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This post will go through some of the newest technology developments regarding cameras and video surveillance. We will be exploring ways that these technological advancements can help enhance your safety while adding value to your business. Our team of experts will be discussing the most recent changes to the state laws governing the use of digital recording devices in both residential properties and commercial spaces, including those which cover the installation methods used by our Kirkland camera install teams. If you live somewhere else than Washington State then this information won’t apply to you. But, please feel welcome to read along anyways because I am hoping to answer many questions that you may have regarding installing security systems in general. This guide will focus specifically on the latest technologies available today that allow us to better protect your property from theft, break-ins, fires, natural disasters, accidents and other events like vandalism, and provide detailed guidance on the types of cameras required for the job. This includes recommendations on whether you should purchase DIY kits or hire professional technicians who specialize in CCTV installations.
If you are interested in finding out more about the types of security system solutions that have historically worked well for homeowners and building managers, check back soon after reading this article for a follow up tutorial covering traditional approaches as outlined in older versions of similar guides. Also, keep checking my website regularly to stay updated on any new products or news releases related to this topic area.

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If you haven’t noticed already, things seem to be different these days.
And while this could mean positive changes like less pollution and greater awareness surrounding cybersecurity threats, it just as certainly suggests negative outcomes like increased crime and other types of cybercrime. So why bother getting a security system installed at home or office if everything will simply get stolen anyway? Well, thankfully, there is no need! Here are four key reasons why having surveillance cameras around your property makes sense:
Crime Prevention – Having a good quality video recording device on hand ensures that law enforcement officials have evidence of crimes occurring against you and your business, making prosecution easier and reducing chances of being caught by those who commit acts. If and when police arrive after a burglary occurs, they can view footage of what happened beforehand, which leads to arrests faster than normal.
Recognition Alerts – When someone walks through your door without permission and breaks something inside, it only takes seconds for them to leave on foot or on wheels. But thanks to motion sensors on many of today’s digital video recorders, you can receive alerts via email, text message, phone call, or automated computer alert whenever unwanted guests enter through doors or windows. Plus, some systems allow you to watch recordings live over Wi-Fi, ensuring that anyone suspicious leaves immediately once discovered, rather than staying unnoticed long enough to destroy valuable items and/or escape unseen.
Personal Safety & Protection – Surveillance devices help protect both yourself and potential victims when danger arises. Whether it’s burglars trying to steal valuables or criminals breaking into buildings, you won’t ever again feel completely helpless if you get an early warning ahead of time about criminal activity in your area. And whether people are attempting harm or protecting themselves from harm, surveillance technology helps keep everyone safe by enabling emergency personnel and first responders to see exactly who needs assistance and by preventing false alarms while providing peace of mind during nonemergency situations.
Peace of Mind – As your family spends time indoors relaxing and enjoying quiet evenings together watching TV shows or movie nights, there’s always the risk of accidents happening or children misbehaving.

Kirkland's Best Commercial Security Cameras

In this article, I will discuss the most popular commercial cameras available today, including some of my favorites, along with some key points about each model, including why they’re great choices for your business. We’ll talk about some common questions you should be asking yourself while shopping around, like “What are my options?”
“How many cameras am I installing?”
And “Should I use video doorbell technology or traditional IP security cameras?”
We’ve already covered a lot about these topics in detail elsewhere on Secure Cam; however, I thought they would help put together an overall picture of some of the best models currently available. And because I’m still in early stages of researching the market myself, if you see something I haven’t mentioned yet, drop me a line!
I’m excited to dig deeper into all things security, but first, let’s dive back down under the surface… and take a closer look at the top 5 most popular brands in the industry today…
#1. Hikvision HDIP Series
This series features high definition resolution and IP connectivity. They offer both wired and wireless options, with many different sizes available. They come equipped with night vision capability, motion detection, 2 way audio/video streaming, remote control functionality, and are capable of recording in 4K. Their prices range from $400-$1200 depending on size, which makes them perfect for smaller installations, especially those who only wish to monitor 1 entrance. If you’d prefer to install a single unit for monitoring multiple areas throughout your property, then check out the HDV2WHD series instead. These units feature 1080P resolution, wireless capabilities, and 4k capabilities. Prices vary slightly depending on the exact model you select, ranging anywhere from $800-$1500. Both of these series are excellent choices that can easily stand alongside other leading manufacturers’ products.
#2. Axis AXIS IP Camera HD
Another well known manufacturer offering great value for price is Axis. They provide the widest selection of HD quality cameras in a variety of sizes, colors, resolutions, frame rates, and features.

