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Security cameras are everywhere today, but they aren’t always effective. They’re expensive and most often only see things through motion detection. In addition, many security companies use cheap web cams that won’t work well indoors, or worse—they’re hidden behind furniture, walls, and other obstacles.
But if you live somewhere like King City, Ontario, Canada—where crime rates are relatively high—you probably already own some type of video surveillance system. And chances are good you haven’t installed them correctly yet.
So why should you upgrade to something better? Here are four reasons.
1. Better Video Quality & Resolution
Webcams tend to offer either poor quality or low resolution images, especially those installed outdoors. But you’re paying for this inferior image quality every single day, whether you realize it or not.
In fact, according to recent studies, people spend almost $500 million annually just buying replacement webcams because old ones fail after years of use. If you install a higher-quality webcam, you’ll get far superior footage and be able to catch potential burglars long before they enter your property.
2. More Features
Most current systems come loaded with basic features, but the truth is, you can find a lot more options available than ever before. For example, there’s no reason you shouldn”t consider adding facial recognition software to your setup. Not only does it help protect against theft and fraud on your property, it makes it easier for law enforcement personnel to identify criminals who’ve committed crimes while wearing masks.
3. Remote Camera Control
If you live anywhere outside Toronto, chances are you’re dealing with power shortages during the winter months. So having remote control of your camera could save valuable electricity and keep your home warm. Plus, you can remotely adjust lighting levels, which will allow you to capture clearer shots, particularly in dimly lit areas.
4. Better Protection Against Fire/Flooding/Storm Damage
When bad weather strikes, you want to know exactly where your house stands. Most modern systems come equipped with a floodlight feature, allowing you to monitor your yard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Home Camera Installations
Home and business cameras will continue to be popular devices used for everyday surveillance. These devices offer peace of mind to homeowners and small business owners who worry about property crime.
Many people enjoy watching live video feeds on their smartphones and laptops. Others use them while they travel as well to track packages, children, and other family members.
Businesses may purchase these cameras specifically for employees, customers, suppliers, delivery personnel, guests, and visitors.
If you’d like some ideas, check out this post on 8 Must Haves for Your New Year Resolution Home Surveillance System. Or read through this guide to find the perfect indoor/outdoor camera system for you.
Other Uses for Outdoor Cams
Outdoor cameras aren’t just for spying; they’re useful for lots of things besides viewing the exterior of your house or yard — including monitoring pools, dog kennels and livestock stables, and even checking wildlife populations around your neighborhood or farm.
Here’s a quick tip: If you’ve ever wanted to monitor your pool via smartphone, but couldn’t figure out why your phone wouldn’t connect, then you will love outdoor cameras because they allow you to view the outside world without physically being outdoors yourself. Just install a compatible device on your roof and plug it into an electrical outlet. Then download the apps onto your mobile device and watch live footage wherever you go.
In addition to seeing everything going on near your home, outdoor cameras can help keep kids safe from harmful situations like bullying, drugs, alcohol abuse, dangerous animals and more. Many parents today use cameras installed around playgrounds and fields as an early warning tool to alert authorities quickly should something unsafe occur. Other uses include outdoor security systems for churches, schools, parks, farms, nurseries, community centers, animal shelters, airports, train stations, museums, art galleries, zoos, aquariums, historical sites and many other locations.
How Does Indoor Video Work?
Most high end professional installations utilize IP technology which sends video signals encrypted to your network using existing cable infrastructure already present in most homes.

Security Cameras Monitoring Company King City

In this video I will show you my experience installing some of these cameras at different locations around King city Ontario Canada, and talk about why I chose certain options and how they performed. If you would like me to install your system please feel free to contact us at Secure cam and ask for the king city team. We are happy to help out anyone who wants to be protected!
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We offer the following types of security cameras:
1. Dome Camera
2. IP Cam
3. Network Camera System
4. Panoramic HD Video Camera System
5. Wireless Outdoor Camera
6. Wired Outdoor Camera
7. Indoor Camera System
8. Night Vision Camera
9. Smart Surveillance System
10. Networked Security Systems
11. Network DAS
12. NVR System
13. Alarm Security System
14. Access Control System
15. Doorbell Video Recording Software
16. Audio /Video Recorder for Home & Business
18. Alarmed Security Doors
19. Alarmed Garage Doors
20. Remote Controlled Garage Doors
21. Wireless Motion Detecting Sensors
22. Indoor Door Locks
23. Home Automation System
24. Home Automated Lighting System
25. Home Automation Kit
26. Home Automation Kits
27. Home Automating Security Cameras
28. Home Automation Wireless Cameras
29. Home Automation Camera Security System
30. Home Automation IP Camera
31. Home Automation IP CCTV Camera
32. Home Automation IP CCTV Camera
33. Home Automation Wireless IP Camera
34. Home Automation Wireless IP Camera
35. Home Automation Wireless Camera
36. Home Automation Camera
37. Home Automation Camera
38. Home Automation Camera
39. Home Automation IP Camera
40. Home Automation IP Camera

