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This article discusses a few commercial applications for CCTV and other surveillance technologies and why they are still relevant today:
1. Fire Alarm Systems – Many people assume that fire alarm systems only serve a purpose if a fire occurs. However, this assumption isn’t correct. A well planned fire safety system will help prevent fires. For instance, most office buildings use smoke detectors to detect fires. These devices work great, but if no smoke detector was installed, then fires could occur without detection.
2. Burglary Detection – If someone breaks into your building while you’re away, it may be impossible to find them. But installing video cameras on doors and windows, combined with motion sensors can alert authorities to intruders in real time.
3. Asset Tracking & Inventory Control – Most companies rely heavily on paper records. They keep track of everything from sales to production. Unfortunately these old fashioned methods aren’t always accurate. Using computerized inventory control software, a business owner can easily see where everything in his store is located. He/she can keep track of stock levels, check prices against competitors, and make adjustments accordingly.
4. Parking Enforcement – When a lot full of cars sits empty in front of a storefront window, it sends out poor signals. People won’t feel safe walking past the area because nobody else seems to be around. It’s time for some parking enforcement. By setting up a networked security camera system, police officers can monitor each car’s location via GPS. If the vehicle leaves its designated spot, an officer can quickly respond with tickets.
5. Employee Monitoring – Employees often go through sensitive locations like break rooms, restrooms, storage closets and offices. By adding hidden cameras throughout those areas, managers can watch employees’ actions. Managers can catch thieves red handed while employees are stealing supplies. Or they can check whether workers are taking excessive bathroom breaks during busy periods.
6. Pet Care – Keeping pets healthy and happy requires lots of attention. Hidden security cameras can provide pet care professionals with valuable information to ensure both animals live long and productive lives. Pets love to chew things like toys and furniture.

Kimberley Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

For your Kimberley office or your next housing project, it might be worth investing in some CCTV cameras. But just which ones should you buy? Here’s our guide to choosing them.
We’ve narrowed down the choice to either HikVision or Tianty surveillance systems, both companies being well established industry leaders. Both offer great products but they’re different beasts entirely, each with individual strengths, weaknesses and uses.
When buying security equipment it’s always good practice to read reviews first; they’ll help you narrow down choices and see whether you get value for money. They will tell you exactly what you should expect from your investment, including quality, cost-effectiveness and ease of operation.
Your final decision depends largely on who you get to install the system. Generally, professionals charge more than DIY kit installs because it takes longer due to more components involved. Be wary of cheaper deals and dodgy salesmen. A reputable installer won’t try to sell you additional monitoring software just yet, though he’ll certainly recommend they are necessary. After installing them, these apps come standard in most packages. Depending upon the package, they may already be bundled together. Either way they’re usually priced separately and often attract another fee depending on bandwidth usage during viewing times.
Before signing the dotted line, however, consider the following:
What type of property am I protecting?
There are four main categories of residential building types:
Semi detached houses
Larger semi detached houses
Detached homes
Each category presents unique circumstances surrounding protection needs. For example: If you own only one house, chances are high you don’t really need perimeter coverage. However, having extra eyes watching every corner of the yard helps combat opportunistic theft, especially if no one else was around during daylight hours. On the other hand, townhouse dwellers might benefit from keeping track of guests and children without being seen themselves.
So what about commercial properties?
If you own multiple buildings then it makes sense to purchase monitoring equipment that covers several locations. These days, you could probably find deals on multi-location kits, allowing you to pick and choose what monitors go where.

Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Kimberley

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When it comes to protecting your family, there’s nothing better than having a well thought, high quality security system installed. If you’re considering installing a security video camera, but aren’t quite sure which type to go with, this guide should help narrow down what options work best for your needs.
In this report, I offer recommendations for four different types of cameras;
Wireless IP Camera Systems
Wired Networked IP Camera System
Mobile Video Surveillance Cams
Motion Sensors & Accessories
Each of these systems will be discussed below along with recommended products and accessories and my final recommendation. Please note, each manufacturer does offer various levels of packages depending upon your level of customization preferences. Some manufacturers allow complete freedom while other prefer to dictate almost everything that goes into their package. However some things are common across most manufacturers, like mounting brackets for example which is really just adding something extra for convenience. These are simply offered by default without additional cost but they are usually packaged together for ease of use.
While there are many differences among them, the main thing people worry about is whether they will fit into the space allotted for them. For instance, if you have a small office then obviously having large monitors won’t be ideal because it’d either take away valuable desk real estate or just block part of doorways.
If you’re planning on buying multiple devices, consider looking into multi-room setups. Many brands include DVR recorders and remote viewing capabilities allowing you to view live streams, recorded footage and manage schedules easily. They’ll save countless hours going back through recordings trying to figure out who was in the bathroom or play the same scene multiple times to try and catch someone stealing. Additionally, a good network connection could mean multiple rooms being viewed simultaneously, saving both bandwidth usage and time spent watching scenes over again.
Most companies sell standalone units, meaning they only send you an SD card containing images/video. Alternatively, you can opt to buy a unit linked to an existing surveillance server providing instant recording, storage, retrieval and playback functionality from anywhere via internet – you wouldn’t necessarily need anything physical installed in your premises though you would still need an uninterrupted power supply and appropriate Wifi router connectivity.