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Security cameras in homes used to be only available through physical stores. But today they’re being installed via remote control and connected to smartphones without having to physically visit a store. And many times people install these devices without doing proper research first.
This guide will help you identify which type of security system would fit best according to your needs and budget. Read this guide carefully because I’ve broken down each category in detail. Learn who should consider installing them, what questions to ask yourself during setup, what monitoring options exist, and how much it’ll cost to get started. We’ll discuss different types of systems including IP video surveillance, traditional analog video security, indoor/outdoor wireless camera solutions, Wi-Fi mesh networking, motion detection sensors, and even smart doorbells.
And while we go through each category in detail, remember: no matter which system you decide upon, you must protect sensitive information like credit card numbers and account details. If anything happens to those things, hackers could easily use them to steal money or other valuable information. I encourage everyone reading this article to understand the risks of storing passwords on mobile phones and other insecure storage methods, and use strong encryption whenever possible — but ultimately you should always keep information safe, especially after recent breaches of large companies revealed millions of accounts.
Read More…
Installing and setting up security cameras isn’t rocket science. Once you read my step-by-step instructions, you can successfully complete the task in just minutes.
For this reason, I’m going to walk you through every stage of installation. From choosing the ideal model for various rooms in your house, to making a final decision on whether to buy professionally installed equipment, the following sections cover everything you need to know about buying security cameras. Whether you’re shopping for something cheap, high quality, or somewhere in between, I promise to tell you exactly why certain models work well for specific purposes. For example, most DIY security cameras aren’t capable of recording HD footage, whereas some professional setups come loaded with multiple lenses and microphones to ensure crystal clear recordings. Some of these models record audio automatically; others rely on an external microphone to capture sound. Either way, it’s crucial to find one that suits your exact requirements.

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The latest surveillance camera technology is constantly developing, especially security cameras. Today’s products offer more advanced ways to view the world around us than ever before. If you’re interested in setting up an entire network of wireless video cameras yourself in order to keep track of everything happening in your house, office, commercial space or retail store, this guide will tell you which types of surveillance cameras are the most popular today. These devices allow people to see exactly who enters certain rooms of buildings but also monitor movements inside these areas at specific times. They provide additional functionality beyond basic recording like facial recognition software. Some cameras can detect motion while other models can automatically zoom in on people walking through doorways without the person noticing they’ve been detected. So whether you’re just shopping for the perfect security system, building something entirely custom or simply trying to get some peace of mind knowing someone else is watching, check out our selection below. And remember, no matter which type of security monitoring device you opt for, getting professional help installing it so you get maximum value from your investment is always recommended.
How To Install A Camera System: As long as you have Wi-Fi connectivity, setting up a home security system isn’t terribly complicated. Most companies sell kits that include both hardware and equipment that operate using a cloud service, allowing them to be connected anywhere in the world via internet connection. All you’ll need to purchase is a power supply unit and the wireless router needed to connect all the cameras in your home or business together. But, since not every kit includes enough sensors to cover large spaces like exterior doors, windows, parking lots and garages, adding them after initial setup could potentially become costly. Depending on the level of coverage you’d like, you should either install multiple units per side of a garage entrance or connect outdoor cameras through solar panels to ensure constant coverage around a property perimeter. Once your system is installed — typically requiring less than four hours, depending on the complexity — you’ll receive instructions detailing the operation of each individual piece of equipment. After reading those steps carefully, you’ll then be ready to move onto configuring your security settings.

