be the first thing to consider. When choosing a model there will always be tradeoffs between resolution/frame rate and price; while 1080p HD offers good quality images that allow for high definition viewing, 720p (or less), is typically used because it reduces bandwidth usage and storage requirements.
2) Digital Cameras Can Be Used For Other Things Too
Most modern cameras come equipped with multiple inputs allowing them to function like other devices that record sound and motion detection. They can often integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure without having to rewire anything. Some models can even send alerts through text messaging or email. If you use this feature consider adding another line item to your monthly bill.
3) Remote Monitoring & Control Is Easier than You Think
Security cameras offer several ways to remotely monitor your property. Most include apps available for mobile phones, tablets and desktops allowing homeowners to view live feeds anywhere anytime. While most manufacturers support both wired and wireless internet connections, it helps to check compatibility beforehand.
4) New Technology Makes Installation Faster And Cheaper
Modern technology makes installation cheaper and faster which saves valuable downtime for business owners. Many companies offer free professional installations, making them ideal for small projects. For bigger jobs, they charge a fraction of the market rates. Even when hiring someone else to install your system, a quick call can save hundreds of dollars versus calling every service contractor listed in your phone book.
5) Smart Devices Allow Automation Of Your Property Management System
Smart devices can automate your entire property management system. Whether you own commercial real estate properties or just want to manage your vacation rental better, smart software applications are perfect tools to help take care of routine operations.

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Kawartha Lakes ON

In this post I will be covering what makes Secure Cam different than other cameras, how they work, why people use them and what type of products and installations should be considered. We offer 3 types of systems to suit almost everyone’s needs; wireless IP, Wi-Fi, and fixed cams. Each system offers benefits depending on usage patterns and desired location. Our main focus is making it easier to install. We believe most DIY jobs take way longer then they really need to due to lack of knowledge and experience. So we try to eliminate that frustration. If installing yourself isn’t something you feel comfortable doing, consider choosing us as an option. As always we offer FREE shipping across Canada.
Wireless Camera Solutions
For those who prefer ease, mobility, and flexibility. Our range of Wireless IP networked security solutions feature plug and play technology which can integrate seamlessly into existing wiring, including coaxial cable networks, phone lines, fibre optic internet connections and power wiring. These include standard fixed angle indoor dome cameras, multiangle pan/tilt cameras, adjustable wide lens outdoor cameras and our proprietary HD 720p video solution, the R4S2C. For more information about our Wireless IP Systems please visit our website at
WiFi Cams
We understand that many homeowners simply like having a dedicated device which communicates wirelessly to their computer or mobile devices. We provide that service through our WiFi System featuring 2m, 4m, 8m, 12m, 24m high definition 1080P resolution webcams and USB storage units. For detailed instructions on each model please see the section below called “Wifi Camera Set Up Instructions”.
Fixed Cam Devices
Finally we have fixed cam models ranging from 10ft to 200 ft long focal lengths available for both indoors and outdoors applications. All come with a remote control and a mounting kit which includes hardware, screws and washers. Some come with mounting kits already mounted onto poles while some require a custom pole built for the specific size model being purchased. Please note that the majority of fixed mountings systems require professional help because of the weight involved.