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In this article I will be going through some common questions you may ask yourself before buying a CCTV system. These include; “What should my first step when considering a CCTV system be?”;“How long does installing a CCTV System typically take?”; And “Should I buy a DIY kit or hire professionals?”.

Security Cameras Monitoring Company Kimberley

Security Camera Installation Trends For 2022
By Mark Cottrell | January 2nd, 2020
Cameras have become increasingly popular with homeowners and business owners alike since being first introduced back in 2009. Today, these devices come built-in with many smartphones. However, they still offer advantages over digital cameras; whether users take advantage of those benefits will depend on several factors. Some basic characteristics include cost, size/portability, resolution, image quality and connectivity options. Here’s a quick overview of some of the most popular types of cameras and which ones would be better suited for specific uses.
Infrared Cameras
One type of infrared camera utilizes heat sensors that collect and analyze thermal information from various surfaces including people and vehicles. These images provide valuable insight into potential threats. They work well day or night but aren’t great for observing movement inside buildings because the images lack detail. If you’d like to monitor large areas indoors during inclement weather though, this could be a good choice.
Day & Night Video Quality
Some models produce black and white video while other versions capture color footage. While color video offers greater depth than monochrome imagery, monochromatic videos allow the human eye to pick up subtle details more easily. The amount of visible light captured determines whether a model captures true color or just shades of gray. Higher resolution pictures mean higher pixel counts per inch which leads to sharper views at the expense of increased file sizes. Generally speaking, 8 MP files will yield the highest quality while 12 MP yields excellent detail. When choosing a high-quality camera, consumers should consider both price and total pixels count when comparing products.
Wireless Connectivity Options
If, after doing some research, you find yourself wondering “what wireless network I must get my security system connected to?” then check out the following chart that lists different networks and the devices compatible with each network. Most systems use WiFi technology, which lets customers transmit signals across a wireless LAN connection. Wireless routers usually connect multiple devices, allowing individuals to view live feeds remotely. Many companies offer free wifi hotspots along with monitoring software. If you’re thinking about buying a standalone unit, then the above guide helps narrow down your choices.

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There will be many people who would like to buy a good quality security cameras system but they do not really understand what type of system they should purchase. They may be confused on which security camera to install because most companies offer different types of solutions such as IP Camera Systems, Networked IP Surveillance System, HD Video Doorbell, Wireless Alarm systems, Wireless CCTV Cameras, Wireless Motion Sensors, Wireless Smoke Detector, etc. If this sounds familiar then this guide will help you decide what security camera system suits your specific needs.
In this guide I am going to show you some basic information about each of these devices including; why you should consider them, what they cost to purchase and install, and finally my personal top picks for the top 3 brands of security cameras. These products are listed according to price starting at $25 upwards. All prices include sales tax.
I personally recommend the Samsung WF7500 Series IP cameras, they provide great value for money, easy setup via mobile phone or PC and come equipped with excellent image quality. The only downside is the lack of night vision capabilities in the model I reviewed however they still perform well during day light hours due to the high resolution 1080P video recording and 2MP photos, making them one of my favorite choices for a security surveillance solution. Another popular choice is the Panasonic PTZ DVR VV5200 series which offers great image quality, ease of use with built in Wi-Fi connectivity and a wide selection of motion detection options to cover almost every situation. For those needing a wireless doorbell system the Ring Pro Plus is perfect as it includes everything you need in 1 device and works seamlessly with Alexa voice command technology.
For those interested in installing a networked alarm system the ADT Pulse Alarmer Pro is an ideal choice as it is extremely affordable and easy to connect. Finally, the Honeywell HS50HD wireless smoke detector is another fantastic option as it is both reliable and cost effective.
If you have any feedback regarding this article please feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch with me through Twitter @jeff_baker1 or Facebook

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In this report I will be talking about some great products, trends, technologies, ideas, and practices for next year. We hope you enjoy reading this article. If there’s something you would like us to cover please email Stay Safe and Happy New Year!
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We provide complete service support including sales, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, remote monitoring and repairs. Our focus remains providing superior customer experience and value added services through innovative equipment designs and state of the art technology advancements. Secure Cam was formed in 2014 and started selling wireless CCTV cameras, Wireless IP video doorbells, WiFi enabled smoke detectors, Video Door locks / Alarms security systems. They operate under a retail business model which requires zero inventory investment and allow them to pass along savings to customers. (See below quote – “Security Camera Installations Services Canada)” ) For More information visit or
If you have any questions about the above mentioned topic then feel free to contact me via my website. I offer no obligation FREE consultation. As well as offering 24 hour emergency response. Thanks again. And happy new year to everyone.
I wish to thank people who read my posts and found valuable information and help to solve problems over the years! Thank you for supporting me. The following are examples of our recent work from 2020. A full listing of clients will be available shortly after January 1st.
2020 – 2019 Security Camera Sales Project Client List:
This project includes over 300 security camera installations and thousands of hours of professional assistance to ensure excellent service delivery and satisfaction. Each client receives a personalized experience consisting of a fully customized proposal, detailed scope and timeline, quality assurance processes that monitor every aspect of the job, plus extensive training for both homeowners and technicians. From initial design discussions, planning, permitting, and scheduling, to system set up, configuration, calibration tuning, ongoing technical support and monitoring of ongoing operational status, each individual situation is professionally managed and supported from start to finish..

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