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Security Camera Installation Trends For 2022
Homeowners who live outside the city limits are often forced to deal with less than optimal lighting conditions. If you don’t own a professional grade security system then chances are good that the ambient light levels will be quite dim in some rooms of the house or business. Even though these lights aren’t ideal for viewing your security cameras they still provide enough illumination to allow people to see the images displayed on the screens of most consumer level digital video recorders like those made by Panasonic. However, these lights are far worse when viewed through nightvision capable devices which use infrared technology to view things that cannot normally be seen by the human eye. These include thermal imaging cameras used by police departments around the country.
In this blog I am going to discuss why you should consider investing in the latest generation of digital surveillance products and technologies. The reason that many homeowners choose not to install high end digital video systems today is because they feel overwhelmed trying to figure out the technical aspects of how to get everything connected together properly and securely. They also worry they won’t really get value for their investment since there seems no way to guarantee that their system will work correctly once installed. But with the advancements being made every day, it’s becoming easier than ever for consumers to find affordable solutions that meet both their needs and budgets while providing them peace of mind knowing that their homes are protected 24 hours a day.
So, if you’re planning on getting yourself a new security system for either you house or business in 2022, keep reading for my top 3 picks for the ultimate in security camera installations…
Best Home security System
1st Choice: Arlo Pro 2
Arlo Pro2 was released just a couple short months ago and is quickly proving itself to be the leader of the pack when it comes to security cameras. It combines great quality video footage with ease and functionality making it one of the easiest ways for anyone to protect his/her property.
If you’re interested in finding out more information regarding the Arlo Pro line of security cameras then visit www.securecamerasystems.

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In this edition I will cover some popular questions/issues around installing cameras inside homes; things like: Why did my camera go dark and why do I get these “ghost lights” sometimes during playback? We’ll talk about proper power sources and cables that should be installed for your safety and security.
We will discuss lighting situations that often cause problems with motion detection systems and other common issues related to indoor video recording devices; including infrared LED lighting issues; ghost light, blackouts, poor quality images during playback, and more…
Finally, we’ll take a quick tour through several different types of cameras available today and pick 3 products that fit each category.
What Do These Categories Include?
This includes cameras that work indoors and outdoors; work from fixed locations such as ceilings, walls, windows, roofs or outdoor poles and post mounts, and mobile units such as cars, boats, RVs, golf carts, drones and remote controlled vehicles, plus much more…
Cameras come in many sizes and shapes; for example, indoor dome and bullet cameras usually have small form factors but high resolution images; while outdoor zoom cams tend to include wide angle lenses, long focal lengths, and HD capability.
Indoor camcorders feature higher definition capabilities than most fixed location installations due to smaller image sensors; however they aren’t great options for outdoor applications because of size, weight and cost constraints.
Outdoor models generally allow greater field of view coverage and have longer battery life but suffer from lower picture quality.
Mobile devices typically weigh less and provide better picture quality at reasonable prices; although they lack durability or range.
Types Of Installation Options & Solutions Available
Most residential homeowners purchase an IP Based DVR System which connects to existing HDMI Ports in TVs or Monitors via Cat5 cable.
These systems connect to cameras easily and offer excellent functionality, especially for those wanting to monitor large areas, multiple buildings, or specific rooms such as the garage door opener system.
When considering a ceiling mounted unit, home automation enthusiasts love the flexibility of being able to control various aspects of their residence from anywhere in the world from your iPhone, iPad or Computer.

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Best 4K Video Surveillance Systems Kirkland

Kirkland Hikvisions and TidaySecurityCameras have come a long way since they first released their products, but each still continues to be leaders in the industry. As technology evolves and new cameras become available these companies continue to innovate and improve upon what was once thought possible. We will take some time this week discussing both brands and what makes them unique along with providing links to purchase options and reviews on the market place.
Both Hikvision and Tiaoyuemake high quality video recording devices which include motion detection sensors, night vision capabilities, zoom lenses, adjustable pan tilt functions and other advanced features. These security systems are designed specifically for indoor applications including commercial spaces like storefronts, parking garages, retail stores, hotels/motels, office buildings, warehouses/distribution centers, manufacturing plants and homes/warehouses. But while Hikvision and TIAOYUE offer similar product lines most consumers would consider them interchangeable because of the identical appearance of many models. Even though the majority of people who install a security system use only 1 camera per setup, 2 or 3 cameras work well depending on the location, purpose and size of the premises being monitored. So whether a small space or large area needs to be protected you should find something in each model line capable of covering most scenarios successfully. A few examples of items covered in the following breakdown are; detection of motion, monitoring areas when no lights are present, ability to view remotely using a mobile device via internet connection, battery life and ease of programming settings, remote viewing, time lapse capture modes, digital image storage, low light conditions, day/night capability, network connections and Wi-Fi connectivity. All of the above mentioned features are standard across Hikvision and TIAOYUEMadeInChina and can be found on most current releases listed below. For those interested in reading further details regarding either brand, you can click the link provided or type “Hikavision” or “TIAOYUE” in the search bar of Amazon and see what pops up. Once again thanks for checking us out and stay tuned next week to read another exciting post from Secure Cam..

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