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King City Hikvision & Tiandy Security Cameras

Security cameras protect us at home but they are also used everywhere else like factories so we should be aware of them on our properties because a lot could happen which will help us monitor and see everything going on around us so this article explains why.
Homeowners often install security systems in their homes and offices but most people just use them to keep track of their kids or pets while away from home and many never really take action unless something unusual happens. But, in truth there is always risk when someone enters a property whether it’s a stranger breaking in through windows or doors, neighbours having an accident while playing sports outside or even family members falling ill after being left unsupervised. So, knowing exactly who is coming onto my property, what they are doing and keeping me informed of anything suspicious happening nearby. Having a good monitoring program in place makes sense especially if you live near a busy street, or you work in an office complex. Some homeowners decide to buy a security system just for themselves but if you are planning on installing one then you should consider adding additional monitors depending on the type of surveillance you wish to achieve and who you expect to be watching. For example, if you own multiple children and want to watch both of them at once plus catch burglars sneaking into your backyard or catching shoplifters walking past the front door then you will want to invest in multiple CCTV units. However, some homeowners only install camera monitors for their garage, shed/outbuilding or garden areas. Depending upon your personal preferences, the location of these cameras would vary and here you’d probably want to focus on capturing footage around these specific locations so you can identify suspicious activity and report it quickly without wasting police hours investigating petty crimes. Another common question I get asked is “Will I notice if anyone is trying to break into my car whilst parked outside my house?” Well, usually no but sometimes cars will still be detected moving slowly along driveways and streets close to my residence due to factors including bad weather conditions, low light levels or simply the vehicle driving straight down a quiet road for long periods. If I wanted to stop traffic driving dangerously past my home or caught speeding drivers then I would probably purchase a speed trap unit.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems King City

This guide will help you find the perfect cameras for every area of your property. These videos show examples of each category listed below plus some additional tips on finding great deals. Feel free to click around these sites and watch them all.
Home / Office / Outdoor Viewing Area / Indoor Room Views / Accessory Items for Your Camera / Installation Videos.
Some people say they enjoy being able to see themselves after having bought the products but I believe in going through this step first. Most people end up regretting buying something without seeing a proof image of it beforehand. And besides, you really get just too many different options to pick which ones to actually buy. So rather than picking randomly, go ahead and try everything out yourself and decide for yourself which ones work perfectly well for your needs. Then you won’t be disappointed once you finally receive it. I’ll leave you guys with my thoughts and recommendations on the following categories. But remember, these suggestions only represent my personal opinion and experiences and should NOT be taken as fact. They are merely my personal favorite picks. Each home owner would eventually have his/her own preferences. If you feel like reading any reviews on certain items, please visit those websites and read unbiased information as well. Good luck in choosing your next camera(s)! 🙂

We provide a wide array of commercial business solutions including CCTV Surveillance System, Digital Video Recording Systems, IP Based Network Monitoring, Fire Alarm Solutions and Electronic Door locks. We offer custom made surveillance systems to fit your exact requirements with excellent customer service and support. All system integrations are performed with a professional service team who ensure seamless integration with your existing network infrastructure. Our comprehensive range of video recording equipment gives us unique capabilities in the market today.

The internet has created almost immeasurable opportunities to connect individuals and companies across the globe. Every organization’s primary purpose was to increase sales and profits through better communication and distribution of ideas via digital media. When it comes to small businesses, the advent of web 2.0 technologies and mobile apps have further expanded the reach of individual entrepreneurs without compromising efficiency. At present, most organizations use multiple channels to send messages to potential customers. Some use email blasts while others rely solely on text messaging.