Best Security Cameras Kawartha Lakes

There are many different types of surveillance cameras available today. From basic fixed angle models like those used in retail stores to pan/zoom video surveillance systems, these devices provide valuable information about who’s coming and going, allowing for increased productivity in both business and personal environments. They can help protect your property by recording images of potential intruders or thieves, providing evidence of suspicious activity, helping to reduce crime rates and improving overall safety for everyone living and working inside your facility. However, before choosing which type of surveillance system to install inside your home or office space, be sure to carefully consider which options are most suitable given the unique needs of each location. Here are some factors that should be considered when selecting a security solution for home or commercial applications.
Security Camera Productivity & Flexibility:
One key advantage that security cameras offer is that they allow you to monitor multiple areas simultaneously without having to physically check them yourself. If your surveillance area includes several separate rooms, this feature could greatly benefit the efficiency of your day to day work routine, especially during peak hours when employees will naturally become busier than normal. It’s also possible to use a single unit to cover multiple spaces, such as a kitchen, dining area and garage, for example. This flexibility makes it easier to maintain coverage across various locations while minimizing costs related to additional hardware purchases or software licensing fees.
Installation Options:
Another thing that sets apart security cameras from other forms of electronic monitoring equipment is how easily they can integrate into existing infrastructure, whether you already own a house or apartment or are building a custom structure. Depending upon your specific requirements, installing a security system may involve drilling holes through walls, ceilings or floors, mounting the device onto wooden beams or attaching wires to electrical outlets. While this level of customization does come with certain risks associated with tampering and damage due to improper installation methods, it can often prove beneficial as well because it ensures that no matter how big or small the home or office, you are able to get full coverage.
Camera Resolution:
While higher image resolution tends to improve detail visibility and enhance video quality, the tradeoff is usually higher cost.

With our home & office surveillance services in Toronto you can rest assured that we will more than take care of your home or office space.

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What should I consider When installing cameras around my house/business?
Do you find yourself checking these areas multiple times every day because something wasn’t quite right? Perhaps you’ve noticed strange activity outside – no matter who’s doing it they seem familiar…
Have you considered hiring a professional installer but worried they’ll leave some things unfinished and cause trouble down the road? Do you feel confident enough to handle it yourself, but aren’t really sure which camera system would be best for your particular needs?
Well this guide will answer those questions and many more; it includes everything you could ever possibly ask of a DIY security camera installer including recommendations, tips & tricks, safety concerns, and more! We’ve got answers to most anything you’re wondering about, so get ready for an exciting experience working with us.
And remember – we install EVERYTHING, regardless of whether it belongs inside or out – outdoor, driveway, entryways, windows, decks, garages etc. Everything! If you’d like to see an example of our work, check out
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Kawartha Lakes Home Security Cameras Done Right

We provide FREE, no obligation quotes for your next security system project. Our sales team will be happy to help determine which solution would work best for your unique needs and budget. We offer the latest high definition video cameras, motion detection systems and DVR recorders with advanced remote viewing technology. If this sounds like something you are interested in then get started today and see why SecureCam was voted Canada’s #1 Choice for Camera Installations for 2019. For your convenience, we accept most major forms of payment including Visa, MasterCard & American Express. All orders placed through us come backed with a full 1 Year warranty.
Free quote request form for security camera installers: https://www.securecam.

Kawartha Lakes Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Home surveillance cameras come in many shapes and sizes; but they also come in a lot of different prices — from cheap to pricey — depending on how high quality you get. We’ve compiled this guide to help you find the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you just need some extra eyes around the house while away, or to keep watch on things remotely when you aren’t home, these products will cover most basic uses. So take a peek below, then head back here to learn everything else you really should be keeping an eye out for.
We’ve divided them up into several categories:
DIY/Do it yourself options. These DIY solutions offer good value and often include an inbuilt motion detector. But if you’re planning to install something for yourself, it’s always wise to research the technology first. Some devices use WiFi connections, which could present problems in terms of signal strength and range; other models rely exclusively on battery power and won’t work unless mains electricity runs continuously.
Business monitoring options. If you have employees working in your office, having someone watching over them can save a lot of hassle, particularly during emergencies like fires or robberies. Plus, business owners who install video surveillance systems tend to see their monthly expenses go down thanks to lower heating bills and energy costs. And if you run a small store or restaurant, installing a digital doorbell can alert customers to whether or not someone’s waiting outside, saving valuable face time for both parties.
Smart home gadgets. A smart home gadget isn’t exactly a self-contained system—it usually requires some sort of central hub device running software. For example, a lightbulb connected with Wi-Fi to Amazon Alexa is technically considered a “smart” appliance because it connects to a remote database, allowing you to control it through voice commands. However, the term “connected,” used when describing these types of appliances, usually refers only to connectivity and functionality, rather than the actual intelligence behind the device. A connected lamp can dim down automatically when no one is nearby, while connected smoke detectors can trigger audible alerts via smartphone apps instead of sending an email notification. These are handy tools, and a few years ago they would have required professional wiring and expertise.

