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This is Part 1 of 3 blogs on installing Security cameras. Here I answer some common questions and help you get started on your search. Read More >>
Kemptville Camera FAQS & Installation Tips:
1. Do I really need video surveillance / monitoring inside my house? Is this just another luxury item to be added onto my wishlist? No, actually no – video footage will reveal many things which would otherwise go unnoticed, but if you still feel like having video surveillance will be enough then keep reading because yes, they come in handy at times. Some people find comfort knowing someone else is watching them 24/7 while other simply enjoy being able to monitor certain areas from anywhere at anytime without necessarily needing visual proof. Many homes today feature “smart technology” devices which allow for remote viewing via smartphone apps like Nest Thermostat, Canary Remote Viewer or Samsung SmartThings App. These are great options however these products may interfere with traditional IP cams and wireless doorbell cams. As per most experts ‘the best solution’ is to purchase both wireless Door and Window Alarms along with an indoor 1080P HD CCTV system. If you live in the city, this type of product could save lives someday, and if you already own one, why pay twice? So lets jump straight under the hood and take a peek behind the curtain shall we 😉?
2. Whats the difference between wired and wireless systems? Both types of security cameras work the same basic way except that wire only connects the sensors together and therefore does not transmit images back to the central station whereas Wireless ones connect through radio signals thus allowing footage to travel seamlessly around the property wirelessly. Wired systems though tend to last longer than wireless ones as they generally use better quality wiring. They also offer greater reliability due to fewer moving parts although both should perform adequately given normal usage and maintenance standards. A typical wired system comprises of 2 wires; main power(black), and signal(red). All alarm panels also include red which acts in the same manner. While a wireless setup includes 4 wires: black = main power, white=signal, yellow=control channel, green=data channel.

Best Security Cameras Kemptville

Security cameras are among the most essential tools for keeping track of people who enter and leave homes, apartments, offices, businesses, schools, hospitals, churches, mosques, casinos, theaters, stadiums, hotels, airports, banks, post offices, government buildings, and other locations — both private residences and commercial properties. If these premises are occupied during normal business hours, they become targets for thieves who see this as an opportune moment to burglarize them.
We talked earlier about installing video surveillance cams in Kemptville Canada. Here are some tips and hints to help you decide which type of CCTV should be installed near doorways, staircases, elevators, fire escapes. Also choose Kemptville Ontario security cameras wisely depending on place like kitchens and bathrooms.
When choosing security cameras that will work best in the areas mentioned above; follow these points:
• Location: Place surveillance cameras in high traffic and busy places and avoid placing them in remote areas away from doors, windows, and air vents.
• Motion Detection: Most effective motion detection systems use sensors that detect movement through infrared light emitted through lenses, rather than sound waves generated by audible frequencies. Sound wave detectors often pick up loud noises caused by falling leaves during autumn and cars pulling in driveway during winter months. Sensors installed outdoors measure temperature changes that accompany sunlight and clouds passing overhead every day. These types of alarms must be placed outside walls or windows because heat rises towards outdoor temperatures. Weather conditions affect the effectiveness of many other alarm devices including smoke detectors, carbon monoxide monitors, and floodlights. Outdoor units typically rely upon batteries to power motion sensor lights. However if weather gets cold enough, indoor units may need to include electrical heating element packs and fans.
Sensors measure activity within the area monitored, usually triggered by movements toward or away from an intrusion point. A device like this doesn’t provide details such as the size of anyone moving inside the house. Motion detector alarms only trigger alerts after someone enters or moves around a perimeter space. An additional system is required to identify individual persons as well as determine whether each visitor was invited or uninvited. Such a “people identification” function is especially useful in a building containing multiple tenants.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Kemptville