Best Security Cameras King City

I decided to write today’s article because I believe in 2020 I mentioned this security cameras market but after reading some research recently, I think now is the better time to review them because they’ve changed since then. So far so good, my prediction was close in many cases. Just remember things tend to move fast these days 🙂 As usual, things get cheaper every day and technology improves. Also things like 2 years ago would cost $350-$750 range for video surveillance systems which had crappy quality…nowadays those same systems will be around $150-$400 depending on your needs and requirements. For example you’ll find 4k and 8mp vidcrs available as well as 1080p with nightvision which usually costs less than $1000 nowadays while 5+ yr old models running 10MP-12MP still exist. Another thing people forget is just because a device used to work in 2019 does NOT mean it could/would still work tomorrow. Things come and go like crazy.
If you decide to use something today, keep updated and check reviews regularly so you wont have problems installing or setting up properly in 2022 😉
(the below prices were taken during Q3 ’19 and represent current prices. Prices rise faster than inflation) Please note most manufacturers offer discount coupons with orders larger than X units. Sometimes you buy 1 unit only and get discounted shipping. Or sometimes you buy 50 units or 100 units and get special price promotions. Keep checking their websites. Most manufacturers send out promotional emails on products availability and sales. If you see “sale” signs next to items it means it is either end of season sale or it may simply reflect discounts applied for bulk purchases)
Here are some examples for each category I’m discussing. A lot depends upon your location, the size of the place, the features you need (for instance motion detection), whether you prefer to live streams or audio alerts, whether you’d be happy streaming HD video 24/7 or not and etc.. Some brands have great customer service support whereas other ones don’t care whatsoever (they’re dead). Remember you mustn’t spend too much cash without having a backup solution should shit hit the fan.

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How to Install Security Camera Systems
Security Camera Installation Tips & Trends 2023 – Part 1
If your business relies heavily on visual evidence in order to stay afloat, then having a video surveillance system could be extremely beneficial and cost effective investment. In fact, according to research conducted in 2017 by Digital Video Networking Services (DVNS), nearly 50% of consumers surveyed said they would pay extra for high quality HD cameras without sound in addition to a reliable Wi-Fi network connection. And while this information is certainly interesting, the real value lies in knowing exactly which products will help drive sales through higher customer satisfaction or improved productivity. After reviewing several companies and researching hundreds of options to find a solution that fits your needs, I recommend these devices for small Businesses/homeowners who need to protect against theft, fraud, burglary, vandalism, fire, and weather damage.
Here is my Top 4 List Of The Most Popular Small Company Surveillance Solutions Available Today For Your Home Or Local Business
1. iCams SmartCamera System – $299.99 | Link Here
2. ADT Pulse Plus Alarm Monitoring Service – $229.00 + 3 FREE Months |Link Here
3. Ring Stick Up Cam Pro Kit – $199.95 / 2 Year Warranty – LINK HERE
4. Vivint XProtect Mini IP Cameras|$49.79 per unit -https://vivintgcs.myshopify.

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There are many types of cameras available today that help homeowners provide extra protection to their property, whether it be protecting homes, families or business assets. Some commercial security systems come equipped with several integrated products, while other only deal with basic monitoring. It is recommended that anyone considering buying a system should research companies who offer great customer service and support options including live phone tech chat. Companies like SecureCam have trained technicians ready to go through each purchase to ensure you get the highest quality products based around your needs. Whether you’re installing them yourself or hiring professionals, these suggestions will benefit customers and ease the whole install experience.
1. A Camera Should Be Located Where There Is Access But Only Provide Visual Monitoring For People Who Walk By; Location Matters More Than Protection Level
This is a general rule but people often confuse location with security level. If someone wanted to break into your house, they would target areas away from windows/doors first. Most burglars aren’t going to walk past your front door just because they forgot to lock it; they’ll try a backdoor way first or sneak under a garage window. Therefore, placing a CCTV camera near the doorstep is essential and will discourage potential intruders as soon as they approach your residence. They won’t enter unless you’ve already noticed something amiss which increases the likelihood of getting caught early during a burglary attempt… So far, this seems obvious enough. However, some people assume that simply putting surveillance outside a building indicates that it offers higher levels of protection than those inside. Yet, most outdoor cams actually operate indoors without external visual input. These ‘indoor’ devices operate via internal infrared technology and transmit footage back to a central hub. So, by having a camera located somewhere easily accessible but hidden behind closed blinds or curtains, your burglar alarm could still ring loud enough to catch them red handed. Plus, you’ll be able to see exactly where the incident took place and what was stolen. On top of that, you’ll probably learn of their identity sooner since they’ll notice the motion detector lighting illuminating and triggering the recording mechanism (likewise, you’d notice their shadows appear next to doors, windows, or appliances)..

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“I recently had a pricey amazon package stolen from my doorstep, so I decided to take measures and instal security cameras around my house. Highly recommend this company! They were fast, efficient and friendly!”


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