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Security Cameras Monitoring Company Kawartha Lakes

For most people, having surveillance cameras installed around their homes and business premises is seen as good practice. Whether you own a commercial property or just live in rented accommodation, these devices will help keep thieves away while letting you get some quality video footage back to see who was doing naughty things without being caught red handed themselves.
Of course, not everyone needs surveillance equipment like this but whether you do or not makes no difference – because they are becoming increasingly popular, installing them is easier than ever.
If you are thinking about getting yourself a CCTV system for your home or office, then you should be aware of the type of technology available out there today. If you’re thinking about making the investment, you need to consider exactly what you plan to use the device for first. Here are 3 main types of systems and which ones are better suited to each purpose.
1. Professional Grade Surveillance Systems
These are usually used for private residential properties, as well as for high value assets and places of work. They come configured to provide long term continuous monitoring of multiple areas across larger properties and buildings, typically providing 2k+ HD resolution images with digital zoom capability. These systems often include night vision capabilities as standard, along with built in software options to record motion detection alerts and allow remote viewing and control via smartphone apps. However, many professional grade models offer additional features that would be useful for residential applications including panning/tilting functionality, integrated audio recording, multi angle image capture, and other specialist tools designed to suit long term, large scale deployments.
2. Commercial Grade Surveillance Systems
This category includes smaller systems installed primarily for safety purposes. Such devices tend to incorporate lower quality still imaging components but they aren’t always intended to produce high definition movies. Instead, their primary role is to provide evidence required under regulatory laws, e.g. health care facilities or educational institutions must install closed circuit TV (CCTV) units for patient protection or student security respectively. Many of these solutions are specifically targeted towards areas requiring compliance to industry standards relating to fire prevention, fall risk management and similar requirements. Where possible, such surveillance devices combine both day and night coverage, allowing 24 hour “round the clock” recording and reporting of incidents.

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Kawartha Lakes’s Best Commercial Security Cameras

In this blog post I will cover the benefits of having a video surveillance system installed in your property especially around the house, office and/or business. By being able to monitor everything going on inside or outside of your premises is absolutely critical in order to protect your family and assets.
We understand how valuable your time is and there’s no need to spend hours trying to get a hold of someone who isn’t returning calls or emails, which could easily lead to missed appointments, lost documents or worse, getting locked away in your basement waiting to be rescued only to find yourself homeless and penniless because they forgot to tell anyone about “that” big sale they had planned to make.
There are many different ways individuals & companies conduct business today through traditional offices, stores, events. However, these modes of doing business aren’t always as efficient or reliable as they used to be. Many industries including construction, real estate, finance, manufacturing & retail are experiencing unprecedented growth rates due to advances like cloud computing and artificial intelligence.
This rapid increase in competition coupled with heightened awareness regarding privacy concerns have led people everywhere to rely heavily on technology to help them stay organized, productive and safe. One great example of embracing modern advancements is the rise of surveillance cameras in homes and buildings of all sizes across Canada and North America. Surveillance cams provide protection against crime, allow for peace of mind while traveling, keep children safer, track asset management and protect personal information.
When installing a camera system in your residence, first thing you should consider is selecting the most appropriate model depending upon your needs. Once decided, select a place to mount the unit and the type of cable connection you’d prefer. For instance, HDMI connections are superior to VGA connectors for both picture quality and flexibility but costlier than other options. They are commonly found on TV sets sold by reputable suppliers. If you wish to use your computer screen instead, then DVI cables would be ideal. It depends entirely on the setup you’re after and whether you intend to connect multiple monitors to your equipment simultaneously.
Security cams need power sources like electricity, solar panels, batteries, generators or standby power supply units. These devices must be monitored regularly to ensure nothing goes awry..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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