Home Security Camera Trends 2020 | Things You Can Expect For 2022|How-to install cameras
1. 1:1 Ratio & Full HD 1080P High Definition Video System | Price $200~$600
2. 720 Pixels Digital Resolution CCD / CMOS Wide Angle Lens
3. Built-In IR Lights for Night Vision Up to 1000 Feet Away
4. Wireless Cloud Remote Access via Internet
5. 2 to 3 Hours Battery Life | Weatherproof
6. IP66 Rated Outdoor Installation | Smartphone App Included
7. Motion Detection Alerts & Recording Option
8. Water Immersion Housing Construction & Dampening Materials
9. 10+ Years Warranty | 24×365 Monitoring Service Available
10. Optional Wi-Fi Connectivity | Local Install Onsite
11. USB Charging Port | Supports Apple & Android Phones
12. Mount Options Include Anchor Poles Or Pole Clips
13. USB Flash Drive Compatible | Recordings Transferred Directly Into Your PC Computer’s Hard Disk
14. 12 V Batteries Provided For Recharging After Each Use
15. Remote Control Functionality Available Via iOS And Android Applications
16. 12 Month Subscription Included At No Additional Cost
17. Free Lifetime Tech Support & Customer Care Services
18. Easy Set Up Instructions Included | 2 Year Replacement Parts Warrantee From Date Of Purchase
19. 7 Day Money Back Guaranteed Trial Period
20. Secure Cam Store & Shop Online | Instant Download Software License Agreement
21. Lowest Prices Always | Buy Today Pay Tomorrow Model
Please note that this page will be updated regularly once newer products come along. We would ask you kindly keep us posted on those changes through email. Thank you
We hope this comprehensive guide helps you to find the perfect device for your requirements. If you still have questions please contact our support team who are available Monday-Friday 0900 am–1800 pm EST.
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Why SecureCam Kemptville is right for YOU?

In this post I will be reviewing some key things to consider when choosing which type of CCTV Camera System would work best for your business or household needs.
I am going to talk about the benefits of different types of cameras and why they should be considered carefully.
We will then go through the steps required for installing these systems yourself, as well as, providing links to some recommended suppliers that offer professional installations and support services.
Finally, I will provide you with some information to help you get started and find the perfect solution for your requirements.
What Types Of Security Cams Exist?
Before deciding whether to use video surveillance technology in your property or office, firstly take a look at the main types of cctv system available. There are 3 broad categories; analogue, IP & HD.
This is probably the most common form of digital security camera used today; it records images onto tape cassettes. These are often referred to as “analog” because the image quality is lower than other forms of recording, but the price is usually cheaper. However, they are still widely-used because many people are familiar with them and they can easily record footage on demand without needing to send tapes back to headquarters.
These days almost every modern security camera uses IP technology. They are able to transmit live pictures via internet connections, allowing you to view your video remotely. This makes life easier for you as you no longer have to drive around town collecting tapes and sending them away to get recorded.
If you really want top class digital surveillance equipment, you need to invest in high definition cameras. Not only do they produce better images, they can store larger amounts of footage on smaller storage devices. This is particularly useful if you want to keep track of events happening outside your house. For example, you could install an HD camera pointing towards your garden and see who visits your plants. If someone breaks into the shed behind the garage, you could zoom in on them as soon as they enter.
Why Do We Need Video Surveillance Systems Today?
Video surveillance cameras play an essential role in protecting our homes, offices, schools and places of worship against theft, vandalism, and malicious acts.

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Homeowners love us because they get peace of mind knowing there’s no more blind spots with Smart Cam technology. Because it is built into your walls, cameras will automatically alert you via email or text message whenever motion or sound is detected; allowing you take action quickly using just a quick phone call. And since most homeowners don’t want to worry about being away, there are no subscriptions required, only monthly service fees which includes 24/7 monitoring. We offer both wired & wireless options. A full breakdown of pros & cons is provided along with links to install videos available online. If you would like more information please contact For this update I am comparing 5 different devices below but each model above was tested individually by myself and my family members against each other plus a couple commercial grade models installed near schools and construction sites. All these installations happened during 2019 while keeping them secret until testing completed. We found SecureCAM Kemptville products to be great quality. Installation took less than 15 minutes per side of wall depending on the size and material. After installing each device, I went back to check daily for activity alerts sent through Email or Text messages to monitor system health. Once alerted by movement, audio or video recording, notifications are received instantly providing your peace of mind. We live close to Ontario’s Highway 401 and often drive past high traffic areas making sure we always keep an eye on our neighborhood. Our security cameras allow us to see everything the moment it happens including cars passing by on busy highways. Having said all this, our experience shows why having professional help when setting up security cams makes a difference. When going DIY some things simply aren’t possible, e.g. mounting inside ceiling tiles and wiring underlayment due to difficulty accessibility, electrical hazards and lack of space. Also be aware there are regulations regarding placement of cams, e.g. minimum distance from fire hydrants and sprinkler systems. While I’m confident many of these problems could still be addressed easily enough by someone who knows what they’re doing, it is something I wanted covered in greater detail.

Security Cameras Installation & Monitoring in Kemptville ON

In this era of internet connectivity and smart devices, many people are concerned about keeping an eye on things around them 24/7.
While some people use video doorbells or cameras to keep watch, most homeowners opt for professionally installed indoor and outdoor IP security systems that offer high quality footage, reliable operation, ease of setup and remote viewing capabilities.
But which type should you install in your house or office? And why? We take a closer look below.
What Is A Security Camera System?
There’s no need to get overly technical here; simply put, a surveillance system consists of several different components including at least one digital recording device, an enclosure to protect the camera(s), power supply for all electronics equipment and cables, control panel, monitor, network router, wireless bridge, remote controller, remote storage device, and other accessories.
Most modern security systems include multiple security cams, usually two or four, depending on space requirements. They record everything from day and night views through motion detection, thermal imaging, sound monitoring, and infrared technology to ensure your property’s safety from intruders. Some models allow you to view live video feeds remotely via smartphone or tablet apps while still others feature built-in Wi-Fi hotspots that connect to the Internet.
Why Install Indoor Security Systems?
If your primary concern is security against theft or vandalism, then it makes sense to go with a professional installer who offers both residential and commercial service packages. Most companies charge anywhere from $200-$600 per cam plus installation fees ranging from $100 -$500. Depending on your specific needs (e.g. size of property, number of doors monitored, types of coverage desired), this could be worth every penny to help prevent break ins, identity theft, and property damage.
For those interested in additional monitoring options, there’s a wide range available for DIYers who are capable of performing basic maintenance duties like changing batteries, installing cameras and mounting hardware. While many security camera manufacturers provide instructions and videos to guide customers through setup and configuration, there will always be questions regarding the exact steps required. For example, you’ll often find conflicting information on whether you must remove existing cable wiring or leave it intact during initial installations.

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For many years, people used tape recorder devices and doorbell systems to alert them whenever anyone enters/leaves through their doors. But this was inconvenient because they had to be turned on, listen to who entered/left and then take whatever action they desired. If someone came in while he wasn’t around, it could be quite embarrassing as well.
Most modern homes already feature automatic light switches which automatically shut off lights after a certain period of time. However, these light controls are typically manual timers rather than motion sensors. Therefore, homeowners tend to forget turning off the lights when leaving the house. They end up wasting electricity just like they did before they got the automation system installed in their home. Some older homes without automation products do not offer lighting control options either. So a homeowner would have no choice but to use manual timers once again. That’s why adding some types of automated surveillance cameras is often recommended. These allow you both see when visitors come to your home and hear them enter/leave via built-in microphones.
However, a few things must first be taken care of. First off, most houses today already have alarm systems wired inside walls. So those aren’t suitable candidates since they usually have wires running through walls or floors making them vulnerable points for criminals. Also, alarm companies will generally only install wiring if all components are paid upfront for. And finally, alarms are meant to detect intruders breaking windows or doors and immediately ringing emergency contacts. An intruder breaking a window or sliding glass door won’t necessarily ring an alarm unless they actually break anything. In addition, alarm systems can get false positives due to factors other than intrusion events. For instance, sometimes people forget to press “silent” button that activates their alarm when watching movies late at night. Or guests accidentally leave items behind on furniture causing the alarm to go off while trying to deter thieves.
So what should be considered instead of installing traditional alarm systems? A better alternative is probably wireless entry door locks. Wireless technology connects remote mobile applications to electronic key fobs, allowing authorized persons to lock and unlock the front gate remotely. When connected to the Internet, your smartphone becomes part of the overall security network enabling video monitoring, contact notification, and geofencing capabilities.

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We’ve compiled this guide for those who want to get started installing commercial grade surveillance systems.
Whether you’re looking for high definition cameras for indoor or outdoor use, this post is full of information about different options available today for both homeowners and business owners alike.
In addition to providing some background info about each category of products, we’ll provide tips about things like which type of mounting system will work best on your specific situation, along with recommendations for where to buy them locally.
If you’re planning a renovation project, or just want to upgrade your current setup, these tips should help you pick the perfect solution for your needs. If you’re interested in adding a few extra eyes around your house to keep watch over your family while they sleep or relax, check out our top rated camera reviews below.
And if you need a little more convincing, read on for a brief overview of why our experts chose these models above everything else we tested..

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